Circular cutter for cutting metal. Safe to use

Metal cutting machine with your own hands: making technology

From this article you can learn how to make a metal cutting machine with your own hands at home using the simplest materials. Here is a detailed description of all the stages of creating designs based on a cutting disc or angle grinder: preparation of materials and tools, calculation formulas, detailed step-by-step instructions, as well as related information with useful tips.

circular, cutter, cutting, metal, safe

Metal cutting machine, made by hand, will get the equipment that is ideally suited to the needs of the owner

Circular saw blade intended for

Wood disc for circular saw can be used for processing various types of. Wood is a material that is easy to cut, and therefore when working with it no serious problems should arise.

In addition to the wooden blade, with the help of a coping saw you can process polymers, such as plexiglass, polystyrene or laminate. These are also quite soft materials, so it’s easy to work with them.

Denser materials such as aluminum, copper and iron alloys, sheet metal, steel pipes, natural and artificial stone, marble can also be cut with the metal circular saw blade. This will require special circles of particular strength.

Additional functions of circular saws

The choice of circular saw depends on additional features that make cutting easier. Among them:

  • Laser pointer. traces the cutting line with the beam. Provides high accuracy, as the pencil trimmer line is permanently covered with shavings and becomes invisible.
  • Speed adjustments are handy for adjusting the engine speed for hard and soft wood.
  • Vacuum cleaner connection. makes it easier to clean your workspace. All sawdust goes into the construction vacuum cleaner or garbage can.

Why it is important not to make a wrong choice

Before you start processing any material, it is important to know what kind of electric saws there are and competently choose the right disc.

The following aspects must be taken into account:

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Materials and tools for work

The table for the circular saw requires the obligatory presence of guides, which will ensure a higher precision of cutting materials. The guides are welded from a metal angle. Clamps are usually used for attaching to the table top. It is not recommended to make the guides stationary. It would be more convenient if you can change their position in the future.

Prepare the materials for your own assembly of the table:

  • Plywood. If you wish, you can use another material for the table top.
  • Metal sheet.
  • 50×50 mm timber.
  • Board 50×100 mm.
  • Two pieces of clamps.
  • Metal angles for making the rails.
circular, cutter, cutting, metal, safe

Assemble all the necessary tools beforehand:

  • A hacksaw. If possible a jigsaw should be used instead.
  • electric screwdriver.
  • An electric drill.
  • Manual cutter or machine. If you do not have them, you can do without.
  • Measuring tape and ruler.
  • Angle.

After preparing all the tools and materials, you can proceed to the assembly of a homemade table. Some masters use old dining and kitchen tables for this purpose. But do not count on the great durability of such products. It is better to make everything yourself, “from scratch”. So you can assemble a comfortable table that fully meets your needs and requests.

Elements of construction created with my own hands sawing machine for wood

To make a stationary machine for sawing materials at home, first of all you need to know what structural elements it consists of. Whether it is a machine made by your own hands from a manual circular saw, angle grinder or a tool assembled from disparate elements. the set of basic parts is the same.

The surface of the table must be made flat, for a better product at the output.

The main elements of stationary circular machines are:

  • A table for connecting and fixing mechanisms. If the circular saw is powerful and massive, it is better to use a metal table. Variants of chipboard, wood, plywood will be suitable, the main thing is that the surface is smooth.
  • Shaft. The most critical part. When making it separately use a lathe. Dimensions should be calculated accurately, this will avoid runout.
  • Cover. This element ensures the safe use of the circular saw.
  • Motor. When using an angle grinder or circular saw, it is part of the power tool.
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For your information! If the design is supposed to be prefabricated, when creating a circular saw with their own hands, the engine from a washing machine will be the most successful option.

In the design of the circular saw there must be movable parts of the drives, and in the power supply circuit must be installed a button to stop the motor in emergency situations.

Circulators of any fixed type consist of basic parts.

Meet! Carbide metal cutting discs

The building blocks of all carbide discs are the base and cutting teeth. The number of cutting segments start at 24 to 100, the more teeth the faster the cutting of the workpiece. The distinguishing feature of the segments is the special tips that play the main role when sawing. Alloys of cutting teeth can be different, it mainly depends on the manufacturer. In most cases, tungsten-cobalt alloys or tungsten carbide cemented with cobalt are used. Carbide cutting segments are fixed by brazing with electrolytic copper brazing alloys and nickel alloys. On many models of discs, you can see slots made to dissipate heat, which extend the life of the carbide disc.

Such discs are used on pendulum saws, mitre saws and hand-held metal circular saws. Of course, there are friction saw blades that can also be classified as carbide saw blades, but that would be the subject of a separate article. Speaking about the distinctive features of carbide discs for metal, then for each type of metal a different disc is used. There are discs for aluminum, discs for high-carbon steel, for low-carbon steel, for thin sheet metal, for sandwich panels, for stainless steel. The most important criteria for selection are: disc diameter and the diameter of the seating hole. The most popular diameters from 200 to 355 mm, the most important for what kind of tool you need a disk. The same is true for the bore diameter, which ranges from 20mm. (for manual circular saws) up to 30 mm. (for reciprocating saws). The number of teeth on the disk is directly proportional to the cutting speed of the material, and you should know it when choosing.

Always check the necessary number of revolutions indicated on the packaging or on the body of the disc itself with the passport data, the tool used.

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Main features of circular saws

Power. This is a major factor in many tools. The higher the power, the more dense the material you can work with and the faster the cuts you can make. Wood circular saws need less power than metal.

They are divided into three power classes: small (less than 0.8 kW), medium (0.8-1.2 kW) and large (more than 1.2 kW). The bigger the blade, the more power is required for its rotation, respectively.

Weight. Important if you plan to use the saw in a hanging position.

Cutting depth. depends on the size of the blade to be installed in the tool.

Speed. Affects how quickly and accurately the cut is made.

Ability to work at an angle. This function is very useful when installing doors, where it is necessary to make a cut at a certain angle. Circular saws are mostly available with a 45-degree angle, less frequently a 60-degree angle. The angle of professional saws can be adjusted.

Power hours in standalone mode. Cordless saws do not need to be connected to DC power during operation.

But this type of saws has less power and their operating time is much less than the charging time (about 60 minutes of work to 5 hours of charging). Before you buy a cordless saw it is necessary to weigh the pros and cons.

The cutting disc is an important element. Discs are available in stores for cutting various materials. This variety is achieved through the use of new technologies using a variety of carbide tips, increasing the frequency of the teeth and changing their shape.

Additional accessories and features:

  • Soft start function;
  • laser pointer;
  • Unintentional start interlock;
  • plunge function;
  • easy and convenient disc change.

And when choosing, do not forget that it is better to buy saws of proven brands. Determine the best manufacturer of circular saws is not difficult, just look at many ratings posted on the Internet.

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