Choosing a varta or Bosch battery. 11th place – Bosch agm s5 a08: features and price

Battery expertise: four Russian vs. six imported batteries

Ten batteries. and all from famous brands. That is why “Za Rulem” experts were so surprised by the results.

It seems that traditional batteries will rule the ball for a long time to come. Until recently, we predicted that they would be squeezed by more advanced batteries made with AGM technology. But for economic reasons, manufacturers have decided not to replace all of the ancient batteries with more advanced ones. The inexpediency of such change confirmed the results of our special test, where we compared five different types of batteries.

That is why for the traditional annual examination we bought “European” batteries with liquid electrolyte and dimensions of 278 × 175 × 190 mm. These batteries are among the most popular in Russia and they are suitable for most budget cars as well as multi-million dollar models.

Usually we gathered a larger group, but this time we decided not to take “whipping boys”. However, along with the known brands, there is a newcomer. South Korean battery Cene. It is made at the same Delkor plant that produces Medalist batteries, which have repeatedly won our tests. Today batteries Medalist also produced in Turkey, but in our test we have present namely Korean products. So, four “Russians” against six “foreigners”. The cheapest battery is Tyumen battery: 4000. The most expensive is the Korean Cene: 7300.

The test program is based on testing the energy capacity of batteries at.18 and.29 °C. For the Russian operating conditions these are the most important indicators. In addition, we evaluated the reserve capacity of all batteries, both in the shipping condition and after a full charge. The first parameter indicates the integrity of the seller: all the batteries were sold as under warranty, but this does not mean that someone took care of them. The second parameter is the real power reserve in the battery, and this is what we considered when allocating seats. We checked four energy indicators.

We compared the charging current absorption capacity of batteries, assessing their recovery after a deep discharge. And to estimate the benefits of purchasing a particular battery, we recalculated the points accumulated by the batteries, taking into account their price. we got a new table of ranks by value for money.

Price ~ 4200 Capacity 77A∙hCurrent 680A (EN) Measured / declared weight with electrolyte 17,06 / 19,00kgRecovery capacity, min. not specifiedGas vent through the plugsControl of electrolyte level through the plugsNo charging plugs

choosing, varta, bosch, battery, 11th

Price ~ 5150 Capacity 75AhCapacity 700A (EN)Measured/ declared weight with electrolyte 16,33/- kgReal time capacity, min. Not shownCentral venting level control via plugsNo charge taps

The battery accepts a charge well, but that’s as good as it gets. Lowest reserve capacity, worst result of checking with stated current, failure at.29°C. In the end it is the confident second place from the end.

Price ~ 5050 Capacity 74A∙hCurrent 680A (EN)Measured/declared weight with electrolyte 16,67/-kgReclaimed capacity, min. not specifiedGas vent centralCheck electrolyte level through translucent wallNo charge indicator

Bosch batteries almost never surprised us with high indicators. Same here: the worst result when tested with single current, failure at.29 ° C, unimportant charge acceptance. Nothing to praise.

Price ~ 5300 Capacity 75AhSh 720A (EN)Measured/ declared weight with electrolyte 18,00/- kgReal time capacity, min. Not specifiedGas drain centralNo electrolyte level gaugeNo charging dampers

The Turkish battery was disappointing: it always went in the strong middles, but this time it failed at.29 °C. Seventh out of ten, with or without price.

Price ~ 5150 Capacity 77AhCurrent 800A (EN)Measured/ declared weight with electrolyte 18.67 / 19.8KgReservable capacity, min. not specifiedGas vented centralNo electrolyte level controlGlide of charge 3rd jar from “”

The battery showed good reserve capacity, and that saved it from a lower place. It didn’t give the declared current, at.29 °С it died, the charging current is one of the lowest.

Price ~ 5000 Capacity 74A∙hCurrent 680A (EN)Measured/declared weight with electrolyte 17.00/- kgReclaimed capacity, min. not specifiedGas vented centralNo electrolyte level gaugeNo charging slider

High reserve capacity, produces good cold cranking current, best charge acceptance. Not bad on the whole. And in terms of value for money it is second only to the Tyumen battery.

Price ~ 6450 Capacity 78AhCurrent 750A (EN)Measured/ declared weight with electrolyte 18,00/-kgReclaimed capacity, min. 135Gap hole in centerNo electrolyte level gaugeNo charging knobs 3rd bank from “-“

Fourth most disappointing place in the sport. But the battery is inferior to worthy competitors. No remarks. recommended.

Price ~ 4000 Capacity 77AhAhCurrent 670A (EN)Measured/ declared weight with electrolyte 18,34/-kgReclaimed capacity, min. not specifiedGas drain centralControl of electrolyte level through plugsPlug of charge 2nd bank from “”

As always, the “Russian” from Tyumen performed very well. The best reserve capacity. Takes a good charge. First place in terms of value for money. We recommend.

Price ~ 7300 Capacity 80A∙hCurrent 800A (EN) the measured / declared weight with electrolyte 18,41/- kgReal capacity, min. 135Gas drain centralControl of electrolyte level noGlider of charge 2nd bank from “-“

Autopsy of original Varta, comparison with Varta Blue Dynamic (Bosch S4)

The theme for this article was “opening” Two popular batteries: car battery Varta, which comes as standard equipment in cars and has a very good vitality (by the way, Varta is a supplier of batteries for almost all factories, except for Japanese and Korean). Also opened a battery Bosch S4 (who do not know, it is Varta Blue Dynamic, but with stickers for their dealer Bosch Siemens). Both batteries have already served their useful life on the car.

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Factory Varta 1J0 915 105 AC is 60Ah 480 A (En), store. Varta Blue Dynamic (Bosch S4) similar 60Ah 540 A (En). According to the specifications on the label, the second one is better. in fact “OEM” are 2 kg heavier. Plastic factory also saw harder 🙂

Both batteries have positive plates forged. Warta’s proprietary stamping “power frame” with a stiffening frame around the perimeter. But the factory Warta plus plates are noticeably thicker and the grease, despite the age of the battery, is preserved on them (obviously held in the cell with wider walls more easily). The battery offered by Warta in the networks is worse. The positive plates are very, very thin, and no grease was found on it. crumbled. The positive plates are packed in the usual plastic separator envelopes.

Negative plates are made by punching and stretching and do not have a hardness frame around the perimeter, as well as their own cage envelope. Warta only packs plus plates in envelopes. Again the plates of the factory Varta are thicker and stronger than the store brand.

Plastic of the standard battery case is also almost twice as thick as the commercial battery. The side wall ribs are very small in both of them, so the sides are almost always bloated.

The factory Varta has plugs and access to the cans, but the store one does not. Also, the factory battery is equipped with a charge level indicator peephole.

The exit of the terminal through the plastic cover is realized through 3 rings in the factory and only 2 rings in a store (the more of these rings, the harder for the electrolyte to seep out and then leave the white salt on the terminals, so annoying to the owners).

State of wrap and plates of the 5 year old OEM battery was MUCH better than the store battery of the same age. Possibly the liner of the original battery is additionally fixed with a special paper or cloth (unfortunately, it is impossible to find out by visual inspection).

In the end it turns out that the autopsy once again confirmed the fact that we always tell our customers. OEM factory Varta and Varta (Bosch) which is sold in retail chains, this is quite different in quality and as a consequence, the battery life. Perhaps our pictures do not convey the difference in thickness of the plates, coatings, case and the difference in weight. but it is very significant.

Unfortunately, you can buy the original Varta only at official dealerships of your car brand and it costs 2 times more than the original Varta.3 times more expensive than the store battery. In our opinion there is no point in overpaying. There are other manufacturers that offer even better batteries at a very reasonable price.

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Which battery is better to choose: Varta, Bosch or Rocket

Bosch is known as a manufacturer of spare parts for cars, as well as a seller of countless products: from batteries to the most sophisticated equipment. But not all products the company manufactures itself. Most of the products under its brand the corporation from Germany orders from third-party manufacturers. For example, Bosch orders car batteries from Varta. Bosch batteries are manufactured at the Varta factory in the Czech Republic. The batteries that Bosch sells in Asia are made at the Rocket factories in South Korea.

In Ukraine Varta batteries are represented. The importer’s warranty period for them is from 1 to 2 years. Similar in price and quality to Varta batteries. Why it is better to buy not a battery in the store Bosch read below.

Batteries, imported into Ukraine, are made on modern factory Varta in Czechia. The warranty period of 1 to 2 years. Warranty depends on the importer’s policy. Varta is the most popular brand of car batteries in the world and the best-selling. The technology used to manufacture Varta batteries for Dynamic (Black, Blue, Silver) Ca/Ca. These are the usual budget calcium batteries. Consumers mistakenly believe that Silver Series batteries have silver in the plates 🙂 There is no silver. In the budget Varta series speaker (and series Bosch S3, S4, S5) only positive plates are made by PowerFrame technology, and the negative is the usual slotting and stretching (“lattice grid”. this technology is used to make cheap low cost batteries). But Varta is not cheap for the price of a battery. Battery life of the Warta Dynamik series is 3-4 years. Batteries with small capacity of 35-45 Ah have less life: 2-3 years.

Warta is a supplier of batteries to the plants AUDI and Mercedes. But in factories and in service networks of car brands Varta offers absolutely different batteries. All the plates in them are made by PowerFrame technology (strong, forged, with thick edges). For example, weighs such Varta 60Ah 16,5 kg, and budget Varta Blue Speaker 60Ah about 14 kg. These batteries have a longer service life than the Varta Dynamic battery “real Varta” For a very long time (7-8 years). Owners of Skodas, Volkswagens, Audi, Mercedes, which state-operated Varts have lasted so long, run to the store and order “only Varta”. Buy Varta Dynamic and. And this is not the same Varta 🙁 In Ukraine demand for batteries Varta Blue Dynamic of Asian standard JIS.

choosing, varta, bosch, battery, 11th

Reliable Rocket batteries

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Production of Rocket batteries is located in South Korea. Rocket is one of the five most popular batteries in the world. It has 1,5 year warranty in Ukraine (although in Europe the manufacturer gives 3 years warranty). In fact, the brand is Japanese-South Korean, a joint venture with the Japanese holding Yuasa Co. Rocket batteries are made on the improved modification of calcium technology: Ca/Sn (calcium-tin). All plates are made by PowerFrame technology. Rockets. Quality in every detail. Sturdy reliable body, composite modern current leads, impurity-free electrolyte, high-purity lead. All connections, current collectors, separators are made of the most reliable and quality materials. According to statistics of Rocket supplier to Ukraine, these batteries have the lowest percentage of warranty returns. Rocket supplier of factory batteries for brands Kia, Hyundai, SsangYong, DAEWOO. As experience of the Ukrainian drivers shows the average service life of Rocket batteries is from 6 till 7 years. There are some record-breaking products that lived as long as 8 or even 10 years!

Two features of Roket batteries in Ukraine are contained in the two models, which have no analogues from Varta and Bosch:

Battery Rocket SMF 75D23L (65Ah, EN 580 A) has the largest capacity in the most popular Asian size 232h173h225 mm (LxWhV)

The Rocket SMF 75B24LS (55Ah, EN 470 A) battery also has the largest capacity at 239x129x225 mm (LxWh). Battery for Honda Accord.

What to choose? We advise you to take a pragmatic approach: find out the date of manufacture of the battery, compare and warranty periods, and verify the existence of a warranty center of the brand in your city.

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th place. Bosch S5 Silver: Characteristics and price

Voltage 12 В;
Starting current 610 А;
Capacity 63 Ah;
Size 242х175х190 mm;
Price 8 500 ₽;

Bosch S5 Silver: Advantages and disadvantages

There are no plugs in the case, the electrolyte will not spill when turned over;

A flame arrestor and an effective electrolyte filtration system are provided;

The brand does not lose in quality over time;


AGM batteries won, taking the entire podium. But there is no urgent reason to buy them instead of conventional batteries: the talents are likely to remain unclaimed. It is quite another matter, if your car is equipped with various winches, auxiliary headlights and other “light-musicals” and the battery has to be completely discharged from time to time. In these cases, the choice of an expensive “box with electricity” is justified.

In each type of test, we took the best and worst results, assigning them 5 points and 1 point, respectively. All other participants received intermediate scores according to their position between the leader and the outsider. For example, if in measuring the reserve capacity of the leader showed the result of 109 minutes, and the outsider. 96, the participant with the result of 101 minutes received 2.54 points. And so in all kinds of tests. The final score is an arithmetic mean of the five intermediate evaluations.

Cheaper batteries?

At first the search of the cheapest batteries of the most popular dimension 242×175×190 mm gave modest result. only five items ranging in price from 2610 for Podolsk battery to 3002 for Tyumen battery. Not enough for a full-fledged expertise. Raised the price point to 3,500. six more batteries added. And what about the famous foreign names. Varta, Bosch, Mutlu?? In addition, we have left out some domestic batteries that are close in price, such as AkTech. By the way it was found out that some Eastern brands set on their production not at all “crisis” prices: the most expensive accumulator was not at all Bosch, but Korean Solite as much as 5000!

As a result we have collected about twenty batteries. Let’s see how the price is related to ampere hours and pendants.

The purchase was carried out in the retail network in April. May 2016. Study results apply to a given sample only and cannot be used as a basis for evaluating all products of a particular brand.


Reserve Capacity. Indicates how long a vehicle with all power consumers (headlights, windshield wipers, ventilation system) on will survive if its alternator fails. Measured in minutes. The higher the result, the better.

Energy applied to start up with the declared current. Characterizes the energy of a battery in cranking mode. Measured in kilojoules. The higher the result, the better.

Conducted single-current starting energy at.18 and.29 ºC. Compares the current performance of all batteries under the same conditions, regardless of their rating data. Simply put, the higher the energy, the more attempts to start the engine with confidence, all other things being equal. Measured in kilojoules. The higher the score, the better.

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Charge acceptance at constant external voltage. Shows the ability of the battery to recover from a deep discharge. In practice, the battery that takes a charge better than others will also charge faster when traveling. All batteries passed the test.

Note. Technical measurements were performed by the specialists of the Research Center of the Central Research Institute of the Russian Ministry of Defense. The test results refer to a specific sample of batteries and can not characterize the entire product of the same name.


This is a rather old Turkish company which began producing batteries in 1955. At the time of writing, the company produces very high quality products at a very reasonable price, since you do not have to pay extra for a promoted brand with the same technology and quality.

I can say that some friends have had these batteries from 5 to 7 years, which is a very good figure at this price and in fact it is an indicator of quality of Turkish company. Pros and cons of MUTLU:


A very famous brand that produces almost everything, including batteries. We could put it on the first place in the top, but unfortunately the products of this manufacturer are very tight in price. The top models cost up to 10 000, and the medium models are about 40% more expensive than the same MUTLU, with the same characteristics.

The main advantages of Bosch batteries are high energy performance, which allows to work perfectly in cars stuffed with electronics and having powerful engines. By the way, Bosch batteries are made in the same factories as VARTA. Bosch has production in China, but it only goes to the domestic market and no other countries ship their wares.


Warta makes good car (and not only) batteries. This company competes quite closely with Bosch, but as well as the rival (if you can call it that), the of products are very high. The main production is in Germany, as there are plants in the Czech Republic, Austria, France and Spain, these batteries are not manufactured in China, and this is partly very good.

The range of batteries has a very wide range of different characteristics. There are very simple models for budget cars, as well as high-tech, which can be used in cars with the system of movement in start-stop mode, which is very demanding to the battery.

I can tell you from experience that I bought an Octavia Tour 1.8 Turbo, it had a Varta battery, it was more than 8 years, and suffered in my case from a leakage current. At the moment it is 12 years old and has no problem starting an old VAZ 2109 from my friend. I tried to find the same battery by the code on it, but they just do not have them in the store.

How do Bosch batteries differ from Varta

Sooner or later, but this question every car owner asks himself. Both brands are well known. Both deserve the best reviews and recommendations. So which one to choose?

Varta and Bosch are leading German brands, each with more than 100 years of history. Warta specializes exclusively in the production of batteries, while Bosch is mainly known as a manufacturer of household appliances and power tools.

The feature you should be aware of

Varta batteries are manufactured at the plants of Johnson Controls, which also places orders for the production of batteries and the German company Bosch.

Yes, you are not mistaken. Both brands are made in the same production facilities using the same technologies.

In fact, the batteries of both brands do not differ much from each other. And this means that the choice depends solely on what kind of battery you need for your car in terms of technical characteristics.

Advantages and disadvantages of Bosch and Warta

If you set yourself the goal of determining which of these batteries is better, you will spend a lot of time, but do not make a concrete conclusion.

Bosch is considered an ultra-reliable battery that requires virtually no maintenance. And in the mass of positive reviews on forums and in car magazines there are notes about its fast discharging even with infrequent use of the car.

Varta, according to reviews, is as good as Bosch, but its main advantage, as noted by motorists, is almost 100 percent reliability in severe frost. Although negative reviews can also be found.

The only conclusion that can be made is that the Bosch and Varta batteries do not differ in their technical and operational characteristics.

The answer is simple: choose a battery that suits the characteristics of your car, produced no later than 1 year ago and is available from the seller.

Bosch and Varta are equal in price, but differ slightly in performance tests, too. The warranty is also the same.

This means that the question of which one to choose does not really matter. And there’s no point in looking for a similar Varta, if you have a suitable Bosch, there’s no point.

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