Changing the oil in the gearbox of a Caiman tiller

How to choose an oil for a power tiller

The type of fluid used depends on viscosity grade and operating category. These are winter, summer and multigrade oils. The degree of density depends on the temperature conditions, the mode of operation of the equipment, the peculiarities of its design. The most common are synthetic and semi-synthetic petroleum products, which are excellent for the efficient operation of the engine in power tillers.

The operating category determines the quality of the lubricant. In order to simplify the choice of engine oil in ICE on any fuel have created classification systems, the most common are API, ACEA, ILSAC.

В единой для всех системе указаны два ряда классов вязкости: зимний с буквой (W) и летний без буквенного присвоения, а также их комбинации для обозначения всесезонного масла. If the lubricant is low viscosity, it is an option for cold seasons, high-viscosity is designed for warm seasons.

Universal all-season compositions are more widespread, because they are used in all weather conditions, they are 5W-30, 10W-40. To understand what oil to pour into a single-axle tractor, you need to focus on the table of classification of oil grades.

Installation of a homemade or interchangeable mechanism

To find out how to make a gearbox without turning, watch the video below.

How does the Caiman power tiller work?

Since the model range “Kaiman” assumes mainly the operation of the technique on gasoline or diesel fuel, the functioning is provided by an internal combustion engine (ICE). At the expense of the transmission and clutch on the camshaft of the internal combustion engine, and as a result, the shaft actuates the wheels and the machine starts. Когда двигатель в рабочем состоянии, человек включает первую скорость и начинает управлять конструкцией. Further, the attachments of the machine work with the ground, which can be changed depending on the task.

What oil to fill in the Subaru single axle tractor

One of the most popular models of Subaru brand engines installed in motor blocks is the Robin Subaru. This engine is sufficiently sensitive to the quality of oil used, so for it the manufacturer recommends car oil #20, #30, as well as 10W-30 by SAE classification. The recommended oil grade is SE or higher. The oil quality should be no worse than SG. So once again, wondering what kind of oil to fill in a single axle Subaru tractor, ideally you should give preference to oil marked SJ or SH in case of its absence.

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What oil to fill in a single axle tractor

As a rule, the manufacturer’s manual for motor vehicles specifies what kind of machine oil and in what volume it is better to use. If there are no such recommendations, you should choose the tool according to the following characteristics:

The SAE parameter indicates the viscosity grade of the substance, and consists of an alphanumeric abbreviation, where the letter “W” indicates the possibility of use at low temperatures. The number in front indicates the viscosity at sub-zero temperatures and the number in front indicates the viscosity at plus temperatures. These indicators characterize how easily the fluid will be pumped through the system and how quickly it will reach the surfaces of the rubbing parts without letting them dry friction.

s d2 and Primo 60r d2

The Caiman 60s d2 cultivator is also in demand. It is especially popular because of its reliable pneumatic clutch.

Working surface adjustable from 30 to 90 cm. Power output of the Subaru engine is standard for culturators. 5 liters.с.

The Caiman Primo 60r d2 cultivator is also popular, the specifications of which differ from the previous model only in its higher power of 6 “horses”.

Any model of Caiman cultivators is equipped with adjustable handles, which makes them maximally comfortable for the operator. You can adjust the height of the unit to suit your height and work in comfort.

Product line

Caiman Eco Max 50S C2

The cultivator can be used almost anywhere:

Compact, lightweight and easy to transport. It is possible to apply a variety of canopies.

  • engine four-stroke Subaru Robin EP16 ONS, power. 5,1 l. с.;
  • volume. 162 cm³;
  • The gearbox is one stage: one forward and one reverse;
  • the volume of the fuel tank. 3.4 liters;
  • Cultivation depth. 0.33 meters;
  • strip grip. 30 cm and 60 cm;
  • weight. 54 kg;
  • the mechanism is equipped with additional devices;
  • reverse gear option;
  • branded cutters;
  • Adjusting the control levers to the height of the worker.

Caiman Compact 50S C (50SC)

Cultivator is well suited for fallow land. The mechanism is easy to operate, even a person with little experience can cope with it.

  • Engine is Subaru Robin ЕР16 ONS four-stroke, power. 5,1 l. с.;
  • The volume. 127 cm³;
  • Transmission. one gear, one speed. “front”;
  • fuel. 2.7 liters;
  • strip grip. 30 cm and 60 cm;
  • weight. 46,2 kg.

It is possible to attach additional equipment.

Reviews about the cultivator only positive.

Caiman Neo 50S C3

Cultivator gasoline, can rightly be differentiated as a professional unit of medium-power.

  • engine four-stroke Subaru Robin EP16 ONS, power. 6.1 l. с.;
  • volume. 168 cm³;
  • Transmission. three gears: two. forward and one. reverse;
  • tillers (up to 6 pcs.) can be fixed.);
  • fuel tank capacity. 3,41 liters;
  • Cultivation depth. 0,33 meters;
  • strip width. 30 cm, 60 cm and 90 cm;
  • weight. 55,2 kg.

Power unit features good service life and reliability in operation. There is a drive from the chain, this factor allows you to increase the efficiency of the device. The clutch shifts well, there is a collapsible Fast Gear II.

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It is possible to work in minimal gears, using plough and plow head.

Control levers can be adjusted according to the parameters of the worker. Razor Blade cutters generate minimal vibration. Coulter allows you to adjust the depth of cultivation.

Caiman Mokko 40 C2

Cultivator gasoline. the new model of this year. It has a mechanical reverse and is considered the smallest in its class.

  • power unit Green Engine 100CC;
  • engine capacity. 100 cm³;
  • working width. 551 mm;
  • The working depth is 286 mm;
  • there is a rear speed. 35 rpm;
  • front speed. 55 rpm;
  • weight 39.2 kg.

The machine can be transported in a car, there is a universal hitch for mounting any mounted equipment.

In addition to the machine are present:

  • plough;
  • ridger;
  • plowing set (“mini” and “maxi”);
  • weeding equipment;
  • potato harvester (large and small);
  • pneumatic wheels 4.00-8. 2 pieces;
  • 460/160 mm soil hitches (there are wheelbase extensions. 2 pieces).

Caiman MB 33S

It weighs very little (12.2 kg). It is very compact and functional. There is a one and a half horsepower (1.65) gasoline engine.

For small household plots, this cultivator can be a great help.

Width of cultivated strip only 27 cm, depth of cultivation. 23 cm.

Caiman Trio 70 C3

This is a new generation unit that has two speeds, as well as reverse. Has a gasoline engine Green Engine 212CC.

  • Engine displacement. 213 cm³;
  • The depth of tillage is 33 cm;
  • plowing width. 30 cm, 60 cm and 90 cm;
  • kitted weight. 64,3 kg.

Caiman Nano 40K

The power tiller can cultivate small areas of 4 to 10 acres. The machine has good functionality, controllability in operation, maneuverability. The Kawasaki engine is economical and can handle heavy workloads. Can be transported in a car (long handle folds down).

  • engine has a capacity of 3.1 liters. с.;
  • The working volume is 99 cm³;
  • gearbox has one forward speed;
  • Tank capacity of 1.5 liters;
  • Cutters rotate straight;
  • The working width is 22/47 cm;
  • weight. 26,5 kg;
  • plowing depth. 27 cm.

Power unit runs almost noiselessly, there is almost no vibration. There is a cast-iron liner, which prolongs the life of the unit. The air filter protects against the penetration of mechanical microparticles.

Power tiller gear oil drain and refilling process ll How to change gear oil of Greaves power tiller

Thanks to its compact size, it can work in hard-to-reach places. All mechanisms used are located on the handle, which can be folded down as desired.

Caiman Primo 60S D2

One of the most powerful models in the range. The machine is designed to work on large areas.

  • engine four-stroke Subaru Robin EP16 ONS, power. 5.9 liters. с.;
  • displacement. 3,6 cm³;
  • gearbox is one gear, one speed is “front”;
  • Fuel capacity of 3.7 liters;
  • The strip-tillage grip is 30 cm and 83 cm;
  • weight 58 kg.

The machine is easy to operate, it is possible to attach additional equipment.

The machine is characterized by good functionality and reliability, easy maintenance.

Caiman 50S

The machine has a compact Robin-Subaru EP16 engine that weighs only 47 kg, but does not have reverse.

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On this model there is also no possibility to attach additional implements on the stern, using a hitch.

Machine power is only 3.8 liters. с. The fuel capacity is 3.5 liters. The working width is only 65 cm, but the depth is quite large. 33 cm.

If a homestead plot covers fifteen hectares, this unit will be very handy for tillage.

This machine costs a little more than 24 thousand.

Caiman 50S C2

Not a bad machine. In this series it is considered the best. It is equipped with reverse, the machine is very simple and dynamic in operation.

Shafts protrude from the gearbox, which allows you to use the rear hitch and plow, and you can also put a potato digger.


Caiman 60S D2

The most powerful model in the range. It has a working width of 92 cm, it can work even dry virgin soils. The maximum plunging depth of the tiller is approximately 33 cm.

All auxiliary parts are designed to go with the machine. Fully air-powered and easy to change nozzles.

The weight is not very high. up to 60 kg,

Design and operating finer points of the cultivator gearbox

The gearbox is as important for the cultivator as the engine or the working parts. The common misconception that it is just a stubby piece of kit is not true. Let’s see what criteria are better to choose a gear unit for a power tiller and how to use it correctly.

Characteristics of the Caiman Vario 70S TWK

The Caiman Vario 70S TWK single axle tractor is a modern machine with good technical data:

  • A Subaru EP21 four-stroke motor with an output of 7 liters. с. It is easy to use and maintain, there is a quick start system;
  • Vario Automat transmission. Setting the right mode of operation for the specific conditions (type of soil, presence of an attachment);
  • Variable speed capability;
  • Drive availability. Different attachments can be used (lawnmower, snowthrower, brush, etc.); the handlebar can be folded backwards and forwards.д.);
  • Quality cooling and lubrication system. No matter how demanding the job or the weather, the engine runs smoothly and reliably;
  • Collapsible chain gear. Virtually no output power loss. In case of failure, it is possible to replace some spare parts;
  • folding handle. Intelligent design makes it easier to work. Vertical adjustment allows you to set the height of the handle under the operator. Also possible to adjust the width of the coulter allowing to work very close to different buildings;
  • Adjustable double-sided coulter. Working depth can be adjusted up to 32 cm.

Caiman Vario 70S TWK single axle tractor. a great helper in the farm. To avoid problems during the use of Caiman power tillers, you need to read the instruction manual. Suggested videos will also make the operator’s work easier.

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