Change of oil in gearbox jeep patriot


1 We’ve been in business for a very long time-over 17 years. Have accumulated experience in repairing Jeep Patriot, and parts database of new and surplus. its own and huge (you can buy it), so in the event of failure is not a common part downtime will be minimal. We are not multi-shift workers. we deal only with automatic transmissions, both classic and variator, robotized transmissions, and nothing else. We also have a specialist on staff who deals exclusively with the Jeep Patriot ac unit ECU.

change, gearbox, jeep, patriot

2 We are careful: Your seats are covered with protective sheets for the duration of the work. Before defecting, the units undergo a total cleaning of the outside of the housing from dirt and plaque, so that the box is returned to its place clean.

3 Our approach is aimed at reducing the budget for the repair of gearboxes Jeep Patriot without sacrificing quality: torque converter repair, disassembly, assembly. all this is done by our specialists, we buy spare parts directly from manufacturers (USA, Europe, Asia) without intermediaries and give a guarantee on them, t.е. In the case of defective parts and the subsequent failure of the acp. the case is considered a warranty and all work to correct the faults are made free of charge. This gives you a real saving on average

4 We are located near the TTR (m. Tulskaya). We are easy to get to us on the way to/from work from anywhere in the center of Moscow. Also, we are stable and have been at this location for over 7 years.

If you feel that the box is not behaving the way you usually do, it is necessary to examine Patriot transmission, here are some typical symptoms of defect, that indicate possible breakage:

  • slips (stalling)
  • Accelerator alarm appears on the dashboard
  • Constant or intermittent vibration (you should also check the pads)
  • jerks when shifting down/up in any gear, jerks when cold or hot
  • no gear shift, no gear is engaged
  • Shocks in transmission, kicking
  • slows down, stalls, makes a noise

Also don’t forget in time to do Patriot transmission service (at least change of oil (ATF) and the filter, in neglected cases. washing of hydroblock), nevertheless it is more expensive undertaking to go for reassembly. Periodically check the oil level in your gearbox yourself (if you have a dipstick). Always warm up the gearbox in winter, at least while driving at a low throttle (if in a hurry).

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If you had a problem with the transmission of Jeep Patriot and you want to ask a question (on service, diagnostics, problem solving), you want to leave feedback about the transmission on this car (to share with others), leave feedback about our work. all you can do with the help of the Комментарии и мнения владельцев form below.

Transfer case

The factory recommends changing the oil in the transfer case every 20,000 km. The capacity of the transfer case is about 1 liter. The process is very similar to the axle oil changes. unscrew both caps and pour the oil into the prepared container. Pour oil with a syringe, screw in the filler hole. Ready. It is recommended that you fill it all season.SAE 75W/90 API GL-3

By the way we recommend to install “Universal” kit under the hood of the Patriot. Standard valves often get stuck and do not depressurize. This causes oil to squeeze out through the oil seals. In our store we have time-tested kits and even with an additional output for patriots with automatic transmission.

change, gearbox, jeep, patriot

What kind of oil to put in an automatic transmission

Considering climatic and other conditions of car exploitation on Russian roads it is worth using only quality transmission fluid. There are three types of oil:

  • Mineral. not expensive, but worth using only for very high mileage. In warm climates it performs well, but in cold weather it will freeze up quickly because of the high viscosity grade.
  • Semi-synthetic. “golden mean” in the price/quality ratio. It can already be recommended for oil replacement in transmission gearbox “UAZ Patriot”.
  • Synthetic is the best quality, effectively lubricates parts even in extreme weather conditions. It is more expensive but will last longer.

The manufacturer recommends an oil with a viscosity grade of 75W-85. For example, SKG-F Top 75W-85, ZIC G-FF 75W-85 and Hanval Incorporated SAE 75W 85 API GL-4 for gearbox, and SAE 75W/90 API GL-3 for transfer case.

The owners of “Patriot” often use fully synthetic gear lubricants 75W-90 with the specification GL4-GL3, which are suitable for both mechanisms. When selecting products, be sure to check their certification and compliance with GOST standards. This is very important if you want to get a really working and high quality product, which when used will give a positive result.


UAZ Patriot Limited 2014 on DRIVE2

I finally got around to changing the oil in the gearbox and the transfer gearbox. The oil was muddy in both, but not black. I did not find metal chips, which is already good )))), but the dust metal from the running-in is present on the magnets of the drain plugs, and in the gearbox is greater, which is predictable.

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interesting. the transfer case drained 2.2 liters of oil, with the sounded manual volume of 1.8 liters).

The next time I tried to unscrew the plugs, they blew out.е. had excessive pressure. I thought that it was pressurized from the gearbox, but from the gearbox poured 2.7 liters (the capacity of the manual is 2.5). Checked the breathers, not clogged. They pour it from the heart at the factory )). Poured about 2 liters into the transfer case. I poured Castrol Transmax Z, because I have a strong conviction that it is nonsense to pour an ordinary gearbox in a chain transfer with an oil pump. It is this oil because its properties are approximately on the border of differences of transmission and automatic transmissions, and you can pour it on the specification in gearboxes and automatic transmissions.

In the gearbox I poured the semisynthetic oil Zic G-FF Top 75w85 without making fun of it.

change, gearbox, jeep, patriot

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Whether it’s for your personal safety, to verify serviceability, or to avoid a fine, it’s important and vital to make sure your headlight bulbs are in good working order at all times. In fact, the bulbs are wear parts that will obviously burn out over time and therefore need to be replaced. You probably came to this site because one of your parking lights is blown and you are concerned about how to change the parking light bulb on my Jeep Patriot, we wrote this article to help you perform this action without hiring someone or contacting your auto mechanic. In part one, we’ll look at replacing your car’s front daytime running light bulb, and in part two, we’ll. How to replace the rear daytime running light.

How to Change Transmission Oil on a Jeep Cherokee?

Some maintenance activities, such as changing the oil in the engine, may seem obvious and fundamental, although others, such as changing the oil in the transmission from your Jeep Cherokee may seem less automatic. However, make no mistake, changing the transmission is just as important as changing the oil in the engine. This information page will explain the role of transmission oil, and then why it is so important to change the transmission of your Jeep Cherokee, and finally, how to change the oil in the gearbox of Jeep Cherokee.

How to change the gearbox oil in your Jeep Patriot?

Some standard service steps, such as changing the oil in the engine, may seem obvious and important, although others, such as changing the oil in the transmission from your Jeep Patriot may seem less automatic. However, make no mistake, changing the gearbox is just as important as changing the oil in the engine. This page with m will describe the role of transmission oil, and then why it is so important to change the gearbox in your Jeep Patriot, and finally, how to change the oil in your Jeep Patriot gearbox.

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Oil Choice

Let’s take a brief look at what’s the best oil to put in your gearbox. Therefore, it is recommended that you pour gear oil with a viscosity of 75W-85. In this case, you can use both synthetic and semi-synthetic. Mineral liquids are poured into the dispenser, the box, axles and engine are not recommended. Why? on this can be found in the material on oil change at the checkpoint. The manufacturer recommends using the following types of transmission fluids to distribute the SUV:

But, as practice shows, few people attach importance to such recommendations, and each motorist individually chooses for his car, in his opinion, the best option or the best of them with a lack of financial resources. But it’s best to pour only high-quality oil in the switchgear, as well as in the engine and axles, otherwise it will negatively affect the operation of the device, its service life and the subsequent disabling of parts. Below is a table that may be useful for owners of UAZ Patriot SUVs.

Drivers often fill the same oil as in the transmission and axles. on this can be found in this material. Then we will look at how the replacement of the Patriot SUV in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Variator Operation Recommendations

This box could not withstand heavy loads, it was not allowed to go in heavy soils or on ice, long rides at high speeds, it was also forbidden to tow the car with a cable in case of car breakdowns.

Another precondition for trouble-free operation of automatic transmissions is timely oil change and service assistance at the first sign of trouble. Any repair should be done by specialists with extensive experience and excellent knowledge of the peculiarities of such a transmission.

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