Champion gasoline grass trimmer which one to choose

Champion grass trimmers

Gasoline and electric grass trimmers of the famous Champion brand stand out for their high reliability, resistance to increased loads, as well as high repairability. Each model of this brand is distinguished from its counterparts by the simplicity of the device, which greatly facilitates its maintenance and repair. Low for most gardening tools from the American manufacturer make them affordable for almost any willing gardener.

The well-known American company Champion was founded in 2005. From the day of its formation the brand set a course for the production of low-cost and high-quality equipment, produced using advanced technological and marketing solutions. It gave the company an opportunity to quickly conquer the big part of the world market and become a leader in sales of agricultural machinery.

Weed Cutter or Power Weeder or Brush Cutter

Today the lion’s share of the American brand is produced in Chinese factories. A few years ago the company has entered into an active cooperation agreement with another well-known American company. BriggsStratton. Among Champion‘s regular partners there are also companies from Europe and India.

Nowadays there is a large number of Champion brand cultivators, chain saws, sprayers, as well as other kinds of equipment. The American company’s range of petrol and electric home grass mowers deserve special attention. They are distinguished by maximum reliability, endurance, an impressive reserve of created torque and a solid starting service life, which gives an unhindered opportunity for active and virtually uninterrupted use of branded tools for stable work in large parks, around the house or garden plots.

Stavr TB-1400LR

One of the top models of Russian brand STAVR TB-1400LR opens the rating. grass trimmer is designed for home needs, for mowing grass and small bushes with a stem diameter up to 1.2 cm.

The model features effective power and performance in its price segment, the quality of parts. Equipped with a 1.9 liter two-stroke engine.с., the robust Ruixing carburetor, durable chrome piston and cylinder. Benefits include starter motor design, with primer for easy cold starting. Maximum speed with 9000 lines and increased cutting width with a 44 cm line.

Fuel tank holds 1.2 liters of gasoline, enough fuel for a large working area, without refills. At the same time, the tank is not too heavy, all brushcutter is 7.9 kg. shoulder strap for easy use, bicycle handle type.

The owners of the device note the reliability in operation, good power, easy operation. Of the features like the collapsible boom design, for easy transportation. Well-equipped with filament spool and blade, tools and accessories needed for maintenance.

champion, gasoline, grass, trimmer
  • Effective power/cost.
  • Engine reliability.
  • Easy cold start.
  • Mowing width 44 cm.
  • Collapsible boom.
  • Good equipment.

Grass trimmers, included in our selection of the medium price segment, work on a two-stroke engine and remain as versatile and simple. They wind up quickly and help rid your site of almost any vegetation that can give it an unkempt appearance.

Who Will Take The Crown?! (Best Trimmer For 2021)

In this category there is a really wide range of models that do not weigh that much and have a shoulder strap included. At the same time, the brushcutters are made of quality materials, they will please you with their reliability and durability.

6 Hyundai Z 450

Hyundai is involved in a wide variety of products. Among the entire range the most popular cars have. However, the brand is also engaged in the production of snow blowers, compressors, generators, chainsaws, lawn mowers and other garden equipment. All machinery in the process of creation is strictly controlled and meets all necessary standards, in addition, it remains affordable to the final consumer.

On the sixth position of the rating is Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 Eco Aluminium. the lawnmower is equipped with a convenient bicycle-type handle, whose position can be adjusted. Folding design allows for compact storage in winter in a closet, pantry, garage or any other place. The device is equipped with a gasoline engine. Its power is 1.67 л. с., in the process of work it reaches 9800 rpm.

Cutting tools are line for trimmer and knife. It provides mowing width of 43 cm. Since the model weighs about 8 kg, the manufacturer has put a shoulder strap in the kit. It will maximize relief from the hands and ease the process of mowing vegetation.

5 EFCO Stark 25

Fifth place is occupied by EFCO Stark 25. The unit is equipped with a two-stroke engine with a capacity of 1 liter. с. Fuel tank is designed for a maximum volume of 0.75 л. The grass is cut with a fishing line and a knife. Mowing width is 38 cm. The device is equipped with an anti-vibration system, the boom is straight and the body is made of durable plastic.

In comparison with other trimmers, this model is much lighter (weight 6.2 kg). For even more comfort during mowing, you can use the shoulder strap, it is included. The bike handle allows you to hold the tool firmly and steer it in the desired direction and can be adjusted in height.

Customers are satisfied with their choice. They praise the device for the quality of materials used. The grass trimmer is quick and easy to operate, the strong blade gets rid of soft young grass, but it also effortlessly cuts rough weeds and small bushes. Many owners have been using the EFCO Stark 25 for years and are very happy with the results.

  • Low weight.
  • Equipped with anti-vibration system.
  • It starts up quickly.
  • Includes strap.
  • Adjustable handle.
  • Durable.

4 Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 Eco Aluminium

Clean up your garden and get rid of unwanted vegetation with the Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 Eco Aluminium. The model ranks fourth in our rating. It is good for its low weight of 6.2 kg, an adjustable handle and shoulder strap included in the package. The device is equipped with an anti-vibration system and a safety coupling. Cutting parts are trimmer line and blade. They provide a cutting width of 23 cm.

Engine capacity of 1 liter. с. Brake equipped, tank capacity of 0.75 l of fuel. Customers praise its performance. With its help, any grass, weeds and even young branches will be easily removed from the lawn. Fuel-efficient, quick-starting, long service life.

Oleo-Mac has been on the market since 1972. Over this long period, it has significantly expanded its range of products. The brand specializes in gardening equipment and is popular worldwide. Particular attention is paid to quality, thanks to which the brand is appreciated by customers.

3 Makita EM2500U

Continues the rating of the Makita EM2500U. The device will please its owner with low weight of 4.5 kg. It also comes with a shoulder strap that helps ease the process of working on the lawn. The model engine has a capacity of 1 liter. с. and equipped with a brake. Fuel is filled into the tank with a capacity of 0.5 л. To remove soft grass, you can use a line for trimmer, for rough weeds and small bushes the knife is perfect, mowing width is 42 cm.

Grass trimmer handle is bicycle handle, lies firmly in the hands, in addition, the manufacturer has provided the ability to adjust its height, so that the user was even more convenient to work with the device. All sizes of person can use the brushcutter thanks to its design.

The main complaint of users lies in the spool: for some it unscrews, others warn about the likelihood of its heating when winding grass on it. Otherwise, the model does not cause any complaints, it is simple and performs its functions well, turns on quickly, mows the grass well, and is not very noisy.


The STIHL FS 55 is in second place. With the grass trimmer user will quickly and easily get your lawn in order, rid it of unwanted greenery. Suitable for smaller to very tall grass, weeds, bushes and trees. You can use a trimmer line or knife, both items are included with the device. Mowing width is 55 cm.

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The model is equipped with a two-stroke engine with 1 liter power. с. Fuel tank with a capacity of 0.33 л. The device weighs only 5 kg, it also comes with a wide shoulder strap. Handle of bicycle type allows you to securely hold the machine in your hands. Its position can be adjusted as desired.

What parameter is better and more important to you when choosing a gasoline grass trimmer??

Makita EBH341U

  • Grass trimmer cutting element: trimmer line and blade, trimmer line 2.40 mm
  • Boom design: straight
  • Engine power: 1.4 л.с.
  • Engine type: Four-stroke gasoline engine
  • Engine speed: 10000 rpm./min
  • Fuel tank capacity: 0.65 л
  • Weight: 7.1 kg
  • Blade speed: up to 6850 rpm./min
  • Working volume: 33
  • Engine brake: Yes
  • Extras: Shoulder strap, Option to install shrub shear/chopper

Quick overview

The Makita EBH341U is one of the best value for money gasoline trimmers. It will only leave behind a beautifully groomed space. This result is a credit to the 1070 watt four-stroke gasoline engine. It runs on ordinary gasoline at the rate of 200 to 300 grams per 10 acres. On this basis, it is easy to calculate that the volume of about half a liter will be enough to mow a large area without refilling. Manufacturers tried to dispel the opinion that gasoline engines pollute the atmosphere, so they significantly reduced the noise level and made a convenient bicycle-type handle. It is easy to adjust. On the handle there is a lever to control various tools. Portable grass trimmer has a blade speed up to 6850 rpm. Such a unit from is the possibility of installing a hedge trimmer or lopper. Weight of the equipment is 7100 grams, which is quite acceptable for such power back. The fuel tank has a volume of 650 grams, and the shoulder strap allows you to comfortably hold a gasoline grass trimmer for a long period of work. For a more comfortable grip manufacturers also took care of rubberized handle point It completely eliminates slipping of the tool and make the work even more comfortable.


  • Excellent quality
  • Four-stroke engine
  • High power
  • Relatively quiet
  • Comfortable strap
  • Nice, solid construction. Aluminum in places (for lightness), but components are thick and look sturdy.
  • Good quality build
  • Economical consumption
  • Filling with pure gasoline. do not mix with oil
  • Minimal exhaust (can’t feel it at all)
  • Oil and measuring bottle included.
  • Quality blade (made in Japan).
  • All-metal drive shaft


Husqvarna 325R

  • Grass trimmer cutting element: trimmer line and blade, trimmer line 2.40mm
  • Boom design: straight
  • Engine power: 1.13 л.с
  • Engine type: Two-stroke engine
  • Engine speed: 7200 rpm./min
  • Fuel capacity: 0.34 л
  • Weight: 5.5 kg
  • Noise level: 110dB
  • Working volume: 28 cc.see
  • Handle shape: T-shaped (bicycle)
  • Optional: Shoulder strap, Height-adjustable handle

Quick review

Husqvarna 325r gasoline grass trimmer is just an excellent device that will meet the needs of even the most avid gardeners and farmers. The all-metal drive shaft is engineered for quality and durability. This tool starts up in half a turn, thanks to the Smart start system. Practically intuitive operation, intuitive interface, quality grass heads and blades, all available to happy users. Grass and brush can be managed with just one tool. Petrol grass trimmer has an easy-to-access throttle and primer. Comfortable straps are secured to two shoulders for comfortable use and reduced strain. The fuel tank is fully transparent, so you can easily control the gasoline level and monitor fuel consumption. Handle has comfortable bicycle-type adjustment. No additional tools or attachments are needed. Also, the technique is equipped with an optimized gearbox for grass mowing.


  • Good quality
  • Low weight
  • Good grip
  • The trimmer line is convenient and easy enough to change
  • Minimal vibration
  • No overheating
  • Guarantee 2 years
  • Full metal drive shaft
  • Auto-reset ignition switch for easy restart
  • Smart Start (Easy start system)


Champion T433-2

  • Grass trimmer cutting element: trimmer line and blade, trimmer line 3 mm
  • boom design: straight
  • Engine power: 1.7 л.с.
  • Engine type: Gasoline two-stroke engine
  • Noise level: 102dB
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 0.95 л
  • Weight: 8.3 kg
  • Blade speed: 6500 rpm./minute
  • Working volume: 42.7 cc.see
  • cutting width: 40 cm
  • Extras: Shoulder strap, Option to install hedge trimmer/spudger

Quick overview

If you are looking for a reliable and affordable device that will comfortably and easily fight the grass and excess vegetation on the site, the Champion T 433 2 gasoline grass trimmer will be a great choice. This tool has won great popularity and is in the collection of a large number of gardeners. It competes with the world’s most popular manufacturers and has a lot of positive feedback. Already thousands of customers have been able to appreciate the high quality and reliability of Champion gasoline grass trimmer. State-of-the-art technology is used in production, so the powerful motor is air-cooled. The two-stroke engine requires 92 gasoline for fueling, and its power is 1.7 horsepower. Buying this helper for your own use you will get a powerful and productive tool, which in addition to its functional features has a convenient and thoughtful design. Ergonomic enclosure, comfortable fixation straps, spacious fuel tank, comfortable handle. make mowing grass easy and simple. In addition, the gasoline grass trimmer has a convenient design that allows you to easily transport the unit to any place. Collapsible boom for compact portability. With the Champion T 433-2 gasoline grass trimmer you can trim medium to large areas. Anything you can do with it, even the densest bushes of wild weeds.

Champion T233


Good equipment (shoulder strap, comfortable handle, safety glasses, protective gloves, fishing line for the trimmer, though it does not have much, 600 ml canister for mixing gasoline and oil with a handy scale on the cat. Cleaning tools, safety gloves, protective gloves, fishing line, lots of them, a 600ml canister for mixing gasoline and oil with a handy scale


a closer look shows that the Chinese, there is also a scythe for grass imprinted manufacturer of the difference between earth and heaven in quality, although the price difference is also almost 3 times. inconvenient attachment of the knife, in order to install it you need to put a few washers, a washer, a nut and a cotter pin, and the coil with a fishing line is simply screwed on the thread.


While not used so to say how to work I can not, I will write off later, but it seems to me its money is worth.


Quality-price ratio. The ability to disassemble and assemble for transportation. Easy to start the engine. Can be operated with either a knife or a forest stake. Versatility and maintainability.


It has disadvantages, of course, but, for the price and with this equipment they are leveled. inconvenient regular shoulder strap, the simplest safety glasses.


I had a long time to choose a brushcutter for my country house (10.5 hectare garden), and I have decided in favor of this model. The most decisive factor was the fact that my family in the village on a plot of 12 acres is exploited by another mower of this manufacturer (Champion T334) and without much complaint. So, knowing and. a brushcutter from this manufacturer before using done the following. tightened all fasteners (although I forgot to tighten the blade holder for cutting lines and lost it. I bought a new one, installed it and forgot about it), put grease on friction-priming parts and bought a semiautomatic trimmer head (because I don’t like the regular one much).


Inexpensive, all that is declared works, good set, the availability of service and spare parts, mowing is good


The bad fixing of the mower to the shoulder strap, it’s not very convenient to hang it up, the standard line for the trimmer is bad


What can I say, I bought it for 5100, it turns on half of a turn, mowing for two hours, no need for more, I bought it in a specialized store, but I didn’t have to worry about repair capability, I was told to take it with no worries, we’ll fix it under warranty, after warranty too, build quality. 4, not much noise, vibration. not much, all written with Husevarna experience 327 rdx in mind


Secrets everything))) well, except for concrete posts


Slight vibration, although I may be picking on you, I’m not used to it yet. Yes, and others do not work for comparison.

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Mows everything in a row. Consumption acceptable to the tank of gas, his part of 10 acres passed on hurrah. Line for the trimmer included sucks, so do not spare buy normal at once. I bought a line for a trimmer twisted square, the trimmer is just great with it. Champion is Champion. Don’t be afraid to buy it from China. Made in a factory, not a basement, that says something. Do not overheat, that is, run at idle speed to cool the engine. And all will be Gud!!


Price-performance ratio of 5. Given the fact that it is a Chinese of course. It is very noisy in operation. I used 100 grams of oil per 4 liters for the running-in period.


The case is fragile. Cord reel does not work (have to disassemble every time you change it). The line for the trimmer included in the purchase as well as the glasses are bad. It is very noisy in operation.


Impressions are just fire, and mowed both knife and fishing line. Trimmer line mows well under zero. The knife cuts high and thick grass and thin thorns. Orange line for trimmer is bad, it breaks right away. The eyeglasses lost their souls at once. I bought it with a cracked frame. They made a discount (but if I use it correctly, it’s not critical). I have a plot of 18 hectares. I will add more info later.


Low power, suitable only for low grass. Stops in weeds and tall grass, or gets bogged down or has to mow in very small increments. 2. Disassemblability is a plus, but there are some disadvantages here, after about 2 years of not very strong use of the connection place broke the trash. I had to build a makeshift garage to fix it. 3. The line reel is not of good quality, it broke. 4. Uncomfortable belt.


Suitable only for not thick grass on the knee, very little power.


It mows great, easy to change the line for the trimmer, handy for tall people, the kit has everything (bottle, mittens, glasses (better to buy a large mask-shield), strap holder, blade).


It doesn’t hold the knife very well. when you hit the ground, the mount loosens and there is a rumbling vibration because of the imbalance. But it is not necessary. only trees the size of a thumb to saw, but it is easier to cut them with a secateurs. As already written. to snap the knee. it takes some getting used to.


I have the version T264, a friend of mine had T266. No differences, just changed the number in the name.I’ve been using mine for the third year now. a plot of 8 acres of weeds. Takes 1 for 8 acres.5 liters of mix. I mix it in the bottle that came with it. it’s convenient. With my frail build of 70×190, I don’t get tired at all. I only take a break after one tank that would cool the engine, then finish the site with another half tank. The line for the trimmer cuts everything in a row, I do not understand why the knife is needed. Takes everything from waist-deep weeds and sedges to peas that grow in sponges.Starts with 1, maximum 2 times. The secret of success. the use of pumping fuel to the carburetor (the instructions for this is not a word by the way). Pressing 10 times on the rubber dropper from the bottom, with a medium choke start up from the 1st time. We close the flap. we mow.That would not warm the boom. there are screws oil. unscrew and press there to lubricate the trimmer. I update it before the start of the dacha season.Ah, yes. I recommend buying earplugs, the kit does not have them, but it’s still a 2 tact engine.


Dear Sirs, before using technology, please read the instructions for use carefully! I’ve been using Champion products for over three years, and I’ve never even gotten into the grass trimmer. Starts in the cold with 3-4 jerks starter, hot with half a turn.


I put 4 only because of the poor quality plastic and not very comfortable belt (can not compare with the Echo). But for this money I am not sure that you can find better )))).


Carefully prepare the fuel mixture, check the reducer (for lubrication), can properly preserve for the winter and store at plus temperatures. And you will be happy!


It’s hard to say what its strengths are. After two years of use the tool is like a natural, I like almost everything in it


This is easier:. the neck of the fuel tank is not very conveniently located (although here to some people);. locking the connection rod to get only after a minute of trying.


The factory coil cracked after 20 minutes of work, I bought a Husqvarna coil, which I still use. Fastened the factory one with self-tapping screws and use it sometimes. After about 7 or 8 starts, starter handle came off, took it to service center, took it apart, plastic starter was trashed, new one was installed. I spent a lot of time spitting at the “Chinese” plastic, but then I realized that it was my fault. When starting the trimmer, when you pull the starter cord, you can not suddenly drop it or let go. the cord will be wound onto the spool unevenly, it will get tangled and the next pull of the starter will be the end. It has a good hot start, but at first it was hard to start in cold weather (I even missed a pop in the muffler, I’ve expelled the spark plug and drove it till blue in the face), but then I got used to it and now I start it in 20 seconds. In general, I came to two conclusions: correct operation. the key to long life of the tool, regardless of its price and, secondly, choose a trimmer for grass should depend on the anticipated amount of work.

Famous manufacturers do not always produce high-quality models, so it is worth carefully studying the specifications of a particular instance. To simplify the choice and not to read a lot of contradictory reviews, we have prepared for you a rating of the best, according to. gasoline trimmers.

Mobil K XT141C Premium

The lightest gasoline grass trimmer in our rating. It weighs only 4 kg 490 g, so it can also be used by women. Equipped with the high-tech HIGH PERFOMANCE engine, which is 20% more powerful while keeping vibration and noise to a minimum. The manufacturer also claims its even greater reliability, the service life is increased by 3.5 times.

The new MOBIL K HIGHSPEED CONICAL GEER CG1 gearbox, with quality bearings and a hardened bevel pair, also contributes to reducing vibrations. Distinctive feature is the Comfort Start system, which makes starting the machine twice as easy. Thanks to it there is no need to make sudden jerks and there is no kickback. Ergonomic handle and shoulder strap help distribute the weight as evenly as possible.

Huter GGT-2500T

A German unit with a capacity of 3.30 л.с. designed for those who monitor and care for their garden. To hold the device firmly in the hands when working on large territories allows the T-shaped handle with rubber pads. It is reversible for convenience and has safety symbols on the handle. Fuel capacity 1.2 liters is enough for 2 hours of intensive work with the grass trimmer.

Straight rigid shaft gives the opportunity to mow neglected areas with dense grass with a line or knife at a speed of 9500 rpm. Cutting element has a cutting width of 255 mm. To extend the line for a trimmer it is not necessary to disassemble the spool, it is enough to hit the ground at high revolutions of the device not strongly. Protective cover has a swath length regulator. Thanks to the top location of the engine, it does not overheat and does not get clogged with vegetation. The 7kg weight includes a shoulder strap to save your back.

  • Excellent for dry grass of different lengths. And also with bushes.
  • Fast start.
  • Comfortable in the hand.
  • Inexpensive.

Interskol KB-25/52B

The most affordable petrol grass trimmer in our rating with a cutting width of 43 cm. The performance of this model is on par with that of big-name brands. The blade can accelerate up to 7500 rpm./min. Fuel tank holds 1 liter of fuel. Half a liter of mix is enough for half an hour of hard work. Comes with: belt, blade and filament for trimmer.

Fubag FPT 43

This gasoline grass trimmer model belongs to the medium price category. Thanks to the Primer and Easy Start option, the engine starts quickly. Power of 1.75 л.с. Enough to mow big grass, yet still save fuel. Folds handle for easy transportation. You can also choose the size of the main shaft that suits you.

blade width of 255 mm increases surface mowing speed. The housing has a metal mount, which increases its reliability. You can adjust the device by means of the adjusting screw, without the use of tools. One-piece boom for extra durability.

Hammer MTK25B

This model is built for mowing in difficult places: near walls, stairs, trees. The fuel pump allows you to pump gasoline to the carburetor, and this, in turn, allows you to start the device without jerking, even after idle time. The large hand guard protects against flying vegetation. Cutting system. a line for trimmer, ideal for rough terrain, because it will not be damaged when in contact with solid objects. The device is easy to operate, due to its light weight of 5.6 kg.

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The bent rod allows the machine to be positioned from different angles and to reach hard-to-reach places. Accidental start protection with safety button. Due to its collapsible design, the petrol grass trimmer can easily be put in the trunk. Fuel tank lid is connected to the tank with a special holder. Rubber buffers absorb vibrations.

  • Lightweight: no fatigue on arms or back.
  • Convenient design with curved boom.
  • Cutting width of 38 cm.
  • Grass does not get clogged during operation.


This model has earned a lot of positive feedback petrol trimmer owners. Engine capacity is 52 cubic centimeters. that allows you to mow even real weeds, with the help of the bundled cutter. Easy filter access makes the machine easy to service.

  • Well-equipped.
  • High power means even difficult terrain can be mowed.
  • Includes anti-vibration system.
  • Quality construction.
  • Rigid shaft.

Champion T523

Nice petrol grass trimmer with 1.9 liter capacity.with which you can cut almost any kind of grass. The boom is collapsible, making it easy to carry even in the trunk of a small car.

Fuel consumption at maximum load is 0.62 l/h. Line feed. semi-automatic. Comes with line for trimmer 2.4 mm and the blade.

Makita EM2500U

Lightweight design weighs only 4.5 kg for cutting brush to 42 cm in girth. The grass trimmer is stored in a proprietary bag that comes with the package. Replaceable cutting element: trimmer blade or guide line. Can be fitted with a shrub shear/chopper. When winding thick grass, the brake is triggered, which allows the motor not to burn out. Thanks to the Robin engine, the amount of toxic gases is minimized.

Features and benefits of Champion brushcutters and trimmers

Among the main advantages of Champion electric and gasoline-powered mowers, experts single out excellent build quality and a high degree of reliability of the models. Champion lawn mowers are equipped with high quality motors, all parts of which are made of durable metal alloys with high wear resistance and long service life.

Great advantages of Champion gardening equipment are the ergonomic design of brushcutters and trimmers, easy maintenance and repair, low fuel and power consumption. At the same time, each released model shows the highest performance in almost all working conditions.

With all the advantages Champion grass trimmers and brushcutters have a low cost, which allows you to find a suitable model for absolutely everyone.

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Champion T394FS-2 gasoline grass trimmer spark plug as a gift!

Champion T394FS-2 gasoline grass trimmer. equipped with a powerful four-stroke engine with an easy start system and forged shaft, T-handle and straight boom. Designed for mowing grass, weeds, dry.

The offer is

Champion grass trimmers. reviews

I don’t even remember which year I bought it. I think it was in 2013-2014. Then for some reason this model was not at all on Yandex-markets, and I found this grass trimmer in our network of dacha stores. I bought Champion because I already had a chainsaw from the same manufacturer and it worked great (but why was it working?? Works until now!)). It has never failed once in so many years of use. Only this year I have chipped off and lost somewhere part of the protective screen, which was attached to the line-cutting blade. But I think it’s because I put a thick trimmer line with a metal core. And I’m satisfied with my grass trimmer in every way! Enough power for thickets if not in a hurry. Worthy thing!

  • Handheld grass trimmer
  • electric motor (1000 W) from the mains cable
  • cutting width: 43 cm
  • Included: line for trimmer (1.6 mm), blade, shoulder strap

Considering the price tag, the purchase is top-notch. Yes, the cord is, uncomfortable in the beginning, but I got used to. Now I already have a normal attitude towards it. But it’s the fact that it is cheap, works great, requires no fuel and is good for any kind of cutting. I think that I did not miscalculate with the purchase.

  • portable grass trimmer
  • gasoline 2-stroke engine, 33 cm³, 1.22 л.с.
  • cutting width: 40 cm
  • included: line for trimmer (2.4 mm), blade, shoulder strap

After an electric mower, the grass trimmer seems like something unusual. It’s way more powerful. Before, 20 cm of grass was already a problem, but now I mow 4 to 50 cm safely. The first year was good. I folded it up and packed it away for the winter.

  • Hand-held grass trimmer
  • electric motor (1200 W) with power cable
  • cutting width: 43 cm
  • Included: line for trimmer (1.6 mm), blade, shoulder strap
  • weight: 5.7 kg
  • straight bar

I was pleasantly surprised that the grass trimmer does not overheat. There was one day when I mowed for about two hours, and the grass trimmer was only slightly warm. And the weight of it is great, lightweight, easy to work. Not once have I regretted that I bought an electric. Advice.

  • portable grass trimmer
  • Gasoline-driven, two-stroke engine, 43 cm?, 1.7 л.с.
  • cutting width: 42 cm
  • It comes with a line for the trimmer (3 mm), a knife, a shoulder strap
  • weight: 8.3 kg
  • tank for 1.2 л
  • straight bar

It’s a fat bar. If you put it like a machine gun and push the boom, it dangles for more than a minute. There are two grass trimmers with a bent boom, the tube is stiffer and they can spread the cut grass, and I’m afraid this one will fall apart. Sometimes I want to push the cuttings out, but I’m afraid I’ll bend the bar or break the joint. I can’t mow without straps, and I forgot them at home, so I had to use a strap with a ratchet.

I looked it up online, and then I went shopping. In well-known chain stores there are expensive Husqvarna and left-hand Chinese overpriced. There are no mediocre products from the Internet. All calculated that would either take the unconditioned or very expensive. But I saw this miracle in a store on the left, and I bought it. Mowed down the line for running-in, then put a disc for 40 teeth from the kit, although the photo 3 teeth. At first it was spinning perfectly, but after 4 stubs of 30mm began to vibrate at idle, although the gear does not backlash. The disc mows perfectly, the power is enough, but because of the weak boom I had to throw away the tall grass with my feet, so it wouldn’t get in the way. It took 3 liters of 1:32 gasoline for 12 acres. I realized that a small area is better to have two types of trimmers, large and small without the horn-arms, which can be under bushes and between the oblique beds mow. It will not turn around. I wanted a 52 cubic inch model, but youtube mowers told me it was a 40, and I know I’m not fooled. All the same, it is heavy enough, and more powerful is heavier, of course, if there is a thicker rod, it may be better to take it or take a non-disassembled. Before start I poured petrol and oil under the plug and pumped it. At startup the first sneezed, the second time with the open flap started. Hot starts right away, even after a 10 minute break without dancing with the choke. My gearbox was lubed up, shafts also lubed up, but I’ve been working on it from the bottom.

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