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A brief overview of chainsaw chain lubricants

There are a lot of chainsaw chain lubricants on the market today. Let’s look at some popular products.

There is no definite answer to the main question: what chain oil to use for chainsaws? It all depends on the conditions of use of the saw, the frequency of its use and financial capabilities.

Using unsuitable chain oil can cause system malfunctions or even damage to the chain saw. That is why you should immediately exclude waste oil from the list of possible applications.

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It is important to respect the proportions of oil and gasoline. With a lack of lubrication, the rubbing parts will begin to wear out, which will eventually lead to the jamming of the tool. If there is too much oil, the engine will start to smoke heavily, which will cause it to get sooty and its performance will decrease.

The correct proportions are given by each manufacturer in the instruction manual. It varies from saw to saw. For example, the oil to gasoline ratio for STIHL, Husqvarna, FUBAG and Champion is usually 1:50 and 1:40 for PARTNER and Makita. Huter recommends to follow the proportions indicated on the oil bottle, the main thing is that it is suitable for air-cooled two-stroke engines.

Reasons for the high demand for brand-name products

STIHL chain saw oil, popular among hobbyists and professional sawyers, is equally suitable for home and professional chainsaws of almost all brands. Husqvarna consumables have identical specifications.

Of domestic developments should be noted the oil Lukoil meets the technical and operational standards. The performance characteristics of this manufacturer’s oil are not inferior to the products of famous brands. Its price is by 150-180 lower than the price of imported analogues.

Specialists advise to follow the factory recommendations, because the use of substandard oils can become a legal basis for withdrawal of the warranty by the service. Filling in the chainsaw cheaper oil surrogate of unknown origin is not safe in terms of reliability and durability of the tool.

What Oil to Fill in your Partner Chainsaw

The quality of the fuel mixture for a chainsaw depends on its uninterrupted operation, component consumption and engine wear.

Ready-to-use mixes are always available in various shops. They already have the right proportions of oil and gasoline for chain saws. These are Partner, STIHL, Husqvarna blends.

However, the latter is not a cheaper counterpart of total purchase of oil and gasoline and making own compositions.

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The chainsaw engine is compact because of the two-stroke units. But this design of the internal combustion engine does not technically provide a crankshaft lubricated crankcase, so the oil supply is carried out here together with gasoline, for which the operator pre-mixes them according to the proportions indicated in the instructions. The mixture passes through the carburetor, enriched with air, and thus enters the combustion chamber, where it ignites and simultaneously lubricates the working parts, protecting them from wear and overheating.


This product in the rating is a development of the already described above company from Germany, only the Ultra line is made exclusively of synthetic. the high viscosity level enables the oil to be used even at temperatures below freezing.30 degrees. Specially developed for high-performance, high-torque engines. Includes special additives to ensure residue-free combustion. Unlike competitive products the product does not contain sulfur, calcium sulfate or sodium. The product is environmentally friendly, completely decomposes in the open air within 21 days. Another set of additives creates a thin film on the engine rubbing parts and reduces wear.

HP Ultra oil from the German manufacturer is distinguished by its high residue-free combustion. It has been tested to keep the piston free of carbon deposits and therefore it is one of the best oils. In the tests the chainsaw engine was run for 500 hours without getting coked.


  • Low formation of carbon deposits;
  • preservation and increase in service life of internal combustion engines;
  • Maintains optimum engine power;
  • There is a handy dispenser on the cap with a capacity of 1 liter;
  • Green oil is easy to control during the mixing process.

Husqvarna HP 2

This product is rated from a Swedish manufacturer known for its quality. The oil is designed for all two-stroke engines, including powerful professional chainsaws. The technical liquid is made and filled directly in Sweden. The company tries to protect customers and puts a seal on the cap. Some users have reported that they have been pouring it into their chainsaws for up to 7 years and the machines have been working fine. The manufacturer uses its own secret additives in it to reduce the smoke emission, eliminate odor and improve lubrication characteristics. Application of oil helps to keep spark plugs clean and makes chainsaws easy to start.

Our experts have included the oil in the rating as the best for combining with low-quality gasoline. If you can not get good fuel in a particular area, mixing it with this type of oil will protect the piston group from fouling and provide better combustion.


  • Ergonomic bottle;
  • extends piston life
  • High degree of protection against counterfeiting;
  • designed for extreme conditions.

Oregon 90720S

The product in third place in the ranking belongs to the Oregon brand and is produced in Great Britain and the United States. The development belongs to the semi-synthetic line and is evenly mixed with petrol. Once in the cylinder, it has high penetrating power and covers all parts with a thin film. The technical fluid protects nodes from premature wear and corrosion during downtime of the chainsaw. Oil has medium viscosity, which protects the engine immediately after start-up, even if the tool is stored in an unheated room. If you have to saw thick wood or press hard on the tool, the substance is not destroyed by the rise in temperature.

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Owners approve of the product, emphasizing the preservation of spark plug and piston group cleanliness. According to our experts, the oil should be in the rating because of its low smoke. Semi-synthetic composition provides a good combustion of fuel and translucent gases from the chamber, which will please those who have to work with a chainsaw in a small fenced area without wind (building a bath) or even in a barn.


  • protects engine from the first seconds of start-up;
  • suitable for operation at low temperatures.20 degrees;
  • red color is convenient during the mixing process with fuel
  • it is not destroyed at high revolutions of internal combustion engine and intensive heating;
  • reduced smokiness.

Hammerflex 501-004

The product is in the last place in the ranking, since the characteristics of the European counterparts are strongly inferior. The oil belongs to a Russian brand and is prepared on the basis of a semi-synthetic with a number of additives. The manufacturer has provided the ability to mix the agent with gasoline containing low acanth number. The mixture burns almost without residue and effectively protects the chain saw’s internal engine parts from corrosion and wear. The company has tried to compose a balanced mixture that does not emit much smoke during combustion. It is useful not only for cutting firewood, but also in log house construction, where it is necessary to make a precise cut for a window or door opening, and here it is important not to let the smoke get into the eyes.

We’ve ranked the engine oil as the most affordable for chainsaws. It costs 100-200 less than its European counterparts, so, for large sawing volumes, it helps to save money. Owners in reviews note that when switching to this lubricant, the engine does not start working worse.

Which Oil is Better for STIHL or Husqvarna?

Characteristic features of two-stroke chainsaw power units are high specific power and increased operational requirements to the quality of fuel and lubricants. What oil to use for a chainsaw, so that the tool at low-cost maintenance fully or with a significant reserve will work out the designated resource?

Power units of amateur and professional chainsaws are mainly operated at high operating speeds. Although the advantages of air cooling systems are undeniable, their capabilities are very limited.

Sufficiently comfortable operating conditions of the piston group and connecting rod crank are mainly provided by the characteristics of special engine oils.

Features of the two-stroke engine

Without dwelling on the details of the work of two- and four-stroke engines, it is worth noting one distinctive feature. Parts of a four-stroke engine are lubricated by a separate system. Lubricant is not burned up in the process of operation and serves long enough.

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The two-stroke engine is lubricated by a mixture of gasoline and oil, which is burned in every cycle. Such a scheme of lubrication simplifies the structure of the gasoline engine, reduces its weight and with the same working volume increases the power. That’s why two-stroke engines are used extensively in various hand tools, despite being noisier and less economical than four-stroke engines.

In addition, the grease used in two-stroke engines, apply special requirements. It has to burn with as little residue as possible to keep the cylinder contaminated and the exhaust gases with a minimum of environmentally harmful substances.

How to recognize counterfeit STIHL oil

Attackers do not miss an opportunity to make money by selling fake products of a famous brand. STIHL is no exception. Counterfeit STIHL HP is the most popular product. к. It has the highest sales figures of all STIHL lubricants.

To be able to tell the difference between a counterfeit and the original, STIHL has written a special brochure with the main differences between the original and a counterfeit.

Here is an example of what a high-quality STIHL oil package should look like and how to spot the fakes.

Oil dosage in Chinese version

Many chainsaws made in China are simplified copies of popular European models. Lack of special materials and proprietary technology contributes to the preservation of the outdated petrol and oil ratio of 25:1.

Double the engine oil consumption is compensated by the lower cost of oil. According to the assurance of the developers, in the composition of Chinese oils the original components are introduced, which help to increase the wear resistance of power units and actually extend their designed service life.

According to independent experts, the best brands of Chinese motor lubricants correspond in quality to mid-priced European counterparts. This is the level of the proprietary motor oils of the Standard and partly Super group.

What 2-Stroke oil should you use?

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