Ceramic tile shape cutting. Marking on tiles

Cutting ceramic, glazed and porcelain tiles

When laying a tile or ceramic tile sooner or later have to do its cutting. In places where you can’t put a whole tile, for example, in the corners of the room or where heating pipes come out of the walls, you will need to trim the tiles. There are many ways of cutting, all you need to do is to choose a suitable one for you, which will be convenient and minimally time-consuming. The main task is to cut a tile exactly and according to the required sizes, so that the cut on the outer side of the tile would be quite even. The problem of choosing the method of cutting the tiles is relevant both to beginners in this business and to experienced professionals. In this article you will learn about all the known methods of cutting the tiles and the tools you will need for this procedure.

Among the actual ways to cut glazed and ceramic tiles are the following:

  • Tile cutting by angle grinder. It is fast, but also “dirty” method. When cutting tiles with an angle grinder dust will be raised all over the room. If you carry out this work in the living room, you will have to do long cleaning, in addition, you will need a special protective mask that will prevent dust from entering the eyes and mouth.
  • Diamond tile cutting. Carried out by a circular saw, the working part of which is polluted with diamond dust. The advantage of this method is the high cutting accuracy, but if you do not have a cutting machine available, it will cost you.
  • Tile cutting with a tile cutter. Carried out with a special tile cutter, it is not expensive and easy enough to use. Will be needed if you have a lot of work to do.
  • Glass cutters for tiles. The easiest way to cut tiles by hand. You can use both standard glass cutters and special ones that are designed specifically for cutting thin tiles.
  • Alternative ways to cut tiles. This can include high-tech and expensive methods such as: laser, plasma and water tile cutting. These methods are commonly used on an industrial scale due to the high cost of the endeavor.

Choices for cutting ceramic

Each of the methods is good in some way and suits you in one case or another. What to cut ceramic tiles with? There are three basic ways to cut ceramic tiles evenly:

  • Using an angle grinder with an appropriate wheel.
  • Using electric, handheld tile cutters or special tongs.
  • Handy tools for cutting ceramic tiles, such as a glass cutter, well-sharpened nail, or drill bit.

In order to understand all the subtleties of the work, it is necessary to consider each option in detail.

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Cutting with a handheld tile cutter

Cutting tiles with a manual tile cutter

A frame with a cutting roller that is manually actuated with a lever is a manual tile cutter. In addition to the listed details in the device there is a metal protruding strip, two guides on which the lever with a “knife” slides and a double-sided “foot” that breaks the two parts of the notched tile. The device is simple, but effective. a tile up to 10 mm thick manual tile cutter divides without any problems. The chips are minimal, the cutting accuracy depends on the quality of the tool.

After buying a tile cutter for 10, you should not hope for perfect geometry of the cut edge. Over time, as the tool wears, it becomes worse, making the cutting edge farther and farther from the ideal. But such a device for cutting tiles is suitable for one-time work on a small amount of tiling with your own hands.

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For long-term use, purchase a handheld tile cutter, whose price exceeds 50. There are quality guides, minimal backlash of the cutting roller and a decent service life. When working with tile, the tool is effective, can handle floor tiles, but porcelain tile cutters are “not up to it”. The tool will not overcome decorative tiles, frieze with a structured face surface. Now about how to cut ceramic tiles with a handheld tile cutter.

  • Make the necessary measurements, trace the line for the trimmer on the tile’s front surface.
  • We lay the tile on the base of the tile cutter so that the line for the trimmer coincided with the metal protrusion (there are additional reference marks on the tool).
  • By means of the lever with one movement of the cut-off roller we make a cut in a decorative layer of a tile.
  • We break a tile with a pressure of a double-sided foot.

Not everyone can cut a tile with a manual tile cutter at the first time. To adapt to the tool, it is better to “sacrifice” one tiling element and practice on it by cutting it into several pieces.

In the video, an experienced master tiler demonstrates how to cut tile with a manual tile cutter, the possibilities of the device for cutting ceramic, the rules of care for the tool:

Working with an electric tile cutter

The owners of electric tile cutters can expertly tell about how to cut ceramic tiles. This device increases the accuracy and speed of cutting by an order of magnitude.

Structurally, the electric tile cutter is not complicated and consists of two main parts. the working table and the electric drive. Despite the simplicity, there are a great many modifications of this tool. The performance of the device, therefore, and its price depend on the inclusion of additional mechanisms that increase the functionality of the tool. So, the power of the electric motor determines the size of the cutting disc. Circle of a larger diameter on the device removes, for example, the question of how to cut porcelain tiles of increased thickness.

A special device will allow you to cut porcelain tiles at an angle

Trade offers a wide range of electric tile cutters models of any size, power and configuration. All of them are divided into two subgroups.

The first is the mechanisms with a fixed electric drive. In this variant the material is fed under the cutting edge by hands, which requires maximum concentration and requires a certain experience in carrying out the work.

Protective cover will avoid injury

The second group. these are devices with movable cutting tool, when the drive moves along a special guide. This is the safest way to cut ceramic granite tiles.

If you carry out work with power tools at home, the main problem is not in the noise (you can agree with the neighbors), but in the giant amount of dust that accompanies the work of the angle grinder. A special tray for water, which comes with an electric tile cutter, removes the question of where to cut porcelain tiles, as all the dust in the process of cutting is absorbed by the liquid.

The main advantages of electric tile cutters:

  • Speed and ease of cutting allows you to master large volumes of tile laying in a short time;
  • There is no need for additional edge treatment, the cut is smooth and clean;
  • A special rotating mechanism with divisions fixes the disc position at an angle to the table plane, you can cut porcelain tiles at 450 or other angles;
  • A skillful specialist will cut segments of any shape, and even rectangular holes, into tiles with this tool;
  • There is a special high-strength porcelain tile for floors. What to cut this material with? Only with an electric tile cutter.
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Ceramic granite for floors can be cut both with an electric and a manual tile cutter

To the subtleties of working with this device, you can include the need to adjust the feed speed at different parts of the cut. At the beginning and end of the tile. slow feed, in the middle. fast feed. This order of work helps to solve the question. how to cut porcelain stoneware without chipping at the end of the cut.

The electric version allows you to accelerate the performance of repair work

While cutting, control your every movement, hold the tile firmly against the table and use protective visor or glasses, splinters can fly out.

For some users, the description of how to cut porcelain tiles is not enough.

You need to make a hole for wiring in porcelain tile. Watch the video below to see how to cut this material

Limitations of the tool

It is believed that with a manual device of this type it is possible to cut only tiles up to 1516 cm thick. At the same time roller devices give minimum cutting force, the rigid carriage provides more impact, and only the most powerful bearing models cope with panels 1516 mm thick.

Handheld models are not suitable for tiles and porcelain tiles with embossed surface. If the cutter does not “get” to the bottom of all the recesses. the glaze layer will not be cut evenly. Consequently, you can not expect an even break.

As for porcelain stoneware the limitation in thickness can be more serious: even bearing tile cutters not always cope with panels 15 16 mm thick.

Ceramic tiles shape cutting

We offer a full range of services for cutting porcelain tiles of any complexity, different sizes, including large-format and Moscow region. We can cut the material by several methods: waterjet (water), dry, diamond, we can perform 45-degree cutting. We have 4 production sites of more than 1200 m2 at our disposal, we work every day, we have only professionals in our team. Before the execution of services we will accurately orient on the final price, timing. Very often we complete orders in 1-2 days, breaking records on speed and quality every day.

  • Specialist on-site visit;
  • Measurement of the area;
  • Calculation of the final cost;
  • Advice on the choice of materials, cooperation;
  • Cutting of porcelain stoneware accurately to the agreed dimensions with a guarantee;
  • Delivery of finished work.

The price can be specified by ordering a calculation. Depends on volume and complexity. From 100.

Cutting of porcelain stoneware (straight); from 100 ;Order a calculation button=#calc Cutting of porcelain stoneware under 45 degrees; from 110 ;Order a calculation button=#calc Cutting of porcelain stoneware of the big size; from 110 ; To order the calculation button=#calc Dry cutting of porcelain tiles; from 100 ;To order the calculation button=#calc Waterjet cutting of porcelain tiles; from 100 ;To order the calculation button=#calc Carving on site; from 1000 ;To order the calculation button=#calc

In our work we use electric plate cutters. It is an electric device, which is similar to the manual principle. With its help when cutting porcelain tiles you can achieve better results, you get even edge, without chips, cracks. Electric tile cutter can cut any material in thickness and density without compromising the end result.Working with this machine implies a longer cutting process, while the quality of porcelain tiles will be at a higher level. The cost of professional tile cutters is quite high, as a rule, customers are not willing to buy it for one-time use, so there is a market of cutting services.

Customer gratitude

The work of Art-Ceramic traditionally receive a positive response from customers. You can estimate the quality and design of porcelain stoneware products, having looked at our gallery of accomplished projects.

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Waterjet cutting is for today one of the best methods of processing different materials. natural and artificial stone, glass, plastic, concrete, etc. Before other methods of cutting, this method has a list of significant advantages. Firstly, the fact that during processing there is no heating of the product and its deformation, all cuts have a straight edge. Secondly, waterjet cutting is suitable for working with almost any material, even flammable. Thirdly, this way of processing of natural stone, porcelain stoneware and other materials allows to fulfill patterns of any complexity, to give the product any shape and ornamentation. And finally, it is also quite economical option, because it does not imply a lot of waste of the initial material, and the technology itself, which involves the use of waterjet with abrasive, is very simple. Indeed, such advantages can boast neither mechanical, nor gas, nor even laser cutting materials.

As already mentioned, waterjet cutting of natural and artificial finishes, including porcelain stoneware, makes it possible to perform any, even the most complex cutting work, in the shortest possible time. The quality of the cut is excellent. The most daring architectural ideas can be realized thanks to this technology. Order abrasive waterjet cutting tiles you can at any time in the workshop “Art-Ceramic”, which will offer you not only high quality service, but also affordable prices.

All the pros in one application

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