Can you put 95 gasoline in your chainsaw?

How much gasoline is stored

During prolonged storage, gasoline evaporates (regardless of brand), a sediment falls out at the bottom, it loses its properties, simply put. deteriorates. It is worth knowing that it is not so much the gasoline itself that ignites, as its vapors. So if you have a can of gasoline in the garage from last year, think twice about whether it’s worth it? It’s better to save it for lighting a barbecue fire.

The use of “stale” gasoline for a chain saw entails a lot of problems:

It is worth remembering that the prepared fuel mixture (gasoline and oil) is stored for no more than one month, after which time it should be disposed of. Using old gasoline increases wear and tear on your chainsaw‘s engine. don’t forget that!

Starting the tool

Starting up the chainsaw, especially the first start, is a complicated and important step. To make sure everything goes right, follow the tool manufacturer’s instructions exactly.

I set the compression ratio to 95 gasoline on a scooter

Always wear personal protective equipment when working with a chainsaw.

Before you start your chainsaw you should take care of your own safety. First of all, you should not neglect personal protective equipment: a tight jacket, safety glasses and firmly closed shoes are not out of place. They will protect against dust and small chips that fly in different directions during intensive work.

Do not become distracted while working and, if you have to move away from the saw, turn it off. Hold the chainsaw with both hands and keep your back straight, without slouching. The chain is only in motion while cutting wood.

If it is necessary to refill the tool during work, wait until it cools down. In no case can you pour fuel into a hot engine. it is fraught with the emergence of a fire hazard. All refueling should be done at a safe distance from the working place. about 5-6 m.

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For carrying out such actions as felling trees, take care to have a free space around, on which there will be no bystanders or buildings.

Refueling a chainsaw

For beginners, the question of how to fill a chainsaw, especially relevant. But the refueling process itself is not at all complicated. The main task is to compose the fuel-oil mixture with the correct proportions. These specifications are listed in the owner’s manual of your power tool. Before filling, check the information supplied by the manufacturer to exclude the possibility of errors in the fuel mixture.

Ratio of petrol to oil

The standard ratio of oil to petrol, which is valid for most chain saws, is 1:50. This means that 20 ml of oil should be added to 1 liter of gasoline. However, each manufacturer has its own requirements for the composition of the fuel mixture, which are determined by the design of the engine, peculiarities of its parameters and other factors. It is impossible to determine by oneself which ratios are the best for a given tool.

To obtain complete and accurate information, consult the Owner’s Manual only. If no information is given as to the composition of the fuel mixture, it is customary to use a mixing ratio of 1 : 50. Other versions are also available, from 1 : 20 to 1 : 50.

Figure 3. Oil to gasoline ratios for the fuel mixture

How to mix the fuel mixture correctly?

The mixing process is quite simple. you need to measure a certain amount of oil and pour it into the appropriate volume of gasoline. it is necessary to prepare a clean container in which mixing will be performed. Plastic jerry cans are usually used and are adequate for this purpose. However, some types have a serious disadvantage. they accumulate static electricity, which can lead to sparking and ignition of the fuel mixture.

Optimal option. the use of a special canister with two necks, in which gasoline and oil are poured, but they are quite expensive. Many people use medical syringes with marked divisions for precise dosage of oil. The more carefully the amount of mixture will be measured, the longer will be the service life and the higher the quality of the tool.

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Attention! Do not mix gasoline and oil directly in the gasoline tank of the tool. Read more about how to start the chainsaw.

Storage conditions of the finished mixture

Most users prepare the fuel mix before they need it. This is due to time saving. it is considered more correct to mix a large volume once, and then simply pour the fuel into the tank of the tool. This is a valid point of view, but with important limitations. The ready mix must not be stored for too long, since irreversible changes occur in it.

Ideally, you should only cook it for one day, but this is considered by many to be too irrational. Allowable storage time depends on the ratio and brand of components. Most experts recommend not storing the mixture for more than 3 months. It is recommended to use metal canisters and keep the mixture under a roof, out of direct sunlight.

What kind of oil to put in a chainsaw?? Using the same oils as in car engines is strictly prohibited. a special two-stroke chainsaw oil recommended by the manufacturer is required.

STIHL chain saws are usually filled with unleaded gasoline with more than 90 lead-free additives. AI fuel is fully suitable for this purpose. 92. AI is also used. 95, which is used much less frequently It should be remembered that gasoline is recommended to use fresh t.

Can You Use E10 Unleaded Fuel In Your STIHL Chainsaws And Small Engines?

Gasoline and oil proportions

In view of the two-stroke type of engine, fuel is purchased separately in pure form, then mixed with oil designed specifically for this version of the engine. Most experienced users mix the substances in proportions of 1:50. The following illustration shows popular highperformance products for the fuel mix.

Important points to keep in mind:

  • Domestic chainsaws (Ural, STIHL, Druzhba) work with a component of oil brands M8-B, M-12TPU, M8-B, TP, MGD-14M, sometimes foreign options can be used; the recommended proportion. 100 g of oil at 2.5 liters of gasoline AI-80;
  • Foreign models (Husqvarna, Partner) run on foreign-made oils (1:50 or 1:40) and have minimum consumption.
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How to dilute gasoline with oil fuel mixture for chainsaws and trimmers mineral or synthetic

Under brands

For modern brands, such as Husqvarna, Partner, Makita, Echo, STIHL will suit gasoline AI-92. A lot of people are complaining today of chain saws breaking down prematurely because of poor gasoline. That is why some specialists recommend to fill such gasoline-powered saws with AI-95.At the same time good AI-95 can “burn pistons”, and again some people compromise and mix AI-95 with AI-92. In general it all depends on the quality of gasoline and in the end it is up to you to decide.

For domestic tools, Ural, Druzhba recommended to take gasoline AI-80. It is very important to keep fuel consumption to a minimum.

What gasoline to use for a chainsaw? How to properly dilute it?

A chainsaw is one of the most convenient and versatile household units. The fuel mix needs to be ready before use. But for the machine to work properly, it is necessary to follow all the manufacturer’s recommendations. Each model is individual, so what gasoline to fill in the chainsaw?

Fuel consumption

One of the most important questions that comes up for saw-tool owners, because everyone wants to know what to count on.

Almost all tanks have a volume of about 500 ml. If the power of the chainsaw is 2 kW, then the fuel consumption will be about 1.2 liters per hour of work. Simply put, such a tool can work at maximum speed for half an hour without interruption. If the chainsaw is not as powerful, then its tank volume will be smaller. This is how the user can check the fuel consumption himself.

Over time, the user will learn to service his tool without any help. The main task will be to keep the household machine in good, working condition, using quality fuel mixes. Follow the safety rules for flammable liquids. This helps to preserve the tool and protect yourself and the environment.

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