Can a single axle tractor be started in winter?

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Storing a power tiller in winter

To make a single-axle tractor (motocultivator) last a long time, it must be properly cared for. Maintenance of the equipment includes preparation for work, cleaning after work, timely maintenance, as well as proper storage of the power tiller in winter. If you do not plan to operate the single axle tractor in the cold season, you should carry out its preservation. Otherwise, when winter is over and it is time to plow, there may be a number of problems. From having trouble starting the engine to overhauling it. To avoid problems and additional costs we recommend you to follow some simple rules. How to store the single axle tractor (cultivator) is described in detail in the instruction manual. In this article we will note the general rules of preservation of machinery.

The preservation of the technique begins with its thorough cleaning. Particular attention should be paid to places difficult to access, where dirt accumulates. Do not use iron scrapers to remove dirt from the surface of the machine.к. they damage the protective coating, resulting in rust. All parts of the power tiller must be wiped dry after cleaning. On the surface of the product must not remain wet to avoid corrosion. The same thorough cleaning is also required for the attachments.

Then the single axle tractor (cultivator) should be inspected for damage and breakage. If worn out parts are found, they must be replaced. With any experience, you can do it yourself or call a service center.

Spare parts for “Neva” power tillers are available at “KO-Neva” factory.

The main recommendations for common models are

The motorized blades on the market come from different manufacturers. But, as practice shows, there are a few models, which domestic consumers trust the most and buy them more often:

Accordingly, the starting rules are different. To start the “Neva” power tiller, move the ignition switch to the ON position, close the choke (completely) and open the fuel tap; set the gas lever to ¾ of the maximal position, pull the starter rope and move the choke.

For power tillers of Minsk plant (MTZ) a slightly different approach is needed. Gasoline models with a manual starter start according to the following scheme: open the fuel tap, set the choke lever to start, turn off the ignition and pump the starter 3-5 times. Then turn the key in the lock and yank the starter again.

To start the “Ural”, you need to resort to the following work: set the neutral position of the gear lever and open the gas tank. Next you need to close the throttle channel regulator completely and partially close the air damper. Then start the engine using a cord.

Starting the Patriot implies a different sequence of actions: taking the gas lever to the highest position, yanking the purge cable. firstly by pulling hard and long, then by short jerks to start the engine, and then. adjusting the gas handle.

single, axle, tractor, started

Rules for starting an engine without a starter

The engine is a complicated technical process, for which several assemblies in the car are responsible. One of the devices that make it possible to start the engine is the starter. This mechanism activates the engine and is not inferior in its importance to ignition or clutch systems.

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Important! Starters are some of the most vulnerable parts in the system. They often break, including in the middle of the season when there is a lot of work. The engine can also be started without a starter, which saves time for urgent repairs.

Motor start-up steps in the absence of a starter motor include:

  • Dismantling a defective part.
  • Fixing a strong rope in the hole on a round iron component, which is located at the place of installation of the starter.
  • Wrap the rope around the whisk several times (about 4-5 turns), leaving an end of about 40 cm.
  • The piston is brought up, the decompressor is turned off, and the rope is yanked sharply toward you.

Although it is possible to start the power tiller without the starter motor, you should not use it in this way permanently. These recommendations are given for emergencies that require the equipment to be in working order. But don’t wait too long to repair it. you need to order a new starter motor as soon as possible. A range of single-axle tractor parts is available on the site. There is a wide selection of starters for different models of special machines.

How to start a single axle tractor in winter?

Each time before you start the engine check the oil and fuel level (whether it’s winter outside or summer), adjust fasteners and connections. The procedure for starting a gasoline-powered power tiller is as follows:

The order of starting a gasoline power tiller is in this sequence:

  • Open the petrol tap.
  • Set the choke lever to “Start” mode.
  • Kick-start the engine several times with the ignition off.
  • Start the single axle tractor and move the choke lever to the “Run” position.

Also do not forget to prepare the fuel mixture for fueling if you have a 2-stroke engine. The process of starting a diesel is a little more complicated, because before starting you need to bleed the air from the fuel system.

Then the start-up takes place according to the following algorithm:

  • open the petrol tap.
  • Check for grease.
  • turn on the ignition.
  • Turn the gas handle slightly, not more than half of it.

Also, be sure to read the owner’s manual before using a diesel power tiller in winter. There is a clear indication of the temperature conditions at which it is necessary to change from summer to winter fuel with a lower degree of thickening. Also keep an eye on the type of oil in your motoblock in the winter. For the cold season it is better to use synthetic motor oils that thicken at low temperatures.

Most motoblock engines are air-cooled, which contributes to the rapid cooling of the motor in winter. That is why at very low temperatures the engine will most likely have to be insulated.

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A simple but effective way to speed up engine starting in winter is also to water the engine with warm water. A few liters will be quite enough to successfully start the engine.

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Is it possible to fill one-axle tractor with 92 instead of 80 gasoline?

Gasoline of АI-92 brand is one order of magnitude higher than 80. But it is not worth experimenting and filling up your gardening equipment with a better fuel if the engine is not designed for this.

If the fuel is changed sharply, simple power block models simply will not start. Even if the technique will start, the use of fuel with a higher octane number will cause breakdowns:

single, axle, tractor, started
  • the main elements will fail quickly;
  • the choke will stop working;
  • if the single axle tractor will start, you will need to change oil seals and filters much more often;
  • the fuel requirement increases.

Before you start using gasoline AI-92 instead of AI-80, then you should prepare the equipment. There are two possible solutions to the problem:

If there is no knowledge and skills to repair such equipment, it is better to contact professionals. They will solve the problem accurately and without error.

How to start a power tiller?

When starting the first machines, immediately turn the choke knob. You need to put it in the “Start” position. Only then can you open the petrol valve and pull the starter a couple of times. If all operations are performed correctly, the singleaxle tractor should start.

Winter storage It is permissible to store a single-axle tractor (power tiller) outdoors as well, provided you cover it with a tarpaulin or other breathable, waterproof materials.


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How to start a single axle tractor in winter?

Moto-blocks are the multipurpose technique, which can be actively used even in winter. With its help, or rather with the help of such mounted equipment as a snowplow, you can clear the snow on your property. But there may be some difficulties with starting the engine at low ambient temperatures, but there is always a way out.

We offer you some tips to help you actively use a single-axle tractor in winter:

  • Modern models of this equipment are air-cooled. This greatly simplifies the process of operation in sub-zero temperatures. you do not need to add antifreeze and constantly monitor the operation of the radiator, which has a water type cooling. However, there is a minus here. in winter, the engine will cool down faster;
  • On sale it is possible to find special insulating covers for the unit, which protect the engine from rapid cooling, but they are extremely rare. You can also do with improvised materials, but make sure that the insulation does not get into the mechanisms and do not damage the system;
  • Sometimes it is necessary to warm up the engine in order to start it in winter. For this purpose, the engine itself should be watered with hot water, so that it reaches a condition for normal starting;
  • Do not forget about the oil in the gearbox. As it is known, it thickens at subzero temperatures. There are two ways out: use synthetic types, which hold their properties better in winter, or use a more fluid.
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If you follow these recommendations, it won’t be too hard to start a single-axle tractor in winter. We offer you a video, which will tell you how to start the unit during the cold weather.

It is also worth mentioning how to start the machine already in the spring. You need to first drain the oil and fuel, if it was in the tank, and replace them with new. Do not forget to check all systems, mechanisms and parts for damage. And only then try to start your machine.

Cold Weather Starting Big Rigs

Preparing your power tiller for winter Link to main publication

How to prepare your power tiller for winter work

If you plan to actively use a single axle tractor in the cold, then the best option for storing the unit is a dry, heated room (for example, a garage). As a last resort, the single-axle tractor can be placed outdoors, but covered with a tarpaulin or other waterproof, breathable material. The same conditions must be provided for machinery during the preservation. Proper storage of the power block and power tiller. This is a guarantee of their normal operation in the next plowing season.

Preparing your power tiller for winter work includes changing of oil in a gearbox. In snowy seasons, it is better to prefer synthetic gear oils, t.к. they retain their properties better than mineral types. Read on to find out what gear oil to use.

Please note that in the “Neva” MB2 and MB23 power tillers of classic assembly by default transmission oil TEP-15 GOST 23652-79 (SAE90 API GI-2) is filled in a gearbox, which is suitable for the temperature range from.20°C to 60°C.5°C to 35°C. If you plow snow at temperatures below.If the temperature of the saw reaches 5ºC, then fill the gearbox of the machine with TM-5 oil according to the GOST 17479.2-85 (SAE75W-90 API GI-5), whose temperature rating varies from.40ºC to 45ºC. The use of the right technical fluids ensures the trouble-free operation of the machine.

If you do not plan to operate a single axle tractor (motocultivator) in the cold season, the unit must be properly stored or, professionally speaking, canned. How to carry out the preservation of the power tiller, it is told in this article.

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