Can a coping saw cut metal?

Horizontal and vertical possibilities

Modern crosscut saws enable combined cuts. Saw blade of the tool can be turned not only to the right or left, for sawing the workpiece at the desired angle in the horizontal plane, but also tilted to one or both sides, thereby providing a vertical cut. Modern crosscut saws have different horizontal and vertical sawing capabilities, so let us briefly discuss what to look for when selecting a crosscut saw.

Trimmer saws can be tilted in one or both directions. In terms of functionality, both variants are the same: one-sided models can perform the same cutting operations as the two-sided ones. But when it comes to convenience the latter unquestionably wins.

To cut each end of a board on a circular saw, the workpiece must be removed from the frame, turned over, and re-fixtured. Such juggling becomes a separate test when you have to work with long and heavy workpieces in large volume. Tilting to both sides saves time and effort.

In modern models this parameter varies from 25 to 122 mm.

At an angle the trimmer does not cut as deep as when in the 90° position. Machines with a shallow corner kerf are an option for those who plan to work with claddings, laminate and other thin materials. For all other cases, it is important to carefully compare this parameter with what is mainly to be sawn. This will avoid the most frequent disappointment when it turns out that the tool is unable to cope with facing thick workpieces at an angle.

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It is important to remember that angular sawing puts more stress on the tool. the higher the power, the better the cut.

For non-industrial crosscut saws, this ranges from 45 mm to 122 mm. The saw unit perpendicular to the surface of the workpiece is the most common configuration in which most sawing operations are performed. That is why special attention must be paid to this parameter when choosing a machine. The greater the depth of straight cut, the higher the class of equipment.

Parameter that shows the maximum width of the workpiece that the crosscut saw can cut at right angles. In modern household and professional saws this index varies from 85 to 430 mm. In general, this is one of the key indicators that determine the performance of a machine. It is important not to forget that the width of cut at 45° will be much less than at right angles.

Can a crosscut saw cut metal

There are quite a lot of tools for cutting metal, but only the pendulum (or trimmer) saw provides the ability to make an angular cut.

It is used to make window stops, door frames and many other products that are used everywhere.

However, specifically in this article will be considered only a crosscut (pendulum) saw for metal.

General information

Along with circular and circular saws, as well as jigsaws, the end saw can cut metal profiles, sheets, different types of pipes.

The structure of the device is very simple. the key elements are: a gearbox, a saw blade, a frame (base), a handle with a “start” button, a motor. The latter is divided into two varieties:

Collector saws have the advantage of easy maintenance, asynchronous saws have the advantage of long service life and less noise during operation.

The engine is connected to the circular sawblade by means of a toothed or belt drive. They have their disadvantages and advantages. The belt drive, for example, is virtually silent. It eliminates disk vibration, but it can slip off the base during long hours of work, forcing the owner to stop the work process. The toothed saw is exempt from this kind of disadvantage, but instead makes noise during operation and gives a slight vibration. Working tool in the endmounted saw is the disk. It is made of strong metals, because it carries the brunt of the load.

On the planes of some removable components of this type of saw there are cuts or wavy mowing line. This is designed to reduce the noise level during operation, as well as to compensate for deformation that occurs at high temperatures.

According to the purpose we can distinguish household equipment, professional and machine tools. The first are characterized by low power (not more than 1500 watts), compactness and small size. For example, Bosch GKM 18 (cordless, cost. 15 thousand. р.).

coping, metal

Pendulum saws: types

A crosscutting tool lends itself to classification much easier than, for example, an electric jigsaw, which can be either electric or mechanical. The mechanisms under consideration can be divided by criteria:

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Examples may serve such products as:

  • Bosch GKM 18 saw (battery version, cost about 15000 r.);
  • saw Kolner KMS 210 ;
  • Domestic facing machine “Kalibr PTE-900” power 900W at a cost of 4500.

A facing machine is equipment not for household purposes, which is used only at enterprises that produce rolled metal products and are engaged in their cutting or processing every day. Sold such units for tens, and sometimes hundreds of thousands, their power exceeds 1000 watts, and weighs several centners.

  • machines of domestic manufacturer;
  • CT 10-4 (power of 3 kW, weighing 360 kg, the price of 105 thousand dollars). );
  • TsKB-40K (power of a single watt). 5,5 kW, weight ca. 700 kg, price 340 thousand. ).

Professional metal cut-off saws for profiles, sheets and pipes are in an intermediate state according to the marked parameters. For example:

Makita LF 1000 (capacity 1650 W, cost from 60 ths. ), DeWALT d27111 (power 1500 W, price from 50 ths. ).

The presence of the broaching function gives the user a certain advantage when working with long slabs or pipes.

The models have two parallel rails, on which the cutting disc is mounted, freely sliding along them.

The fixture with the broach features a generous kerf of the workpiece and in addition very fine teeth on the disc. In addition, the tool in some cases has a laser pointer to control the process and the convenience of marking.

coping, metal

Trimmer for metal, equipped with a broach, has more weight than usual, and the presence of the option increases the cost by 25-30%.

Cutting disk size is the central criterion for classification

The size of the teeth determines the width and depth of cut, and the material determines the possibility of using the unit on a particular metal.

Manufacturers you can trust

Below you can find recommendations for your preferred brands of mitre saws. The data is based on customer reviews and forum information.

Optimal face saw in terms of comfort, manufacturability and safety at work are the products of one of the following companies: “Corvette”; DeWALT; Metabo; Makita; “Interskol”. Hitachi; Bosch.

Most of these manufacturers provide an extension of the special table under the workpiece, however, for cutting large parts in some cases requires additional supports. These can be found, for example, in Makita’s LF 1000 trimmer model. This addition greatly simplifies the work of the user. In addition, the moving part of the metal saw is included in a stable bed, which includes a place to assemble the cutting angle.

The best facing machine in terms of stability and reliability is the one with a stand made of magnesium or aluminum alloy. They are stable, rugged and also have an acceptable weight. An example is the Bosch GCM 10, the most popular modification among professional models. For all its other advantages it weighs only 15 kg.

Hitachi is considered to be the leading producer among hacksaws with the permitted cutting edge angle to the workpiece. If Bosch, Metabo or Makita give the possibility to measure cutting angle only by 0, 90 or 45 degrees, this Japanese company gives the operator the opportunity to make cuts of 30, 15, 22 and even 5 degrees. The provided option makes it necessary for the operator to add a swivel device to the construction of the device. Nevertheless, the weight of a system for cutting sheets, pipes or profiles would still not exceed 30 kg. However, the cost will also increase by 15 to 25 percent.

The manufacturer of DeWALT saws is distinguished by the XPS system, which allows you to project a clear line. Before starting work, a shadow is projected from the saw blade, which makes the metal sawing more accurate. The models of the domestic manufacturer “Interskol” are, in terms of design, very simple, as they have:

Additional advantages of the device. they are very affordable (you can pick up models from 5000), easy to hold on the weight.

To cut metal sheets, profiles or pipes it is necessary to turn either the disc or the table. The disk can rotate on its axis and against, which is very convenient for the work of the master.

Before making a purchase, we recommend that you pay your attention to the models of the above manufacturers, weigh all the advantages and disadvantages.

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Tips on crosscut saw selection

Now let’s touch on recommendations for optimal investment in equipment. The tips posted below before buying a tool are mandatory reading for every potential user.

For infrequent and short-lived activities, choose household equipment according to the following parameters:

For permanent works, the purchase of professional equipment is recommended. Optimal parameters for it:

The more powerful the motor, the less in the process of work it will be heated, the more significant will be the performance of the tool, respectively, the larger can be the disk, which can be put on its own. This may be necessary in the event of a need for replacement.

Some saw blades have manufacturer’s recommendations for material or type of material to be cut (for pipes, sheets, or profiles). This is also worth paying attention to.

Saw models equipped with a spacious blade for more extensive and comfortable work are more expensive, but cutting metal on such units is incomparably more convenient. Their design also includes a depth of cut limiter, which allows the user to find the optimal groove for the width of the workpiece.

Advantages and disadvantages of homemade devices

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Homemade crosscut saws have both positive and negative features.

The advantages of homemade units can include a number of characteristics.

  • To build a crosscutting machine you need to invest a lot less money than to buy industrial equipment for crosscutting wood, pipes, plastic, etc. Approximately the experts on the conversion of angular grinding machine in slicer invest from 500 to 1000.
  • You have the opportunity to select the performance characteristics for the future end mill by yourself. These parameters include the size of the working surface, the power of the electric motor, disk diameter, kerf depth and other.
  • Manufactured devices have an uncomplicated design. For the reason that you yourself collected and disassembled the device, there will be no difficulties with the search for damage.

There are also disadvantages, among which are particularly notable several factors.

  • For self-made units, as a rule, use old, useless materials, tools and appliances. This negatively affects the quality, service life.
  • They do not often have a lot of power.
  • In some situations, saving on the purchase of an industrial sample becomes farfetched, because a lot of money is spent on repair work, re-equipment, preventive measures of a homemade unit.
  • You put yourself at risk in terms of your own safety by using a home-built crosscut saw.

Having available an angle grinder, manual circular saw for wood and metal, you are free to make a home-made machine. Follow the instructions, follow the safety rules.

Be sure to take into account the presence of protective guards, as work on such machines is not entirely safe.

How to make a coping saw with his own hands, see the video below.

Along with jigsaws, circular saws and circular saws, the trimmer is able to cut metal sheets, profiles, various types of pipes. The design of the device is simple. the main elements are the bed (base), the handle with the start button, the saw blade, the gearbox and the motor. The latter comes in two kinds:

The advantage of the first. easy maintenance, the second. long service life and less noise at work.

The engine is connected to the saw blade by belt or gear transmission. They have advantages and disadvantages. For example, the belt saw is almost silent, eliminates disk vibration, but can slip during long hours of work, forcing the user to stop the process. The toothed one is free from this disadvantage, but it is noisy and slightly vibrates.

The end miter saw’s working organ is the blade. It is made of durable metals, because it is subjected to serious stress. The surfaces of some detachable elements have wavy mowing lines or cuts. This is designed to reduce operating noise, and to compensate for temperature distortion.

Recommendations for choosing a product brand

Most offer a table extension under the workpiece, but extra supports are sometimes required to cut large parts. They are found in the Makita manufacturer’s LF 1000, for example. This makes it easier for the user to work. In this case, the moving part of the Makita metal saw is included in the stable bed, which has an area for setting the angle of cut.

The best crosscutters in terms of reliability and stability are those whose frame is made of aluminum or magnesium alloy. They are rugged, stable, but still weigh a fair amount. Example. Bosch GCM 10, popular among professionals, weighs only 15 kg.

The leader among the saws with the possible inclination of the cutting edge to the workpiece is Hitachi. When “Bosch”, “Metabo” or “Makita” mostly allow setting the angle of cut only for 0, 90 or 45 degrees, the Japanese concern offers the user the opportunity to turn by 15; 22,5; 30 degrees. This option forced to add a rotary device to the design, because of which, however, the weight of the unit for cutting profiles, sheets or pipes will not exceed 30 kg. The price goes up by 15-25%.

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The manufacturer DeWALT distinguishes the presence of XPS system (projection of a clear mowing line). A shadow is projected from the saw blade prior to work, which makes metal cutting more accurate.

Domestic models “Interskol” are structurally simple (have a disk, handle, base, motor, start button), inexpensive (from 5000), lightweight. To cut metal profiles, sheets or pipes you need to turn the table or disc. The latter can rotate in both directions.

Before buying pay attention to the models of these manufacturers. Now to the recommendations for a wise investment in equipment.

Can a coping saw cut metal?

Profile tube 50h50h2 end saw with a metal disk. can be?

Homemade Jeweler’s Saw. Metal Cutting Coping Saw

Greetings. No pendulum saw and / or band saw at hand, so. ч. the question appeared, but it is necessary to make a cut on a profile pipe (ferrous metal, 50х50х2).

Respectively, the question. Is it realistic to use sliding compound mitre saws with metal cutting discs and, if so, what speed/power they should have??

Is it realistic to use a jigsaw with metal saws and, accordingly, what should be the power?

1.Buying a band saw/ pendulum saw is not in the budget of this design, cutting to order, again, excluded. Very troublesome with delivery, etz.

Cutting metal with an end saw with an abrasive disk? 1. Metal cutting at mitre saw. Failure of the angle grinder. get more or less close to 90gr. cut, that’s why I want to use a mitre saw (which has a 90gr. aligned) or the jigsaw on the guide rail.

Is there some kind of special coping saw, only for wood?? I saw them only in kits for children’s creative work,

so it seems that the end trimmers are universal. Cutting a 50x50x2 profile pipe with an end saw with a circular saw. Here:

General Information

Along with circular and circular saws, as well as jigsaws, trimmer can cut metal profiles, sheets, different types of pipes.

coping, metal

The structure of the device is very simple. the key elements are: gearbox, saw blade, bed (base), handle with “start” button, motor. The latter is divided into two varieties:

The advantage of the collector type saw is the ease of maintenance, the advantage of the asynchronous type is the long service life and less noise during operation.

The motor and the circular saw blade are connected by means of a toothed or belt drive. They have their disadvantages and advantages. Belt drives, for example, are practically silent. It eliminates the vibration of the disc, but it can slip off the base during prolonged work, forcing the owner to stop the work process. A toothed saw is free of this disadvantage, but instead makes noise during operation and gives a slight vibration. The working tool in the face saw is the disk. It is made of strong types of metal, because it carries all the main and quite serious load.

On the planes of some removable components of this type of saw there are cuts or corrugations of the mowing line. This is designed to reduce the noise level during work, as well as to compensate for the deformation that occurs at high temperatures.

According to their purpose we can distinguish household equipment, professional and machine tools. The first have a low power (not higher than 1500 watts), compactness and small size, and can be found, for example, in the Bosch GKM 18 (battery-operated, cost. 15 thousand. р.).

Metal Saw Cutting for the Home Shop

Wood and metal mitre saws

Availability of quality processing or construction tools for home use allows faster completion of repair or better and cheaper restoration, construction or renovation work. For precise cutting of laminate, plastic, wood in modern conditions helps trimmer saw.

Both professional carpenters and beginners need to cut all sorts of workpieces. It helps to appreciate the full performance of this hand-held tool with all the popular equipment options.

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