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Here we see a counter to an anatomically vulnerable point, effectively closing down the arm and preventing a counter swing. Obviously, we will be concerning ourselves only with the involuntary responses which pertain to interpretation and application of Kata. A counter Mae Geri is applied followed by a drop into Gyaku Zuki.

In Kata, there is NO preparatory movement, there is NO stylised posturing, NO showboating and, perhaps most controversially of all, there is NO purely defensive technique. This kick along with the other two can be thrown very quickly from a ‘cowered’ posture. Geoff Thompson interviews murderers, rapists and muggers who reveal why they target certain people.

Kata are exercise and meditation in equal measure. All Karate and Kata practice intends, we believe, to expand, within the Karateka, the level of power, balance, focus, co-ordination and skill s of technique. To truly understand, therefore, you must be all three, simultaneously, without being aware of the transition back or forth. Followed by a stepping punch to the head Oi-Zuki Jodan.

Not pretty but it gets the job done! Kick 2 – low level, close range Mae Geri Front view Side view This kick can be used in very tight, close quarter combat situations.

The following section will concern itself with our interpretation of effective punching without the ego! Obviously, we cannot show ALL of the variations as we would need a separate book for this. As worthwhile as those aspects of martial training may be, a rapidly growing number of students also wish to ensure that their training will adequately prepare them for live situations should the worst happen.


Bushi-jutsu: The Science of the Warrior – PDF Free Download

Ha means mastery of that custom. No variations to this are allowed subject to style variations.

So how do we ensure that our art fulfils its original purpose and returns to being a valid and functional combative system? I’m certain that this very accessible book will be warmly welcomed by the thinking Karateka and all those looking to find meaning in their Kata. The attacking arm is then captured, rotated through degrees, and used to manipulate the attacker to a point of total imbalance using force applied to the tricep muscle and local Atemi, whilst stepping back to a position of Gedan Barai.

Furthermore, the orientation of the fist and the contact area have a massive influence on the effectiveness of the punch. The purpose of this book is simple and modest. Followed by a stepping punch to the head Oi-Zuki Jodan.

It can be used from mid to close range, on hard or soft targets, for reaction or total devastation and, in the right circumstances with the appropriate level of body physics knowledge, it can be fatal.

Whatever your level in martial arts and however you choose to study, open your mind to the past and you will be rewarded beyond measure. She fought for two years with no complaints. You will be very lucky indeed if your confrontations, thus far, have enabled you to remain standing whilst incapacitating your opponent.

If your mind is closed, your growth in the martial sciences will be restricted. It is not an ‘immediate’ torrent of wisdom. See our Returns Policy.

Bushi-jutsu: The Science of the Warrior

The attack is in the form of Mae Geri, Oi Zuki. The remainder of the techniques in Kihon, at the Oyo level, are selfexplanatory.


However, the ‘defender’ drops slightly and turns AWAY from the pull opposite directionstrikes Tetsui Uchi to the floating ribs, and rises to either a lock the arm fingers bushi-juttsu be trapped in clothingor b release the grab. No, no, no and no.

The next technique uses aspects of irimi Nage and kote gaeshi to take the attacker to ground in a locked state.

In a Gi, there is enough material around the groin to allow unrestricted high kicks. Your consent to our cookies if you continue to use this website.

Full text of “Bushi Jutsu – Science of the Warrior”

Modern Karate practise tends to only concern itself with mid- to long- range formally executed Karate-style attacks. Expression of style differences? For my Nan who always protected and watched out for me.

This interim strike will sufficiently disorientate the attacker to prevent resistance when the finishing neck attack Toruguchi is applied. However, following the introduction of certain Kata into the education curriculum, they were ‘watered down’ in order to conceal the brutality of certain techniques.

If your mind is closed, your growth in the martial sciences will be restricted. Uchinadi Pinan Shodan – Kakushi Waza Perpetuity E 45 Bushi-Jutsu A little more complicated – the first technique – morote Uchi – could be a defence against a punch or a knife attack – we have chosen a knife attack to demonstrate effect.

Power Generation During the initial stages of instruction of a new student, we always try to communicate the need to use body weight as the best method of adding effect to a thrown punch.

Temptation of the Warrior.