Brushless angle grinder with adjustable speed

High performance and reliability have a network angle grinder. Variable spindle speed allows you to use the tool for cutting, grinding and deburring. The following models have proven themselves in Russian conditions.

DeWALT DWE4357-QS, 1700 W, 125 mm

The DeWALT DWE4357-QS angle grinder is a helpful tool in the home and garage. Equipped with a powerful (1700 W) and long-life brushless motor. Discs with a maximum diameter of 125 mm are required as cutting tools. Operational speed range adjustable up to 2200. 10500 rpm. The electronic stabilization system maintains the set speed under load. Angle grinder is equipped with a smooth start, power button lock for easy operation. Safety of the operator provides an electronic clutch, it reduces the jerk if the disc jams. Instant stop of the disc (2 seconds) is achieved by setting the brake. Model deservedly becomes a winner in its category.

Owners are complimentary about the power, safety, easy speed adjustment.

Bosch GWX 19-125 S, 1900 W, 125 mm

The experts revealed the professional belonging in the German development of the Bosch GWX 19-125 S. The model stands out against its peers by its powerful electric motor (1900 watts) with electronic stabilization system. The special feature of the angle grinder is the quick disc change without using a wrench and nut. The speed of the tool is adjustable within the range of 2800. 11500 rpm. Effective deflector hood for protection from abrasive particles and sparks. Grip is ensured by rubber-coated inserts and an additional 2-position handle. The anti-vibration system, protection against accidental start-up and overload are to be included as an asset.


Users praise its quick tool change, low vibration impact, and smooth start. Some owners believe the angle grinder heavy (2.5 kg).

AEG WS 15-125 SXE DMS, 1500 W, 125 mm

AEG WS 15-125 SXE DMS angle grinder is a modern and durable cutting tool. Experts recommend the German angle grinder professionals who are engaged in cutting, grinding and cleaning workpieces. The manufacturer is confident in the quality of manufacture, as evidenced by the 6-year warranty. The accessories are changed extremely quickly without additional devices. The work of a powerful motor controls a number of electronic systems, from soft start to speed control (from 2600 to 11000 rpm). But in terms of safety, the model is inferior to the leaders, it does not have a spindle lock if the disc jams. The tool does not have a vibrating handle.

Most of all craftsmen are satisfied with the work of the angle grinder for concrete and stone. They consider the high price to be a minus.

Metabo WEV 17-125 Quick Inox RT box, 1750 W, 125 mm

The Metabo WEV 17-125 angle grinder is a safe and productive tool. High torque allows you to work at low speed (2000-7600 rpm), the electronic stabilization system will maintain the set frequency, regardless of load. The experts liked the lightness (1.8 kg) and ergonomics of the device. The swiveling gear housing, the anti-vibration handle, the SDS quick-action nut should be noted as a product asset. Maximum safety while cutting is ensured by the automatic safety clutch.

On thematic forums the model is praised for its high-quality assembly, the absence of backlash, precision and safety. The disadvantages include high price and overheating of the motor when working hard. Therefore, the angle grinder stops in the step from the catwalk.

Hitachi G15VA, 1500W, 150mm

Japanese angle grinder Hitachi G15VA can work with large disks (150 mm). 1500 watt motor spins up the tool at up to 9000 rpm. The discs are locked with an M14x2 threaded washer and a special spanner, included in the set. The tool control system is a success, as evaluated by experts. Has RPM support under load, protection against spontaneous start in case of power failure. Soft start softens the start of the motor, side handle is made in anti-vibration design. In case of jamming of the tool the emergency stop system of the spindle is activated.

Users report durability of the angle grinder (over 6 years), lightweight (2 kg), advanced electronics. They lack a motor brake and cord elasticity.

Makita 9565CVR, 1400 W, 125 mm

The successful combination of price and quality helped Japanese Makita 9565CVR angle grinder to get into the top 6 of our review. The model is widely used by Russian users, as evidenced by numerous reviews on runet. Experts believe that the reason for the success is a powerful (1400 W) revolving (12000 rpm) motor. It is reliably dustproof, so the only maintenance of the motor is to change the brushes. Worthy of praise is the presence of a special drive Super-Joint-System, which triggers when jammed tooling and prevents a sharp jerk tool. The motor will not start if the voltage is applied after the starter button has been pressed.

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Owners like the sturdiness of the tool, the absence of vibration, the precise cut. By the minuses, they treat a hard-start button, not enough they have the case.

AEG WS 13-125 XE, 1300 W, 125 mm

In our country and a lot of fans in the angular grinder AEG WS 13-125 XE. The budget model attracts users with its rich features and long mains cord (4 m). The experts liked the vibration protection, the keyless tool change, the good weight distribution. For soft start of the 1300 Watt motor the manufacturer has installed the soft start option. RPM adjustable from 2800 to 11000 rpm. The anti-vibration grip ensures a secure grip, and the machine shuts down on its own in the event of overloading. Stabilization system maintains speed under load.

Positive opinions from users prevail in the reviews. They are satisfied with the quality of workmanship, the rich equipment, the long cable. The disadvantages are the high weight (2.4 kg) and the thick body.

Bosch GWS 9-125 S, 900 W, 125 mm

Lightweight (1.8 kg), manoeuvrable yet professional tool is the Bosch GWS 9-125 S angle grinder. It can not boast a high power (900 W) and equipment. But experts praised the affordability and reliability of the device. The speed of the disc can be adjusted in the range of 2800-11000 rpm, the additional options are a spindle lock and a start button lock. The round nut and the clamping flange securely fasten the tooling. The tool comes with a wrench, a protective cover and a two-position handle. The slim body has a comfortable grip and should be treated as an asset.

On the thematic forums the model is praised for its lightness, ease of use and high-quality workmanship. The owners did not like the locking of the protective cover and the heating of the gearbox.

Sturm! AG9012TE, 1100 W, 125 mm

The most popular network angle grinder with adjustable speed has become a German-Chinese model Sturm! AG9012TE. According to the number of reviews on the network, even the name-brand models can’t compete with it. often than not, the angle machine is used by home craftsmen. к. The device has an attractive price and good power (1100 W). Spindle speed is adjustable, reaching a maximum of 10,000 rpm. Budget tool is well equipped, the manufacturer has installed a soft start, overload protection, speed stabilization system. Use a wrench to secure the tool and a quick-action guard and side handle are included.

The owners along with the pros have found disadvantages of the machine. It is a poor attachment hood and a tough short (2 m) cord.

angle grinder

DeWALT angle grinders are synonymous with quality, power and ergonomic design. On the DeWALT-ukraine you can find a full range of large and small angle grinders with disc diameters from 115 mm to 230 mm.

The main characteristics that distinguish the angle grinder DeWALT from analogues. it is, of course, inherent in this tool a unique and excellent combination of maximum power and relatively low weight, allowing the most comfortable work. Also to the features can be attributed reliability, ergonomic design and especially low vibration.

angle grinder

In colloquial speech more often you can hear the word “angle grinder”, it is designed for grinding, stripping, cutting hard materials such as stone, metal, concrete. If there is a need or lack of other special tools, the angle grinder can sharpen cutting household items: knives, axes, chisels, and other.

Angle grinder in a classic form is an electric tool with an abrasive circular disc, its main function of processing joints of almost any surface. angle grinder can be used for trimming pipes, fittings, cutting sheet metal, with the usual replacement of the disk with a wheel of sandpaper angle grinder can easily polish to a mirror-like appearance the outside of the object. It is even suitable for work on more delicate materials like ceramics, for example, taking the appropriate wheel for concrete can be used to start cutting ceramic tiles. The circles used are different, depending on what you’re dealing with, whether it’s wood, metal or stone, for each material has its own drive. So, an angle grinder is a good assistant in the work:

Spheres where most often in demand angular grinder is car service, work with the car body, construction, industry (metal) and woodworking industry.

Angle grinder with adjustable speed is a worthy helper for the DIYer or professional craftsman. Used for cleaning or sanding any surfaces. Will cope with the sawing of workpieces made of soft wood, hard metal. Primitive operation is very easy to learn for the beginner. Protection systems will protect the engine from breakage, the master from injury.

brushless, angle, grinder, adjustable, speed

So, there is a distinction

As for the angle grinder with adjustable speed, they can be both professional and domestic.

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When selecting an option for yourself, you need to decide how much work is to be done and how often the tool will be used.

DeWALT angle grinders chain grinders (DeWALT) catalog 2019

The new DeWALT angle grinder is based on a brushless motor. a technology previously available only in cordless tools. Similar angle grinder produced by Hitachi (Hikoki), but DeWALT products are in many ways unique.No brushes make the DeWALT motor lighter, more durable, more powerful (1.7kW) and more productive.

Brushless motor rarely fails and can run for hours without interruption. Radiator-type gearbox provides efficient cooling.

One of the main advantages of the brushless DWE 43-series is that the high efficiency. brushless motor has no speed loss when the load is increased. No matter how hard the user presses the tool, the speed remains constant. In case of overload, the spindle stops immediately, protecting the motor.

Dewalt DWE 4377 Variable Speed Angle Grinder Unboxing

No matter how hard you work, the DeWALT angle grinder moves smoothly, without jerking. That lessens the fatigue of the operator. The DeWALT brushless angle grinder has been designed with safety and comfort in mind.

The Perform Protect system includes several elements:

  • Electronic two-stage E-Clutch: in case of jamming or sudden stop, the angle grinder switches off automatically, reducing the kickback to a minimum. Tool has to be restarted for repeated use. In addition, a clutch allows you to choose between two torque levels.
  • AVC (Active Vibration Control System): counterweight systems and anti-vibration side handle significantly reduce vibration, reducing the strain on the body.
  • Dust extraction: The air intakes and power button are reliably protected against dust.

The following functions ensure the safety of the DeWALT brushless angle grinder:

  • Brake: after setting the slider switch to the “off” position, the motor stops almost immediately, coasting (rotating the motor by inertia) takes just over one second.
  • DIP switch: in the event of a sudden voltage drop or dropout, the DeWALT angle grinder switches itself off without switching itself back on.
  • Kickback Brake system: in the event of a clamping or unplanned stoppage, the electronic brake quickly stops and disengages the angle grinder. It can only be restarted after a restart.
  • Constant clutch: thanks to the constant clutch clutch, the torque is reduced if there is a sudden drop or overload. When the load is reduced, the rotation speed increases. In the event of a prolonged standstill, the angle grinder will shut down before it is restarted.
  • Smooth start: the angle grinder reaches maximum speed gradually, within a second. Thanks to this there is no jerk at the beginning of work.
  • Automatic start protection: no accidental start of the angle grinder.

Protective cover and clamping nut can be easily adjusted without a wrench.

Additional rubber-coated handle can be mounted on either left or right side. This allows left-handed users to work comfortably.

The power cord of the DeWALT brushless angle grinder is thick and robust. 4 meters long.

Special features of the new angle grinders

One of the features of the DeWALT brushless angle grinders is their very thin (girth less than 200 mm) one-piece body that eliminates backlash. It is very easy to disassemble.

All contacts and electronics are reliably insulated so that the risk of short circuits is eliminated.

Powerful magnets surround the motor to keep metal particles out.

All models except the DeWALT DWE 4347 have variable speed control on the jog wheel.

The adjacent chart is designed to help you choose the correct speed.

The wheel is big enough to be rotated comfortably even with construction gloves on.

LED indicator helps control the status of the angle grinder DeWALT. Green light indicates that it is plugged in, red indicates an alarm.

Makita 40V XGT Brushless 5″ Variable Speed Paddle Switch Angle Grinder Review with Electric Brake

DeWALT DWE 4357, 4369 and 4377 angle grinders have variable speed. That makes them very versatile. Maximum speed of the DWE 4357, 4347 and 4377 is 10,500 rpm. rpm, DWE 4369. 8 thousand. rpm. Minimum DWE 4357 and 4377 models are 2,200 rpm, DWE 4369 1,800 rpm. This is one of the lowest values of all line grinders.

Efficiency remains unchanged, even when connected to a gasoline generator or with an extension cord.

In time-of-failure tests, the brush-motor tools worked for up to 150 hours; with the new brushless motor, all machines also worked after 2000 hours of use.

Grid brushless angle grinder is designed for grinding concrete, cutting and stripping. They are used in construction, metalworking, when working with oil and gas pipelines, construction of bridges and roads.

There are cordless, cordless and pneumatic models. However, the latter are almost never used in the home, so we will not focus on them.

Network models are most often used by home masters, as they have sufficient power and performance. The advantage of mains units is the continuity of work (at least until the light is turned off). However, the electric angle grinder can not be used where there are no outlets, and the wire can get in the way during work. But in most cases this factor is not critical, since everyone in the house is all right with the light. One of the most popular today among domestic consumers is an inexpensive angle grinder Makita GA5030 for 125-drive.

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Cordless devices are more mobile than the network, and do not depend on outlets. However, they are less powerful, and battery life is usually short (in most models up to 1 hour of battery life). If you need such independence from outlets, for example, for “shabashek”, then we recommend you to buy a cordless angle grinder with two batteries, as buying a battery separately will be more expensive. What angle grinder to choose for the home? Now you can buy a good cordless model Bosch GWS 18V-10 SC, which comes with two batteries with a capacity of 5 Ah.

German angle grinder

Grinders are used in both domestic and industrial applications. Power tool allows you to perform work associated with cutting, grinding, polishing hard materials, structures and coatings. To buy grinders in Kiev and in Kharkov is not difficult. Buyers can choose from a wide range of brands at high and low cost. The differences in power tools are in the manufacturer, build quality, features and functions. Considering the capabilities and service life of the tools, craftsmen prefer bolgarkam manufactured in Germany.

Semi-professional, high-performance cordless grinders for long operations.

Top 3 best cordless angle grinder at 125 for value for money.

Bosch GWS 180-Li 4.0Ah x1, GAL 18V-40 Case, 125 mm

Bosch GWS 180-Li 4 cordless angle grinder compatible with 125 mm discs.0Ah x1 GAL 18V-40 is equipped with a practical carrying case and a brushless motor in a compact ergonomic housing.

The model is equipped with a productive brushless motor, the comparable power of which approaches the network counterparts at 700 watts.

The additional handle of the device has an embossed coating for a secure grip.

Quick-detachable protective hood is easily removable, spindle lock allows for easy accessory change.

A special safety screen safely covers the motor, preventing dust and dirt from entering the construction.

brushless, angle, grinder, adjustable, speed
  • Max. blade diameter. 125 mm;
  • spindle thread. M14;
  • the bore. 22 mm;
  • speed. 11000 rpm;
  • battery voltage. 18 V;
  • two-position handle;
  • equipment weight. 1.6 kg;
  • features. overload protection system, spindle lock, soft start, additional handle, dust bag.

Makita DGA517Z, 125 mm

The Makita DGA517Z angle grinder, with 125 mm tooling, is indispensable for many applications involving sanding and cutting of various materials.

Additional two-position handle for comfortable grip during operation.

The efficient brushless motor is protected against dust, debris and liquids.

Automatic shut-off system guarantees safety in case of stoppage or disc recoil.

Electronically controlled soft start prevents jerking when the angle grinder is switched on. Battery operated Li-Ion model.

  • Max. disk diameter. 125 mm;
  • spindle thread. M14
  • the battery voltage is 18; the battery voltage is 18;
  • 8500 rpm;
  • battery voltage. 18 V;
  • two position handle;
  • weight of the equipment. 3,1 kg;
  • features. overload protection system, spindle lock, lockable button, additional handle, soft start, speed regulator, motor brake.

Metabo W 18 LTX 125 Quick 3.5Ah x1 box, 125 mm

Cordless angle grinder Metabo W 18 LTX 125 Quick 3.5Ah x1 box, compatible with discs up to 125 mm diameter, is a quality, reliable tool for grinding, cutting metals and other materials.

The machine is equipped with the Metabo Quick quick-change tooling system.

Protective cover can also be installed without tools.

The device is equipped with a swiveling battery pack, overload protection system, controlled by electronics, soft start, restart lock, removable dust filter.

  • the maximum disc diameter is 125 mm;
  • spindle thread. M14;
  • drive bore. 22,23 mm;
  • rotation speed. 8000 rpm;
  • Battery voltage. 18 V;
  • Handle. two-position handle;
  • weight of the equipment. 2.4 kg;
  • features. overload protection system, spindle lock, lockable button, additional handle, soft start.

Top 10 cordless grinders, how to choose the right cordless angle grinder

Cordless tool is getting more and more popular these days. This is due to a number of its advantages over traditional cordless machines. Above all, this product can be used in places where there is no access to electricity. In addition, such equipment will not be pulled by a loop of wires, extension cords, and carriers, which is also very convenient.

Recently, such an original tool as a cordless angle grinder has begun to appear in construction stores. It is very convenient to work in the field or on sites that have not yet had time to supply electricity. With this device you can perform all the same operations as the standard network angle grinder. cut metal elements, remove dirt, paint, rust and so on from the surface of workpieces.

However, such devices are quite new, so not every user knows what to pay attention to when choosing a product. We decided to help our readers in solving this issue and have developed a rating of the best cordless bolsters. Here we want to tell you about the most popular models of this tool and give you some extremely useful tips to help you quickly decide on the right model.

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