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In this article I will tell you how to reduce the likelihood of expensive coffee machine repair and what to do if the problem occurs.

First of all, you need to understand that a coffee machine is a complex device with an abundance of mechanical parts, hydraulic systems, electronics. Components, which are whole modules, blocks, as a rule, are not repaired, and replace the whole. Spare parts for coffee machines are not cheap by definition, you can understand this at least by the price of the devices. Plus, they’re also hard to find, especially if you only need parts, no repair services.

The machine wouldn’t turn on

It happens because of a power outage. Usually such problems arise from dacha owners, or owners of private homes where electricity is supplied individually by poles. Where an electrician could easily have messed with the wires, or a thunderstorm could have given extra voltage in the form of 1000 volts. In such cases, it damages the circuit board of the coffee machine, which should be checked with a tester and replace the burnt elements, if their number does not exceed 3-5pcs. Sometimes it can’t be done, then the whole board must be replaced.

Bosch VeroCup 100 TIS30129RW. Thoughts on choosing affordable but tasty coffee.

(Took it for 19.900 (294)) Hi all! Somehow I wanted to buy a coffee maker. Certain experience was already there, and the passion for coffee acquired long ago. On my way I tried the turkey, drip, carob, as well as semi-automatic and automatic coffee machines. I have used Vitek, Philips, Delonghi and Bosch. I personally owned a Delonji and a Vitk. And there is also a daily use of Bosch and Philips dispenser at work. So the requirements to the machine were: decent coffee taste, a decent cappuccinator, a reasonable price. The coffee machine was seen as a gift for my birthday. And it was December 7. So on my birthday I went to the local stores to pick out. I chose a Philips model with cappuccinator at DNA for 24000r. And I paused for a while before buying, went to a cafe, decided to read reviews. And completely by chance I saw a spoiler on Ali that the model VeroCup 100 from Bosch will be on sale December 10 for 20000r. The price is intentionally specified in rubles, because the site is focused on Tmall, and in other countries are quite different. This coffee maker has been in my wish list for a long time, and it took me only 3 days. Of course I chose to wait for it rather than buy a Philips, knowing full well that its cappuccinator would most likely have to be repaired. (bad experience at work). I waited, I bought it, now I will share my impressions. I will also tell you about the poor choice of normal coffee in our provincial off-line.

Packaging and packaging

The machine comes in a box, wrapped in a plastic bag. Inside everything is fine and not crumpled.

Coffee machine saved from the rigors of delivery, protected by a powerful foam

And in the kit full-fledged manual in Russian.

Bosch VeroCup 100 review: can I trust it with my coffee??

The automatic coffee machine is not a machine of prime necessity. It’s for pleasure. To get a delicious, properly brewed coffee at any time, and quickly it is required by the rhythm of modern life. It is also important that the machine is easy to operate (no time to understand) and easy to care for. And preferably not too expensive is always nice to save a little money. We found out if the new Bosch TIS30129RW VeroCup 100 series will bring coffee pleasure: the whole test on video.

We tested the Bosch TIS30129RW coffee machine together with Coffe WorkShop expert and Head of Barista School, Ekaterina Transhkina. We assessed the taste of drinks, the design of novelty and its convenience. Find out more:

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Interesting things about coffee

We owe the discovery of coffee to Ethiopian goats: after eating the coffee berries the animals became much more vigorous. Allegedly, a long time ago, it was noticed by a local shepherd.

First of all people used to eat the berries of the coffee tree, right from the pulp, but the beverage from the seeds (beans) did not appear at first.

Now coffee is second only to oil in terms of the volume of trade on world exchanges.

Approximately half of the 500 billion cups of coffee drunk every year is consumed at breakfast time.

The world leader in coffee consumption is not a trendsetter in coffee fashion, Italy. The first places in the north of Europe: Finland (12 kg per person per year), Norway (9,9 kg), Iceland (9 kg).

Ekaterina Transhkina, an expert at Coffee WorkShop:

In some countries even now, dried coffee berry pulp is brewed. The drink does not taste like coffee, but more like rosehip brew. But there is caffeine in the pulp too, just less than in the beans. And it is also interesting that the spent (after brewing) ground coffee can be used for cosmetic procedures it is an excellent scrub. But don’t overdo it. It cleanses the skin thoroughly, so once a week should be enough.

About 70% of the world’s coffee consumption is Arabica (a type of coffee) and about 30% is Robusta. There is another type of coffee, iberica (Coffea liberica), but the fruit of this coffee tree is not consumed.

Caffeine is banned by the International Olympic Committee (a certain dose in a doping test).

Arabica is the most popular coffee in the world

A lethal dose of caffeine is about 100 cups a day. The philosopher Voltaire drank up to 50 cups.

It was thanks to coffee that the world’s first webcam appeared: the University of Cambridge began to monitor the coffee maker’s fullness.

Irish coffee (with whiskey) was invented at Foynes Airport to warm up passengers arriving on a very cold day.

The great thing about the Bosch TIS30129RW coffee grinder

Bosch’s new coffee machine works with beans. This is cool, because the beverage made directly from the beans is the most aromatic, with a rich flavor. Fresh. That’s where we want to start talking about the main coffee technologies of the TIS30129RW.

Automatic coffee machine Bosch TIS30129RW. (up to date at the time of publication)

Coffee grinder. It can hold 250 grams of beans (standard package), has ceramic grinders (which are more durable and quiet than metal grinders) and adjustable grind level. For example, a coarser grind is desirable for roasted (darker) grains, and a coarser one for less roasted (lighter) grains.

Bosch TIS30129RW. Built-in coffee grinder with ceramic grinders and cup storage

Intellegent Heater. It ensures a fast (this is important!) heating water to just 90-95 ° C: the coffee is prepared according to classic technology, the maximum fragrance, the taste reveals all the nuances of coffee beans.

Brewer’s block. The pump receives a cup of ground coffee from the grinder and pressurized hot water passes through the coffee. Waste coffee (coffee grounds) is removed from the brewing unit into a special removable container and the drink is poured into a cup through a height-adjustable dispenser (to use cups of different sizes).

By the way, the pump in this coffee machine can provide water pressure up to 15 bar. But to make a classic espresso you don’t need that much, 9 bars is enough. This is accounted for by the SensoFlow intelligent brewing system a bundle of flow heater, brewing unit and electronic control.

Bosch TIS30129RW. The brewing unit is taken out, rinsed and put back in

bosch, verocup, brewing, unit

Electronic control. The Bosch TIS30129RW controls the process of making coffee: watch the volume and temperature of water, take into account the strength of coffee (it is possible to choose from three levels, by the way), the type of drink. In general, they work for the highest quality result. And any coffee can be made with a single touch of the OneTouch function.

Variety of drinks. A really modern coffee machine should be able to prepare not only regular coffee, but also popular coffee and milk drinks. And the new Bosch can: espresso, coffee cream (analog of Americano, but prepared in the traditional espresso way), cappuccino, latte macchitato (more milk than cappuccino) and even hot foamed milk, all at one touch of the touch screen on the control panel.

Bosch TIS30129RW. Any beverage is prepared at a touch of a button on the control panel

MilkMagic Pro Cappuccinator. While we’re on the subject of coffee with milk foam, we can’t help but notice that it’s very easy to make. You only need to put the moving cappuccino maker into a cup with milk and you can activate the cappuccino or latte macchiato by touching the sensor. The duration of foaming the milk is adjustable.

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Bosch TIS30129RW. Removable cappuccinator: quick and easy to clean

Easy care of the machine. This is a very important feature that should not cause unnecessary hassle to the owner. In this sense, the Bosch TIS30129RW is pretty well thought out. There is a special program of full autocleaning of the brewing system Cals`nClean machine will inform by light indication of the necessity of its start (works with special tablets, clearing of limescale).

Bosch TIS30129RW main features:

After each switching on and before switching off, the machine also rinses the working system (tablets are not needed). On the control panel there is an indication of the need to clean the grounds container (enough for 10 servings) and drain water from the tray.

Cappuccinator must be rinsed by hand after each cup of cappuccino or latte macchiato, or it can have problems with its operation. But in Bosch TIS30129RW, as we have found out, it is not difficult: it is easily removed from the holder, washed and put back.

Bosch TIS30129RW. Easy maintenance: rinsing the cappuccinator and draining the water from the drip tray

The brewing unit also requires periodical maintenance. Here it can be taken out of the machine as a whole and washed under running tap water, like this (no need to unwrap or disassemble anything). Then dry (wipe with a cloth) and put it back in place we had no problems.

Compact dimensions. Given that many people have small kitchens, which also have other appliances (microwave, multivarger, kettle, toaster, etc.д.), dimensions are not the last point of importance. And the Germans from Bosch took this into account, creating the most compact model: 25 cm wide, 38 cm high and 42 cm deep.

Bosch TIS30129RW. Compact automatic coffee machine

Test results

With one hundred percent certainty we can say that the Bosch TIS30129RW coffee machine successfully passed the test. We made espresso, crema coffee, cappuccino and latte macchiato with her. There were no failures in any of the cases: coffee expert from Coffe WorkShop Ekaterina Transhkina gave all four drinks a pass (see “The Coffee Expert”). video). The model gets a score of 5 for making coffee.

Ekaterina Transhkina, Coffee WorkShop expert:

It was very interesting for me to test a household coffee machine, because I mostly deal with professional ones. Doubly interesting, because during the test we used high quality 100% arabica, and domestic models do not always cope well with it: the coffee may not open up fully, the spicy acidity, for example, is often roughly worked out, making the taste of the drink worse. But this model has coped I am pleasantly surprised.

No problem with convenience: the machine is easy to manage (remember, any coffee is made at a touch of a sensor). And maintenance is as easy as possible. Add to this compactness is also a convenience factor. In general, remove the points for nothing: for the convenience rating of 5.

Bosch TIS30129RW. Coffee machine managed to make all the coffee drinks

As for the design, he generally liked: the machine is very German nothing superfluous in appearance, design is a consequence and continuation of functionality. But sometimes it affects the originality of appearance and this is precisely the case. In most kitchens or office interiors, the machine will fit quite well, but it will not become an accent, will not attract the eye. Some people like it, some people do not. Our rating for the design 4.

The verdict of

The Bosch TIS30129RW coffee machine gets 4.6 points for the test. Considering the fact that it costs about 31,000, this allows us to recommend it for use. On the downside, we note the limitation of adjusting the volume of the beverage in a cup. For example, coffee creamer max 200 ml. Many people like to drink more coffee at a time.

How to Remove a Stuck Brew Unit

If you correlate the cost of the coffee machine with the capabilities in terms of coffee preparation (coffee classics plus work with milk), with the quality of drinks (evaluated by a coffee expert, see. video), as well as with the thought-out convenience price seems to us quite adequate, not space, which clearly adds to its points.

Thanks to Coffe WorkShop for the help in preparing the material.

To repair the latch on the door of my Bosch VeroCup 100 / TIS30129RW coffee machine

Then I glued it, in the photo you can see that to increase the glue area I used the remnants of the latch, having previously cut some of it off.

Files for downloading

Download available only for authorized users.

Tested by the editorial team: Bosch Verocup 100 coffee machine. the barista at home

No special effort was required to install the machine, you just had to take off the protective film and plug it in. However, after studying its internal structure, it turned out that there is no filter in it, it is not provided in the kit, but the machine works fine without it, and if you want a nice extra option, you have to order separately. which we did. When the filter is in place, you only have to fill it up with water, add coffee and push the start button. Little tip: The kit does not include the cleaner for the inside of the machine, so it is worth ordering it together with the filter, without waiting for the moment when you need to clean it.

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Everything is clear even without manual

The most obvious advantage is the machine’s simplicity. You don’t even have to read the manual to understand what the Bosch Verocup 100 is capable of doing. The control panel has a button to turn it on, adjust the strength of drinks, auto-clean, buttons that indicate the drinks themselves. “Espresso”, “Caffe Crema”, “Cappuccino”, “Latte Macchiato”, “Milk” (to prepare foamed hot milk), as well as indicators of filling the tanks with water and cake from cooked coffee. It’s intuitive to know where to press to get the desired drink of the desired strength. The only tiny minus I’ve noticed is that the touch buttons are so responsive that you can accidentally press one of them. But you just have to be a little more careful.

Taste is top-notch

I was very pleased with the taste. It was full-bodied and multifaceted even when using beans not meant for an automatic coffee machine. The Verocup 100 does a pretty good job of unleashing the potential of coffee that needs to be prepared in more laborious ways. This is most likely due to the Senso Flow system, which provides an optimal brew temperature of 90-95 degrees Celsius. Although, of course, the taste depends a lot on the variety and quality of coffee I choose.

It’s like coffeehouse foam

The way the machine makes milk foam for lattes and cappuccinos deserves special attention and admiration. The machine uses a special cappuccinator that attaches to the front of the machine and lowers into a cup that already has milk in it. It puts the hot steam in and produces a dense, non-bubbly foam, just like in a coffee shop! This is an incredibly useful system. the Bosch milk jars, which often get littered, are not a problem nowadays. Foam is formed directly in the cup and it is possible to control the amount of foam. A little tip: don’t forget to dismantle the cappuccinator before washing. it has two parts.

Easy to disassemble and clean

The machine is equipped with the Calc#x27;nClean system for removing limescale and oil. This function is very useful when you don’t have time to wash the machine by hand. Sometimes you have to do it though. It is not difficult, because the machine opens from the front, and to get to the internal parts, you do not have to move it. The brewing unit can be rinsed under the faucet, helping a little with a sponge or brush. From the tray you need to pour dirty water and also rinse with a sponge. Despite the fact that the reservoirs for water and cake are very capacious, it is better to fill with fresh water every day, and the cake should be removed after making several cups of coffee.

LIFE TIP: For those who do not know: coffee cake can be used not only for guessing with coffee grounds, but also as a body scrub, mixing it with a little olive oil and coarse salt. In general, if you want delicious and fragrant coffee, and you adore cool foam and can not stand to understand the many functions and gimmicks of modern technology, the coffee machine is just for you. And for and excellent barista who now lives in the corner of your kitchen.

Water leaks from under the coffee maker horn

How to fix it yourself?

Remove the o-ring by gently prying it out with a screwdriver, rinse under running water.

Some models have an o-ring secured with a mesh. Unscrew the set screw and remove the mesh, then remove the o-ring.

If you find cracks on the o-ring, be sure to visually inspect the horn filter. When the filter is clogged, pressurized water starts looking for a breach and damages the o-ring.

Don’t forget to use the right grind, as ultra-fine grinds clog up the horn filter and cause a critical increase in pressure!

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