Bosch unlimited serie 6 bcs611am review

Bosch Unlimited Serie|6 BCS611AM

Svetlana U.

Rostovshchikova C.И.

Pros: Quiet, maneuverable, multifunctional, compact

Cons: Battery life is about 80 square meters for me.The battery life is about 80 square meters, for larger areas I would have to recharge it.

Comment: I didn’t have high hopes when I bought it.But it is just a pleasure after a stationary vacuum cleaner.The device is very easy to move, the brush rotates in all directions by itself.The noise is minimal, you can even talk on the phone. The manual version without the long tube is super handy, especially for cleaning furniture, as well as hair in the bathroom after drying with a hair dryer. The base to mount it to the wall did not. I put the long nozzle in the closet and keep the base and the body in the dresser.


Pros: Compact, low noise, the charge lasts a long time

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: Great product in general, but the mounts are flimsy, one part fell off, I had to cut it out of plastic and glue it on. Otherwise ok

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What not

The first thing that surprises me. it is quiet. It is so quiet that I almost took it back to the warranty because I could not believe that with this level of noise design vacuum cleaner will be able to (sorry) that sucks something. In my mind the power and the infernal noise created is almost like Tom and Jerry. Inseparable, always and together.

Second. it is just beautiful. The thing must be aesthetically beautiful to want to take it in your hands. I even regretted that I had allocated this device a modest corner behind the door in the kitchen. If not for the threat of total family conflict, I would make him a monument right in the center of the living space.

Third. it’s as simple as a Kalashnikov machine gun. Just take it off the wall, press the button and that’s it. I have a good vacuum cleaner, the Bosch has a water filter, hepa filter and other great little gadgets. No need to take the manual in your hands and with a thoughtful look trying to figure out where there is an extra detail.

Review: I don’t know about you, but for me the thought of buying any piece of household equipment is born as a result of internal conflict.

No, I have a good vacuum cleaner, a Bosch with an aqua filter, hepa filter and other trimmings. It pulls so that tears away the laminate from the floor, and the degree of noise is comparable to a jet plane on takeoff (neighbors are always aware that at 11 pm I started to clean the house and welcomed in every way musical tapping on the radiator, apparently to introduce an element of musicality to this kakaphony).

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But every time I think about cleaning, it’s like taking an astronaut to outer space. You put together a puzzle of parts, fill it with water, add a defoamer, and carry this monumental structure around the apartment.

Therefore, when once again broke a glass of wine and shards scattered throughout the kitchen, as in the fairy tale The Snow Queen, and stuck to my heel (in the original as a result of destructive actions, if I’m not mistaken, the boy Kai began to look at the world depressed look as a result of the shard in the heart), and collect in the right order vacuum cleaner in a drunken state was too much trouble, I reflected on the solution of emergency cleaning.

I understand that there is a scoop and a broom, but guys, out in the XXI century, respected Bezos sends people into space, and I’ll be in my kitchen waving brooms (which, incidentally, still need to find in the apartment). So in the head began to occur obscene thoughts about whether there is some device that is like a vacuum cleaner, but ready to work immediately as a pioneer and big enough not to get lost in the apartment, like a broom.

In the end I chose this product of German engineering, because the big brother is also from my esteemed company Bosch.

Very interesting review! Thanks)) I have made up my mind so far that I will buy a vacuum cleaner that runs on the mains) T.к.These vacuums last for years and you don’t have to buy anything extra. So far I am wary of these batteries))))

Thank youYes, batteries are convenient but unreliable in the long run))

I really like these reviews, high quality, to the point and not advertising nonsense. Thank you very much, very helpful in your choice.

Today became its happy owner)

CongratulationsI hope you will be as happy as we are)

I bought a similar Samsung for 150 euros and I am very satisfied.But you seem to have even more powerful, we chose with a lithium battery, t.к. The others break quickly.

Yes, something more or less normal, I came to the conclusion, from 150 euros and above, cheaper garbage(((

The cool thing about the turbo brush is that the axle pulls out. It doesn’t pull out on my vacuum cleaner, and we have long hair that gets really loose, it’s really hard to get it out. I have to cut it with scissors, almost tweezers.

Yeah, that’s the problem I had with my old vacuum cleaner((( I see your point(

I’m off to buy the vacuum cleaner!) so simple and homemade review without any water, well done)

Thanks, hope you like it as much as I do)

Thank you for the review. I noticed you had an Apple Watch on your hand, you could have measured the noise level

Thank you))) Indeed, realized it after)))

Thanks for the review. Looked Stay with your channel, hope for reciprocity)))) like this!!37

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But the nozzles, so all dangling Dusty cool!!

bosch, unlimited, serie, bcs611am, review

Yes, I got used to that drawback, and the vacuum cleaner is cool really))))

Thanks for the review. Choosing an assistant from Bosch, but can’t figure out how the 6 series differs from the 8 series. Maybe you can help me figure it out?

Thank you for your attention With Bosch, it is often the case that between adjacent series sometimes there is little significant difference.Perhaps in the 8-th series more nozzles and accessories, I think I saw a vacuum cleaner in the store, but I chose this one, because I do not need a huge number of nozzles, and all the functions in this more than satisfy) So, compare the characteristics, maybe the 8th generation is longer, or something else, it is up to you) Happy shopping

Yes, I read now, indeed in a vacuum cleaner series 8 longer cleaning time (60minutes), and mine is 30 minutes, and it has more nozzles, there is a long crevice nozzle in mine is not. but otherwise they’re very similar.

Thank you for the review. The same one came in today. So a question right away: at the connection point of the brush head to the tube.The connection is tight, but at the connection of the unit to the pipe.Luff, there’s that?

@Katya_Hygge Hyugge in Russian, threw the picture from my wife, please look, and I think to go to the store or in vain worry.

@Katya_Hygge Hygge in Russian yes, a few days ago. There from Catherine

You know, I have nothing in my messages(((Try again((( Maybe typed wrong in insta, maybe that is not me)))))

@Katya_Hygge Hyugge in Russian. ok). Account kat_katya_ There’s a photo of you with a flower?

I am not strong in technical parameters) Here found, it has a working voltage of 18 V.

Мой новый помощник: Вертикальный пылесос Bosch Unlimited Serie 6 BCS611AM/ Подробный обзор!������

Review We bought the Samsung Jet 75, we are satisfied with the purchase. Now we plan the robot with the washing function.

Reviews and Rating for Bosch BCS611AM

Accompanying pictures provided by the manufacturer, the product appearance depends on the screen settings and may differ from the original. The manufacturer can change the design, specifications and equipment of the product without notifying the seller. Check the parameters that are important to you when ordering.

Review: It is a very cool vacuum cleaner, the quality of materials and workmanship is very high. Vacuuming is beyond praise. There is a turbo mode.

Advantages: high quality build, easy to use, sleek design

Review: Very Handy, hangs it on the wall in the corner. As a vacuum cleaner is also good.

Advantages: Lightweight and handy vacuum cleaner

Advantages: Compact in size. Lots of attachments. Convenient Docking Station

Review: The battery is not very roomy, but that’s average for this type of vacuum cleaner

Advantages: Lightweight, long battery life, perfect cleaning everything and the brush too. One-touch brush mechanism for cleaning is beyond praise. The dustbin disassembles and washes great. Very convenient wall mount with auto contact.

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Disadvantages: wires go all the way around the container. You can not just throw it in the sink. connector will leak

Advantages: Powerful, maneuverable, easy to use. 2 removable batteries

The advantages: Perfectly vacuums, not noisy, I have been using it for almost a year and I am happy with it

bosch, unlimited, serie, bcs611am, review

Weaknesses: Problematic to clean the filter and not available anywhere new.

Advantages: Powerful, light weight, and most importantly, replaceable battery.

Advantages: powerful suction power mobility light weight easy to use battery life comfortable brushes included

Review: I recommend it to everyone. No hassle, no fuss, no heavy monster crashing into the corners of the apartment every now and then)) The device cleans high surfaces and exhaust hoods at the snap of a finger. I took one for my mom, now I will take one for myself.

Review: First gave one to my mom, then bought one for myself because it’s really a miracle thing! I clean much more often now and with pleasure! And how much dirt he finds in a “clean” apartment! The device is easy to use. It is easy to change nozzles. The container is also easy to remove and clean. I am very pleased! I recommend!

Advantages: Nice design of the vacuum cleaner, compact.

Review: Quiet, maneuverable, good suction.

Advantages: powerful, easy to use

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