Bosch universalaquatak 130 review. Pump

Bosch UniversalAquatak 130 high pressure washer (0.600.8A7.B00)

The new nozzle “3 in 1” with a jet position, a 10% increase in cleaning performance. High-pressure detergent nozzle speeds up the application of detergent. Easier transport and storage thanks to retractable handle and oversized wheels.

  • Manufactured in: China
  • Manufacturer: Household appliances: Robert Bosch Hausgeräte GmbH, Karl-Veri-Strasse 34, 81739 Munich, Germany; Power tools and gardening equipment: Robert Bosch GmbH, 70711 Leinfelden Max-Lang-Strasse 40-46, Germany
  • Importer in RB: Ltd “Triovist”, 220020, г. Minsk, Pobediteley ave., building 00, office 203

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  • Great Washing Machine Olga March 30. (Bought it for my husband as a gift, happy as a child)))) Power enough and wash the car, and tile in the yard and siding and carpets.
  • Victor March 21, 21 Great car wash. Sufficient pressure. The car is cleaned perfectly. Remains to try to wash the carpets, but it’s a little later. Let it get warmer. The water flow rate is small. Pros: All satisfied. Disadvantages: Not detected.
  • Gennady 26 August 2021 Great car wash!Dirt upholster well, although the intake of water from the canister.It has an additional warranty of one year when you register on the official website.The foamer included in the kit is about nothing. I don’t think so. Pros: Everything is fine. Cons: Penstock.
  • Artyom 23 August 2021 It works fine, but now, after a while, I understand that it is very weak, but after getting used to it, the car is easy to wash. The facade of the summer house and baths washed without question, the paving tiles are more difficult. Pros: Price, quality Cons: Power
  • Pavel 23 August 2021 For the money is a very cool car wash. I bought the detachable nozzle and it works great for my car. The pressure is powerful. 100% satisfied with the purchase Pros: Powerful pressure, knocks down dirt. Metal pump. Cons: Did not identify the problem
  • Vladimir 9 August 2021 The car wash works well and beats the dirt out of my car just fine!I don’t use it much.Time will tell how it will work next!! Cons: No hose from the tank to the sink and 90 degree nozzle
  • Alexey April 7, 2021 The car wash is just super, its performance is 100%!The skimmer that comes with it is not very good. Additionally I bought the 90 degree nozzle, so it is very convenient to wash the bottom of the car and other hard to access places. Store great! Delivery is fast, courteous couriers. Water consumption per car 40-50 liters. Buy, for the money is the best option. Pros: The car wash itself is one big plus. Cons: No.
  • Gennady June 27, 2019 Good sink at an affordable price. No questions about washing the car, the carpet and even the old slate. Pros: Quality and performance Cons: Haven’t found yet
  • Maxim September 27, 2018 The car wash lived up to all expectations. It has enough pressure to wash the car and clean the carpets from wool. Recommended for purchase. Pros: Fully copes with its task. Cons: It’s better to replace the foamer with another one.
  • Basil June 22, 2018 The car was very good. I like it. But there is one minus. After the first use, the key on the gun began to stick. Pros: Convenient, washes well. Cons: The button on the gun sticks

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  • Elena June 2, 2021 If you buy a hose, it is possible to connect to the water supply? Elena, yes.
  • Sergei March 9, 2021 Hello !The information is correct: The material of the pump body is plastic ? Plastic pump ? Sergey, the material of the pump body is copper, bronze, aluminum. Thank you for the remark, the error has been corrected.
  • David July 20, 2020 What kind of hose is used to connect the water tank? Is it included in the set? David, the hose to connect to the water mains is not included.

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Features of the Bosch UniversalAquatak 130 high pressure washer (06008A7B00)

Application domestic
Voltage 220 В
Power 1700 W
Type of motor brushless
Capacity 380 l/h
Maximum pressure 130 bar
Minimum pressure 20 bar
Maximum temperature of water used 40 °C
Pump casing material aluminum
Piston material stainless steel
Hose length 6 м
Fine filter yes
Electric cable length 5 м
Principle of shutting off the water supply automatic start/stop
Retractable handle yes
How to store the high pressure hose holder
Handle for carrying retractable
Weight 7.8 kg
Safety valve available
Water intake from the tank available
Cleaner tank there is
Wheels for transportation there is
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Car kit Bosch UniversalAquatak 130 Pressure Washer.

Before you buy Bosch UniversalAquatak 130 Car kit high pressure washer, you want to read real reviews of the owners, those people who have already bought and used the product for a while. Read the reviews of real customers about the device, find out all its advantages and disadvantages. If you own a Bosch UniversalAquatak 130 Car pressure washer, please share your opinion and leave your feedback. Every comment submitted is reviewed and moderated. Specialists answer your questions about the Bosch UniversalAquatak 130 Car kit pressure washer. Manufacturer: Bosch.


Plusses: The package, the brand, my family needs it.

Artem N

Pros: It works. Small. Included hose extension. The device is easy to pull out the cable and the hose for storage.

Cons: I expected a bit more power, but it’s good enough for most common washing needs (paving tiles, patio, garden furniture). The filter that the water inlet hose connects to (hose not included) looks flimsy and lever out of the housing so that it can easily be broken by pulling on the inlet hose.

Review: Generally happy with the purchase. Finally washed the terrace.


Cons: The foam thing goes in the trash as usual

Review: Compared to the 35-12, this washing machine is silent, the pressure is a bit higher.

Alexander B.

Disadvantages: The foam nozzle is included. junk. But this is a classic.

Natalia P.

Pros: Good washer, good pressure, the nozzles are all easy to change, easy to use!

Alexander Kladov I had to buy another one in Alice!)

Alexander Kladov

Octavian A.

Review: All as advertised.

Sergey D.

Cons: The hose is getting plastic even at 15, all cracked. All connections are leaking. The gun also leaks, pouring into sleeves and boots. I had to buy another one on ali. The place where the gun connects to the hose is unfortunate (a pistol from ali is much more convenient). The cutter is useless, consider that there is no cutter. The nozzles can not pull out and can not put without such normal efforts (on the native gun). The automatic pistol triggered once, I had to disassemble and lubricate the rod. You release the trigger, and the pump does not stop and the water continues to press. There is a constant emulsion in the gearbox, the pump seals let water in there. you have to keep an eye on it. The declared power is overstated.

Review: Quality. Average China. Used Chinese sinks cheaper and better quality. 50% price for Bosch brand. I wish I hadn’t saved money and bought a sink of a well known brand.

Nikolay t.

Plusses: 12 meters of hose, you can get around the car without any problems, the brush is soft, easy to clean, you don’t even have to wipe it down.

Cons: No water shutoff. It buzzes until the water flows

Always emulsify in the gearbox.

Pros: I have a lot to compare it to, so I like everything: design and functionality. Easy to use, easy to move,

Valeria Tsipileva

Pros: Easy to use, easy to assemble

Cons: Could have mentioned in the description that there is no water hose and must be purchased separately

Simply Serge

Pros: Powerful jet. It has an auxiliary nozzle to wash the side of the car.

Disadvantages: Compressor is shut off too often

Demetrius Cornelius

Review: I bought the unit about a month ago)I will say that before that used a Körcher and Hooter)last worked faithfully and efficiently for about 4 years, then cracked, but continued to work))) But decided to still take the new. After much deliberation and review reviews dwelled on the choice of this model Bosch) the first thing I want to note is that the assembly is of high quality, good quality plastic, nothing dangles, no creaking or rattling, the pressure is excellent, enough to wash the car and a lot more, Dripstick is very handy, the water pressure is excellent, plenty of power to wash my car and lots of other things very nice, the nozzles change by switching smoothly, not by changing them, it is quiet compared to the Huter w165ql, or Kerher 5, the hose is long, I think about 6 meters) and most importantly, the water intake from my barrel in the garage (not the water pipe) I think this is one of the main advantages of the machine!Overall, I recommend it to everyone.

Vyacheslav Z.

Disadvantages: Without water pressure, it is impossible to wash. Cracks and spits. The cheap equivalent of a friend without problems works from the barrel.

bosch, universalaquatak, review, pump

Review: I hope it will last a long time, there is a summer water supply. The purchase is disappointed, not always expensive is good. Washed my car with a 4,000 barrel machine. Thought it was broken, connected to the water mains, all is OK.

Marina Kachkina


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All reviews on Bosch UniversalAquatak 135 pressure washer (0.600.8A7.C00)

I have a friend asking for advice on buying a car wash for my family’s needs: washing cars. than three years ago I bought a high-pressure washer from the company Bosch, you can read a review of it by clicking here. It is no longer available, but there is an almost complete equivalent, the Bosch EasyAquatak 100 Long Lance. Distinguished by nuances and appearance. I can’t say that I use it very often, maybe once or twice a month in the fall and once every m.

Popular Bosch Power Washers

Name The pump material Working pressure of the pump (bar) Power of the engine of the device (W) Water intake filtration Length of working output hose Autonomy of operation Nozzles and their quality
Bosch UniversalAquatak 135 Metal: copper, bronze, aluminum Body: Technological plastic 135 1900 Yes 7 no New 3-in-1 nozzle with 10% higher cleaning performance High-pressure detergent nozzle
Bosch GHP 5-13 C Metal: copper, bronze, aluminum Body: Technological plastic 140 2300 Yes 8 no Bosch metal high pressure gun Rotary fan nozzle
Bosch AQT 45-14 X Metal: copper, bronze, aluminium Shell: Technological plastic 140 2100 Yes 8 no Bosch metal high-pressure pistol Tube Deluxe Terrace Cleaner (long tube) Rotary fan nozzle Adjustable fan nozzle High-pressure detergent nozzle, 550 ml 90° nozzle
Bosch AQT 42-13 Metal: copper, bronze, aluminium Shell: Technological plastic 130 1900 Yes 7 no Bosch Air Spray Gun Deluxe Terrace Cleaner Tube (long tube) Fixed fan tube Swivel Nozzle 90° Spray Nozzle for high-pressure detergent, 550 ml
Bosch AQT 40-13 Metal: copper, bronze, aluminium Enclosure: Technological plastic 130 1900 Yes 6 no Maintenance-free rotary nozzle Adjustable fan nozzle High-pressure detergent 550 ml
Bosch AQT 37-13 Metal: copper, bronze, aluminum Shell: Technological plastic 130 1700 Yes 6 no Spray gun Bosch Tube Nozzle 3-in-1
Bosch AQT 35-12 Metal: copper, bronze, aluminum Body: Technological plastic 120 1500 Yes 5 no Bosch spray gun Bosch Tube Nozzle 3-in-1
Bosch AQT 33-11 Metal: copper, bronze, aluminum Enclosure: Technological plastic 110 1300 Yes 3 no Bosch gun sprayer Tube Fixed fan tube High pressure detergent nozzle, 450 ml
Bosch AdvancedAquatak 160 Metal: copper, bronze, aluminum Body: Technological plastic 160 2600 Yes 8 no Spray gun Bosch Tube Fixed fan nozzle Rotary fan nozzle Adjustable fan nozzle High-pressure cleaner nozzle, 550 ml
Bosch AdvancedAquatak 150 Metal: copper, bronze, aluminum Shell: Technological plastic 150 2200 Yes 8 no Metal high-pressure pistol Bosch Tube Fixed fan nozzle Rotary fan nozzle Adjustable fan nozzle High-pressure detergent nozzle, 550 ml

Parts of the internal high-pressure pump pump in Bosch Mini Washers are made of a variety of corrosion-resistant metals that resist the damaging effects of water: aluminum, copper and bronze. The outer body of the water washer is made of rigid technoplastic, which withstands high external shock and compression forces.

The Bosch miniwasher can be portable or transported on its own wheels with rubberized tires.

Clean water is taken in through a low pressure inlet hose which can be connected to the centralized water mains or to an external water supply, the tank is self-pumping through an automatic water suction system Self-Priming:

Then this hose through a filter and a threaded inlet system, connects to a powerful internal pump of the sink, able to create a pressure of not less than 110 atm.

The pump pumps water at high pressure into a flexible armored high-pressure hose, which can be connected in parallel with a tank of cleaning chemicals through its own hose. The suction of the liquid chemicals is based on the principle of speed difference by self-priming.

The hoses to the miniwasher and the washing gun are connected by means of the Click and GO quick-connect system:

Then, through a guide tube and spray nozzles with different properties direct the flow of water at high pressure to the surface to be treated.

A review of the Bosch UniversalAquatak 135 pressure washer (0.600.8A7.C00)

A friend asked for advice about buying a car wash for the family use: washing cars. than three years ago I bought a Bosch pressure washer, you can read the review by clicking here. It is no longer available, but an almost complete equivalent, the Bosch EasyAquatak 100 Long Lance, is now available. Different nuances and looks. I can’t say that I’ve used the washer very often, maybe a couple of times a month in the fall and once a month in the spring and summer, for more than three years. I liked the toy, it will be very interesting to compare sinks that are two times more expensive. So, you have a Bosch Aquatak 135 with water pressure of 135 bar!

It has a solid look, but it is heavy, almost 8 kilograms, which is why it was equipped with wheels. My toy, again, is almost half the weight. The switch on both is the same, bright, clear, and has two positions. On and off. I expected that the more powerful version will have an intermediate pressure regulation.

Water is supposed to enter the sink through the included plastic filter. You can buy this filter separately at ONLINETRADE. Didn’t initially inspire confidence, but has stood the test of time. The thread on which the filter screws on is also made of plastic. When carrying, the mounted filter sticks out and regularly clings to something.

Closer wheels. It’s good for a light wash, it looks solid. It’s not supposed to go over bumps.

And here are two handles for carrying. Trying to lift the sink by the one in the picture below, the weight of the motor will try to give the device a horizontal position. Uncomfortable. The second handle allows you to carry the sink in a dolly-like fashion. It is also not convenient to carry by it. And it’s a little flimsy for that. My sink is small and light, no problem with carrying, as there is no full palm grip.

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On the plus side, it’s easy to attach the gun assembly to the sink in the travel position. And in my opinion, the accessories are too complicated to hold when disassembled for storage. The first pictures show. To remove the gun you have to put some fingers in the small space under the trigger and then press and move the gun handle perpendicular to the sink and only after all this manipulation you can pull and remove the necessary part. Couldn’t just stick the gun in the the old-fashioned way? And the high-pressure hose fastening at all causes a storm of negativity to the developers of this miracle! The hose will be stored in a bag next to the sink. No options. You just can’t put it in the prepared place in any sane amount of time.

The handle has a height adjustment wheel, like the ones used in the old rolling bags. Conveniently. By the way both handles are rubberized.

Also the handle can be folded up, so the sink becomes even more compact. This is very important, because you can’t leave it outdoors or in the garage in freezing temperatures.

The high pressure hose has the same fasteners on both sides. It is recommended to grease the seals on them with silicone grease. I use a silicone spray gun for car door gaskets. Sold everywhere.

The hose only releases when you press on the red one “foot”. You have to press towards the inlet side of the hose. This is the way it is in the washer and the gun. By the way in ONLINETRADE you can buy the extension for the high pressure hose. The hose that comes with the sink is short even though it is 7 m long.

The kit includes a foamer which you can also buy separately by following this link. My car wash doesn’t have one, so I ordered one. This is a great thing, pour the touchless shampoo, leave it on the car for about five minutes, then rinse it off. Usually you do not need to wash it any more.

If the foamer has only one option of spraying water, like the cheap nozzle, the set with our sink comes with a sophisticated nozzle, on which we need to dwell in more detail.

there are four nozzles at the nozzle! The modes are switched by turning the handpiece itself by the arrow drawn on it.

Rating of the best pressure washers

Developed based on the analysis of buyer preferences of popular Internet services Yandex.Market and E-catalogue with real user reviews of the largest domestic specialized online marketplaces. The main rating of quality models represents inexpensive budget models, because experts know themselves which professional units are the best.

Top 7 home electric car washes

Portable mini car wash operates from 12 V car cigarette lighter. Can be used for washing pets, gardening property and cars. Compact design allows you to take on trips or travel. Water tank capacity of 15 liters.

General Pressure 9 bar
Flow rate 120 l/h
Pump body plastic
Dimensions (H-H-D), cm 42 x 37 x 24
Weight, kg 5.5
Engine Mains voltage 12В
Power, kW 0.06
Power cord, m 3.5
Functionality Inlet temperature, °C 60
Tank intake no
Completion Nozzles standard
Pressure hose, m 6.5
Features Carrying handle fixed
Transport wheels available
Warranty period 1 year
Brand Berkut (Russia)
Country of origin China
  • versatility of use;
  • Compartment for accessories;
  • Small dimensions;
  • car power supply;
  • high efficiency.

Powerful product for easy cleaning of paths, pool facades, carpets and vehicle wash. The length of the pressure hose, 8 meters, allows you to easily wash the car without moving the unit. QuickFix function enables quick attachment of the required nozzle.

Automatic suction mode for taking water from any water source. All-round rotation of the blast tube changes the direction of the flat jet without turning the handle.

The unit is well suited for heavy soiling or delicate cleaning.

The product is suitable for touchless cleaning of garden paths, facades, walls, as well as cleaning of vehicles. Equipped with a professional foam generator and foam nozzle. Equipped with pressure hose reel.

General Pressure 195 bar
Flow rate 420 l/h
Pump housing metal
Dimensions (H-H-D), cm 50 x 110 x 45
Weight, kg 10.3
Motor Mains voltage 220В
Power, kW 2.5
Power cord, m 5
Functionality Inlet temperature, °C 50
Filling out of the tank yes
Accessories Attachments standard, fan, foam
Pressure hose, m 5, on a reel
Foam generator yes
Special features Handle fixed
Transport wheels available
Guarantee time 1 year
Brand Huter (Germany)
Production country China
  • easy transportation;
  • powerful engine;
  • high flow rate;
  • stand for the gun;
  • Good stability due to integrated feet;
  • power lock.

Product with high performance for home use. Cleans effectively any surface. Pistol with fan nozzle easy to connect to the pressure hose by means of a quick connector.

General Pressure 140 bar
Consumption 402 l/h
Pump casing aluminum
Dimensions (H-H-D), cm 82 x 38 x 33
Weight, kg 10.2
Engine Mains voltage 220В
Power, kW 1.8
Power cord, m 5
Functionality Inlet temperature °C 40
Tank intake yes
Filters fine brush
Accessories Nozzles standard, fan
Pressure hose, m 5, on a reel
Features Handle retractable
Transport wheels available at
Guarantee period 1 year
Brand Elitech (Russia)
Country of origin China

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