Bosch to check the serial number. How much is a Bosch rotary hammer?

How to check the authenticity of Bosch appliances?

You can also check the authenticity of a product at protect.Bosch.The user must manually enter the security code from the KeySecure sticker. The results of the check provide the user with information that confirms the authenticity of the product. One of the color indicators is displayed in the mobile app.

How to distinguish genuine Bosch parts from counterfeits: Verification tool

So, Bosch has created a separate tool to verify the authenticity of its products. KeySecure System. The system can be used to check Bosch electric fuel pumps, lambda probes, air flow sensors, starters and alternators, fuel system components for diesel engines:

The KeySecure label has been affixed to Bosch products since 2007. At first it was a simple 15-digit code with a hologram. A scannable MAPP code was added in 2009.

In 2012, the last 6 characters of the 18-character code are doubled on the hologram.

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To verify the original origin of the purchased part with KeySecure, you need to install the app for Android and iOS. NeoReader.

Then you need to point the phone camera to the MAPP code of the sticker. The system scans the code by itself and gives the result: text and colored indicators.

  • Green indicator will show the original origin of the part.
  • Yellow indicator means a unique code, but often entered earlier. This can be a sign of counterfeit, the manufacturer recommends in such cases to contact the retailer and replace the part.
  • A red code means the MAPP code is broken (the system cannot recognize the code) or the code does not exist.
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Another way to verify the authenticity of a valve, injector, fuel pump and other diesel fuel parts, using the MAPP code on the label. is to enter it manually at

How to tell the original from fake?

A good eye for detail: the font on the logo should be the same as the original, even italics are a sure sign of a fake. You can also check the barcode: it should say the same country of manufacture as the one on the packaging (there are many sites where you can find this out by entering the 13-digit code).

for Bosch torches

Name of peoratorPrice
Bosch GBH 2-28 F Professional 0611267600 from 13,170.
Bosch GBH 2-26 DFR Professional 0611254768 from 10 689 р.
Bosch GBH 180-LI Professional 0611911122 from 15 253 р.
Bosch GBH 240 Professional 0611272100 from 7 550 р.

How to recognize a fake Hilti?

The original tool has the logo and serial number engraved on the body itself. The fake has just a sticker on the case with the word Hilti on it, but no serial number. Fake tool has an outdated, non-ergonomic design, the quality of workmanship is very poor.

  • Ivory-colored (slightly yellowish) insulator.
  • The sealing ring of the plug is not removable from the housing.
  • The nickel-plated case has a matte finish.
  • The marking on the enclosure is deep and clear
  • The side electrode is welded to the case with a secure and neat seam.

Where the year of manufacture of the refrigerator is indicated?

The year of manufacture of your Liebherr refrigerator is shown in the lower left-hand corner of the nameplate. It is marked in the format “HHN”, where “H” is the last digit of the year of manufacture, “UN”. the number of the calendar week of manufacture. For example: The number 304 marks January 2013 (3 = 2013, 04 = the 4th calendar week, i.e. January).

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The serial number is usually found on the hatch door. On the inside of the hatch or on the body of the washing machine. On the back of the machine.

Where Bosch appliances are assembled?

Assembly is carried out on 16 factories, 8 of which are in Italy, and 8 in other countries (Turkey, Russia, UK, Poland). The Russian factory is in Lipetsk.

Bosch is a German brand that makes various household appliances for home and kitchen: large, small, climatic and personal care appliances. The Bosch Company (full name Robert Bosch GmbH) was founded in 1886 in Stuttgart by the German engineer and businessman Robert Bosch.

What models of Bosch washing machines are assembled in Germany??

Today Germany has the largest production of the technical concern BSH, which specializes in automatic washing machines Bosch and Siemens in the city of Noen, which is located near Brandenburg. The most technologically advanced models of Bosch WLX and WAS series washing machines are manufactured in this company.

The following are the serial numbers of the tool. The original has the number stamped out (embossed) and the fake has a sticker or at most printed on it. Makita inscription on the tool itself, the original has text in relief under the inscription, you can feel it if you run your finger over it, and the fake has just a flat surface.


If the appearance of the part confuses you for any reason, but you can’t articulate it, don’t rush to purchase it. It may really be a fake.

As you may have seen, counterfeit products give away the desire to save on “trifles” such as packaging materials, and trivial errors in spelling the name of the product and brand: be careful!

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Choose only trusted stores with a good reputation.

Fuel pumps, fuel injection pump for diesel engines you will find in the catalog

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