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Slicer. what is it, how does it look and work, what is it for, the main types

Fast and efficient cutting of various delicatessen products like sausages, cheese, cheese loaf, as well as meat, fish and fruit.

A slicer, electric knife or slicing machine is a device for cutting gastronomic products (meat, sausages, vegetables, cheese, bread and flour products) to a specific thickness (from 1 to 16 mm). The slicers allow fast and accurate cutting of products. It takes the slicer only 2.5 to 3.5 minutes to cut one loaf of smoked sausage, while the cook spends twice as much time on it. Such an operation not only does not require any serious physical costs, but will be done just fine.

A professional slicer cuts products very evenly, piece by piece. It makes it possible to accurately calculate the gram yield of any product, giving each a different thickness of cut. All slicers are easy to set up for cutting different products with different thicknesses.

The slicer principle is very simple. Unpacked product is placed on the work surface and moves towards the disc slicer with the help of the slide, which cuts the product to the required thickness. After that, the carriage returns to the starting position and then repeats the same sequence until the product is sliced to the required quantity.

Rating of the best slicers

Which slicer would you choose or recommend??

How the slicer works

The slicer principle is simple. There is a product tray and a knife. Mechanical slicer requires the work of both hands: one feeds the product to the knife, the second leads the knife in motion. Automatic and semi-automatic machines allow to reduce the number of operations. The slicing device allows you to control the thickness of the slice. Usually the gastronomic slicer is very easy to use and does not require special training. The machines are safe to use if basic safety precautions are observed.

The slicer, or electronic slicer, appeared on the market of kitchen appliances comparatively recently. The workers of professional restaurants and employees at large supermarkets, offering free slicing of groceries, were the first to appreciate the benefits of the device. Slicer for slicing sausage and cheese in large kitchens is a “must have” thing. Depending on the type of food you will have to work with, you should choose the type of slicer. Meat, fruit, cheese, sausages, loaf. any product electric slicer will turn into neat slices of equal thickness, except:

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Model Comparison

Stores offer many models of household appliances. The slicer is one of the first places in the number of sales. And to choose it was easier, it is recommended to compare the characteristics in advance.

Name Power (W) Additional Features ) Rated, according to users
Bosch “MAS 9101N” 140 Tilting of the work table, protection against injury and accidental activation 5900 5
Gorenje “R607A” 110 Protective recess for knife, protection from injury 5950 4.9
Tristar “EM-2099” 150 Slide skids, cutting speed adjustment 5800 4.8
Gemlux “GL-MS-190” 150 Holder with finger protection 4700 4.6
Magio “MG-381” 100 Pulse mode, compartment for the cord 4100 4.5
Gorenje “R401W” 110 Folding capability 3999 4.4
CENTEK “CT-1380” 150 Thickness adjustment of slices 4699 4.3

Compare models to help decide which one is right for you.

Bosch washing machine under warranty: what to do?

If the machine, which broke the control board, is under warranty, then with a high degree of probability the cause of failure. a manufacturing defect. The Bosch manufacturer provides a 1-year warranty on its appliances.

To obtain service, you must have the type plate on the appliance. Its removal is considered by the manufacturer as depersonalization of the appliance and a violation of the rules of use.

If a defect is detected, contact your retailer or a Bosch Service Center. You must have your proof of purchase in the form of a receipt. They are needed to confirm the date of purchase of household appliances.

The service center is obligated to repair or replace the faulty control board free of charge during the warranty period. In this case, the consumer must be given a statement that the machine was sent for diagnosis and repair. It records the date and time of contact, as well as customer complaints.

The manufacturer can refuse service in the following cases:

  • the machine has been opened and there is an attempt to repair it outside the service center;
  • it will be proved that the cause of the malfunction is a violation of the rules of transportation of the equipment;
  • The manufacturer will determine that the malfunction was caused by the user, mishandling of the appliance, or any other reason;
  • the board has burned out or been damaged by rodents and insects;
  • The failure occurred due to unstable power supply parameters.
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If the consumer does not agree with the refusal of warranty repair, he should order an independent examination and with its results go to court.

The purpose and principle of operation

Slicers are household appliances with circular knives for cutting perfectly even, uniform slices. The appliance is designed to work with sausages, meats, cheeses, vegetables, fruits, loaves. It is used to make preparations for home preserves, sandwiches, pizza, lemonades.

There are universal devices and designed for certain kinds of products. They differ in the way of construction. the knives of the cheese slicer have a Teflon coating for working with viscous products, and the fish slicer has a special active carriage.

Automatic and semi-automatic models are common in households. Their working principle is slightly different.

How to use the semi-automatic slicer

Tip! Remove hard parts, veins, pips and stalks from products.

Using the automatic slicer

The appliance is plugged in and the food is placed onto the slide. The thickness of the slices is selected. Then the button is pushed. Ingredient feed to the sharpening knife is automatic.

Important! Automatic models are suitable for meat and fish delicacies.

The working surface of both types of equipment has a slight slope.

How to fill up the food properly

All ingredients are placed on the moving cart. The shells are removed from hard-boiled eggs, and the bones from fish and meat are removed. Bananas and citrus fruits can be peeled.

Purpose of the slicer

Do you need a slicer at home?? The answers to this question vary. Some people think it is not, while others argue that it is necessary.

Lovers of fast food, like sandwiches or even pizza, are the first ones to appreciate the slicer. Pre-cut loaf, cheese and sausage can be stored in a refrigerator, where they can be taken out and used to make a sandwich at any time.

The slicer is also great for serving tables. Sliced vegetables are easy to arrange on plates quickly.

Important! There is a claim that thinly sliced food has a brighter and deeper flavor. It really is.

slicer helps lovers prepare preserves for the winter. You need to slice a variety of fruits and vegetables, even loafs, in a matter of minutes.

There are many ways to use the slicer

Cleaning the circular knife, Cleaning the whole cutter, Cleaning. Bosch MAS-4200 Operating Instructions

Warning! The text in this document was recognized automatically. To view the original page, you can use “Original”.

^ There is a risk of injury

After you turn off the cutter, the knife is still in place for a while rotates.Never bring your hands close to the knife.

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Figure 6Circular stainless steel knife Figure 7

Put in place the holder designed

products. Now you can get started.

Be sure to use the sled and the holder!

They can only be removed if you are cutting food whose size and shape do not allow the use of these accessories.

Tip: Slice sausage and cheese first,

then loaf. This makes cleaning easier

After using and cleaning the universal

cutting, which should be done immediately after work, the cutter should be folded.

Wrap the cable around the designed

Keep the all-purpose cutter out of reach of the

Pull the plug out of the socket and set the platinum indicator to 0.

^ There is a risk of electric shock

Never immerse the cutter in water or wash it it in running water.

^ Risk of injury

Remove the plug before cleaning the cutter out of the socket and remove the knife.Never touch the cutting surface of the blade,

Warning! The surface of the universal cutting

Never use abrasives to clean it

Wipe the cutter and its removable accessories

first with a damp cloth and then with a dry.

The circular blade must be thoroughly cleaned immediately after use. Cleaning should be done

Move the cutting pad to the upper position and pull it out of the hinge toward the right (Figure 9). Turn the knife holder clockwise

arrow, set it vertically and then

remove the circular knife from the cut (figure 6).When assembling the cutter, make sure that the knife is properly locked in place: the knife holder must be positioned horizontally.

^ There is a risk of injury

as a result of the knife falling out of the cutter!

Remove the thrust plate. To do this, turn the knob beyond the zero position, set it against the symbol

of the triangle ^ and then remove the stop plate.

The handle must be against the triangle symbol ^ before installing the plate!

To reinstall the thrust plate, press

on it in the middle in a straight line and move the knob to the “0”. To check, try changing the set thickness of the food to be cut. If it does not work, then

the thrust plate should be removed again and then

To repeat the process of installing it. The universal cutter doesn’t need any maintenance.We reserve the right to make changes!

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