Bosch silence sms24aw01r serie 2 disassemble

All ActiveWater dishwashers have 5 levels of water circulation: 2 levels (up and down) in the lower beaker, 2 levels (up and down) in the upper beaker, 1 upper level. separate shower on the ceiling of the wash chamber. It gets water into all the nooks and crannies of the wash chamber, giving you the highest dishwashing performance rating.

Keeping your home clean can be tough. And sometimes it seems impossible to keep it quiet. An EcoSilence Drive dishwasher delivers effective washing and low noise levels. A motor that lasts 10 years.

All ActiveWater dishwashers have 5 levels of water circulation: 2 levels (up and down) in the lower beaker; 2 levels (up and down) in the upper beaker; 1 upper level. separate shower on the ceiling of the washing chamber. All this helps water to penetrate into all, even the most remote corners of the washing chamber, providing the highest efficiency class of dishwashing.

Keeping your home clean can be tough. And to keep it quiet sometimes it seems simply impossible. This dishwasher with an EcoSilence Drive motor gives you an effective and low-noise wash cycle. A motor that lasts 10 years.

When using tablet detergents in the dishwasher the drying performance can be substantially reduced due to untimely rinse aid activation. DosageAssist helps to solve this problem. a special container located in the handle of the upper box. When you open the cuvette, the tablet goes into the container, where the combined detergent will dissolve in stages. All chemicals are then applied at the right time and in the correct volume. Washing and drying quality remains at the highest level.

In addition to our standard appliance warranty in accordance with the following conditions, we also provide a guarantee in the event of corrosion of the interior of Bosch dishwashers. The following conditions, which describe the background and scope of this warranty, do not limit the seller’s warranty obligations arising from the sales contract with the end-customer: 1. The Bosch dishwasher is warranted in the event of penetrating corrosion of the interior of the dishwasher according to the conditions listed below. 2. The warranty period is 10 years from the date of purchase of the Bosch dishwasher by the end-customer. 3. The warranty does not cover cases in which penetrating corrosion of the inner chamber is caused by misuse, improper use of the appliance or failure to comply with the operating and installation instructions for the dishwasher.

Supported range of dishwashers Bosch

See below for a list of models:

ActiveWater 45 and 60 CM freestanding dishwashers.

SPS 68M62, SPS 30E02, SPS 40E32, SPS 40E42, SPS 53E02, SPS 58M12, SPS 53M52, SPS 53M58, SPS 40E12, SPS 68M62, SPS 69T82, SPS 40E02, SPS 40X92, SPS 69T88, SPS 53E06 SPS 30E22, SPS 69T78, SPS 53M88, SPS 53M98, SPS 30E32, SPS 50E42, SPS 25FW10 R, SPS 66 TW 11 R, SPS 66 XW 11 R, SPS 66XW11R, SPS 25FW15R, SPS 25CW01R, SPS 25FW11R.

SMS 24AW00 E, SMS 24AW01 E, SMS 44GW00 R, SMS 44GI00 R, SMS 25AI03 E, SMS 50D48, SMS 66MI00 R, SMS 25AI02E, SMS 40D02, SMS 53N12, SMS 53N18.

Bosch built-in appliances from the Silence 60 and 45cc series, respectively.

SPV 40E10, SPV 40E20, SPV 40E30, SPV 40E70, SPV 40E80, SPV 40M10, SPV 40X80, SPV 40X80 RU, SPV 40X90, SPV 40X90 RU, SPV 43M00, SPV 43M10, SPV 43M20, SPV 43M30, SPV 47E40, SPV 48M10, SPV 50E00, SPV 50E70, SPV 53M00, SPV 53M10, SPV 53M20, SPV 53M50, SPV 53M70, SPV 53M90, SPV 53X90, SPV 58M00, SPV 58M10, SPV 58M40, SPV 58M50 RU, SPV 58X00, SPV 59M00, SPV 63 M 50 RU, SPV 63M00, SPV 69 T 70 RU, SPV 69T00, SPV 69T20, SPV 69T30, SPV 69T50, SPV 69T90, SPV 69X10RU, SPV 25CX01R, SPV 25DX00R, SPV 25DX10R, SPV 25DX90R, SPV 30E00RU, SPV 30E30RU, SPV 30E40RU, SPV 40E60RU, SPV 40M60RU, SPV 45DX10R, SPV 47E10RU, SPV 47E30RU, SPV 47E40RU, SPV 47E60RU, SPV 47E80, SPV 53M60RU, SPV 58M60RU, SPV 66MX10R, SPV 66TD10R, SPV 66TX10RU, SPV 69T80RU, SPV 69X00RU, SPV 43E10, SPV 43E20, SPV 48M30, SPV 40E60EU, SPV 48M30EU, SPV 50E90EU, SPV 53M50EU, SPV 53N00EU, SPV 58N00EU, SPV 65T70EU, SPV 69T10EU, SPV 69T40EU, SPV 69T50EU, SPV 43E00.

SMV 46MX00, SMV 45IX00R, SMV 24AX02, SMV 46CX03 E, SMV 45GX03 E, SMV 23AX01 R, SMV 53N20, SMV 25CX00 R, SMV 25AX00 E, SMV 40D00, SMV 25EX00 E, SMV 23AX02 R, SMV 24AX02 E, SMV 45IX00 E, SMV 44KX00 R, SMV 24AX02 R, SMV 24AX00 R, SMV 23AX00 R, SMV 24AX01 R, SMV 46MX00 R, SMV 88TX00 R, SMV 44GX00 R, SMV 45IX01 E, SMV 45CX00 R, SMV 87TX01 R, SMV 88TX50 R, SMV 44IX00 R, SMV 46KX00 E, SMV 65M30, SMV 65X00, SMV 24AX01 E, SMV 30D20, SMV 45IX00 R, SMV 50M50, SMV 68TX04 E, SMV 87TX00 R, SMV 40D20.

SMI 46IS09 E, SMI 46IS00 E, SMI 46AW04, SMI 46GB01 E, SMI 88TS00 R, SMI 88TS11 R and also SPI 26MS30R.

Models in the ActiveWater Smart range include.

SKS 62E22, SKS 40E22, SKS 62E88, SKS 41E11, SKS 51E22, SKS 51E11.

For all listed models we have original spare parts. It means that the repair will be done in one visit.

Technical characteristics and advantages

The machine can hold up to 12 sets of dishes and is suitable for use in a large family. Its washing quality is excellent, it can cope with heavy dirt. The design is designed to withstand both large-sized dishes and fragile glassware.

Dimensions and construction features

The width and depth of the model is the same. 60 cm. Manufacturer specifies height with worktop at 84.5 cm, without it. 81 cm. The width of the washing machine is wider than popular machines of 50 cm, but the other options predetermine the choice in its favor.

  • Robust and sturdy housing with numerous stopping plugs and sliders to reduce vibration and noise levels;
  • Compact, powerful, economical EcoSilence Drive motor;
  • electronic control panel with a symbol display, placed in the door of the device;
  • Washing chamber with wave-shaped beams that supply water;
  • the system of the dishtray boxes;
  • detergent cuvette, the manufacturer recommends loading it only here;
  • the rinse aid cuvette is located next to the detergent compartment, it receives water during the last step of the selected program;
  • filters;
  • ion exchanger with salt regeneration container is designed for excellent detergent performance.

User-friendly control panel is provided to set the machine’s objectives: set the program, turn on/off additional options, adjust the timer. Information about the user action is shown on the display.

Users often ask themselves whether they need a rinse aid for the dishwasher, or if regular water isn’t enough.? The appliance is indispensable for even drying of dishes and making them shiny.

The amount of rinse aid can be adjusted individually. If you notice white stains, streaks or dullness on the washed items, not enough rinse aid is being loaded. If the dishes after washing are “decorated” with rainbow streaks and sticky, you need to reduce the amount of rinse aid.

Dishwasher duct system deserves special attention. They are designed with the customer’s needs in mind when loading different cutlery. Telescopic guides help the boxes move easily and not roll over when fully loaded.

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VarioFlex system has rounded edges on the gently slotted sink grids to prevent scratches.

Ремонт посудомоечной машины Bosch (часть 1)

Inverter motor plus powerful pumps

EcoSilence Drive motor is the company’s own inverter technology. Its advantages are high performance and long service life.

There are no brushes in its design, so the water delivery system doesn’t need to waste time and effort on friction. Compact, lightweight module combines pump and flow heater.

Pumps use minimum water and energy, but provide increased water circulation. Powerful enough for 3 buckets a minute.

ActiveWater system works on five levels: 2 from the bottom, 2 from the top plus 1 shower on the ceiling of the chamber. The water flows upward from the bottom and reaches the dishes more than 400 times during the washing process.

Pushing the multi-directional currents into the innermost recesses of the compartment for an excellent final result. With heavy soiling the washing intensity increases.

Heating and washing system

Flow-through water heater is a heating element with a thermostat, through which the water passes. It heats up gradually, there are no temperature jumps. Extra heat comes from the heat exchanger on the left side of the dishwasher. It participates in the dishwashing and drying process.

During the pre-rinse phase cold water is introduced into the heat exchanger and the washing chamber. When the primary dirt has soaked through, the heating element is turned on and the main dishwashing with powder or tablet detergents takes place.

The chamber is heated to a selected temperature according to the program, and the heat exchanger begins to gather temperature from the wall of the chamber.

Result. the water in the heat exchangers is heated to a temperature only 10°C lower than in the chamber (65°C and 55°C respectively). This water is used in the first rinse.

Sophisticated system protects the dishes from extreme temperature fluctuations. Afterwards the empty heat exchanger is filled with new cold water and heated up for the next warm rinse.

At the end of the last one, the heating element turns on and heats the water to a temperature of 5°C above the main temperature (70°C). Cookware heats up and prepares for drying.

The drying phase begins by removing all the water from the chamber and pouring a new portion into the heat exchanger. Cold water cools the heated chamber walls, condensate is formed and the humidity is reduced. The dishes are dried gently, hygienically and without external air.

Load sensor and delayed start

Load sensor. The machine is equipped with a sensitive sensor that determines the amount of loaded dishes and selects the optimal volume of water required for washing. The hardness of the water is corrected automatically. if you don’t load enough, you don’t need to worry about overflowing. the appliance will only use as much water as you need.

Read about how to correctly load dishes into the dishwasher hopper in this article.

Delayed start. Automatic dishwashing machine can start without user’s command. Or more precisely, the task is set earlier and executed later. The machine can be programmed for up to 24 hours. The appliance washes the dishes when the owner is at work, or at night, to consume power at a reduced rate.

Water hardness regulator

Hard water does not wash grease well, causing white stains on dishes. Soft water washes away some calcium from ceramics and faora, thus causing corrosion of glass. It appears in micro cracks on the products surface.

Bosch milk machines have a new function. they automatically adjust water hardness to achieve the correct balance. The chamber is maintained at a pH above 5 and water is added if required.

You can load the machine without fear of expensive glasses and fragile porcelain, they will be washed in the most delicate mode.

The hardness adjustment process? The machine is equipped with a special ion exchanger. It consists of two parts: resin and hydrochloric acid. The first one contains resin levatite, the second one contains regenerating salt which is stored in the lower compartment of the washing chamber.

Tap water is passed through the resin and softened by the exchange of calcium ions for sodium ions. The resin gradually loses its properties and becomes enriched with calcium ions. The regenerating salt helps it regenerate.

Additional options for convenient operation

A special cutlery basket is included. It can be placed anywhere on the upper or lower tier of the chamber. The kit also includes two special plate rails, which are installed in the bottom box. And there are two cup shelves under the upper compartment.

Among the accessories you can separately purchase a 2-meter extension for the fill and drain hose, a basket for four tall glasses with a leg.

  • Time indicator. shows how many minutes remain to the end of the selected program;
  • Sensors for salt and rinse aid amount. allows setting individual parameters of the detergent loading;
  • Filter with self-cleaning function. it constantly receives water from the bottom beaker and rinses the unit. It consists of three coarse and fine mesh.

The Rackmatic system was invented to adjust the chamber space: even the height of the upper drawer can be changed, adjusting the capacity of the upper and lower compartments.

There is also the ergonomic DosageAssist storage compartment in the top compartment. It ensures efficient dissolving and economical use of tablet detergents in every working step. Thanks to this device, the detergent arrives on time and in the right concentration.

The energy efficiency and safety of the machine

Energy efficiency class, washing and drying are the same. A. The average consumption is 11.7 liters. The appliance consumes up to 1 kW of energy per hour, the range of the average annual consumption ranges around 230 kW.

Included mains cable length. 175 cm, input hose 140 cm, output hose 190 cm.

  • “Eco 50 degrees” ensures the maximum economy of resources in the washing mode at 50°C, but this program is the longest, its duration is 210 min.;
  • normal washes dishes at a temperature of 65°C; the duration is 130 minutes.;
  • 1 hour temperature range is similar to the normal one, but the washing process is accelerated up to 60 minutes;
  • Pre-rinsing rinse dirt is rinsed with cold water, the event takes only 15 minutes.

The automatic washer-dryer is also equipped with a 3-in-1 system, thanks to which the appliance is able to recognize detergents. Their quality will not determine the level of cleanliness of the dishes, but bad SMS can cause damage to the device itself.

Bonus warranty from the manufacturer

It is provided for the entire service life of the appliance equipped with AquaStop system. What it means? The manufacturer, in addition to the standard obligation to eliminate malfunctions during the warranty, is ready to provide the buyer with additional options.

  • When the operation of the washing machine has broken AquaStop system, which caused damage to the consumer’s property. But here the manufacturer specifies: the machine must be plugged in at the moment of leakage.
  • The duration of this warranty is equal to the life of the appliance. 10 years.
  • Service and compensation is provided to the user only when the equipment has been installed and connected according to all official rules and recommendations.

The obligation extends to the original part, the AquaStop extension cord, if it is properly installed.

The warranty is lost if the flooding was caused by damaged hoses or fittings, which are located before the AquaStop connection element to the water mains.

The company recommends that users do not bother or monitor the dishwasher while washing dishes, and do not block the taps for safety. The latter makes sense if you’re going on vacation for a few weeks. Read more about the Bosch dishwasher operating rules in this article.

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Reviews for Bosch Serie 2 SMS24AW01R dishwasher

Truthful Bosch serie 2 sms24aw01r dishwasher reviews from Sidex. All Bosch Serie 2 SMS24AW01R Dishwasher have been pre-screened.

Pros: Perfectly cleans Perfectly cleans Easy to set up and use Delayed start Control of water hardness Low weight, took it into the house by myself. Full Aquastop. Cons: It’s a bit loud, like an inexpensive washing machine. Poor kit, no salt spout, folding holders on only one shelf.

Review: As a budget option for those who do not want to overpay. Has all main functions. Service and spare parts always available. My parents have a 60,000-plus dishwasher at home. In fact use only a few programs present in this model. It needs to be placed flat to wash a burned tray. Staging on the rib will give an incompletely scrubbed area at the bottom.

10 т. р.) The new one has the feel of it. thin metal. We dropped a plate. The door has a dent on the inside. After a month of use. Terrible. Another person wrote (but series 5) also. Thin metal, almost tinny.

We know how to use it, 20 years of experience. The first machine lives in the cottage, did not break, also Bosch. Review: New features.

50 minutes, ECO (3 hours). Convenient. The seals are smart. Set to a minimum (salt, rinse aid, °dH).

Basket for cutlery. so-so. Narrow gaps. Put it from an old car.

12rub/piece (12p30dn=360p), rinse aid (350p. 800 ml, and how long it will last I do not know, here it may be expensive, but you can without it, but there will be divorces), supply and drain water, and salt. you don’t have to count. Total: 520r how much rinse aid, the total should be up to 1 thousand.

Addition, the field of 1.5 months of use: I got worried, put the electric meter on the washing machine, for the cycle of 1 kW ?, Who would have thought)) Per month, the same 30 kW or 161 It is more profitable to take the powder in cans (1 kg. 400 p, it came out in my 45 days 400r/45dn = 8.8r / day), but you need to be able to properly dosage, and this is well not very convenient, easier and faster than pills. Rinse aid was enough for me for 1.5 months 1/2 of 800 ml, (for 3 months, it is 350r/3mes = 116r/month) and for the same amount is enough, I fill a full container for it and it lasts for 2,3,4 cycles, maybe I do it wrong, but the dishes without dripping. Salt. It will last for a long time, gone about 1/4 of 1.5 kg for 1.5 months (that’s 1500g/4 months = 375g/month, 199r/4 months = 50r/month)

Total for a month (after 1.5 months): 8.8 p / dn30dn = 264 p (powder) 161.4 p / month (electricity) 116 p (rinse aid)50 p (salt) = 591 40 cents a month, and you practically do not wash dishes!

Pros: You can’t hear the engine. High capacity. It’s so simple, even a granny could figure it out. Cons:. You can hear the water jets hitting the dishes. Especially on the back wall you can hear the buzzing, whipping and splashing. You have to go to the auto parts store to buy noise insulation. It’s twice as loud as a washing machine. (Not counting the spin). No 70 degrees!! A little flimsy frame. Must immediately set flat so that the door does not catch the body Bottom of it is plastic. I don’t know if this is an advantage or disadvantage, but it was a surprise to me No door lock and child-proof button controls DOES NOT wash burnt pans The difference in quality of results between the wash programs 1 hour 65 degrees and 2.5 hours 65° is almost not noticeable. What’s the point of washing it for two and a half hours?

Review: I finally won’t have to stand at the sink for hours and hours anymore and schlep those pots and pans! Got it on sale in Citylink 03.11.18 for 22900 Washes well overall. Especially small dishes, you get out of it as if from a store new and dry. Pots and pans with grease may not be able to take it all. I think it’s not enough 70 degrees. Т.к.The dirt was a little unfinished, in spite of the 65 degree mode and 2.5 hours. Maybe the product needs to be stronger. I am generally satisfied and recommend to those who still have doubts about buying a dishwasher. Bottom line: In any apartment it is a must to have both a washing machine and a dishwasher! In life, the most precious things are time and effort! In spite of the shortcomings, I no longer have to worry about who will wash the dishes today. The issue fell away by itself, the kitchen is now always clean without straining! I have chosen this brand t.к. Bosch started to develop this theme the quality has always been top notch.

Dishwasher Bosch Serie 2 SMS24AW01R color white specifications

Bosch Serie 2 SMS24AW01R dishwasher. time-saver for important jobs!

Optional basket can be placed anywhere in the upper or lower box.

Optimal water utilization technology

The water circuit has 5 levels to make sure the water reaches all the most distant corners of the wash compartment and reaches even the most remote corners, reaching the highest washing efficiency class.

High performance and long service life. No brushes on the inverter motor in the water system reduces friction losses. Pump and flow heater combined in one unit. compact and lightweight.

Load sensor detects the amount of dishes loaded in the dishwasher and ensures optimum water quantity for brilliant results. If there are few dishes in the machine, less water will be needed to wash them.

Program start can be delayed

Wash whenever you want. For example, during the day when you’re at work, so that by your arrival the dishes are clean. Or at night, when the reduced electricity tariff comes into effect.

Gentle glass cleaning technology automatically adjusts the hardness of the water in the washing chamber to not less than 5 pH by adding tap water if necessary.

Extra space for tall dishes thanks to the Rackmatic system that allows you to adjust the height of even the loaded upper basket, thereby changing the capacity of the upper and lower boxes.

Display is
Energy consumption per cycle 1,050Wh
Number of packs to be placed 12
Maximum power consumption 2400 W
Water consumption per cycle 11.7 л
Delayed start timer there is
Inverter motor available
Type of drying condensing
Water purity sensor available
Automatic detection of water hardness no
Minimum temperature (C) 50°C
Maximum temperature (C) 65°C
Number of programs 4
Half loading mode there is
Standard Program yes
Express program (quick cycle) there is
Economy program there is
Washing program no
BIO-program (using bio-additives) no
Delicate program for fragile dishes no
Rinse mode no
Pre-rinse (soak) mode no
Child lock no
Leak protection there is
A third basket no
Automatic door opening no
Using the “3 in 1” products there is
Beam on the floor no
Salt indicator there is
Rinse Aid Indicator it is
Beep signal no
The ability to connect to hot water no
Height-adjustable dish basket there is
Lighting no

I bought Bosch, because the quality is in the details. Reliable (tight, well-locked) water connection under the top shelf (be sure to see if you take another sink). Washing quality is fine, I use Finish all-in-one tablets (be sure to adjust the water hardness, you may still need salt). Quiet operation is satisfactory. Capacious (do not take 40, if the place allows you to put 60). A good brand, for an adequate price. The filter inside the sink is much better than low-priced brethren. No childproofing, I like it. Opened the door while washing, finished, corrected, closed (of course, immediately the work of the machine is suspended until the door is closed). Saw the filter in the water inlet hose. Simple appearance (does not clutter). Easy to operate. Assembly Poland (I think they assemble it better than us or in China). Washes away old grease that has accumulated for a long time (this is a merit, of course. Chemicals. Finish tablets). The stickers are half glued very cleverly, you can easily remove them if you want or glue them in their entirety. The plastic quality, the smell is pleasant.

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I use it recently, there are no major flaws. If you suck it out of your finger: after washing a lot of moisture on the walls, which does not dry out; old grease that has accumulated over the years, does not wash the first time; takes a long time to wash (3 hours), and if you turn on accelerated (1 hour), makes a lot of noise; there is no adapter from cold water to sink; no specific instructions for this machine, but goes general for several models at once; inside the sink, there is a water connection that breaks when you pull out the top shelf (reliability); when the program ends, it turns off immediately or after a long time (it would be nice if there was an adequate delay of 20 minutes or 10 minutes); buckwheat, which is dried, not all washed (a little can be met).

The dishwasher is the first, and hopefully the last. I have just bought it, so all I have written is is a first impression. I love the free delivery to the apartment (up to the 6th floor, albeit with elevator) upon payment, upon receipt and inspection.

Bosch oven series

Series 2: The essentials 2. Series 4: convenience and comfort 3. Series 6: cooking now easy 4. Series 8: with innovative technology and stylish design

Bosch ovens are practical, reliable and easy to use. The clever design allows you to cook with no hassle and with the best results. And the renowned quality of the German brand guarantees a long period of flawless service.

bosch, silence, sms24aw01r, serie

Series 2: The essentials

Ovens in this series. reliable and functional appliances. This series is distinguished by its affordable price and ease of use. Controls are handy rotary switches. Not too many heating modes (top/bottom, bottom only, grill, etc.). They are all intuitive and you won’t have any trouble selecting the right one. Convection, that is compulsory circulation of hot air in the cooking chamber, is among the functionalities. That ensures uniform temperature distribution and therefore better cooking. Bosch 2 Series ovens typically have a capacity of 66-67 liters. Thanks to convection, you can cook on several levels at the same time, and the flavors will not mix and spoil the taste of the food. The cleaning system is in most cases traditional, the removable door (as in Bosch HBN211S0J) can be removed and washed separately. Some models (e.g. Bosch HBN211W6R) are equipped with catalytic cleaning.

Series 4: Comfort and convenience

Ovens in this range combine practicality, stylish design and a reasonable price. These appliances are equipped with an LED display with timer function for clear, easy-to-read operation: settings are right at your fingertips. 8 heating modes let you choose the right one for your meal. Some models (e.g. Bosch HBF534EW0R) also have a pizza mode and defrosting option. Thanks to the fan assisted convection system, even cooking is easy. Telescopic running rails for extra convenience. Most Bosch 4 Series ovens have the innovative EcoClean coating on the rear wall. It consists of tiny ceramic spheres that break down fat at high temperatures. As a result, the interior is cleaned each time you use the oven without any effort on your part. It is worth mentioning that nearly all the models (such as the Bosch HBF 534ES0R or the Bosch HBF534EB0R) are equipped with a child lock, which ensures safe use.

Series 6: Cooking makes it easy

If you’re looking for more than just an appliance. you’re looking for a real kitchen helper, Bosch 6 Series ovens are a good choice. With the use of automatic programs any dish will turn out great the first time. You only need to set the weight of the food and start the process, and the AutoPilot function automatically sets the desired mode, temperature and even turns off the oven on time. The capacity of these appliances is quite big. 71 l. Depending on the model, there is an informative multifunctional LCD display or TFT screen with touch control buttons. Number of heating modes. 10 or less. As a rule, there is a fast heating function that allows reaching the desired temperature in a short time. This saves considerable time, since you can start cooking almost immediately after turning the appliance on. The option to memorize programs (as in Bosch HBB356BW0R) is very convenient. the next time you cook the same dish, you can restore all the settings at the touch of a button: heating mode, temperature, and required time.

The units in this range are cleaned with EcoClean coating on the side, rear and top walls. Some models (e.g. Bosch HBG578BS0R) have a pyrolytic function. This mode safely locks the oven and then heats it to a very high temperature. All impurities are burned off, you only need to dispose of the ash afterwards. This cleaning system is one of the most efficient and easy to use.

Series 8: innovative technology and stylish design

Series 8 ovens are next-generation appliances that incorporate the latest developments from Bosch engineers. A whole range of functions to help you prepare the perfect dish:

  • The PerfectBake sensor monitors the moisture level of your baked goods and automatically stops the process when the consistency is optimal. the cake won’t stay soggy and the muffin won’t dry out.
  • The PerfectRoast probe, which, for example, the Bosch CMG6764B1 model is equipped with, will determine the temperature inside the baked meat with an accuracy of one degree. You don’t have to keep checking the oven to make sure you don’t miss the right moment.
  • The Assist function allows you to set the temperature, time and heating mode for the dish you want just by choosing the appropriate name from the list.

You’ll also find ovens with advanced functionality. For example, Bosch HNG6764S6 is designed for steam cooking. One of the important advantages of this series is the maximum comfort and clarity of control via Control Ring switch. With a simple turn of the ring, you can adjust any setting. All information is displayed on the TFT touchscreen display. Cooking with this technique is incredibly simple and easy.

Manuals and Certificates

Product specifications may differ from those listed on the website, please check product specifications at the time of purchase and payment. All information on the site about the goods is for reference only and is not a public offer in accordance with paragraph 2 of Article 437 of the Civil Code We ask you earnestly when buying check the availability of the desired functions and features.

Dishwasher detergents

The Bosch Serie|2 EcoSilence Drive SMS25AW01R dishwasher is covered by the official 1 year Bosch warranty.

All the goods sold by Internet-shop, are brand new and have a warranty service period in manufacturers service centers or ONLINE TRADE service center.RU. Customers who buy digital photos and videos, peripherals, communicators or other equipment in our store, get a cash register receipt and warranty card with the stamp of our store together with the goods. Go to Warranty

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