Bosch s4 silver battery is serviceable or not

Bosch Silver S4 S5 Car Battery Product Catalog

If you are interested in trouble-free operation of your vehicle, then buying a reliable spare part will be the only right solution. Original components from reputable manufacturers are the key to the longevity of car use, and experienced drivers are well aware of this.

Thus one of the most popular purchases is traditionally considered a car battery Bosch. This product comes in several variations, so each car owner can choose the optimal product model and use it for its intended purpose.

It should be noted that the assortment list of Bosch batteries is usually presented in four categories, differentiated by the specialization and application of products:

  • Bosch S3 battery. Economy class. Usable life lasts for 2-3 years of operation.
  • Bosch S4 Battery. Mid-range battery. Lasts for 3-5 years.
  • Bosch S5 Battery. Improved version of the battery. Works perfectly under any conditions. Designed for 5-7 years of use.
  • Bosch S6 Battery. Fitted in cars of prestige class. functions for about 7 years.

The most popular products are considered to be the products of categories S4 and S5, and the actual catalog of our online store proves this fact clearly. The necessary Bosch battery can be found here without a slightest effort, and references from regular customers are the best proof of that.

Bosch Silver Plus battery: how to distinguish a fake?

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Any well-known product brand, both foreign and domestic, which sells well, try to counterfeit.

Not an exception in the battery arena. It is the German batteries that are most often tampered with.

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Nowadays, one of the most reliable and popular batteries on the market is the Bosch Silver Plus, because of its ability to operate at extremely low temperatures and its long life.

How to distinguish an original Bosch Silver Plus battery from a counterfeit?

The battery case should be in perfect condition, just as it is stamped at the factory.

Counterfeit batteries often fail to hold their original shape, resulting in varying depths of notches, terminal lead channels, and plastic deformation.

All of this can be seen with the naked eye during a routine inspection of the battery.

Indication of the place of manufacture

The case of the original Bosch Silver Plus battery is marked with the place of manufacture of the particular battery. This is necessary so that if a manufacturing defect occurs, it is possible to trace exactly where the technical failure occurred.

Fake batteries are rarely labeled and cannot give information where the battery was manufactured.

Bosch car batteries are also marked with the date of manufacture. This is due to the use of special technology, which allows you to read the date of manufacture of each particular battery on the body.

In counterfeit batteries the date can be not inserted at all or the year of production can be only stated.

Original batteries contain the full production date: date, month, year.

Buy original batteries for a car or any other type of equipment with delivery within Nizhny Novgorod you can in the online store “Center-AKB”.

Автомобильный аккумулятор Bosch S5. Как держит заряд аккумулятор Bosch S5 при минусовой температуре?

Bosch battery range

Since we are interested in batteries for cars, our brief review presents only these ranges. There are virtually no serviceable, demountable battery models.

Bosch S3

This series is designed for cars with minimal power consumption. When it comes to new cars, these are mostly small cars. These batteries are also suitable for used cars made quite a long time ago.

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Despite their affordable price, Bosch S3 batteries are of high quality and reliability. For pragmatic motorists such a battery is an ideal choice.

Bosch S4 Silver

The most universal series of car batteries from Bosch guarantees stable power supply to the onboard network and reliable starting of the engine, regardless of external temperature. This range includes models that can be installed on most makes and models of passenger cars in the world. All are characterized by excellent performance and an unbeatable combination of cost and quality.

The S4 Silver series battery models are recommended for installation on European and Asian (produced according to the JIS standard) medium-duty vehicles, i.e. with the average level of electricity consumption.

Having the increased starting current, these batteries successfully operate in all climatic zones, being easy to maintain and having the durability at the level of the declared values.

Other advantages of the Bosch S4 Silver series:

  • 15% higher starting current and 20% longer service life of the silver series compared to similar models from other manufacturers;
  • stable starting of power units in all climatic zones;
  • Compliance with the requirements of the world’s leading car manufacturers.

Bosch S5 Silver Plus

Even more powerful line of batteries includes a lot of innovative solutions, which helped to bring these batteries to a new level. Use of the “silver technology” in manufacturing of plates and the active zone has allowed increasing the starting current without increasing the battery dimensions. The company’s engineers have also managed to increase the service life of S5 Silver Plus car batteries by 30%.

Russian consumers should note: the manufacturer claims that the batteries of this series ensures reliable starting of the power unit at the most extreme subzero temperatures.

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The choice of models is great, you can choose a model for almost any car, but we recommend S5 Silver for cars with a large number of consumers of electricity, as well as vehicles equipped with powerful diesel engines.

It may also be noted that these batteries are ideally suited for work in an urban mode with short trips and long idling in traffic.

Bosch S5 EFB

In the manufacture of batteries of this series uses proprietary Enhanced Flooded Battery technology, which acronym is shown in the name of the line. The essence of it lies in the use of special envelopes that envelop the plates and have microscopic pores. The diameter of these holes is such that it prevents electrolyte leakage, but does not interfere with current flow. As a result, the active zone is much better retained on the plate surface, extending battery life.

  • higher inrush current than the S5 Silver Plus series;
  • The possibility of using them in cars equipped with the Start-Stop system;
  • affordable cost;
  • ability to provide a higher number of charge-discharge cycles.

Bosch S6 AGM HighTec

The latest AGM battery series is characterized by increased resistance to multiple charge-discharge cycles and no fear of deep discharge. These batteries are completely maintenance-free and have higher vibration resistance and are not afraid of jolts and impacts.

S6 AGM HighTec are recommended for luxury cars, SUVs and power-hungry models. The batteries have also proven themselves in water transport, as power sources for trailers, motor homes and similar vehicles.

  • high vibration resistance and mechanical strength;
  • absolute tightness;
  • ease and safety of operation;
  • horizontal mounting capability.

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