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bosch, 1440

Ремонт Bosch. Акумуляторна дриль-шуруповерт Bosch PSR 14.4 LI-2 Nano (060397340N) шуруповерт Бош

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bosch, 1440

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Reviews on the Bosch PSR 1440 LI-2 Cordless Electric Screwdriver, 14.4 V Li-ion 2×1.5 Ah

Photos of buyers
Popular Reviews And Alexey May 28, 2021. I have been using it for 1.2 years at home. Assembled one rack of profiles and screwed the sheets to the fence. Impressions were good, here I bought handles in the windows with childproof locks. Started changing them and started smoking from the motor, thought I would just change the brushes and that would be it. It turned out that the brushes are not available and need to change the engine on Alie Express costs 1500 shipping 500r and that the repair of 2000r. Thought I’d give it back under warranty, found the receipt. The warranty is till April and now the end of May. Didn’t use it in winter, too bad. Disadvantages: Weak resource, the repair is expensive. Do not recommend it! SS Svetlana Shamsheva Leroy Merlin, Saint-Petersburg Good morning, Alexey ! We apologize for the product disappointing you. Always not nice product failure at the worst time. We hope that future purchases will bring only positive emotions. Respectfully Leroy Merlin team. SS Sergei Solomennikov Recommended May 23, 2021. I think you should not take this model and consider analogues. Although I’ve used it a lot and often, it’s the only Bosch tool that upsets me. But repairable. The advantages: easy to use, two batteries is very practical. Pretty powerful, drills steel concrete. Disadvantages: In 6 months. The engine burned out and was replaced under warranty. After 3 years the engine went to hell again. DD Denis Dmitriev Sergey. Good day. Thank you for your feedback. Sorry if the product you bought was not what you hoped for. But judging by the pics you posted and your description (about drilling concrete) the electric screwdriver had an active working life. like a professional tool. Andrey May 14, 2021. Used exactly one year with 10.05.2020 to 09.05.2021. Bought the tool on 05/2021 for 8,099. Operation of the tool “Electric screwdriver Bosch PSR 1440” was sparingly home. Advantages: Everything was satisfactory during use. How to use “Bosch PSR 1440 Electric Screwdriver”. Disadvantages: The motor has already burned out on two tools “Bosch PSR 1440 Electric Screwdriver Drill”. (sparked and smoked) at idle speed. It is the second tool “Electric screwdriver Bosch PSR 1440” on which the engine burns out. This is a disgrace for Bosch. Igor Kiselev (Department of Tools St. Petersburg) Andrey, good day! Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for the inconvenience. We recommend you to address through a store or independently to the authorized service center of company Bosch (addresses of SC are registered in the guarantee card). The return or exchange of a difficult technical product is only possible after a report from the service center, unfortunately this is an obligatory procedure. We hope for a speedy resolution of the situation in your favor. We will be glad to see you again in Leroy Merlin stores ! D Dmitry March 24, 2021. Handy Advantages: Powerful Disadvantages: Took it in August 2016. After 4 years it sparked and began to smoke, the cause is being investigated. Used rarely. Sergey Zinchenko NW Good afternoon, Dmitry! Thank you for your feedback. A little sparking is acceptable with a collector motor, it can also indicate wear and tear on the brushes. A lot of sparks along with the smell suggests a possible armature or stator short circuit. We hope your next purchase will bring you only positive emotions! DM Mikhail Denisyuk Recommended 30 July 2020. I work renovating and finishing apartments, bought this screwdriver at the beginning of 2017. I am very surprised but I still work with it today and I am sure I will still work with it tomorrow. Absolutely copes with its work. I screw them ceilings with GKL and drill tiles, metal drill, sometimes stir the paint, mix grout, drill wood, all and where you can twist a drill submeshivat in the repair of apartments it does it. assemble some scaffolding, take something apart, screw up baseboards. Sometimes it helps to unscrew, unscrew, unscrew. I am pretty happy with it. Over the years, the chuck has already formed a backlash, not a big one, but not critical. I already want something new. I read some other reviews, they say that the cartridge unscrews. The spindle is locked, the bit can be tightened by hand and nothing will fall out, before I tightened the chuck with lapping, and the bits fell out, now I just pressed the button the bit got tightened, then hand tightened a bit and enjoy the work. Advantages: Two batteries, backlight, spindle lock. Disadvantages: I can not find a new battery for it. I kept one battery too long on the charger and it will not charge now. Recommended by Sergey on February 16, 2021. My sister borrowed this screwdriver from a neighbor when he was assembling her kitchen, tried it out, liked it, a couple of months later I bought it for myself, I really regret that I did not take before, I used a drill converted into a screwdriver, always need a socket and my arm got tired. Now repair causes only positive emotions. The power 14 is enough for home use, two batteries is a big plus, the charge lasts a long time. And as for the negative reviews, so the defect everywhere gets. I have a friend who also bought it for me and likes it. The only thing as I wrote in the lack of bit sometimes falls out, t.е. No stopper, although I have it even on the electric screwdriver, but it does not interfere with the work, unless of course you work on the roof. In the end I would give it a solid 4.5. Bought in Mega, Aksai 23. Generally a good store. I do not work in Leroy) Advantages: Lightweight, powerful, fits well in the hand. Disadvantages: Sometimes the bit falls out Yuri Yursanych Recommended May 15, 2020. Bought in Leroy Merlin 2 electric screwdriver in 2017. The overall impression is positive. Both worked for exactly 3 years. I bought it a little more than a year ago with a sledgehammer and a file, most likely still under warranty, got it at a discount. Advantages: Lightweight, good in the hand, the backlight shines well in the right place, the batteries are charged quickly. Disadvantages: the play in the chuck of both screwdrivers, in the beginning, in the cold the batteries are quickly discharged. Bits don’t hold well, constantly need to tighten, lost more than one expensive bit ( 220 pcs.) But on the whole I am satisfied. I’m looking for another brand now, I want to try KRÜGER KD-18LI. (Three years of use is not enough. AM Armen Mkrtchyan Recommended 10 June 2021. I have one with buttons that don’t work, but otherwise a good one, I’ve even driven a 150 tapping screw into a 200 bar and the motor was intact and working before it stopped responding to the button altogether. At the beginning the button starts to stick, then it stays inside, and at the end it is loose, but it does not work anymore. I LOST MORE THAN ONE EXPENSIVE BIT ( 220 PCS.) I STILL HAVE THE BATTERIES AND CHARGER FROM THE SECOND ONE AND EVEN THE CASE IS NEW. Wish I could use it. I think I will probably buy something else for the third time Advantages: it charges quickly Disadvantages: button of infrared Igor Kiselev (Tools department SPb) Afternoon, Armen. All Bosch tools have a 2 year warranty, if this time has not passed since the purchase, we recommend contacting a service center. Anton July 03, 2021. The screwdriver was a joy, I used it in the home, not overloaded. At the most inopportune moment just burned out the motor. I used to trust Bosch, but now no. By the way, at work is a screwdriver other manufacturer (cheaper). I’ve been using it for a year now (thick metal, I drill many holes at once).he does not care. Advantages: Flashlight, fits comfortably in your hand Disadvantages: The main part is not durable. engine. CM Stanislav Malinovsky Anton, good day ! We apologize for the inconvenience. Sorry that the product can not meet your expectations. We recommend contacting a service center for diagnosis and repair. We hope your next purchases will leave only positive impressions. Recommended by Valery May 29, 2020. I bought it about four years ago! Works and at the moment perfect! Very happy with it, the battery charges very quickly and lasts a long time! What I have not experienced! I recommend it to everyone! My relative bought it after me and was very happy with it too! Super Advantages: Very easy to hold and lightweight! Charging indicator is also a very good thing Disadvantages: No Alexei September 08, 2020. Rare junk. It looks like a Bosch, but it is made like a cheap Chinese thing. Bought it for the home and occasional use. The button broke. It costs 2000 for a new one. 2500. After a while lost charging. I do not recommend this product to anyone! Advantages: There are none Disadvantages: The button broke and failed charging unit Zarina Sagandakova Alexei, good day! Thank you for visiting our site. Sorry the product was not what you hoped for. Faulty power tool you can give in a service center directly or do it through our store. Recommended by Alexander on July 09, 2020. Advantages: Compact, powerful Disadvantages: After 2 years of infrequent use the engine began to smoke, I ordered a new one on a well-known Chinese website and decided to buy another one, which would be interchangeable batteries, charging and other things. Fig. The screwdriver has degraded, the batteries of the same model are different, they became thicker, the charging contacts have changed, the overall appearance is also deteriorated With Stanislav February 10, 2021. After 1.5 years it started to emit thick smoke. If they can help with the warranty will let me know. Advantages: handy and lightweight Disadvantages: there is no hand or belt fastener Zarina Sagandakova Stanislav, good day! We are sorry you had to face this situation. If the conclusion of the ASC will be detected a factory defect, you can return the money or exchange the goods. IG Igor Graf June 12, 2020. I bought it a little over a year ago and may still be under warranty, I took it at a discount. I recently decided to drive a self-tapping screw and it gave off sparks and a smell. good stuff but does not last long. The advantages: light, flashlight Zarina Sagandakova Igor, good day! Thank you for visiting our site. The little sparking is normal for a collector motor, also it could be a sign that the brushes are worn out. A large number of sparks along with the smell indicates a possible armature or stator short circuit. For an accurate diagnosis of the tool, please contact a service center, the nearest one can be found here: You can also use the online repair service, more info here: AR Andrei Ryaporov March 25, 2021. The screwdriver is fine, but for that kind of money it should last longer. Advantages: handy to work with. Used infrequently. Disadvantages: Four years later the device began to smoke, as always at the most inopportune moment. Vladimir Vinokurov Hello, Andrey! Thank you for visiting our web-site and for your feedback. We’re sorry this product didn’t live up to your expectations. We hope that future purchases will bring only positive emotions. Oleg Oleg Recommended July 24, 2020. All would be fine, but after a year and a half, sparked. And died. Although I rarely used it. It used to be cheaper, but it worked for over three years until it was stolen. Advantages: At first glance WAH ! Everything worked. Disadvantages: It died quickly, even though it looks like new. Glitched and then tried to light up. Recommended by Renat on June 04, 2020. When working, the chuck unscrews Advantages: quality price Disadvantages: when working, the chuck constantly unscrews Leroy Merlin Kazan-2 Customer Service Project Specialist Good day, Renta! Thank you for your feedback. Hope your experience will help other customers when choosing a product!

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Design and diagram of an electric screwdriver

DC motor, speed reducer, starting button with a regulator and a direction switch, and a battery are housed in the tool case. The differences in the wiring diagrams are determined by the motor control method used. The power transistor with PWM controller is used most often, which enables the smooth rotation speed adjustment.

The transistor is mounted on the motor housing or on a heat sink for better heat dissipation. The board with the controller, if small, is often located inside the starter button.

The electric motor has a cylindrical casing with permanent magnets attached inside. They create the magnetic field in which the armature turns with a winding of copper wire, its leads are connected to the collector brushes. The supply voltage is fed to the collector through the carbon-graphite brushes, and its polarity determines the direction of rotation of the armature. A pinion drive is pressed on the motor axle and interacts with the gearbox.

Most types of screwdrivers have a planetary reduction unit that allows the user to choose the speed required for the work: low speed for screwing and high speed for drilling. There is a mechanical load adjustment on the gearbox to regulate the force with which the screws are tightened.

Battery with an output voltage of 9 to 18 volts is used as the power source. A higher voltage can increase the power and reliability of the tool. Modern screwdrivers have lithium-ion and lithium-polymer cells instead of the old nickel-cadmium ones. Despite the high cost, they are small in size and have better performance characteristics.

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