Bosch psb 500 re cartridge replacement

Bosch PSB 500 RE drill

The German brand Bosch has no less than 360 subsidiaries placed in different countries, which among other products supply one of the world’s best power tools. Your home or apartment renovation will be a success with the Bosch PSB 500 RE impact drill. The drill is ergonomically designed to drill 10 mm holes in concrete and steel, even though it is lightweight.

Features of this model include electronic speed control, which can be optimally adjusted for precise drilling and screw driving of fasteners. Very convenient for home use that the drill is cordless rather than cordless. No need to be distracted from recharging. The drill is designed so that the integrated function switch allows you to work in comfort and continuity.

Features of the Bosch PSB 500 RE:

  • Two-handed operation
  • Lock-on button
  • Quick-action keyless chuck
  • Choice of drilling depths
  • Reverser function
  • versatility

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Can’t find a spare part? Send us an inquiry and we will find it for you:

Didn’t find the part? Send us a request and we will find it for you:

Didn’t find the part? Send us an inquiry and we will find it for you:

Unusual malfunction of a Bosch torch

Bosch torches are very reliable. But there are failures that are almost never seen in practice. Here is one of them.

Bosch allows drilling, not piercing

If your Bosch rotary axis stops drilling but still lets you drill, the most likely cause is a “drunk bearing” failure. This fault is not very common and it can be difficult to find.

No need to go to a repair shop to fix it. Anyone with a little mechanical understanding can do it.

New Drunk Bearing

First you have to dismantle the Bosch torch down to the intermediate shaft. Disassembly procedure is given above.

By removing the intermediate shaft, you get to the “drunk bearing”. A damaged roller bearing is indicated by a broken cage, scattered balls, pieces of the cage.

Take out bearing, remove dirt, all parts of broken mechanism.

Buy a new “drunken bearing” and, having lubricated all parts with new grease, replace and reassemble in the reverse order of disassembly.

Bosch PSB 500 RE operating instructions

the dust ring can wear out quickly

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If damaged, replace this ring.

Install the dust extraction device (refer to “Installation of the dust extraction device” on page 31). fig. Push suction unit 12 from the front towards the lower end of the machine

side of an impact drill. Check that it is tightly seated

of the suction device 12 to the body and its fixation.Cleaning the dust extraction device

(see Catalogue 33, page 31). Figure. B-D) The dust container 13 is big enough for approx. 10 holes with

10 mm in diameter.If the suction efficiency drops or if the indicator

If the dust extraction unit is filled to its full capacity (see Figure 14), the

empty the dust container 13. To do this, press the

the knurled surface of the release button 16 and

Remove the dust container 13.Empty and clean the dust container 13. Clean the

dust filter element 17 by tapping on it.Check the filter fixture 17 for damage and

Replace it if necessary.Press on filter fixture 17 and remove

the filter element. Replace the filter cartridge 17 together with the

fixing. When installing the attachment, make sure that,

to remember to put the gasket 18.

Put the dust container 13 back in place and press to

fixing on the smooth surface of the button

release 16.Removing the dust extraction device (see “Removing the dust extraction device (see “Removing the dust extraction device”)). Figure. E) To remove the suction unit 12, press the button

Unlock 20 and pull the suction unit 12

forward.Storing the suction device (see “Storing the suction device”). figure. F)To hide the suction device 12 in its case, remove the

12 suction device, fold it and put on the bracket 21.Install lock 22 or empty the dust container

13, before removing the suction device.

Use the power tool only with

Before performing any work, make sure that,

that the thumbscrew 11 is tightened firmly. Exit

the tool out of control can have its

The auxiliary handle 10 can be turned in any

position to allow safe and

not tiring to work with the tool.Turn the thumbscrew to set

the additional crank 11 counterclockwise and

Turn the knob 10 to the desired position. Then firmly

tighten the thumbscrew 11 in the clockwise direction

arrows.Adjustment of the drilling depth (see “Depth setting”). Figure. G)With the depth stop 1 you can set

desired drilling depth X.Press Depth stop setting button 5 and

Insert the depth stop into the additional handle 10.The groove on the depth stop 1 must

pointing upwards.Pull out the depth stop so that the distance from

the tips of the drill bit up to the end of the depth stop

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corresponds to the desired drilling depth X.

Change the work tool (see chapter “Changing the work tool”). Figure. Н)

Quick-action keyless chuckGrip the rear sleeve 3 of the quick-action keyless chuck firmly

cartridge 4 by hand and rotate the front cartridge case 2 in

n direction so that it is possible to insert

working tool. Insert tool.Hold the rear sleeve 3 of the quick-change chuck firmly

of chuck 4 and rotate the front sleeve 2 by hand with force

Распаковка Bosch PSB 500 RE

in direction o.Screwdriving toolsWhen using bit bits 24 always use

universal holder 23. Use only bit-

bits that fit the screw head.For screwing, set the switch

Review of the Bosch PSB 500 RE impact drill

Greetings to all! I present you a review of the Bosch PSB 500 RE impact drill.

The German company Bosch has existed for a long time and I personally associate it with quality and reliability, and not going into details, chose the drill from this manufacturer. Drill for the household thing necessary, but in my case, the need for it is rare, so I did not even consider the options and chose an inexpensive, simple impact drill, to be able to drill a wall, and a screw to screw.

The drill comes in a convenient snap case. Opens and closes easily and safely.

On the back side is a brief description of the functionality of the drill in several languages, including Russian.

bosch, cartridge

The drill can only be put in the case in one position, on the bottom is a drawing of how and where to put it. The extra handle lay separately, but you can put the drill in the suitcase without taking it off. Depth limiter compartment on the left side. In there you can throw drills and bits if you want, but I did not have them, so I immediately bought a Bosch X-Line accessory kit, 34 items, and keep them in the original carrying case.

Instruction manual, depth stop and extraction handle

  • 500W power
  • Weight 1.6 kg
  • Chuck diameter of 1.5-13mm
  • Quick-action chuck (no need for tools to fix the drill)
  • Operating mode. drilling and drilling with impact
  • Maximum diameter of wood drilling. 25mm
  • Maximum diameter of metal drilling. 8mm
  • Maximum diameter of concrete. 10mm
  • Lockable and lockable power button
  • Reverse

Drills well, wood and foam concrete in no time. It is also no problem to screw in a screw, but concrete is a bit more difficult. Simple and easy to use. All intuitive in operation. The extra handle is nice, locks in easily and is great, adds to the comfort of use. The weight is not much, you can work with one hand, but it’s more convenient and easier with a handle. The power cord is 2.5 meters long, which is plenty.

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At the time of writing the review it was not necessary to drill something, but for the sake of completeness I decided to demonstrate its work on a test piece of wood.

The drill is high quality and can handle its tasks. I get it rarely and therefore its enough power to me, but if you need a drill more than once a month, it is better to shell out and take something more powerful, or take a torch and separately electric screwdriver. I use the drill once every two months, and I’m really happy with it.

General principles and rules for replacing the lawnmower belt

Power belts in lawnmowers are used both to drive cutting blades and to transmit torque to the drive wheels in self-propelled models. If you need to replace this part, follow the following general rules and principles:

bosch, cartridge
  • Use caution: turn the engine off and wait for the blades to come to a complete standstill.
  • De-energize lawn mower on electric models.
  • On models with a gasoline engine, turn out the spark plug.
  • To replace the drive belt, the lawnmower requires access to the underside of the lawnmower.
  • Gasoline models may be turned on their sides so that oil will not enter the carburetor and air filter.
  • Before removing the drive belt, note its position relative to the tensioning and limiting rollers (take a picture or draw a diagram).
bosch, cartridge

If possible, refer to the recommendations in the owner’s manual for your mower. The following information is for reference only.

Bosch PSB 500 RE impact drill

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This product is shipped prepaid.

Gross Weight 2.64 kg
Net Weight 1.66kg
Integrated dust extraction system no
Two or more mechanical speeds no
Max. drilling diameter (wood) 20 mm
Max. drilling diameter (metal) 10 mm
Max. torque 7.5 Nm
Work area illumination no
Speeds 1
Country of Origin Hungary
Spindle with hexagonal recess for bits no
Electronic speed control yes
Chuck diameter 13 mm
Constant speed control no
Max. speeds 3000 rpm
Professional no
Rotations (rpm) 0-3000
Max. drilling diameter (concrete/stone) 13 mm
Number of shocks 48000 beats per minute
Chuck type BZP
Cable length 2.5 м
Reverse yes
Packed in Case
Manufacturer’s item codes 0603127020
Power (W) 500 W
Instruction manual

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