Bosch power mixx 800w how to turn on


Most models of food processors of this brand are equipped with only one motor or motor unit, a container for the products, as well as a set of different attachments.

A powerful motor starts the rotation of the tool and the Bosch Profikubixx MCM 5529 has a gear selector on the housing. To know more about speeds, please read the manual of the device.

According to the reviews it is very convenient, and allows you to choose the relevant option for your specific case.

The pulse mode of the MCM 5529RU allows you to process food very quickly.

Bosch Profikubixx MCM 5529 models have a sleek touch panel with which you control the unit. You can read about how to use the MCM 5529RU in the blender manual.

Bosch profikubixx 800w manual

The Bosch MCM 5529 RU ProfiKubixx user manual is available for download on NoDevice. The user manual is needed to learn how to install and operate the Bosch MCM 5529 RU ProfiKubixx. Instructions for use will help to properly configure the Bosch MCM 5529 RU ProfiKubixx, correct errors and identify problems.

Every second housewife today has a food processor in her arsenal. Such a technique performs a number of useful functions and greatly facilitates the process of cooking all kinds of food. Let us further discuss the main features of the Bosch Profikubixx food processor, because the models of this brand successfully combines high quality and affordable price.


Amazingly simple with Bosch ErgoMixx: perfect results, optimum comfort. After you have finished blending, detach the foot from the device by simply pressing the buttons. Now you can wash it quickly and easily under running water or in the dishwasher. With a Bosch blender, you can choose the right mode for each specific task. Whether you make sauce, cream soup or mayonnaise, simply select one of the 12 speeds depending on the results you want. To use at full power, just press the turbo button.

Overall performance

Lifetime Warranty


Technical features

Length of cable

Number of speeds

The power of the device


Number of nozzles

Other Features



Additional Info

Item weight incl. package (g)

Item height

Package height

The depth of the item

Packing depth

Case Material

Blender type

Item width

Packaging width

Country of manufacture


1 year
140 cm
800 Watt
Non-dangerous goods
1600 г
39.3 cm
42 cm
5.5 cm
20 cm
6.2 cm
13 cm
chopper; blender; measuring cup; documentation

Specifications, delivery set, country of manufacture and product appearance are for reference only and are based on the latest information available from the seller

Buy power tools for the home and garden from the updated Bosch HomeMix cordless line, register promo codes online and get guaranteed gifts: · For 1 promo code you get a 12 or 18 V battery · For 3 Bosch WorkBox Storage System promo codes · For 5 promo codes any power tool from the promo list!

Power tools are used everywhere in the home for a variety of tasks. Cordless tools give the owner the freedom to move around while working. Bosch is consistently developing its HomeMix ecosystem of cordless tools for the home and garden. Ecosystem slogan One battery for your home and garden.

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As part of the HomeMix ecosystem, there are two product lines of cordless tools and compatible appliances: The Compact 12V and the Power 18V.

Cylindrical twelve volt batteries fit into the handle of the tool. These tools are compact and lightweight.

Eighteen-volt batteries are larger and offer more power tool performance.

They are guaranteed to fit any tool bearing the Power4All 18V System icon. The extensive product line includes: power tools, garden equipment and household appliances. In this video, we take an in-depth look at the structure and benefits of the Bosch Power 18V.

All Bosch home and garden tools that use Li-Ion batteries are equipped with a special Syneon Chip controller that ensures a constant power level until the battery is completely discharged. The Syneon Chip optimizes the consumption of battery power according to the tool load, which increases battery life.

Every tool in the HomeMix ecosystem can be purchased in one of three versions: with one or two batteries and a charger, and a Solo without battery and charger.

Owning a tool with one or two batteries and a charger when you buy the next device of the same ecosystem, you can save up to fifty percent of the cost by selecting the delivery variant Solo.

The Power 18V system includes six battery types with capacities of 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4 and 6A·ч.

1.5 Amp Batteries·Only found in tool kits and not sold separately.

Batteries with a capacity of 2.5 amps·Included with the tool or sold separately.

bosch, power, mixx, 800w, turn

Batteries with 4 and 6 amp capacity·h available in retail stores.

The higher the capacity, the more expensive the battery. However, the device will also last longer. Two or more batteries give you more run time. While one battery is in use, the second battery is being charged.

The Bosch AL 1815 CV is only supplied with the tool. Charging current 1.5 ampere.

Bosch AL 1830 CV included in tool kit or sold separately. Charging current of 3 amps, so batteries charge faster.

The Bosch AL 1880 CV is included with the Bosch Unlimited vacuum cleaner and allows very fast charging of the batteries with 8 A.

Kits are also available with one or two batteries and a battery charger.

For each scenario of tool use, you can choose the best battery for the job. For example, if you use a classic power tool, such as an electric screwdriver, multitool, angle grinder, etc. п., Two batteries with a capacity of 1.5 to 2.5 A are sufficient·ч.

When using a household or garden vacuum cleaner, a 2 to 6 amp battery is more effective for extended use·ч.

Bosch Unlimited vacuum cleaner comes complete with an effective brush for all floor types, an extension tube, and a set of interchangeable cleaning attachments. It’s convenient that a single battery format is used for both tools and appliances.

The Bosch Power 18V range allows you to choose the optimal tool for your applications in the workshop, at home or in the garden.


The assortment of ТМ Bosch includes choppers with high quality stainless steel body and shockproof plastic. With compact size, the devices are equipped with a powerful motor and meet European quality standards. The manufacturer is scrupulous when checking its products for defects. No defective Bosch appliances on the market.

And the chopper also has a safety system and locking, rubber feet that help grip the unit with the work surface on which it is installed. The electric units can be easily disassembled and cleaned from the processed food with no effort. What is very important for many thoughtful housewives. bowls and knives can be washed in the dishwasher.

German assembly quality deserves a top place in the ranking of the best. Universal shredder with a cover made of durable plastic.

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Materials do not absorb odors, stain food and do not change color over time. The blades effortlessly chop nuts to the consistency of flour, prepare airy soufflés and delicate pâtés, mix ingredients for baby food. Many models come with an emulsion nozzle for homemade sauces and harmless mayonnaise.

The brand has thought through all the details for the comfort of the user. Chopper models are equipped with a long cord. Stainless knives do not need sharpening and last for years. Some choppers with a large bowl come with a disk to whip cream and whites. The devices have overheating protection. It is very convenient.

The difference between choppers and food processors is in their compact size and additional parts. The optimal variant of an electric shredder for a home kitchen is a device with a power of 200-300 watts. Bowl capacity can be selected individually for the number of people for whom you are preparing a meal.

Bosch appliances with a power indicator from 600 watts can be used even for production purposes, because they can work virtually without interruption.

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Bosch food processor power mixx 800w manual read. Rating sites by topic

Instructions: 1) To make it you will need: food processor, or a hand blender, mixer or, This recipe works with casein or other protein mixtures, it makes the ice cream even creamy! Ice cream with high protein, low

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Signs and causes of malfunctions

The following symptoms are indicative of machinery in need of repair:

  • New sounds came up that were not there before in use. squeaks, squeaks, banging, and others.
  • There is a bad smell of burning wiring.
  • Defects in the form of chips, cracks, and cracks have appeared on the components.
  • The unit is working irregularly or not in the specified mode.
  • The case heats up during the operation.
  • The device does not turn on at all.

Any of the parts included in the apparatus can fail, which makes troubleshooting for inexperienced users more difficult. Malfunctions are caused both by mechanical damage and by faulty electrical circuits.

Important! If the equipment is still under warranty, it is better not to disassemble it yourself, and immediately take it to the service center. If the body is opened, there is a breach of the agreement and this could lead to the refusal of free repairs.

If the failure is mechanical in nature, it is manifested by the fact that the rotation is not transmitted to the working body. There are only two possible causes:

  • The belt is worn or torn. typical problem with belt-driven machines. In this case, it is sufficient to replace the damaged element with a new one;
  • Wear of the key on the rotor shaft is a typical situation with direct-drive units. In this case, it will also be necessary to replace the part.

When there is damage to the electrical wiring, the procedure depends on the extent of the damage. With minor problems, such as a blown fuse, switch or cord, worn motor brush, you can try to cope with yourself. You must follow the instructions strictly and have the right tools and materials on hand. If the problem is more serious. the motor broke, you need to rewind the armature, replace the board or collector, it is better to seek help from professionals. Otherwise, there is a high probability of aggravating the situation and damaging not only the equipment, but also your own health.

Attention! If the equipment that is under warranty fails, it is better not to engage in self-diagnosis and repair, and contact a service center. The specialists will carry out the necessary repair work or replace the device for a new one, if it cannot be repaired.

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