Bosch pof 1400 ace table mounting

For Bosch POF 1400 ACE Mill table (worktop)

#xA0;#x261D; Warning! The price of 3750 is for the kit for self-assembly photo 2 (table for bosch pof 1400 ace router, tabletop) #xA0;#x27A8; The price of 3750 includes: #xA0;#x2713; 18 mm thick laminated plywood table top, size 750 mm 610 mm #xA0;#x2713; three slots for guides #xA0;#x2713; three aluminum guides #xA0;#x2713; self-tapping screws to fix the guides #xA0;#x2713; aluminum stop 5050 and 2 mm thick #xA0;#x2713 slot in the center of the stop to work with the router #xA0;#x2713; a pair of screws and wing bolts to secure the stop #xA0;#x2713; a video guide for tabletop assembly #xA0;#x2713; a video guide (installation of Bossh PCF 1400 ACE router into the table) #x261D; Free installation of your router in the tabletop. #x261B; If you want to buy a Bosch 1400 ACE #x2013; its price will be 9-10 t.р. (new with receipt, warranty and will be built into the countertop, three collets bosch rof 1400 ase) #x27A8; Optionally, you can complete: #xA0;#x2713; elevator for router Bossh 1400 (microlift #x2B;2300r) #x261D; Some of the following accessories require assembly, screw, screw in, assemble. There is an instruction manual for everything. #x2713;#x2713;replace alum. emphasis on the one made of llam. plywood 8010018 (#x2B;450p.)#xA0;#xA0;#x2713; replace the stop locks (thumbtacks) with star handles (#x2B;200p.)#xA0;#xA0;#x2713; add a dust extractor to the lamp stop. plywood (#x2B;400p.)#xA0;#xA0;#x2713; add a transparent protective screen (#x2B;350p.)#xA0;#xA0;#x2713; add a protractor (#x2B;2000p.)#xA0;#x2713; add collapsible wooden pedestal (#x2B;2600p.)#xA0; #xA0;#x2713; add collapsible metal pedestal (#x2B;1800 p.)#xA0;#xA0;#x2713; add electrician (1500 p.) #xA0;#x2713; my assembly from 700 to 1650 #xA0;#x2713; well and all kinds of clamps and so on #x27A8; In the browser version (via computer) there will be a video (where the photo is displayed) on the description and possible application.#xA0; #x2713; Send by SDEK. I will charge 350 #x2713; Delivery within the Moscow Ring Road 500 The plate for the Bosch Pof 1400 ACE is not needed, it is mounted directly to the table top. Bossh 1400 router guide is not needed in this case, it is used as a parallel stop. bosch pof 1400 acer router from tabletop. bosch pof 1400 acer router with pedestal.

Instructions for use / operation of the tool The Bosch hand router POF 1400 ACE

Instruction manual. Manual router Bosch POF 1400 ACE.

Working with the Bosch POF 1400 ACE hand router. To make your work with the tool productive and not causing damage to your health, read all the safety directions and instructions. Failure to follow the safety instructions and instructions may result in electric shock, fire, or serious injury.

Keep these instructions and notes for future reference. The term “power tool” as used in these instructions and guidelines includes mains-powered power tools (with cord) and cordless power tools (without cord). The power tool’s plug must fit into the power outlet.

Never change the plug. Do not use adapter plugs for power tools with a protective grounding. Unchanged plugs and matching sockets reduce the risk of electric shock.

Working with the tool. Switching on the power tool Observe the mains voltage! The power supply voltage must correspond to the data on the nameplate of the power tool. 230 V power tools can be operated on 220 V as well.

RPM adjustment With the thumbwheel 23 you can set the desired RPM even during operation. 1. 2 low RPM 3. 4 medium RPM 5. 6 high RPM The values in the table are guide values. The necessary RPM depends on the material and operating conditions and can be determined practically. Setting the milling depth. The milling depth must only be set when the power tool is switched off. Carry out the rough-in milling depth adjustment as follows: Position the power tool with the attached power tool on the workpiece to be milled POF 1400 ACE: Set fine adjustment knob 18 to the middle position. Turn knob 18 until the marks 19 are in the position shown in the illustration. Then turn the scale 17 to “0” Fine tuning the milling depth (POF 1400 ACE)

After a test run, you can turn the fine adjustment knob 18 to fine tune the milling depth to the desired value; turn the knob counterclockwise to increase the depth, turn it clockwise to decrease the depth. The scale 17 serves for orientation. You change the depth by 2.0 mm with one turn of the knob and 0.1 mm by one mark of the upper edge of the scale 17. The maximum value for changing the milling depth is ± 8 mm. Example: The desired milling depth is 10.0 mm and the test milling application establishes a milling depth of 9.6 mm Raise the vertical milling machine and place the sliding plate underneath, e.g., wooden ob- cutting 7 so that the cutter 21 when lowered did not touch the workpiece. Turn the clamping lever 16 to lock the milling depth and slowly move the vertical milling machine downwards until the depth stop 13 is seated on the step stop 9. Then set the scale 17 to “0” and release the thumb screw 11 Turn knob 18 by 0.4 mm/4 divisions (difference between set and actual value) clockwise and tighten the thumb screw

11.Check the set depth by test milling. After setting the milling depth do not change the position of the slider with the index mark 12 on the depth limiter 13, so that you can always determine the current depth on the scale 14. Fine adjustment of the milling depth (POF 1200 AE) You can pre-set the milling depth with the stepping stop 9. The setting is carried out as described above, the only difference being that by turning the adjusting screws on the shoulder 24 you can change the height of the stops in relation to one another. Milling with auxiliary stop. For large workpieces, e.g. for routing grooves, you can clamp a board or strip as an auxiliary stop on the workpiece and mill along this stop. Move the vertical milling machine with the flattened side of the slide along the auxiliary stop. Edge milling or profile milling When milling edges or profiles the router must be fitted with a guide pin or ball bearing. Approach the power tool with the side of the workpiece so that the guide pin or the ball bearing of the cutter is positioned against the edge of the workpiece to be machined Move the power tool with both hands along the edge of the workpiece. Make sure a rectangular contact is maintained. Too much force may damage the edge of the workpiece. Milling with parallel stop. Insert the parallel stop 31 with the guide rods 30 into the base plate 6 and fasten it as required with wing screws 4. Run the power tool at a constant feed and side pressure on a parallel stop along the edge of the workpiece. Circle milling. Turn the parallel stop 31 surfaces of the fit upward. Insert the parallel stop 31 with the guide pins 30 into the base plate 6 and fasten it with thumbscrews 4 as required. Use thumb screw 33 to clamp the centering pin 32 through the hole on the parallel stop 31. Insert centering pin 32 in the marked center point of the circular arc and mill at a steady feed. Good luck in use! Technical specifications:

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Which table router is best

When selecting a table-mounted milling machine, it’s worth watching to see if there is:

Особенности Bosch POF 1400 ACE и комплект фрез к нему.

  • speed control;
  • spindle lock;
  • Possibility to connect a vacuum cleaner for chip extraction;
  • illumination;
  • motor protection against overheating.

These options greatly extend your workpiece’s milling capabilities and increase safety. These parameters make Bosch and Makita the preferred models.

Testimonial: Handheld milling machine Bosch 1400 ACE. A great device! Helped me take my first steps in woodworking.

Bought this unit for a one-time job. About the reason for buying such a serious tool, so “dummies” in woodworking like me, I’ll write below, in order not to distract with lyrics those readers who are not interested in it.

I ordered it in an online store. After three days of waiting, the courier brought me this wonder of German design ideas!

bosch, 1400, table

The tool was packed in a sturdy plastic case. This is how the device is set up in its “home.

The routing cutter, amazing by its well-thought-out ergonomics. It just begs to be held in my hands, cradling my grips with rubberized inlays!

Even such a dilettante like me (although I had already watched a couple dozen videos on working with the device), managed to understand the basic controls and functions of the device, a quick glance through the instruction manual.

It is clearly written and illustrated for clarity.

Parallel stop, cam stop for curved surfaces and collet change key are located on their designated places in the carrying case.

Three collets, 6 and 8 mm and 3/4 in. For quick change of milling cutter, spindle lock button.

In this router model, the plunging depth. 55 mm and minimum height of the cutter position. 0. RPM adjustable from 11,000 to 28,000 rpm. Speed adjustment is accomplished with an adjustment knob on the top cover.

Unit weighs 3.5 kilograms. Electronics provide a soft start, preventing jerks and facilitating the start of work. To guarantee the required plunging depth, the multistep turret stop.

Stop step height is 3 mm. On top of the housing, there is a wheel fine adjustment, which ensures the position of the cutter to within 0.1 mm.

The machine is equipped with a working area illumination, which is very helpful when milling.

It comes with a copying sleeve, which allows the parts to be made according to a pre-prepared template.

The tool offers the possibility to connect a vacuum cleaner by means of a nozzle designed for this purpose.

The stroke of the cutter on the guides is very smooth, although I have nothing to compare it with, since this is the first tool of this type in my household. To work, I bought a set of cutters, also brand Bosch.

On the back of the case of this kit, there are cutting patterns for each cutter.

Well, that’s probably all I wanted to say, describing this wonderful tool.Now for the motivation to buy the router and get into woodcarving. I had to make the stairs to the second floor of my private home. On the ad site, a craftsman was found who was ready to take on the job. I went to his shop, made sure that the man really deals with woodworking. Looked at photos of his work. Was drawn up a contract, set terms of 1 month, was paid in advance to purchase wood (the stairs were decided to do from beech) and. The master disappeared! No, he answered the phone, but he was constantly sick, had children and broke his equipment, arms and legs. On the day he was to bring me the parts of the stairs and start assembling it he. had an accident. Not believing, I rushed to him, where I was shown a broken car and parts of my construction! The sentence was postponed by two weeks and. the master has stopped to answer calls.Having rushed to another “confrontation” and saw the barn lock on the door of the shop, I learned from the wife of the “walking emergency” that the latter. I was taken to the detention center! Having lost my mind, I took away the components of my ill-starred ladder (thanks God everything was ready) and drawings for its assembly. Of course, I did not pay for the work, because the deadline specified in the contract, was exceeded by 4 months and the subject of the contract was not set in the agreed place!The attempt to find someone willing to assemble this pile of planks into a coherent whole, made on the network. was not successful! No one was willing to finish the job he didn’t start. A couple of days “sitting” on specialized sites, having studied the basics of staircase technology and enriched his lexicon, previously incomprehensible to me terms such as “stringer” and “rods”, boldly decided to collect this construction set himself! From the family budget was allocated 50,000 (part of the amount to be paid for manufacturing and installation) to purchase the necessary tools. And the process of installing the stairs began. Among the list of necessary equipment, assumed to purchase, was a hand mill.I chose the Bosch POF 1400 ACE. Before the incident with the stairs, saw this device only in photos, but as it turned out later, in the choice I was not mistaken.As a result, not without “flaws” (which are visible only to me), the stairs were assembled and have been pleasing their owners for three years and (I hope), decorates our interior.

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After making the stairs, I planned to sell the tool, but I liked working with wood so much that I overcame my “toad” and kept! The more so that the price of the whole set of tools was lower than the budgeted cost of the works on manufacturing and installing the stairs. I use from time to time: then the lock to cut, then install the door, which is also previously did not dare to do myself. Recently, here, gathered my courage and fashioned a set of wooden furniture in the bath.

And while it turns out not as good as professionals, but with a soul and free of charge! Thank you all for reading such a spatial “opus”. Good luck to all!

Reviews for Bosch POF 1400 ACE router, 060326C820, 1400W

Photos of customers
Popular reviews And Andrew recommended June 26, 2021. I will say this, came to buy a milling machine, but at that time there was only a window copy. There was a product on the pallet, looking for a consultant did not bring results. I resigned myself to this and tried all the goods, so to speak, on the tooth, stopped at the milling Bosch 1400 ace. Armed with a set of cutters and the cutter went to the cash register. Since your store chain is open as always a half a checkout line, I chose a smaller one and stood in it. The seller was hard of hearing, there is no question about it, the girl knows and does her job with a giant five plus. And has tremendous patience and hard work. The question to the other consultants, or rather to the management. Please recruit a full staff to the gym. And so! It all came down to the fact that I overpaid by almost 1000 for the tool, many would say, they say, a sucker! But it’s not nice to be cheated at the cash register through the fault of not the cashier, but the bosses of the company! Let your store price tags match the receipts. Sorry for the time I took and thank you! Advantages: got a very good copy, no backlashes or other issues Disadvantages: Questions only on the work of the store. DD Denis Dmitriev Andrew, good afternoon. Thank you for your feedback. Feedback from our customers is very important for us to improve the work of our employees as well as the store. Could you please tell us which store you purchased from?? Yu Yuri September 02, 2020. I bought this device, I trusted the company Bosch, but it was a long shot, checked in the store, the first copy immediately rejected because of the strong backlash in the guides, brought a second, the backlash was significantly less, I took it. Came home, began to work after a few approaches stopped holding the stop, which keeps the cutter in the lower position, took him to the store thought I was sent to the service, then even funnier, the service had some kind of examination and these experts, At the service, held some kind of examination, these experts said that this is not a warranty case, I myself broke the thread on the stopper, even though the lever there on a spring, itself locks, offered to repair for 3000, they say you have to change the BOD, think about it, to repair the stopper, you must change the cutter housing, such a scam I have not met.By the way the service is in Perm called “World Tool” so if you go there, keep your ears open. I took my milling machine from there, wrote a bushing, where screws retaining bolt for 250 r and changed it (in this bushing was a sinking thread in the factory), and all these guarantees, it’s all a scam marketers, not the first time I have faced, they will find a hundred reasons to shift the blame on you. Advantages: if the assembly was of high quality, the unit is good Disadvantages: assembled in a Chinese back alley, drunken Chinese using a sledgehammer and file. Leroy Merlin Perm Customer Service Project Manager Thank you for writing this review. We are sorry that the product you purchased in the store did not meet your needs in full. If you do not agree with the conclusion of the service center, you can have an independent expertise and if it is confirmed that the tool is faulty, we will replace it or refund your money. Please note, that after self-repair and modification of the cutter the warranty is no longer valid. We sincerely hope that your next purchase will bring more positive emotions. Recommend 02 February 2021 Radik. In the kit was not the collet 8 mm were 6 mm and 1/4 Advantages: Not yet ottsentrl Leroy Merlin Ufa Planet Leroy Merlin Ufa Planet Hello, Radik. We apologize for the inconvenience. We will be grateful to see you in the store to solve the situation. In order to avoid such situations in the future, we recommend checking the completeness of the goods at the checkout tables in Leroy Merlin stores. We will be glad to see you in our store. Radik on February 02, 2021. In the kit was not collet 8mm only 6mm and 1/4 Leroy Merlin Ufa Planet Leroy Merlin Ufa Planet Hello, Radik. We apologize for the inconvenience. We would be grateful to see you in the store to resolve the situation. In order to avoid such situations in the future, we recommend checking the completeness of the goods on the inspection tables in Leroy Merlin stores. We will be glad to see you in the store. Recommended by Eugene December 13, 2020. This tool is not bought in Leroy, but through another online store, but decided to leave my review of the cutter (I think it will be helpful). Decided to do carpentry and needed a good (inexpensive) router. I went through a lot of different brands and configurations, read a lot of information and characteristics comparison, and the choice fell on the company Bosch. This brand has two routers for sale, the Bosch Pof 1200 AE and the Bosch Pof 1400. In general, I will not write characteristics of both tools, I bought the Pof 1400. This one has a microlift, workspace lighting and a plastic case, which is absent in the Pof 1200. I really like the tool in operation, the quality is felt, there is NO backlash PRACTICALLY! The only little disadvantage for me is the fact that the light always reacts to the speed of the mill (the slower it is, the dimmer the LED is). No complaints otherwise, the cutter included a good quality. Recently was in Leroy and was very surprised by the price, I bought mine in 2019 for 8500, and now. I thought maybe the store got cheeky, but looked at where I bought it, the price is almost the same. It’s a shame the are going up by leaps and bounds. I recommend the tool, maybe someone my review will be helpful 🙂 Advantages: Bosch Disadvantages: None Denis Yakovlev Customer Service Specialist Hello, Eugene. Thank you for the positive feedback. M Maxim August 15, 2020. Attracted by the case, brand, soft start and RPM support. When checking found an oval copying ring, asked for a replacement, they changed it, took the ring from the second case. Did not use it for a long time. Six months later I was going to install the doors and found out that the cutter is not in the center. Took it to the service department under warranty. We were told that the milling machine is technically fine, we can try to fix the alignment, but most likely it will be the same, it’s a green Bosch. Took it back to the store, thank you very much, they went to a meeting: I wanted to change it, they opened a new case, but the cutter is not in the center there either, they returned the money, though in six months the price went up by 1700 ₽. Bosch is sad. Advantages: Case Disadvantages: Cutter is not centered. The copying ring is oval and only 17mm. For 16 the original does not exist. ZS Zarina Sagandakova Good afternoon, Maxim! We’re sorry the product didn’t meet your expectations. Hopefully, in spite of this case, you will remain our customer. Sergey on January 03, 2020. Pros: Has a good storage case. The kit includes one cutter and small items. Disadvantages: There is an incredibly large amount of play on the guides, even in the clamped position. The sole is made of cheap plastic. The button doesn’t have a latch. Not recommend for purchase! The claims about the quality of the goods were technically rejected.Categorically refused to be replaced by a better product. Recommended January 06, 2020 Nikita. Work with this router. It is a pleasure. Soft start, quiet motor, maintaining constant cutter speed, good soleplate. It is possible to install the routing cutter stationary and use it as a machine tool. Advantages: not high price compared to other stores, accurate adjustments, case, disadvantages: I would like to have more cutters in the kit Sergey Recommended February 02, 2021. The best in its price segment. Carpenter with 19 years experience. Made exhibits for the museum. It is a great machine. Advantages: Microlift, QUALITY. Backlight, soft start. Power. Disadvantages: No. VK Victor Komarov Recommended May 17, 2021. It’s my first router, I bought it to level slabs. Well constructed, powerful, backlit. Dust extraction for triplets, but I think it is a misfortune for all milling machines. Advantages: Case, price/quality Disadvantages: Could not find any, although you can pick up on everything, judging by previous reviews Ruslan recommended March 17, 2020. great for a beginner, we’ll see. Advantages: everything is fine Disadvantages: none Ed Recommended March 25, 2020. I bought it and it may come in handy, it comes with a cutter although I was told it was not, I was forced to check the cutter when I got the warranty

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Router Bosch POF 1400 ACE (060326C820)

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This product is delivered by prepayment.

Electronic speed control

Spindle lock yes
Working stroke of the cutter 55 mm
Gross weight 6.9 kg
Net weight 3.2 kg
Backlighting of the working area yes
Electronic speed control yes
Can be connected to vacuum cleaner yes
Milling machine type Universal
Max. revolutions 28,000 rpm
Maintains constant speed yes
Microlift yes
Included copying bush yes
Corner no
Battery power no
Voltage 220 В
Smooth start no
Professional no
Revolutions (rpm) 11000-28000
Collet (mm) 8
Packed in case
Manufacturer’s item codes 060326C820
Power (W) 1400W
Tool sound Your browser does not support the audio element.

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