Bosch pof 1200 ae installation in the table

Overview of the Bosch POF 1200 AE router

Good day to you all! I suggest you get acquainted with the vertical milling machine Bosch POF 1200 AE.

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Not an easy choice, I must tell you, I had a choice t.к. there are a lot of similar tools on the market for a comparatively equal price. So why Bosch POF 1200 AE, but about that in order below:

The milling machine comes in a cardboard box (HxWxH) 29x16x36cm, with the manufacturer’s seal, which, by the way, specifies the scope of supply, I got the richest of the possible. Expert. (I must pay tribute to the store. Everything is always in its place, although the warranty card was not filled out, but that’s okay. there is an internet registration warranty Bosch)

The Expert package includes: the milling machine itself, of course=);

centering rod, aka compass. allows to mill circles, very handy tool; the copying bush. It allows to work with milling templates, it is a very useful thing, but I think I will not need it for a long time; the copy roller. Paired with the parallel stop, it allows you to mill parallel to the shaped edge; the parallel stop. the most common and popular accessory for milling cutters, needed for milling straight slots under the specified size relative to the edges of the workpiece; a transparent nozzle on the vacuum cleaner for dust extraction; a set of collet chucks consisting of three collets for cutters with shank diameter of 8 mm, 6 mm, and 6.35 mm (1/4″); a wrench for tightening the cutters in the collets. Typical Chinese stamping; brand-name slot cutter 8.0х20.0 shank diameter 8 mm, not CMT of course, but still a plus for the manufacturer; instructions for use. Well, it has two (Russian is present); and “poisonous” smell of cheap Chinese plastic of the beginning of zero years, that’s what I did not expect from Bosch (nostalgia went to the old days =) ), but the smell disappeared quickly enough. after a day nothing smells (or I “sniffed” =)). In general, the kit is very rich and allows you to start working right “out of the box” all the necessary accessories available.

Characteristics declared by the manufacturer.

Motor. 1200 W ;Electronic control of shaft speed from 11 000 to 28 000 rpm; Spindle lock button; SDS plus system for installing the coping bush without additional tools; Maximum stroke of the cutter. 55 mm; Compatible shank cutters. 8 mm, 6 mm, 6.35 mm; Weight. 3.4 kg.

So the Bosch POF 1200 AE itself and its special features.

Despite the use of stinky plastic by Bosch, the plastic is of sufficient quality, no knots and gaps in the housing. No backlash or creaking It is pleasant to hold in your hands (if you do not sniff it for a while =)). The machine handles are ergonomically shaped and have rubberized inlays. I can hold the tool very comfortably. All components are easily accessible with both hands, no need to reach anywhere, everything is in its place. I give the Bosch POF 1200 AE a hard 5 for ergonomics.

Separately, I want to talk about the performance of the controls and tool settings.

The start button (red, like all controls and adjustments of the tool) is made on the right handle under the index and middle fingers, has a nice smooth running (I even thought that it is similar to the screwdriver trigger on the tool t.е. not only on/off, but also enables smooth shaft unwinding, although the manufacturer does not claim it). against accidental pressing of the start button is provided protection in the form of additional button also located on the right handle, but under the thumb, when you press it, the start button is unlocked, then you do not need to hold this button. But the manufacturer has not provided for blocking the start button in operating position (for safety reasons, one should suppose), the start button will have to be kept pressed during all the work (probably, Bosch does not position the tool for long-term work, it is green after all).

Shaft speed adjustment wheel. it is located on the right side of the tool’s top face and is operated with the right thumb. It has graduations from 1 to 6 turns with a click. I really liked the transcription in the manual: 1-2 low RPM, 3-4 medium RPM, 5-6 high RPM, (missing only the signature. Your CEP) could give an approximate number of revolutions for each grade. not good. for you Bosch.

The lever of fixing the milling depth (outreach of the cutter). located on left handle, operated by left thumb, has spring-loaded t.е. press and hold. release it, release it. locked. Somebody’s gonna love it, in my opinion. controversial solution.

Depth stop and milling depth adjustment screw.located above the left tool bar, consisting of the depth adjustment stem, adjustment screw, scale, and indexing flag. Stem.There is a metal pin with a groove for the adjusting screw that holds firmly when you tighten it. Adjustment screw is spring loaded, so it won’t unscrew during operation. credit. And here is the scale is a sham. the error is very large, it is not suitable for adjustment.

Spindle lock button. located above the collet, works well, did not cause any complaints.

The turret stop is finely adjustable (with screws), located on the tool bed, turns with a click, during turning it is slightly backlash-free, but when set in place it stands without backlash.

The copy bushing button is located on the frame on the left side of the rod, makes it easy to install and remove the copy bushing, runs like clockwork. Five firmly.

Dust ejector fixation screws are placed on the bed on a diagonal and are usual screws with a notch for unscrewing by hands.

The screws for locking the parallel stop, located on the frame, are not very special. common thumbscrews.

Now about the tool in work and the rest. This tool is positioned by Bosch, as for home use, but this should be understood in the context of the loads on the tool and the continuous operation time, and it has almost the same capabilities as a professional. The cutter is able to cope with hard wood and even soft metals (aluminum, for example). But there are some disadvantages inherent in a home-use tool, such as a short hard cord of about 2.The lack of electronics and soft starters, the inability to make fine adjustments of the milling depth with the regular adjusters.

I read reviews about it, both extremely positive and negative (probably people compared to expensive professional tools), most scaring reviews about jamming the tool in the boom during the plunge cutter, but in my copy, fortunately, it was not found (although then again, maybe someone wanted to manage a pinky). Power tool for my crafts is enough, but it is subject to reasonable use. Of course, if you drive the cutter to 55 mm in one pass, as some craftsmen like to do (“Why, it’s written. stroke of 55 mm!?”), the speed will drop significantly, and the anchor will not “thank” you for this. I’m sure that for the majority of adequate users its power will be enough.

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To summarize, if you want quality inexpensive tool, if you are not going to work with it in industrial scale, put it in the milling table and are not afraid of “poisonous” smell of plastic, then Bosch POF 1200 AE will be a good choice for you, and a wide range of accessories will allow you to perform various milling jobs without additional investments.

Overview of the Bosch POF 1200 AE router

If you get to the review of such a specific tool as a milling machine, then you are not in danger of a situation that was voiced in the cartoon: “to sell something you don’t want, you have to buy something you don’t want first“. Usually, the cutter is bought for a particular job, after doing that, you may want to sell it, because for almost three years, it came in handy for tasks (works) that can be counted with the fingers of one hand (although I have used a planer not more often). The first of these and the main one to buy. it is a staircase.

Looking at the neighbor, decided to make a ladder with my own hands using a routing cutter. His model (cheaper) broke the plastic length adjuster, so I searched for a model with a metal one. I chose the Bosch POF 1200 AE. For my needs, this model is more than enough. The first job for the router was to make grooves in the stringer under the steps. Sorry about the photos right away: I only took the time to write the review after a couple of years, so the router is dusty and the paper box is wrinkled.

That’s probably why I’m going to start with the last router job I had this week.

It is unclear why the aluminum frames have no grooves for either low tides or window sills. For such a frame had to mill the back surface of the window sill and leave a chamfer. Technologically probably started out wrong. I began to make a groove in the middle of the end surface. The error in technology I will describe under the third photo. And in this photo I will point out two disadvantages.

First: the depth limiter moved a little after a few passes, I think the screw (the red “wing nut”) screwed tight.

The second: the screw at the parallel stop will fall out five minutes after the picture is taken. In the picture you can see that it is already loose. Good thing it didn’t fall out while I was working, otherwise the cutter would have cut the bevel I needed so much. You can complain that I screwed the stop to the rails myself, but I see the reason in the fact that the washer is simple and not a “grover”. While the cutter is working, the screw will unscrew someday (washer washer was invented for a reason).

In any case, you have to keep an eye on these two things.

From here on there are only advantages of this model. The 1200W router was able to handle a depth of 2.5 cm (the deepest groove I needed):

over, despite the fact that my neighbor advised me to make 3-5 mm long cuts, during my first work I reached 8-9 mm depth of one time pass. Pine easy this milling machine took a quality cutter diameter of 20 mm. True, it smelled a little burnt. No, not plastic. wood. I do not remember that it smelled of low-quality plastic, which (the smell) was mentioned in one review. Maybe because my sample was released in 2014, or just do not remember. I don’t smell it now.

Project # 27. Bosch POF 1200 simple router table

In the photo above, you can see that the improvised workbench is attached to the workpiece with a clamp. For the unit, in addition to additional cutters, you need to buy clamps, at least a couple.

Further about the violation of technology, as in the case of the grooves in the ladder railing, it’s all about laziness. In the first case, instead of two passes I made one. In the second. I was too lazy to move the parallel rail. When chamfering the bottom end of the window sill, small chips rather than chips often flew out from under the cutter, which affected the appearance of the product:

But no one sees the bottom end of the window sill after installation, so in my case it is not a matter of principle. But for the visible parts of the product should be, as Zhvanetsky said, “more careful”.

I think everything is clear with the simple groove work, so I’ll move on to where we usually start: with the box:

At the point of pickup store you will be delivered, believe me, a nice box. Don’t be embarrassed by its current appearance. If you need a more advanced milling machine in a plastic case, I can recommend the 1400. My colleague at work after me and bought such. Also without too many criticisms, considering that it is. household models.

By the way, I photographed my milling machine already on the finished stairs, and even the edge of the platform was cut with it, though, milling cutter (not paazovaya) added. With this mill you can grind off the edges after processing the unedged board (40×200) with the already mentioned planer (which is also from Bosch and was bought in Onlan-trade, but alas was taken off sale) for the same window sills. But I bought my window sills for the porch even earlier.

In the box neatly stacked: the machine itself, accessories, two additional collet chucks, 8 mm mill and instructions.

Not all of the accessories I used, but more about that below.

You can try to use the pipe to connect the dust extraction system, for example, attach it to a vacuum cleaner Karcher WD 2, but I don’t connect it. In summer, you can work outside the house (see “The Edge Cutter”). in the first photos).

Only what is pictured below was used in all the work:

The only accessories I needed were a parallel stop and a spanner to change the cutter: I changed the native 8 mm keyway cutter for a 20 mm one. The steps are 40 mm wide. Not considering the depth for each groove in the stringer, it must be milled in two steps. In the picture you can already see the final result. The step is inserted in the bowstring. Seems neat to me.

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Photo also shows the edge mill (bought separately). This cutter was used to grind the edge of the table with a parallel stop.

When routing the ladder I used a block to hold the guide support, which I attached to the bowstring with a clamp. As if the cut off part of the router foot circle allows you to work with such “homemade” guides:

The bottom, as you can see, scratches itself, it is not clear what it is scratching against, but it leaves no marks on the wood.

Of course to work with the cutter you have to read the manual:

In the photo above, the clamp, required for some jobs but not included in the kit (see “The bottom of the tool kit”). picture F in the instruction).

The manual explains what the copy sleeve and centering rod are for, how to attach them and how to work with them. The instructions are quite detailed and high quality.

Additional collet chucks for milling cutters with shank other than 8 mm. It may be relevant to someone, but on the market, usually most of the cutters sold by the “figure of eight”.

In addition to those works about which wrote, also did a hole in the blockhouse for the corrugation for wiring:

In the absence of a drill of the required diameter, you can also do such work.

On right hand knob (left in photo) there is a double start button. The second button will protect you from the tool unintentionally turning on, which sometimes happens, for example, with a drill that is plugged in while you’re carrying it (personal experience).

The other handle (on the left hand) has a lever for fixing the departure of the mill, but in my opinion it would be better to call it: the lever for releasing the router fixation. After the passage of the thumb of the left hand, press this lever and the bed goes down, although if it is on the surface of the workpiece, it lifts itself milling. The manufacturer strongly recommends to reset the cutter after working with this lever. My workers forgot to do this and I didn’t check and it sat in the box for months with the springs compressed. It is now not locked in the lowest position. By the way, the depth of milling in this model is 55 mm.

In the case on the right side: the wheel-adjust the speed of the claimed characteristics from 11000 to 28000 rpm. If the hardness of the wood increases, or the diameter of the cutter increases, it is recommended to lower the RPM. The right handle has a built-in electrical cord. Thick and moderately flexible (or not). Someone is complaining. That it is not long, but when working with bulky workpieces, an extension cord is still used. So the length is normal, just for a router.

The limiter, as already indicated is metal. Has a tendency to bunch up a bit when working, although the mounting screw has a handy “thumbscrew”. The turret stop has seven positions, three of which can be adjusted with screws. Accuracy of adjustment corresponds to the domestic model.

There is also a plastic protective cover from flying chips, but I almost did not use it, t.е. it remained open (as in the photo).

Above the cutter itself you can see the spindle lock button. Necessary, as well as a wrench when changing cutters.

In the last two pictures you can see the design of the handles with rubberized tabs, and after working with this model, I can fully confirm the phrase taken from the description: “The new Einhell CE-BC 2 M intelligent battery charger is a smart microprocessor system with multi-stage charging cycleExtremely ergonomic design with soft grip handle for comfortable and safe operation“. Т.е. Really ergonomic and comfortable to work with.

In my personal experience, I can say that for domestic work, in which you need a milling machine, this model is excellent.

I myself plan to use it to make grooves for the hinges when installing the door.

Review: Bosch POF 1200 AE hand router. a peculiar but useful tool

After I finished building a summer kitchen in my summer house I wanted to tell you about a very useful tool: the Bosch hand router POF 1200 AE.

In the process of construction, I chose perhaps one of the most difficult ways to choose a quarter to join the boards. The fact that the wood was not dried enough and I did not want to look centimeter cracks in the next year. By the way, I built a shed with the same tool a few years ago, using the same technology.

I will not repeat the instructions. Also I will not enumerate its rather rich equipment, separated by commas. I will tell only my preconceived opinion about this tool.

The router has a pretty handy height (working depth) adjustment. There is also a limiting strip on 2 rails to control the width of processing. In principle, this is quite sufficient for edge machining even along a shaped contour. With enough skill, internal grooves can also be selected.

Wide working aperture allows a cutter (according to the passport) up to 40 mm in diameter. However, I used a thin router bits of 15 mm, which was quite enough for my purposes. As is the power of 1200W.

As for convenience, I can argue with the rave reviews. This, of course, is also (perhaps primarily) a matter of skill and experience. I am not a professional in this field.

So it was hard for me to work with this tool. First of all, it is quite a big weight of 3.5 kg. Secondly, you have to hold it very tightly in your hands, because it always tends to go in the wrong direction. Finally, the constant noise, not even comparable to the work of an electric saw or planer.

However, in the end, the processing (recall, the choice of quarter 10×18 mm) 3-meter boards on 35-meter from 2 sides, I had no more than 5 minutes. To finish, for the love of art I even made some carved trimmers. As I said, it is a matter of experience that comes with time.

I can’t help but mention its longevity as well. I’ve had it for five years now. I can’t say that I use it regularly. But after building the shed, the summer kitchen and so on minor things nothing happened to this tool. The build quality is also at a premium.

To sum up, I would say that the tool is quite usable. And even taking into account the fact that at the end of the day I just fell off, I do not regret that I have a milling machine.

Review: Bosch POF 1200 AE hand router. A good thing for business men.

Hello Dear Readers. I want to tell you about the Bosch POF 1200 AE.I bought this tool in 2014, before the price increase and was able to exploit it to the full.


Easy to hold with my hands. Two handles as ears allow you to more properly fix the tool in the right place, which, by the way, walks and makes “joints”.

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Reliable enough. I’ve made (assembled and installed) 4 doors with jambs on both sides and used the device along and across. I have no problems with it. However, it is worth initially to practice on other subjects because the device requires skill and manly force. In the alcohol intoxication and for the weak is better to order the installation of doors in the construction agency. Although there are workers like that out there, too.

In fact, has a speed control, which I did not use, except to practice and test the machine.5. Has a ruler-measurer of immersion in wood. I do not know what it is called, it does not matter. Handy thing, however, quite a large degree of error. (True, the device is not for professionals).

It is possible to clamp the start button to drive on long boards without straining.7. Has 3 nozzles for different cutter diameters, it’s convenient.

It comes with one mill, the other two bought separately. The important thing is that you can buy and start working right away.

Included (in the box) is the instruction key and a clamping some tubes, to suck out the dust from the workplace, through a special vacuum cleaner (an unnecessary thing). 10. The wire is long and very long, it is easy to break it with a tool during the work, and it happened once. Be vigilant!

Disadvantages.1. Through the plastic “glass” is very bad to see the object on which we make the groove. But it is easy to remove. removed. That is why it is better to use goggles (shield).2. Plastic covers cover the legs (springs), and tend to slip and tear. Access to the inside is not possible to lubricate. Well, a couple of months of work does not require lubrication, and then.

The platform and the corners have a feature to scratch the coating of veneer (laminated) doors, therefore, I glued a paper scotch on all surfaces and thus preserved the beautiful appearance of the doors I installed.4. The noise is wild, use only with earplugs (not included).I think it’s a good thing and worth buying if your hands are growing right.Peace be with you all!

Administrator: Good day, Sergey! The price online and in retail stores may be different. Promotions conducted by the online store are valid only when ordering on the site.

Please advise whether it is suitable for the embedding of hinges and locks

Admin: Good afternoon, Alexander! Yes, it does.

Admin: Good afternoon, Andrew! Gross weight 5.36 kg.

Tell me whether there is on sale a suction adapter for the cutter Bosch POF 1200 AE

Administrator: Good day, Ruslan! This adapter has a code 2 600 499 077. It is not in our range.

is there collets 12mm for this cutter? Bosch POF 1200 or this mill does not work with these cutters??

Administrator: Good afternoon, Dmitry! For this cutter is the biggest collet 8 mm. just will not fit in the shaft.

Can you take a picture of this cutter with the cutter in the extremely low position, t.к. I heard that the stroke of the mill differs from the actual depth of cut. What is this parameter?

A: Good afternoon, Oleg! Stroke of the mill is 55mm. Depending on the milling cutter, the depth of cut depends on the cutter as the router can only be lowered to its own base plate. Photo requested from the manufacturer.

This router has table mounting capability?

Good afternoon, Oleg! If the table is THAT or similar, it is a possibility.

You need to hold the button, lock is not provided. You can get used to it, but I personally find the handles uncomfortable. As a result, I didn’t get any accuracy out of it even when working with the stop. Neither the immersion depth, nor the profile. I don’t recommend working with this machine, it’s better to buy a more expensive but more reliable one, as I did. And this one sold to his own carpenter, says that for the house is enough for the eyes.

It is not clear what is meant by “soft start”. Some people say it’s in this model, others say it’s in this model. that no. Explain, please.

It has a soft start, do not lie! I have such a.

Admin: Good afternoon, Vladimir! A soft start means a lower jerk force when the tool is switched on. This tool has no soft start.

Hello. Is it possible to order this machine? Or when you have it?

Administrator: Good afternoon, Andrew! At the moment, the product is available for ordering. To get current information about availability, price, as well as possible delivery time and cost and payment methods, please contact our operators by phone 8 (800) 333-9-220.

Bosch POF 1200 AE milling machine instructions

The Bosch POF 1200 AE milling machine is the ideal solution for high-quality woodworking!

With its 1200 Watt, the Bosch POF 1200 AE is powerful enough to handle the toughest wood.

Type router
Power output 650 W
Maximum stroke of the cutter 55 mm
Chuck (included) 6 mm 8 mm 1/4
Power consumption 1200 W
No. of rotations at idle speed 11.000. 28.000 rpm
Accuracy coefficient 2.0 m/s
Vibration value 6.0 m/s2
Scope of delivery Milling machine, centering rod, copy bush, slot cutter, 3 collet chucks, parallel stop, suction adapter, wrench, documentation

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Purchasing an additional warranty certificate allows you to:

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