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Bosch MUM 5 MUM58252 reviews

Advantages:It is just perfect in every way!

Comment:I bought it as a gift for my daughter. She admires the quality, ease of cooking, compactness and other accompanying delights when using. In our family. This is not the first Bosch food processor. is something to compare it with. This model is perfect! I recommend.

Advantages:Saves a lot of time. The vinaigrette and the olivier cuts at a cosmic speed. the cord can be retracted into the body. easy to clean, easy to change attachments. The pusher is collapsible, you can leave the narrow neck for the carrots and they do not fall on the side when the grinder works. kneads any kind of dough. The feet are well anchored to the surface, the machine does not wobble when working. Storage of other attachments takes up very little space.

Disadvantages:The assembled machine height of 53 cm. Not easy to put away for storage, but I have it stationary. It does not come with a medium slicer, and it is the most popular

Комментарии и мнения владельцев:This machine is a perfect helper. I have it stand alone on my nightstand and use it daily. Blender, meat grinder, dough grinder, slicer. everything fits and is easy to change. It is possible to knead dough and grate ingredients at the same time. Shallots, pancakes, noodles. Quick and clean hands. vinaigrette, olivier, potato slices. Everything in a matter of seconds. Accessories and spare parts can be easily purchased separately. separately i want to note the shredder and grater. flat position allows you to grate and shred the entire vegetable, almost without residue, I even shredded an onion on it if I cook borscht, for example. the price is not small, but it is worth it. Definitely recommend to buy.

Advantages: Great food processor. Makes everything you need!

Disadvantages: The grinder is not very powerful. The dicing attachment is a bit overrated

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: So far so good. I hope the harvester is of high quality and will please us for a long time!

Bosch MUM 5 MUM58252 reviews

Advantages: VersatilityMulti-tasking capacityCompactivityOverlookAnd t.д., etc.д., and t.д.

Comment: This cooker is a dream! I cook with it every time and I am glad I purchased it. Not a second regretted, bought the same for my mom and recommend to friends. I’ve never baked pies, t.к. I can’t feel the dough and I don’t like to pick at it. Here you just have to add all the ingredients and everything is ready. I never thought I would make pies like this. The slicer is fire! 10 seconds and a cup of Olivier is ready, but the potatoes must be cold. No leftovers if put in the right order-from softer to harder. The meat grinder made a great mincemeat. Grates, shreds in no time too. Only one disadvantage. Now we bake all the time and that’s extra pounds. The combine doesn’t take much space, but it takes a lot of searching for attachments.

Advantages:Very convenient, all appliances in one combine. Meat grinder is good, planetary mixer with super attachments, and dice salads in a jiffy

Disadvantages:The grater leaves large chunks, the blender is weak, the sauce could not whip.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев:Basically, I think you can find the same, not promoted brand, but cheaper by half.

Advantages:Quality, price is reasonable

Advantages:All functions in one place

Disadvantages:No grating included for slicing large dice

Комментарии и мнения владельцев:at a glance super. I’ve been wanting one of these for a long time. received it today, have not used it yet. I cook a lot of food with pleasure. it will be my assistant. I recommend

Комментарии и мнения владельцев:In the Комментарии и мнения владельцев a lot talked about the plastic parts, yes they are, but the plastic is durable, well, as with any appliances need to be careful. Dicing is great. I get even dice, not big or no dice at all “oatmeal”.

Advantages: Consistent with quality

Comment:Tested everything, no problems so far.No warranty on the product. How do we get the warranty?

Advantages:Slices quickly, almost no waste.

Disadvantages:The plastic base for the nozzles is flimsy, but has not yet broken. I hope it doesn’t break))

Commentary:Combine-a dream. I buy little by little the necessary whisk and whisk attachments. I am very happy with it.

Advantages:It is compact and does not take up much space. Very handy and multifunctional. super.

Pros:It’s great, I took it for my wife as a present, she loves it.

Comment:Beautiful, compact, very quickly chopped food for vinaigrette and Olivier.

Advantages:Great food processor, multifunctional, not bulky!I liked it very much!

Disadvantages:Not yet, let’s hope so and will continue!

Advantages:It is a great kitchen machine. It is very handy, especially for mixing the dough. I use it for everything. even salads: first we chop vegetables, then use the nozzle to blend them. Washing is also very easy.

Disadvantages:The manual says that this model can dice raw potatoes. We checked: it is absolutely impossible to dice raw potatoes in this kitchen machine with the attachment they suggested. I took 1 star off for that. (By the way, on the Internet I read a lot of reviews about this machine, almost all stated that the raw potatoes diced it does not cut)

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Weaknesses:It doesn’t dice them a bit, just like with the grater by hand. Missing the middle most popular grater.

Bosch MUM5XW40 reviews

Advantages: For home use it is very good, not very powerful, but it fulfills the functions.

Disadvantages: The blender bowl started leaking almost immediately.

Advantages:It is convenient and practical, multifunctional, my wife liked it very much!

Комментарии и мнения владельцев:I recommend to buy

Advantages: It is multifunctional, copes with the basic functions. Meat was spun, loaf dough and meringue rolls kneaded. Did not use the rest.

Disadvantages:No disadvantages revealed in 3 months of work. We use it very rarely.

Comment:worth the money, I recommend it.

Advantages: Functional blender with the optimal set of attachments. Powerful enough for all attachments. It looks great.

Disadvantages: Takes up a lot of space and is difficult to clean and dry.

Comment: It would be useful if you do not already have a blender-bowl and meat grinder and other attachments. And if the household already has this technique, most of the attachments simply duplicate the functionality and become useless. I bought it for a new apartment, which had nothing, so I was completely satisfied with the machine. Although it takes a lot of space, but it is less than a mixer, meat grinder, etc.

Advantages: Good food processor, has everything you need, built-in scales. convenient.

Disadvantages:Not very convenient lid for blender drive

Advantages:. A lot of nozzles;. Built-in scales;. Thoughtful safety (most nozzles can not be turned on until they are assembled). A child can not turn on the grater so that the knives rotate openly;- Many things are easier to cook;- Kneads even very steep dough for dumplings and hinkali;- You can combine attachments, such as taking a hook for dough or mixer and put a cutter on top. It’s very easy to make a salad this way. While you are slicing different vegetables/fruits, they are mixed in the bowl with the sauce;- I bought the Asian slicing disk and the Tasty Moment set with small choppers as additional attachments;- A very unobvious advantage. The flat surface of the machine. You can put a bag of flour or a glass while you’re adding something to the bowl.

Disadvantages:. It can not be turned on without a bowl in a horizontal position (you can not cut vegetables into its bowl with the vegetable slicer);- In contrast to older models, there is no sticker-talk about what speed to put for what nozzle;- Strongly vibrates when kneading dough;- No very simple attachment for making home sausages and sausages;- You quickly get fat, t.Suddenly a lot of complicated dishes are much easier to prepare.

Comment: Made it much easier to cook something by replacing the food processor from Philips.Whites for meringues are whipped flawlessly. The meat grinder makes great mince. No complaints about the grater yet, the blender makes great gazpacho.Of the extras, there’s even a bowl and attachment that turn this blender into an ice cream maker, a flour mill attachment for making homemade flour, a pasta, pasta and spaghetti rolling set, a small chopper similar to traditional combines, a dicing attachment, and potentially all consumable parts. You don’t have to buy a new chopper attachment if the veggie spatula breaks after a while.Very surprised by the reviews that other attachments have to be added at a cost. It’s always been like this with household appliances, it’s just with the Internet it became evident. In the past, if you bought such a blender in a store, you did not even know that it has additional attachments.Also the feedback that there is no storage space is unclear. According to you, what, the manufacturer should give you a kitchen cabinet? Yes, there are a lot of nozzles and you have to store them yourself somewhere. All that could be packed in a bowl. packed in a bag (from the kit) and stored in it.

Bosch Blender MUM 52131, MUM 56340, MUM 54240

But the blender as an attachment is a bit disappointing. All-plastic body. Of course, the 1.25 L plastic nozzle will not break if dropped, and its weight is much less. Note that it doesn’t scratch when you break the ice, and it can get cloudy over time. On the body of the bowl there are special measuring marks, not only with the values in liters, but also in cups. This is very convenient, considering that in recipes, often, the proportions in cups and are specified.

The cover is rubberized and easy to remove. Inside it has a special hole in which the bowl is inserted. It’s convenient when you need to gradually add an ingredient, such as sunflower oil in the preparation of mayonnaise.

We will not set super-complicated tasks to the blender, but will make a tomato puree for lasagna sauce. It takes two tomatoes, and after one minute we get a homogeneous tomato puree.

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Bosch MUM 5 MUM58920 blender

The Bosch MUM58920 Kitchen Combine in a plastic case looks spectacular. At the same time the presented model is notable for high functionality and solid power (1000 watts). The combine’s work is based on the use of 7 speeds with stepless adjustment. A set of nozzles contributes to a number of culinary tasks. The set includes a blender, 2 discs for grating (one of them double-sided), a hook for kneading thick dough, a whisk, a disc for chopping. All these attachments can be stored in a special bag that comes with the combine. Separately, it should be noted that the blender is equipped with a pulse mode of operation.


  • Power 1000W
  • Number of speeds 7
  • Bowl capacity 3.9 л
  • Blender capacity 1.25 л
  • Bowl material metal
  • Blender material plastic
  • Material main body plastic
  • Pulse Mode
  • LED indicator
  • Overload protection
  • Speed regulation
  • Blender
  • Scrubber
  • Number of scrubbers in the set 3
  • Dough hook
  • Whisk attachment
  • Shredding disc
  • Number of shredding discs 1
  • Rubber coated feet
  • Automatic parking
  • Planetary rotation
  • Accessory bag
  • Restart safety device
  • Soft starter
  • Transparent lid with hole for putting food in
  • Recipe on DVD
  • Cable compartment

Overview of the Bosch Kitchen Processor MUM 58420 ruby/silver

I would like to present you the Bosch MUM58420. The appliance is a powerful and high-quality kitchen appliance with versatile capabilities for cooking all kinds of baking dishes, it will be a reliable and irreplaceable assistant for both professional cooks and simple housewives. The red housing with silver inserts leaves no one indifferent.

The food processor itself is encased in a fairly dense plastic housing. It has a metal bowl for kneading dough, the volume of the bowl is 3.9 liters. In the bowl there is more than one kilogram of flour with different ingredients. The food processor copes with such a weight in no time.

The first time we made the yeast-free dough at the rate of 2.5 kg (the manufacturer guarantees the possibility to knead light dough up to 2.7 kg) the machine has successfully coped with such amount and it was not even stressed thanks to the powerful motor of 1000 W. Built-in motor overload protection So you can use it for a long time and do not have to worry about the motor overheating. Prolongs the life of the food processor even if you use it often and for a long time. We made the yeast biscuit dough, and it came out with 2 kilos of dough (the manufacturer guarantees the convenience of mixing 1.9 kilos of yeast dough). The quality of mixing is of course flawless, thanks to quite good ergonomics of the inner surface of the bowl, and of course the planetary rotation of the nozzles in three 3d planes.

The food processor has 7 cooking speeds and impulse mode. They all have a fairly smooth adjustment. Of course the highlight of the mixer. The ingenious EasyArmLift function (press and lift) makes the device very easy and comfortable to use. It has an auto-parking function which allows you to quickly and easily change one nozzle for another.

The functional range of attachments is large enough from necessary pastry to the most simple that you will need on weekdays (beater for beating, whisk for mixing, attachment (or as it is also called. hook) for mixing the dough). Practical accessory bag can be stored in the bowl.

In the set of the combine is a durable chopper and three working discs for different types of grinding: shredding, chopping and slicing, and a blender. The blender itself is presented by the manufacturer in a plastic case with a bowl that has a volume of 1.25 liters. The bowl is very easy to assemble (see picture).

The main function of the machine is a mixer. It seems to me that it is the inducement to buy the whole unit. You’ll scold yourself for painfully whipping everything with a blender. As for whipping the whites, that’s a thrash! Now poured, poured, turned on, you all kneaded, put it out and everything is ready! It’s like a holiday The mixer is great! The smoothie bowl is exceptional! A milkshake once made for a child with frozen blueberries became an everyday morning drink for half a month. Beats a great smoothie. I tried whipping egg whites. it’s fantastic (if you beat an egg, the blender will smash it all in the bowl, the device is designed for a large amount of ingredients)!

In a little more detail we would like to dwell on the attachments that perform the function of the grater, there are two: the coarse grater attachment, the fine grater attachment. In short, you will have three discs for different types of chopping: the actual chopping, shredding and slicing. You can chop tons of vegetables for the winter preserves, which we did with my wife, making 18 jars of Korean salad. You can chop the cabbage into smaller cubes beforehand. The shredders are quite durable in appearance.

The feet in this device are rubberized, your device will not slip. There is a compartment for the cable and a pouch for the nozzles. All the parts of the food processor can be easily washed in the dishwasher, and the device itself is easy to clean, thanks to the smooth casing.

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The ability to supplement the device with the necessary nozzles;

The combine will give you a lot of free time.

To the disadvantages can be attributed a price tag, including the additionally purchased nozzles;

The harvester turned out to be very large. The machine is really big and bulky, you’ll need room to fit it completely.

It seems to be all! I recommend this product for purchase at onlinetrade and have delicious pies!

A review on the Kitchen Processor Bosch MUM58920

The food processor comes in a fairly large package, it must be said that such a fairly impressive. And when you open the package, it turned out that it is quite a lot, in my opinion, free space. Perhaps the packaging is designed for a food processor in a premium configuration, which includes and meat grinder, and additional plastic bowl, and a device for juicing citrus juice. I cannot say for sure, but in fact when you open the package you will be really surprised how much free space is there.

The package is made of cardboard of average strength, which in principle copes with its responsibilities to protect the product from damage during transportation, but no more than that. The packaging is quite informative, as it shows all the main features of the food processor and its equipment.

And when you open the top lid you will see pictures of all the optional accessories that you can buy for an extra fee, if you need them of course.

On the top and bottom of the mixer is additionally protected by thick pieces of foam that do not allow the product to move freely inside the package.

So there are no claims to the packaging of the food processor.

The kit includes the food processor itself, a bowl for kneading dough, made of stainless steel and has a removable and transparent cover, which protects the surroundings from possible splashing of products during mixing, which is certainly very convenient.

It comes with three kinds of nozzles for kneading or beating all kinds of products.

It is very convenient that the accessories for kneading, whipping and chopping can be placed in the zippered pouch provided and can be completely placed in the kneading container, so there is no need to look for a place for them in the kitchen.

For shredding fruit and vegetables comes a special attachment that tilts them into a bowl and three different attachments (one attachment allows you to cut slices of varying thickness, the second fine julienne, and the last according to the manufacturer allows you to do slicing fries).

And the last accessory is a blender with a capacity of 1.3 liters. In principle, the blender does not have a very large capacity, and if you have a large family, you have to prepare all sorts of mixes in a few passes. Of course I would like to see a bigger blender, but it is what it is. Blenders with a larger capacity are present only in vertical food processors Bosch.

In my opinion, the configuration of the food processor for the preparation of pastry products is the most necessary. I have seen on the internet videos of additional accessories for this model (a noodle cutter, a mold for baking) and, honestly, I just do not need them, although many thanks to the company that all this is available, as it will still be useful to someone.

No complaints about the workmanship of the food processor. You could say it’s perfect. A big plus is that the combine is not made in the factories of the Celestial Empire, but in Slovenia. Why in my opinion this is a plus? Yes, because I have already had to deal with the fact that the products of famous brands, manufactured in factories in the Celestial Empire are made of really smelly plastic, which smell is not evaporated even after several cycles of operation. Very good here. The plastic is free of any unpleasant smells and the melting quality is also excellent, with no sags or burrs.

bosch, review, attachments, additional, features

Bosch MCM 64085

Reliable and innovative device that produces high quality results at home. MCM 64085 is a professional device with a wide spectrum of functions and an ergonomic design.

  • the outer elements of the product are plastic and perfectly safe;
  • housing material withstands heat, withstanding temperatures up to 180 ° C;
  • drive. 1,2 kW, has a built-in controller that automatically calibrates the power according to the load (number of revolutions)
  • Disk for cutting french fries, shredding, slicing and dicing;
  • small product size.

The combine is versatile, combines the functions of a juicer, meat grinder, blender, dough maker, chopping. The disadvantages of the popular model. having to clean the discs more often and the high price.

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