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Bosch HMT8655 Microwave oven manual

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Bosch BFL524MS0 built-in microwave oven instructions

Bosch BFL524MS0 microwave oven. Indispensable kitchen helper! The internal volume of the microwave oven is 20 liters. Enough to heat and defrost small meals. Microwave power of 800 watts will heat up a dish in a jiffy. The Bosch BFL524MS0 is equipped with an automatic cooking mode, so cooking will not take up much time and effort.

Bosch BFL524MS0 microwave oven. Indispensable kitchen helper!

Model has a sophisticated design and will perfectly fit into any interior.

Electronic control ensures maximum comfort in operation. The bright display shows all the information you need.

The internal volume of the microwave oven is 20 liters. This is enough to heat and defrost small meals.

With a microwave power of 800 watts you can heat a dish in a jiffy.

Bosch BFL524MS0 is equipped with an automatic cooking mode, and cooking will not take much time and effort.

Bought Bosch BFL524MS0 Built-in microwave oven, the quality of the goods is very high, easy operation.

In case of power failure, it is impossible to open the door, t.к. It opens with a button, I understand that the electronic lock.

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bosch, microwave, oven, rating

The information about the product is for reference only and is not a public offer. Product specifications, package contents and appearance may vary or be changed by the manufacturer without prior notice. Before buying, check the information on the manufacturer’s official website. If you find a mistake or an inaccuracy in the product description, please highlight part of the text with the error and press the button “Bad report”.

If you find a mistake or inaccuracy in the product description, please highlight the part with the error and press the “Bad report”.

Types of grills

Take note! This mode has a common name with all manufacturing companies, except for the company Burning (they call it infra-heating) and Hotpoint Ariston (they call it barbecue).

Review of the Bosch BEL524MS0 Built-in Microwave Oven

Microwave oven. It’s a must-have in every kitchen. If you want your microwave oven to not only be useful, but also fit in seamlessly with your kitchen decor, then you need to buy a special built-in microwave model. For example, the Bosch BEL524MS0 microwave oven. In my opinion, this is the perfect balance between functionality, quality and price.

The microwave comes in a cardboard box sized. The box easily fits in the luggage compartment of a passenger car, and it can easily be lifted by 1 adult person (male). The oven is packed very well: in addition to the foam inserts, there are hard cardboard corners that give additional protection, the oven itself is wrapped in protective film that virtually eliminates any scratches and trauma in transit.

  • Microwave oven
  • Glass Plate Stand
  • Ring with casters. under the rack
  • Grill grate
  • Mounting kit for installation: screws, plastic inserts;
  • Profile for installation
  • Documentation package: 3 instruction booklets in different languages, installation diagram, warranty card and service booklet.

Microwave oven assembly. China, and you can feel it as soon as you take the stove out of the box (specific smell). Different Bosch products are assembled in different factories: Germany, Turkey, China. A lot of machinery is now assembled in China under license. I hope that the assembly does not affect the life span of the product.

Front of the microwave oven is made of black glass and stainless steel elements: looks very stylish and expensive. Control panel to the right of the door has a recessed knob “/-“, Touch-sensitive buttons for selecting operating modes, including the oven door opener, and a display that shows the current time in standby mode and the current settings in cooking mode. All controls are also covered in glass, which leaves your “fingerprints”. Beauty has to be sacrificed, especially when it comes to glass and stainless steel.

The sides and back of the case are

The microwave has an impressive size compared to freestanding microwave models, but the dimensions are quite standard for built-in: 382 mm x 594 mm x 317 mm (H x W x D). The capacity of the cooking compartment, however, differs significantly from the external dimensions; you know this when you open the door: the capacity is 20 liters (physical dimensions 201 x 308 x 282 mm). There are similar models with a larger cooking area, so consider the volume you need when purchasing. However, this volume is quite enough for everyday needs, especially if the kitchen arsenal is equipped with an oven, multicooker and other appliances.

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The oven interior is made of stainless steel and is easy to care for. There is a grill on the top of the cavity and a grill on the bottom. motor for the plate-raiser. On the sides. ventilation holes. The microwave has a built-in LED light. activated when the door is opened.

  • Microwave with integrated grill.
  • Cooking chamber volume 20 l.
  • Maximum cooking power. 800 W.
  • 7 built-in programs 1 program is customizable.
  • LED display, touch keys, flush-mounted control knob.
  • Glass plate and grill grate included.

Installing the microwave is not a problem if you already have a niche in your kitchen with a “standard” Fit-in dimensions: (362 mm). 365mm) x (560mm). 568 mm) x 300 mm. You only need to secure the body of the oven with the included fasteners.

Important: There are ventilation holes in the back of the cabinet, so make sure there is space for heat dissipation when installing (this is mentioned in the operating and installation instructions).

Length of mains cable. 1.3 m so before installing it, make sure there is a power outlet or extension cord nearby (with a suitable cross section of supporting cable for 1.27 kW and 10A).

Microwave oven can be categorized as an appliance “Plug and Play”. Plug in and start using (if you don’t count cabinet installation). To start working with the device is not necessary to read the instructions (which, by the way, very weighty, it even has recommendations on cooking different dishes). All of us already intuitively put the container to heat (for example), set the desired power and heating duration. That’s it, a beep will alert us when it’s ready.

Review: Bosch HMT 85ML23 Built-in microwave oven. A useful masterpiece from Bosch in a romantic white color.

Inverter (energy-saving) technology. Good quality materials and workmanship. Great design. The clever. Reliable.

Since all Bosch appliances in my kitchen are white, the microwave was also found in this romantic color. The good thing about Bosch design is that you don’t have to worry too much when choosing appliances. Chose the color, and the design of the technique surprisingly matches itself. Even interesting.

Today in my review was my helper, a built-in microwave Bosch 85 ML 23 (of course white). Before that, I had only huge freestanding ships of conventional microwaves in my kitchen. And when ordering a new kitchen the first task for the designer was to find a place for the built-in microwave. By the way, they don’t often order them to be built into kitchens, they usually take standard ones “everywhere-interfering”. Therefore, even before buying, I had to google the Internet about the mounting dimensions. The microwave turned out to be compact, and fit nicely into a standard-depth cabinet. And of course this way we were able to save a huge amount of work surface on the countertop, which is important, knowing the small size of our kitchens.

Photos in the review will not be much, because all the interesting things have long been hidden by installers behind the kitchen fronts. The power cord included is quite powerful, with grounding. But I had to cut the plug since the wall was sticking out only 3 wires, and connect as appropriate. The power consumption of the heater is 1220 W, the power of microwaves. 900 W (this is a lot of power, with excess).

The microwave itself is not made in Germany, but in the UK, which is also an excellent organization of labor and you can not worry about the quality of the assembly.

The microwave door and control box are made of white glass without any metal moldings. They are located on top of each other across the entire width of the microwave oven. On the inside of the door there is a technical label with the data and it must not be torn off under any circumstances. On it the service department checks the legality of importing goods to the market, and if imported illegally, they will service equipment only for a fee. The door opens with a soft button on the right side, and the opening is not mechanical, most likely there is some sort of magnetic lock inside. The knob is easy to press with no jams. The button is next to it “Stop”, the same “Pause”, she “Start”. Bosch really messed up the buttons on this microwave in a big way. The button is “On.-Off.” Is on the left side separate from the buttons “Stop-Pause”, although these buttons could be combined into one.

In the middle of the control panel there is a touch-sensitive display unit where the buttons for setting the clock time, cooking programs, selecting the weight of the food, 2 buttons for the cooking programs created in the microwave oven memory are located. This is also where the numeric data is displayed during cooking. And the most interesting knob, which Bosch always likes to hide, is the knob for selecting the mode duration or another number series.

Normally it is hidden, pops up when you press it lightly. Left click it gets less, right click it gets more. Very convenient. just turn it and hide it, because usually these handles on microwaves are oh-so-dirty, but here nothing gets on it and it is always clean.

When you press the knob “On.-Off.” The oven automatically sets the cooking time at 01-00 minutes, you select the time with the invisible knob, put the product in the chamber, and press the button “Start-Stop-Pause” You start the heating process. Of course, you have to close the door before it clicks, otherwise it won’t start. If you open the door when the microwave oven is working, it will stop working, but once the door slams shut, it will not turn on by itself, you must press “Start”. When you get used to such a clever algorithm to start the microwave oven, it does not seem difficult, but at first you have to do a little “hang” above the buttons.

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What is characteristic, there is a cooling fan inside, which can run for several minutes after turning off the oven. The fan noise is not very loud, but also not silent. Although it does not interfere particularly. Thus technique very much protected, not allowing it to overheat electronic components to critical temperatures.

When the microwave oven is switched off, it does not give out any lights, but is encrypted by the usual clock that is displayed on the touch panel. The clock, however, runs ahead very quickly, and you have to correct it from time to time, otherwise you might get confused about going to work in the morning. By the way, the Bosch oven has the opposite problem, only there the clock seems to lag behind. But if you have a blinking clock that bothers you to live and sleep (although I wonder who has a microwave in his room)?), it is possible to switch them off in the settings.

In 900W mode, the heater can run for no more than 30 minutes, in other modes up to 1 hour and 30 minutes. After the set time for heating, the microwave begins to beep hysterically about the work done. And until you turn it off with the button “ON/OFF” it will moan and moan like that together with white kettle screaming from Bosch, it rouses from sleep together with housewives and neighbors at the same time. :-0. And the signal is not completely removed from the settings, there are only 10 seconds and 5 minutes. But you can remove the sound of keys, and then too much noise from nothing!

It is possible to save in the memory operating modes for cooking particularly often cooked dishes, for this purpose there are buttons M1 and M2 (more favorite dishes probably does not exist). It’s simple, select cooking time and power, press M1,4 seconds. and that’s it, you can open mass production of anything, as on the assembly line. Convenient.

The best thing about this series of microwave ovens is that there is no rotating plate in the middle of the chamber. This is what I always dreamed of, because the food always tends to fall off the plate and move the plate itself. Applied a special technology of microwave waves distribution throughout the entire volume of the chamber, so that in every corner the same power was exposed. And in addition to the inverter type of magnetron, results in significant energy savings compared to conventional ovens. I can’t give you any proof, but inverter appliances, by definition, are always more economical than conventional ones. Here we take the engineers at their word.

Review: Bosch HMT 75M654 microwave oven. Cute recessed microwave oven. Normal, but I don’t need anything else from it except for heating

We did not choose it particularly long. We got it on the advice of a kitchen salon and cost constraints.

In a microwave I’m only interested in heating. Otherwise “frills” Never used and unlikely to use. I also don’t use the defrost mode.

So I’m more interested in the ease of operation and the cute look.

Overall this microwave isn’t bad. Cute. Stylish. Just like all other microwave ovens, it heats the food well:) That’s a bit pricey of course. 20000. Never would have bought for so much money if I didn’t have to buy a built-in. That’s why you pay double the price.

It’s in the middle of the kitchen. Everything fits well. But there is one nuance, if you want to build it into the side section, the left side edge of the microwave door is kinda not pretty. There’s a hole and a metal hinge on the door. And there’s nothing to cover it.Here it is

By the way, the right side of the microwave is good:)

The front panel is smooth glass. Brushed steel strips. Fingerprints are very visible on the glass and steel bars.I wouldn’t say it’s easy to scrub off. First a wet rag, then a dry wipe.Here are our prints, left in one day:)

Control panel on the right. Sensor. In general, not complicated. But there is no quick start button. At least 2 keys must be pushed to start the oven.

Set the cooking time with the rotary knob. Cooking time can be added and subtracted in operating mode. This knob is a recessed knob. But we never sink it in.)

To turn on the heat, you must first press the desired power and then “start”.There are five power settings.I heat soup at 800.Second one at 600.Light-emitting diode lights up red above the knobs when they are pressed.

Several defrosting programs are programmed into the memory. You can read about them in detail in the manual. Also, the manual has many different defrosting and cooking prompts.But I don’t use it. As I wrote above, I only need the microwave to heat soup or a second dish.

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The inside of the microwave compared to the outside of its panel. very small:) You open it and think why make it so big when it’s so small on the inside. Here again. Because of the built in, to provide ventilation.

This is where the vents are.

The inside of the microwave is steel. Washes easily, but traces remain.

Volume of the inner chamber. 20 liters.Diameter of rotating plate is 255mm.Large dinner plate fits in.

Door, the same as in other microwave ovens.

Audible beep sounds when I press the buttons. Loud, as far as I’m concerned.

When the heating is finished, again a beep is emitted. Can be set to either short or long (will beep for 30 seconds).

When warming up for a minute or more, the fan starts to work. And will work for another minute after the end of heating. The fan is a little noisy, but not critical.

To summarize the review, I can say that we are satisfied with the Bosch HMT75M654 microwave oven.

How to prolong the life of your microwave oven

Using your microwave oven correctly can significantly prolong its life. A good oven can last a full five years or more without failure. If the oven is in good working order:

Important! Remember, an oven malfunction is also dangerous to the owner. If there are any malfunctions, take your microwave to a service center immediately.

The duration of operation depends on compliance with the rules of use: use special dishes and cook, taking into account the recommendations of the developers.

bosch, microwave, oven, rating

To ensure that the first use does not bring disappointment, it is important to follow the advice of the manufacturers. Forbidden:

  • turn on the device when the chamber is empty;
  • Turn the appliance on when food weighs less than 50 g;
  • use metal ovenware;
  • Exceeding a reasonable cooking time is a risk of fire;
  • Wipe the protective mica plate (located in the chamber, usually on the side wall) with force;
  • The oven should start if there are any obvious defects: cracked glass, a loose door, etc.д.;
  • Heat or boil the eggs;
  • To load in the chamber tightly closed containers and jars with food.

Useful tips

  • Before starting the grill, put a cup of water inside.
  • Close the door tightly.
  • If you are going to reheat foods wrapped in skins or vacuum packs, pierce them in several places with a sharp object before turning on the oven.
  • In order to keep the cavity clean and to avoid cleaning it each time after cooking, you must put the lid on the oven. The mica cover may come loose prematurely due to splashes of fat and food remains.
  • Do not leave the appliance unattended.
  • Do not handle dishes immediately after turning off the appliance. you will get steam burns.
  • Use a soft sponge to remove food residue from the oven.

The average lifespan of microwave ovens is five years. If you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, you can double it.


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Our support team searches for helpful product information and answers frequently asked questions. If you notice an inaccuracy in our FAQs, let us know via our contact form.

The microwave oven doesn’t respond when I press the power button. What I have to do? Proven This usually means that the microwave door is not closed tightly enough. Open and close the door and try again.

Can you use the microwave if the plate in it doesn’t rotate? Proven Turning the plate is necessary for even heating. If it is not working, the microwave cannot be fully used. It needs to be repaired.

The mica/cardboard plate inside the microwave has fallen off. Can I continue to use the microwave oven? Tested No, this is strictly forbidden. The mica/cardboard plate is the waveguide that distributes microwave radiation. Put the plate back in place or replace it.

Microwave oven is on but not working. Why?? Checked The door may not be closing properly. For safety reasons, the microwave will not operate unless the door is fully closed. Sometimes this can be fixed by adjusting the door hinge.

Microwave keeps making noise after the program is finished. This is normal? Tested Yes, this sound is normal. This is the sound of the fan cooling the microwave after use. The length of time it takes to cool depends on how long the microwave has been running.

Why I can’t put metal in the microwave? Proven Metal does not allow microwaves to pass through, but rejects them back. When these microwaves are reflected in the same place, it can cause sparks.

Can you boil water in the microwave? Proven No, absolutely not. Water can overheat. This means that water can reach temperatures above 100 ℃ without boiling. When this water then comes into contact with an object, it can instantly boil and splash, causing burns.

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