Bosch logixx 8 sensitive how to remove the lock

Full reset of the washing machine program is also performed by pressing the “Start” or “Pause” key. In this case, hold down the button for 5 seconds. So you can reset the error on the washing machine Bosch.

You’ve probably noticed that during the washing machine’s display, the door lock icon appears on the display. the key or lock. We hasten to reassure you, if there are no other complaints to the washing machine, then the appearance of the lock indicator is a perfectly normal situation, indicating the locking of the hatch.

How to unlock the door if your washing machine is stuck with water on the wash and won’t open

If the machine has stopped with water and won’t wash, the cause is most likely a problem with the drain. Read the material “Why the washing machine stopped draining water,” it has a complete list of possible problems. Not being able to open the door in this case is flood protection, and you need to drain the water first.

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If you still can not open the hatch of the machine, or you are afraid of “something broken”, please contact the specialists of “RemBytTech” by phone:

Or send an online application.

The master of “RemBytTech” will come to a call operatively. within 24 hours from the moment of the request. He will not only help you to open the door, but also to determine the exact cause of the problem and with your consent to repair. After it the technician will issue a receipt with a warranty of up to 2 years.

What does error F21 mean?

If your Bosch washing machine shows error code F21, experts recommend immediately disconnecting the machine from the power supply. Then it is necessary to use the help of a craftsman, who will be able to repair the faulty device. It is not advisable to try to solve the causes of the fault yourself, but you can always find out what this error means.

This code the machine can demonstrate not only in the form of an alphabetic and numeric set. As described at the beginning of this article, models without a display will report the problem with a combination of blinking indicators, which are located on the control panel. You can determine the error without a display by using the following signs:

Important! The main reason for the appearance of the code F21 means that the technique does not spin the drum.

At first, the machine will try to start it on its own, but after unsuccessful attempts it will show an error.

There can be several reasons for this phenomenon.

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Important! Do not continue to operate the machine if error F21 appears.

Checking and replacing the hatch parts

Do not get into the electronics right away: first of all, it is advisable to check that the door mechanism is in good working order. Often key indicator dilemmas are caused by door malfunctions: a dislocated tab on the lock or warped hinges. Most likely, the hatch was locked carelessly, used as a hanger or a child’s “swing”. In any case it is necessary to check the whole construction in turn.

It is recommended to proceed in the following order:

bosch, logixx, remove, lock
  • Disconnect the washer from the network, water and sewer;
  • find the clamp on the door cuff, pry it up with a flat screwdriver, loosen it and tuck the rubber band inside the drum;
  • disconnect wiring from the UBL;
  • open the service hatch door and unscrew the bolt holding the filter housing;
  • Unscrew the screws that hold the top cover from the back of the case, and remove the “top”;
  • Pull out the powder drawer by pressing the center button and pulling it toward you;
  • in the vacant landing place to find and loosen the two screws that fix the dashboard;
  • Remove the screws located around the perimeter of the dashboard;
  • Hook the dashboard and push to the left to the right, removing from the plastic latches;
  • Release the fasteners around the perimeter of the front panel, unhook the “end” and remove to the side;
  • Unscrew the plastic cover that covers the door hinges;
  • Disconnect the hinges from the body;
  • Install new hinges to replace the old ones;
  • Assemble the machine in reverse order.

The hatch locking device is very difficult to repair at home. It is easier and faster to buy a new UBL and install in place of the old one. It is enough to remove the faulty lock, removing existing mountings, and by the standard to arrange a working analogue.

Flashing key on Bosch washing machines

The task of replacing the UBL becomes more difficult if the door won’t open, remaining locked. In this case it is first necessary to remove the top cover, tilt the washing machine forward, then shove your hand inside along the body, feel for the lock and move the latch. Then follow the previously described annotation.

Your LG washing machine has a child-protection system active (red face-lock on the control panel flashes). To override the child lock, press and hold the TEMPERATURE AND CLEANING buttons for 5 to 10 seconds.

How to disable the lock on a Bosch washing machine:

  • On Bosch logixx 8, you must open the hatch door and press the button, which is marked with an arrow to the left “Options”.
  • On Bosch maxx 5 you need to press the start/pause button and hold it for about 6-8 seconds.
  • This procedure is the same for Bosch WAS 20443.
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Why does the blockage appear?

The control lock in Bosch machines can occur for one of 2 reasons.

  • If you set the child lock when washing, but when you finish, the machine is turned off and the lock has not been removed.
  • If the self-diagnostic system detects a malfunction in one or more of the machine’s systems. The corresponding error code will then appear on the display and the washing modes will be disabled.

If the machine was blocked, and the reason for the blocking was identified independently, then you can use several ways to reset the error.

If there is a serious problem, which cannot be solved independently, or if the owner of the machine is not confident in his or her own abilities, it is better to apply to a service center or a certified appliance repairman.

  • Before starting the service test, close the washing machine door and set the program selector to position 0 (at 12 o’clock).
  • Turn the selector clockwise to position 8 (6 hours) and wait for the LED on the start-stop button to start flashing (this should happen after about two seconds)

How to reset an error on a Bosch MAXX 5 washing machine ?

  • Turn the knob to the 6 o’clock position.
  • Press the RPM button with one hand and hold it down.
  • Turning the other hand to the 7 o’clock position.
  • Releasing the button.The digital display shows 8:88.

On Bosch logixx 8 it is necessary to open the hatch door and press the button marked with an arrow to the left “Options”. Once you press the button, hold it until the machine beeps and the lock is released. On Bosch maxx 5 it is necessary to press the start/pause button and hold it for about 6-8 seconds.

Press the “Start” button. Without releasing it, turn the selector counterclockwise two divisions. The machine enters the service menu and locks the door. The “Start” button can be released after 2 seconds.

How to turn on a washing machine

Before you start, you must check the connection of the machine to the mains, prepare items for loading, pre-separating light, dark and colored laundry, which must be washed separately. The total volume of the load must correspond to the rated capacity of the machine: under no circumstances may the drum be overloaded. Also, pay attention to the fabric of the items, only items made of the same kind of fabric can be washed at the same time.

Loading detergent

Washing powder should be loaded into a special compartment for powder, which usually consists of three compartments:

Deactivate/activate child lock Bosch Logixx 8

Such a conditional distribution is characteristic of most brands of devices. If you would like to clarify this information, refer to your model-specific instruction manual.

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Advice! When pouring laundry detergent, it is important to observe the dosage, which is marked on the package. There is a perception that the more powder, the better the quality of washing. However, with its excessive amount the laundry is on the contrary poorly rinsed, stains and white stains may remain, which may cause allergy development in future.

Loading the laundry into the drum

Before loading the clothes sorted by color and material, lay them out carefully so that they do not become lumpy. In this way, the washing and spinning process will be of higher quality. After that, close the door of the machine tightly.

Selecting the washing mode

The mode (program) of operation is selected either by pressing a mechanical or touch button, or by turning a switch whose pointer is directed to a certain mode. Some automatic machines combine both types of control.

The machine can have the following washing programs, depending on the type of fabric and intensity:

  • fast;
  • gentle;
  • delicate;
  • manual;
  • everyday;
  • baby clothes;
  • cotton;
  • synthetic;
  • wool and others.

Determining the washing temperature

Temperature setting from 30˚C to 95˚C. Do not be guided solely by the choice of maximum temperature, observe the following recommendations:

  • the temperature is chosen according to how dirty the laundry is, or if the laundry is just to be freshened up, a minimum temperature of 30˚C or 40˚C will suffice;
  • it is best to wash synthetics at 40-60˚C;
  • We recommend that you wash our bedclothes and bath accessories at the maximum temperature.

Spin speed selection

Spin speed is determined by the number of rpm. The better the spin, the less moisture will remain in the garment and it will dry much faster.

bosch, logixx, remove, lock

Important! For delicate items, choose a minimum spin intensity. And especially delicate fabrics (silk, chiffon) is better not to spin in the machine at all.

Start the washing process

The washing machine is started by pressing the “On” button. The cycle itself is started by pressing the “Start” button, which, as we have already found out, can also combine the “Pause” function. If you successfully start the process, if there is an indicator, it will show the time of washing.

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