Bosch logixx 8 does not open the door

How to unlock an Indesit washing machine

To unlock its door, first you need to make sure that the machine is fully pumped out of the drum water.

If there is no water in the machine. try to remedy the situation by performing a complete reset of the software. unplug from the socket and allow to stand like that for about half an hour. During this time the program will reset and the door will unlock. If you don’t have time to wait that long, then just activate the wash program again. Before it starts, the machine first resets the lock and then starts again. You will be notified by a buzzer when the washing machine door has opened. All you need to do at this point is to open the hatch door and cancel the wash.

Another solution is to use the emergency opening cable at the bottom of the machine; if water remains, use the “Drain” function. If it is faulty, then the water will have to be drained yourself, using the drain hose. Then, use the troubleshooting methods previously discussed.

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The door of the washing machine does not open after washing, what to do

Each of us has probably faced a situation where the washing machine door will not open. In most cases, the situation was resolved as if by itself. That is, after some time after frantic actions of a different nature, the door opened. But what exactly caused the blockage, and what actions or sequence of actions were the solution to the problem? In this article I will try to outline the most effective ways to unlock. And also I will point out the causes of real failures and ways to fix them yourself.

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The door in the washing machine won’t open

If the washing machine door won’t open after a wash, you can’t yank or pull the handle with all your might. This can only lead to one result. the handle will break, and you will need to repair it too. Before proceeding to the “real” repair and disassemble the washing machine one screw at a time, it is recommended to perform the following uncomplicated steps:

  • If the appliance has finished the entire wash, which is indicated by a signal on the dashboard, and there is no water in the tank but the door is still locked, then you must wait a little longer. Depending on the type of locking device, the program being performed and the model of the washing machine itself, the unlocking time may vary from 1 to 5 minutes. At the same time, the simpler washing machines with analog controls work faster than the smart devices with electronic controls. The latter need time to interrogate and process the data from the controlling sensors.
  • If there is water in the tank after the end of the cycle, many models of washing machines will block the opening of the hatch in order to avoid flooding. The reasons why the water does not drain, there may be many: from clogged filter or drain pipe and ending with a broken pump. Ways to fix such a failure. a topic for a separate article. And to quickly remove water from the tank, you can perform two actions:
  • restart the water drain function;
  • Unscrew the filter and put some container so that the water flows by itself.
  • If during the washing there were voltage fluctuations or short-term power outages, it is possible that the software failure of the control board. To reset it, there are also two methods:
  • Press the “Start/Pause” button and hold it for 5-7 seconds. This should reset the program in modern models of washing machines manufactured by Bosch, Samsung, Indesit;
  • The washing machine must be disconnected and completely turned off for at least half an hour. This method works on washing machines with a hybrid control or program save feature.
  • Of the undocumented ways to unlock the door, the most effective is. Any washing program is restarted. In preparation for the cycle, the control board interrogates all sensors, including the UBL (door locking device). The locking mechanism is activated and deactivated during the test, this can be heard by a click. It is important to catch this moment and have time to open the door.
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If none of the above methods helped and the washing machine door does not open, the following causes may be possible:

Failure of other elements of the washing machine that do not allow the lock to be released:

Locking the door can be the result of one or more of these factors. Testing and restoration of performance in each case requires a special approach. In most cases, the repair of sensors, and even more so the control board, is quite complicated and at home poorly feasible.

Cable “for emergency unlocking”

Many models of washing machines have a special cable “for emergency unlocking”, with which you can press the latch of the hatch and open it. It is located near the drainage filter. To access, open the hatch or panel at the bottom of the front of the washing machine, the cable handle may be painted orange, red or green.

What to do if, Emergency unlock, Service Manual Bosch Logixx 8 VarioPerfect WAS24443OE Spin speed 1200 rpm

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Pressed ^ (Start/Download) or © (Time to End)?- The door to the loader is closed?- Childproof lock is active? Deactivate it.^ с. 5.

Program selected ^ (No spin)?.^ с. 3,4.- Clean the suction pump.^ с. 11.- Clean sewer pipe and/or drain hose.

Spin result is unsatisfactory. The laundry is wet/creamy.

Spin off due to uneven distribution of the laundry.

Spread fine and coarse laundry evenly in the drum.

Program running time changes during the wash cycle.

This is not a malfunction. the programme times are adapted

to the current wash process. This may cause the program time to change on the display.

Run the program Cotton 90 ° C without laundry. Use universal

Detergent may be coming out of the detergent drawer

Mix 1 tablespoon of conditioner with ^ L of water and pour this solution into Cell II.

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(Not suitable for washing outdoor clothes and down jackets!).

Use less detergent the next time you wash.

Strong scratching, vibration and movement of the machine when wringing.

Transport locks removed?

Power failure?- The fuse has tripped? Turn on/replace fuse.- Power save mode active? ^

If the problem occurs again, call a specialist

Bosch Logixx 8 Open and Repair Door Handle Without Spare Parts

bosch, logixx, does, open, door

Drum, control system compensates for imbalance.

Use less detergent during the next wash. extra rinse cycle is activated.

Detergent residue on. Some phosphate-free detergents release laundry.

During reloading quickly. Too much water. Unable to fill in the laundry. If it flashes (start/load) immediately close the appliance door and the warning light sounds. Press key ^ (Start/Download) to continue program,

If you cannot solve the problem yourself (by turning it off and on again), or if the washing machine needs repair:

e.g. in case of a power failure

The program continues when the power supply is restored. If it is necessary to remove the laundry, open the appliance door using the method described below:

The detergent solution and laundry may be hot. Allow it to cool down first.If the drum is still spinning, do not attempt to insert your hand into it.Do not open the door as long as you can see water through the door glass.

Set the programmer to Off. and unplug it from the power outlet.

Pull the emergency unlocking device downwards with a suitable tool and release.The door to the load door will then open.

If you cannot solve the problem yourself (Ch. “What to do if. “.

contact customer service. We will always find a suitable solution. you won’t need to call us again

For the address of your nearest service station see. here or in the service list (depends on the model)

Always quote the product number (E-Pg) when calling for service.) and the serial number (EO) of your appliance.

These details can be found: on the inside of the boot lid/on the The address of the nearest service station can be found on

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