Bosch gws 9 125 s disassembly

Reviews for angle grinder (angle grinder) Bosch GWS 9-125S, 0601396122, 900 W, 125 mm

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Popular reviews A Alexei Recommended July 31, 2021. Excellent angle grinder. It is convenient in the hand. Brushes 5x8x15mm Advantages: Adjustable speed. Accidental start protection, soft start, not mentioned in the specs, but it’s all there. The stator and the armature armored and cast. Disadvantages: The gearbox is supported on a hub, in the past they had a needle bearing. Leroy Merlin Ivanovo The team stores Leroy Merlin Ivanovo Alexey, good day! Thank you for your time and feedback. We are glad that you are satisfied with your new tool. We will be waiting for you again in Leroy Merlin! Sincerely yours, Leroy Merlin Ivanovo store team! D Dmitry recommended June 30, 2021. I am satisfied with the purchase. The price is lower than in our city in other stores. Advantages: 3 years warranty. Speed adjustment. 900 watt is enough. Reply to 1 of the Комментарии и мнения владельцев about the protective cover. It can be adjusted to any position. The problem is in your hands. The photo of the adjustment is attached. Come into the store You will be shown how to adjust or unscrew the clamping screw of the hood to the maximum and with force to turn the dressed hood in the right direction. It will snap, through the teeth Disadvantages: No Leroy Merlin Kostroma Dmitry, good day! Thank you for your feedback. It’s important for us, because every day we are working on our product range. We are pleased that you were satisfied with your purchase of the angle grinder. We wish it will serve you as long as possible! We are sure that your review will be useful to other customers. See you in Leroy Merlin. Sincerely, Leroy Merlin Kostroma store team. Recommended by Eugene April 11, 2021. I am an employee of Leroy Merlin Petrozavodsk. Bought the angle grinder for 5200, which I think is a very good price for it, on the Bosch website is noticeably more expensive, so in the column price put 4 rather than 5. It has a slim body, so it is very good in the hand and easy to use without the handle. Revolutions adjustment. exactly the reason why I chose this model, t.к. It is possible to grind something without damage to the sanding pads by excessive revolutions. The power is more than enough not to crush the angle grinder and not to burn it out stupidly. Thanks to the soft start it does not jerk, which increases the comfort and safety in operation. Definitely recommend for purchase. Advantages: Comfortable grip, adjustable speed, 3-year warranty on registration, soft start. Weaknesses: Inconvenient spindle lock button to change the disks, but that’s my personal opinion. Leroy Merlin Petrozavodsk Hello! Thank you so much for such a detailed review. Glad you were satisfied with your purchase. AF Andrey Fedorov September 05, 2021. It burned down in 10-15 minutes. There was a sudden burst of white smoke. Immediately unplugged the plug from the mains and it was still lying smoky for about 5 minutes. Advantages: No Disadvantages: Quality Igor Kiselev (Department Tools SPb) Good afternoon, Andrew. If you have a complaint about the quality of the product. We recommend that you contact the Bosch Service Center. The addresses of our service centers can be found on the company’s website. You can also call a specialist service center at home by calling the hot line company Bosch. Thank you for your feedback, we will be glad to see you in our stores. M Maxim Recommended February 13, 2021. This machine is well assembled, the price is not expensive for a model with adjustable speed, soft start and protection against intentional start of this in the characteristics is not specified, in the hand is great vibration and noise is minimal, Advantages: Soft start, adjustable speed Disadvantages: Lack of holding the speed under load, Leroy Merlin Tyumen Leroy Merlin Tyumen Hello, Maxim. Thank you for rating the product and leave your feedback! We are sure it will be useful for our clients. We look forward to seeing you again in Leroy Merlin stores. VS Vladimir Smolnikov May 24, 2021. I bought this angle grinder in Mytishchinskiy Leroy, checked at low rpm in the store, came to the site turned it on, after start-up there was vibration at high rpm, I took it back to the store, about two hours after payment, they refused to refund through the service center only. Now I have to wait 10 days for an answer and I need the tool now. I had to buy it at another store with normal return policy just in case. Disadvantages: Bought defective product SS Svetlana Shamsheva Leroy Merlin, St. Petersburg Good morning, Vladimir ! Please accept our apologies for the product that did not bring the desired result. Unfortunately it’s difficult technical goods of improper quality are checked by the ASC and only after the conclusion will be seen further action. Hopefully a solution will be negotiated in your favor and in the shortest possible time. Regards your store Leroy Merlin. M Michael October 05, 2021. Didn’t work for a total of an hour and a half. The first time I turned it on, the housing heated up, and tapping/rattling when using the cord brush at low speed. Used it just 5-6 times for 10-15 minutes each time. Last time the knocking intensified, smell of burning. Turned off. It doesn’t work anymore. Took it in for expert examination under warranty. Summary. Rotor and stator burnt out, violation of operating conditions, non-warranty case. Went to the service center myself, talked to the master. I’m sorry, he says, but there’s nothing I can do if I declare the case under warranty. Bosch won’t understand me. The price he quoted was close to the full price. But he refused to repair it. We don’t deal with private persons. To the trash. Advantages: There are none Disadvantages: She herself Svetlana Shamsheva Leroy Merlin, St. Petersburg Michael, good morning ! Thank you for your time on our site Please accept our apologies for the product disappointed you. It is important for us to receive feedback, and our customers will benefit from your review. If you do not agree with the conclusion service center, we suggest you turn to an independent examination, if diagnosis is in your favor, we will refund all your costs. Regards the team store. Recommended by Alexander June 15, 2021. I advise the product, but check carefully and do not hesitate, you spend your money and not the store’s money. Advantages: For my money honestly good tool, has adjustable speed, protection against unintentional start (checked) armored motor. The cable does not stand up in the cold. Only 2 kg weight) Disadvantages: The hood has not been thought through, the lock button is pressed every once (not a disadvantage of this model, a friend has the same problem) well picky handle, but you can buy a second-hand anti-vibration and enjoy the work. Recommended by Artem on March 06, 2021. Great product, I recommend it, it has adjustable speed. 3 years professional warranty. Great in the hand, standard trigger, better than Dexter type peers, they say it jams when clogged with dirt but this one just doesn’t give a damn. I bought it for 3,800₽ or there was a promotion, or the price was just that, now I look, it’s already over 5 ₽. Advantages: adjustable speed, 3 years of warranty Disadvantages: no Ekaterina employee Leroy Merlin ADYGAYA Artem, good day. Thank you for your feedback and recommendations. We are sure your comment will help make the right choice and our other customers. We wish you a pleasant shopping experience! Sincerely, Ekaterina, an employee of Leroy Merlin ADYGAYA, 8 (800)700-00-90 A Alexander October 03, 2021. Burned out after the first 10-15 minutes of sanding. Smoke went out, smelled like garbage. Did not even crank it to the maximum. I work carefully, not the first day. The last Chinese angle grinder had a broken gearshaft. And then fire. First time this kind of thing. I wanted to buy a Makita 5030. Was not in stock at this store. Will take it back tomorrow. Advantages: comfortable in the hand. RPM control. And the rest. don’t know, t.к. burned out. Disadvantages: Judging by the reviews. It’s not the first time I’ve fallen prey to this kind of defect. Too bad. I used to love this manufacturer. Igor Kiselev (Department Tools SPb) Good day, Alexander. We are sorry about this situation. All complex technical tools in case of any faults are checked in the service center to identify these faults and their causes, this is a mandatory procedure, as well you can send the tool to the service center by courier service: The service is free. If the service center found a factory defect solved the issue of exchange of goods or refund. If the authorised specialist recognises a manufacturing defect and offers to repair it, you have the right to refuse repair and, on the basis of the certificate of service, you can return the money or exchange the tool. Hopefully the situation will be resolved soon in your favor. Recommended by Alexey July 30, 2021. Great angle grinder Good points: Soft start, accidental start protection. All this is there, I checked. Speed control. It is comfortable in the hand. Weaknesses: A bit noisy for my taste. The lack of speed stabilization under load, who wants to buy Metabo WEV 850 1.5 Tues.P is more expensive. But for the money is a picky DD Denis Dmitriev Alexey, good day. Thank you for your feedback. Can you tell me if your product comparison includes the Metabo angle grinder? This Metabo has variable speed? Recommended by Ruslan R February 08, 2021. This angle grinder has adjustable speed. Advantages: It sits very well in the hand, looks great in person, rpm adjustable! Powerful and for the money adjustable pro series Disadvantages: Couldn’t find any yet. Yaakov Recommended July 27, 2021. I buy Bosch discs too, so they last much longer. for home use, I do not think it is suitable for work. Advantages: Bosch, warranty, spare parts, etc., inexpensive, soft start, adjustable speed, no noise, easy to grip. Disadvantages: Heats the gearbox, inconvenient casing, but it is not critical, the wrench is terrible, it is better to buy a nut for the fingers. Leroy Merlin Mega Novosibirsk Hello! Thank you for sharing your experience with the angle grinder. As for the heating of the gearbox: Gearbox heating in small angle grinder can reach 60 degrees, it’s normal, because high-power angle grinder has a compact body and partly the gearbox casing acts as a radiator. If you have a heat exceeding the specified values. The warranty is valid only if you can get it from a service center, which is listed in the warranty card. N Nikita Recommended February 09, 2022. Bosch, only Bosch for many years. Terrible corkscrew button. It is almost impossible to fix the shaft. Assembled by Russia Advantages: Reliable, comfortable. Sanding the house 300 square. Three times a day I have to blow it out. I hope it will last until the end of the job) Disadvantages: Horrible shaft dowel button. And Ilya recommended January 26, 2022. The main mistake in the description. The machine comes with a cover for a 115 drive. Not for 125. Advantages: it is very palatable in hand, very comfortable body diameter for grip. Disadvantages: I put the cover from the Devolt, the native one was not needed. I don’t work with 115 discs. All I use a 125. Recommended by Alexander Aug 27, 2021. Outwardly all is good, the joints and connections of the parts are good. Advantages: compact model with adjustable speed. Weaknesses: Only body was inspected in the store, did not look inside the box, later it turned out that the flange and nut, wrench and crank are missing. Is this a cheapening or a salesman trick? ? In both cases, the residue is not pleasant. Be careful, the box was intact and wrapped with plastic bands. DD Denis Dmitriev Alexander, good day. Thanks for the feedback. Verification of purchased goods by the customers themselves in stores specially equipped. There are video surveillance cameras above each checkout location. There are situations when customers are checking out, they may accidentally forget a part of the item. I recommend that you contact the store purchase a question to consider the possibility of a forgotten set. Recommended by Yu Yuri on June 04, 2021. Good tool for the money. but it would have been better with protection. Disadvantages: Works great. Not too loud. Vibrations are not felt. I downgraded for the protection. Weaknesses: Well it’s hard to imagine how to install the protective cover (photo). and this is the only position. Rustem Miftakhov Recommended March 08, 2021. suitable for tile works, no backlash, respectively, no chips Advantages: lightweight, adjustable speed is a good plus to work with turtles Disadvantages: did not find Leroy Merlin Ufa Planet Leroy Merlin Ufa Planet “Good afternoon, Rustem! Thank you for your appreciation of our store! It is very important for us to get the feedback. We will be glad to see you again! You can also send your suggestions or suggestions for the store in Leroy Merlin Ufa group in or Instagram Evgeny Shinkarev Recommended February 19, 2021. Great angle grinder, very satisfied with the purchase. Advantages: soft start, adjustable speed Disadvantages: none A Alexey Recommended August 20, 2021. Compact Disadvantages: Made in Russia and this video that is made in China comes with keyless rotation of the guard (like model 13-125). Question if this will do in Russia, we’ll have to worry about hexagonal tool for another 5-10 years? DD Denis Dmitriev Alexey, good day. Thank you for your feedback. Perhaps your wish and will lead to a more comfortable way to replace/remove the hood. But, this is a different set and possibly a different price. Leroy Merlin is trying to offer the best in terms of equipment and price. M Michael September 30, 2021. Burned out after 20 min of work. White smoke. It’s some kind of chinese tool. I haven’t seen such a miracle for a long time junk in short:( DG Dmitry Golov (St. Petersburg) Good day, Michael! We apologize for the inconvenience. Sorry this product did not live up to your expectations. Please tell us what kind of work you were carrying out with this tool? Regarding the product. We recommend that you contact your nearest service center for diagnosis and repair. Respectfully your store Leroy Merlin. CA Kirill A June 13, 2021. It is very unpleasant when a product becomes cheaper after you took it! Advantages: It’s a normal product, it works as it should Disadvantages: I bought it for 5200 at the end of April and in June it was 700p cheaper! DD Denis Dmitriev Kirill, good day. Thank you for your feedback. Leroy Merlin regularly monitors competitors’ prices. Target. Low every day, for our customers.

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Dimensions: Spare parts for Bosch GBM 10 RE, Bosch GBM 13 RE Drill

Brushes Bosch 1604321900

Dimensions: 6,36,316 mm Bosch brushes for angle grinder 1204, P 20, P 21, SS 150 Vibrating angle grinder Bosch P 20 For router Bosch POF 50 Bosch brushes for blower Bosch USG 380

Brushes Bosch 1607014100

Dimensions: 61423 mm Bosch brushes for angle grinder 1302, 1303, 1304, 1305, 1306.4, 1307, 1307.3, 1307.4, 1308.3, 1309.3

Bosch brushes 1607014102

Dimensions: 6.512.519 mm Bosch brushes for angle grinder 1202, 1202.1, 1310, 1311, 1312, 1313, 1318, 1319, 1320, 1201 Drill 1103 1301 1431 Wet grinder 1301 Impact wrench 1431

Brushes Bosch 1607014103-1617000425-1607014108

Dimensions: 6,31622mm Bosch brushes for angle grinder 1321, 1322, 1323, 1324, 1325, 1326, 1331, 1332, 1333, 1336, 1339, 1340, 1341, 1342, 1396 Bosch brushes for angle grinder HV 78, HV 71, HV 79 Bosch brushes for angle grinder PWS 1800, 1321, PWS 1800-K, PWS 1600

Brushes Bosch 1607014106

Dimensions: 6.312.523 mm Brushes for angle grinder Bosch 300, 301, 302 Brushes for angle grinder Bosch PWS 14-180, PWS 6000, PWS 1207, 1208

Bosch brushes 1607014107-1607014122-1607014126

Dimensions: 6.31021.5 mm Brushes for angle grinder Bosch GGS 16, GR./SIZE 75, 1328, 1329, 1330, 1336.0, 1336, 1209 Bosch drm 23/13 electric angle grinder Bosch gr./75 Bosch gsc 3 cutter scissors.5 Sabre saw Bosch gsa 900 pe Circular saw Bosch pks 65 Drills Bosch drm 23/13, gbm 13, gbm 16-2 e, Mixer Bosch grw 9 Metal scissors Bosch gsc 3,5 Sabre saw Bosch gsa 900 pe Sanding machine Bosch ggs 16

Bosch GWS 9 125 S Отзыв, разбор и обзор от реального сварщика.

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Bosch brushes 1607014116

Dimensions: 5817.5 mm Brushes for angle grinder Bosch PWS 5, PWS 550, PWS 6, PWS 620, PWS 650, PWS 700, PWS 7, PWS 71, GWS 7, 9, 10, GWS 500, GWS 10 125 CES, GWS 10 125 CS, GWS 500, GWS 650 GWS 7 100, GWS 7 115(1347).1), GWS 7 125 S, GWS 9 125 C, GWS 9 125 CE, GWS 7-115, GWS 7-125, GWS 9 125 CES, GWS 9 125 CM, GWS 9 125 CMS, GWS 9 125 CES, GWS 9 150 C, GWS 9 150 CS, GWS 9-125 C, GWS 9-150 C, GWS 10-125 CES, GWS 9-125 CE, GWS 9-125 CM, GWS 9-125 CS

Bosch brushes 1607014117

Dimensions: 5817 mm Bosch pho 150 Belt sander Bosch pbs 60, Bosch pbs 60 a, Bosch pbs 60 ae\ pbs 60 e, Bosch pbs 75 Vibrating sander Bosch bos 230, Bosch bos 280, Bosch gss 280 a Eccentric sander Bosch bros 150, Bosch bros-125/150 ave, Bosch ex 125-150 lv, Bosch ex 150 ac, Bosch gex 125 a, Bosch gex 125 ac, Bosch gex 125-150 ave, Bosch gex 150 ac Circular saws Bosch ks 550, Bosch pks 40, Bosch pks 46 Planer Bosch pho 150 Vibratory sander Bosch bos 230, Bosch bos 280, Bosch gss 280 a Circular saw Bosch ks 550, pks 40, pks 46 Bosch torches 320, 322 a, gah 500 dse. gah 500 dsr, gah 500 dsr, gbh 2 se, gbh 2 se, gbh 2-24 ds, gbh 2-24 dse, gbh 2-24 dsr, h 14, pbh 14-e, ubh 2/20 s, ubh 2/20 se,

Brushes Bosch 1607014122

Dimensions: 6.51021 mm Electric shears 1174(NEW MODEL) Circular saw 7.1/2 3234-203 (PKS65) PKS66 Rotary hammer GHB5/40DCE GSH5CE

Brushes Bosch 1617014126

Dimensions: Bosch GBH 11DE, GSH10 (C, E), GSH 11E

Brushes Bosch 1607014130-1607014154-1607014171-1607014175

Dimensions: 6.31622 mm Brushes for angle grinder Bosch GWS 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 230, 2000 Brushes for angle grinder Bosch GWS 21-180, 21-230, 21.230, 24 Brushes for angle grinder Bosch Bosch 1351, 1352, 1353, 1356, 1357, 1359, 1361, 1362, 1364, 1365, 1752, 1754, 1853, 1873, 1893, 1894 Brushes for angle grinder Bosch GWS 23-180, 23-230, 23-180SDS, 23-230SDS Brushes for angle grinder Bosch GWS 24-180 BX B JS JBV JB. GWS 24-230 B BV JB JBV JBX, GWS 24-300 J Brushes for Bosch angle grinder GWS 25-180 J H JB, 25-230 JH JBV, 26-180 BV JB, 26-230 B H JBV JH

Brushes Bosch 1607014137

Dimensions: 51017 mm Brushes for Bosch angle grinder GWS 10, GWS 14, GWS 14 125 CS, GWS 14 125 C, GWS 14 125, GWS 14 150, GWS 14 150 C, BWS 14-125 CE

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Brushes Bosch 1607014144

Dimensions: 6,312,523 mm Bosch GBH 5-40 (DCE, DE), GSH 5 (E,CE) angle grinder Bosch gws 6-125, gws 780c. gws 8-125c, gws 8-125ce, gws 850c, gws 850ce

Brushes Bosch 1607014145

Dimensions: 5815,5 mm Bosch GFF 22A Brushes for angle grinder Bosch PWS 700-115, PWS 700-125, ehs 6-115, gws 580, gws 580, gws 6-115, 6-115e, gws 660, gws 780 c. gws 8-115 c, gws 8-125, gws 850, gws 850 c, gws 850 ce, pws 700-115, pws 700-125 Bosch bros-150 t, Bosch bti-ex 150 aet, gex 150 turbo, gex 150 turbo. Bosch gff 22 a flat dowel machine.

Bosch brushes 1607014151-1607014172-2604320912

Dimensions: 51017 mm Brushes for angle grinder Bosch GWS 14-125 CE, GWS 14-125 C, GWS 14-150 C

Brushes Bosch 1607014171 H43

Bosch angle grinders: GWS 20-180, GWS 20-230, GSF 100 A, GNF 65 A, GWS 23-180, GWS 25-230. PWS 18 180,PWS 18-230 J, PWS 18-230, PWS 19-230, PWS 20-230 J, PWS 20-230, PWS 1800 PWS 21-230, PWS 1900.

Brushes Bosch 1607014172

Dimensions: 51017 mm Bosch angle grinder: PWS 9, 10, 13, 1346, GGS 8, 10, 28, 1100, 1200, 1400

Brushes Bosch 1607014176 e64, A69

Dimensions: 51016.5 mm Bosch GGS 28 (CE, LC, LCE, C), GGS 8CE, GPO 14CE angle grinder Bosch: Bosch GWS8-125/10-125/14-125, Bosch GWS 10-125, GWS 1000,

GWS 11-125 CI, GWS 1400, GWS 14-125 (CIE, CI) GWS 8-125, GWS 14-125 CIT, GWS15-125 CIIN V, GWS 15-125 CIEH, GWS 15-125 CIEH, GWS 8-115, GWS 11-125 (CI, CIE,CIH),

GWS 1400, GWS 14-125 CIE, GWS 15-125 (CIH, CITH), GWS 15-150 CIH

Brush sanders Bosch GEB1000CE, OSB1020CE

GGS28C, GGS28CE, GGS28LC, GGS28LCE, GGS8CE, GGS28 straight grinders

Brushes Bosch 1607000V37

Dimensions: 61017.5 mm Bosch angle grinder: GWS 12-125, GWS 12-125 CI, GWS 12-125 CIE, GWS 15-125, GWS 15-125 CIE, GWS 15-125 CI, GWS 15-125 CIT, GWS 15-150 CI

Brushes Bosch 1607000V53

Dimensions: 61016 mm Bosch angle grinder: GWS 9-115, GWS 11-125 Bosch carbon (graphite) brushes for angle grinder GWS 9-115, GWS 9-125, GWS 11-125

Brushes Bosch 1617000525

Dimensions: 5819 mm Bosch GBH 2-22 (E, RE, EA),GBH 2-24 (DSR, D, DF),GBH 2-26 (DE, DRE, E, RE),GBH 2-28 (DFV, DV0) perorators, GBH 3-28 (FR,DRE),GBH 2200, GBH 2400, GBH 2600, GSB 16 RE GSB 18 (VE-2, VE-2LI), GSB 19-2 (RE, REA), GSB 21-2 (RCT, RE), GSB 780-2 RE

Brushes Bosch 1619P02870

Dimensions: 6.5813 mm Brushes for angle grinder Bosch: GWS 7-100, GWS 720, GWS 7115, GWS 7-115 E, GWS 7-100 ET, GWS 7-125 ET, GWS 7-115 ET

Brushes Bosch 2604320902

Dimensions: 6.46.416 mm Bosch angle grinder: 1327, PWF 115, PWS 1205.1, 1206


Brushes Bosch 2604320905

Dimensions: 54.513/15 mm Brushes for angle grinder Bosch 1316, 1203

Brushes Bosch 2604320908

Dimensions: 5818 mm Bosch angle grinder (angle grinder) 1211, 1997.1, 1215(21503.4)

Brushes Bosch 2604321930

Dimensions: 5814 mm There are PSB 750-2 RE, PSB 750-2 RE, PSB 750-2 RPE, PSB 700-2 RE, PSB 500 RE, PSB 13 RE, PSB 500 RE, PSB 500 RE, PSB 500 RE, PSB 13 RE, PSB 450 RE, PSB 550 RE, PSB 600-2 PSB 570 RE, PSB 600 RE, PSB 570 RE, PSB 580 RE, PSB 16 RE, PSB 16 RE, PSB 16 RE, PSB 16 RE, PSB 16 RE, PSB 16 RE, PSB 16 RE, PSB 16 RE, PSB 600 RE, PSB 600 RPE, PSB 650 RPE, PSB 650 RE, PSB 1000 RPE, PSB 730-2 RPE PSB 7-2 RE, GSB 16 RE, GSB 16 RE, PSB 1000 RCA, PSB 750 RCA, PSB 850-2 RE, PSB 1000-2RCA, GSB 1800-2, GSB 1800-2, GSB 1800-2 RE, GSB 18-2, GSB 18-2 RE

Brushes Bosch 2607034904

Dimensions: 67.59 mm Cordless screwdrivers GSR 12 VE-2, GSR 14.4 VE-2LI, GSR 14.4 VE-2, GSR 18 VE-2LI, GSR 18 VE-2, GSR 36 V-LI. Bosch cordless screwdrivers 12V. SC001, PG23 Bosch GSB 12 VE-2, GSR 12 VE-2, GSR 14,4 (VE-2LI, VE-2), GSR 18 (VE-2LI, VE-2), GSR 36 V-L, GSB 36 V-LI Cordless impact wrenches GSB 12 VE-2, GSB 14.4 VE-2, GSB 14.4 VE-2LI, GSB 36 V-LI

Brushes Bosch 2610391290

Dimensions: Bosch GBM 10, GBM 10 RE, GSB 13, GSB 13 RE Brushes for angle grinder Bosch KS 5500, MHS 6040 Bosch gsb 13 impact drill. gsb 13, gbm 6 re, gbm 10 re Bosch pst 600, pst 680 e, pst 700 e, pst 700 pe, pst 7000 e, pst 750 pe, pst 800 pel, pst 900 pel, pst 1000 pel Belt Grinding Machines Bosch pbs 7 a Bosch psm 160, pss 190 ac, pss 200 a vibratory Grinding Machines pss 250 a, pss 300 ae Angular grinding Bosch pws 700-115, pws 720-115, pws 750-115, pws 750-125 Eccentric grinding Bosch pex 220 a Saw Saws Bosch pfz 500 e Circular (disk) saw Bosch ks 5500, pks 40

Bosch psm 160 a, pss 190 ac, pss 200 a, pss 250 ae, pss 280 a, pss 300 ae Drill Bosch gbm 10 re, gsb 13, psb 500, psb 530 ra, psb 550 re, psb 600 re, psb 650 ra Bosch pst 1000 pel jigsaw, pst 600, pst 650, pst 670, pst 680 e, pst 700 e, pst 750 pe, pst 800 pel 3603c52100, Bosch pst 800 pel 3603ca0100 jigsaw, Bosch pst 800 pel 3603ca0101 jigsaw Bosch pst 900 pel, pst 900 pel Electric hacksaw Bosch pfz 500 e Circular saw Bosch ks 5500, pks 40 angle grinder Bosch pws 700-115, pws 720-115, pws 750-115, pws 750-125 Belt sander Bosch pbs 7 a, 7ae Eccentric sander Bosch pex 220 a

Brushes Bosch 3607014010

Dimensions: Bosch GBR 14 (C, CA), GSB 12 VE-2 concrete grinders GBR 14C, GBR 14CA Cordless electric impact sander GSB 12 VE-2

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