Bosch gsr 120 li disassembly. Battery repair

– 2. Andrew X.

Pros: Compact
Cons: 1 large chuck runout (with a 150 bit runout over 3mm) 2 backlight under the gearbox
Review: Runout spoils everything. Difficult to catch a screwdriver when the total length of the bit is 100

– 2 stanislav

Pros: Lightweight,feels good in the hand.
Cons: The gearshift button jams.The battery runs out quickly.
Review: After a year and a half, shortly after the warranty expired, the electric screwdriver began to smoke and stopped working.Engine burned out.Swapped for the motor from Makita,just had to repress the pinion.The original engine is expensive.I’ve used an electric screwdriver at home, but it seems to be faulty.The lack of overload protection, overload before the ratchet, the case is rattling, and the charger is designed for other, more expensive tools.

– 2. Vladimir o.

Pros: Beautiful and compact.
Cons: The charger is not good, it’s cheap. Electric screwdriver constantly goes into overload protection. The case hangs out, the case itself is designed for a different, more powerful charger. Batteries run out on their own in a week. Not very comfortable in the hand because of the thick handle. Does not stand on the floor.
Review: Disappointed. I bought it to go with my old blue 1440, which I really like, but the batteries are getting tired. Overload protection triggers constantly and before the ratchet, everything in the case rattles, the charger is shameful, the case is designed for other, more expensive. I gave it back to the store with a scandal, I bought Makita 333.

– 2. Alexander K.

Pros: Lithium charger automatically stops charging, no need to monitor by time or temperature.
Cons: 1) Motor burned out after a year and a half of infrequent domestic use. I assume that because of the sparking (it has smelled like ozone in the last few months) inevitable with a sudden stop. How can it stop smoothly if the screw is usually tightened to the ratchet. Or someone under-torque? 2) Clear looseness of the ratchet. any large screw can not be screwed all the way in even with a 20 mm bit 3) Removing the battery. requires considerable force, wiggling, etc.For relatively frequent changes in professional use I think it is not quite acceptable, and in everyday life it is annoying 4) The flashlight beam crosses the chuck axis at about 50 mm from the chuck face. т.е. the screw spline can be illuminated either by shifting the bit away from the axis, or moving the bit away from the screw. at least 25 mm from the bit. In general, when using ordinary non-elongated bits. screw slot. in the shadow of the cartridge.
Review: Don’t be fooled by the blue series, Bosch. nowadays it is not the same. And if you buy. Do not be lazy to fill out the warranty extension (here too. what is the manner. Are confident in the products. Give us a normal warranty right away!) In my case it has not gone yet. Engine. Not expensive, 1100, repair about 400. I had a shop close by and you?

– 1. Dmitry M.

Pros: Great tool for the money
Cons: Battery does not hold a charge after a month of use. One battery is enough to drive 40 wood screws

– 1. Andrew K.

Pros: No
Cons: Unreliable. Only the name of it is from Bosch.
Review: Broke after a year of use. Operated carefully without heavy loads and not often. Not worth the money it is stupidly overpaid for the name.

– 3. Mikhail Zhulin

Pros: The battery is long life, it charges quickly, and it works great as an electric screwdriver. Pretty powerful. No scrolling or cracking.
Cons: The engine burned out after 2 years of use. I had to take it to the service at my own expense, because the 3-year warranty is given only when you register the product on the site. It actually has a 1 year warranty.
Review: Do not make my mistake and register it on the Bosch website to get the extended warranty. Even though it broke after 2 years I am very happy with it. The main thing is to take care of the tool, keep it away from moisture and dirt, then everything will be fine.

– 3. Sapper water

Pros: Easy. Compact.
Cons: Chuck beating. 1mm by 5cm. It has a little radial play in the chuck. No battery charge indicator.
Review: In principle, the machine as an electric screwdriver is not bad. As a drill do not advise to use, well, maybe very briefly, because it is heating. The Bosch brand, so beloved by Russians, did not make you happy this time.

Bosch gsr 120 li disassembly

The screwdriver worked for nearly 3 years at home, but not at all sweet. in addition to the basic functions of drilling and screwing almost 100 percent replaces (me) a small angle grinder (circles use 125-1mm), circular sander head, circular scratch, of course, at 2nd speed (1300 rpm).there are no big claims to it, the backlash is not noticeable (normally works with drill bits 0.7mm) two batteries enough to cut 4mm steel angle 44cm

The quiet happiness of possession was at first interrupted by a slight whistling and squeaking in the gearbox, but the disassembly of the screwdriver was prompted by a disaster of local scale.-after another drilling, the screwdriver stopped starting, winking at the last charge indicator bar. the other battery had no effect on the screwdriver. by scientific method was found peculiarity. if you press the button to the maximum and insert the battery.device starts and works fine, but if you release the button for more than 10 seconds (at a glance) coma comes back. after taking apart the guts it was found chip inductance that had fallen off, checked all that could be checked. working condition was returned only after soldering off the wire going to the battery (the contact in the battery is connected through a chip resistor to the general)-determination of the battery type. (in an electric screwdriver uses another contact from the battery. unopened), the charger uses the middle contact ac, it is also connected through the 2nd resistor to the common contact NTC before opening the gear found that also need a lithium soap grease with a certain thickness. it is expensive and problematic, had to feed the screwdriver with what I could get.lithium grease ten times thicker than recommended. the gearbox was completely disassembled, and the problem with a permanently seated chuck was solved at the same time. the solution is wrong because it was possible to unscrew the cartridge without a hammer (broke off the seats “horseshoes” which prevents the bearing from falling out). washed in gasoline, opened “unopened” bearing, rinsed (no backlash, no grinding noise). put lithium grease (it is just for bearings) in the bearing. It took about 10-15 grams of grease. everything washed wiped clean, accurately unpacked in places and screwed. the screwdriver runs like new, the only thing that because of the wrong thickness of the grease gear starts smoothly. pleasant to operate. it’s a laugh and a sin.

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the battery voltage match the 3-digit indicator = when pressed all light U=11,8v light two U=

Bosch GSR 120-LI Professional Specifications

Below you will find the Bosch GSR 120-LI Professional product data sheets and manuals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can not find the answer to your question in the manual? You can find the answer to your question below in our frequently asked questions about the Bosch GSR 120-LI Professional.

Soak rusty workpiece in vinegar until rust is completely dissolved. 2. Treat rust with vinegar within 24 hours. 3. Remove the rust with a metal brush or aluminum foil.

The sound level depends on the brand and type of drill, so it is worth wearing hearing protection just in case.

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Review: Bosch GSR 120-LI Electric Screwdriver. A great machine for the home

Pros: It is not unusual cost, it costs about two average screwdriver from the least popular manufacturers with similar (but not similar, which will be below) parameters, but with one battery in a set of that actually that the second, separately to find that is still a quest.Correctly working tare. In contrast to the consumer in her not bad working regulation unit and within it, but not for example that actually from 1 to 5 in general there is no difference. In general, this was the key reason for the purchase, the body of a narrow tinplate or not to tear.

Well, for example on the small things, backlight when you press the button lights up before the shaft begins to work, that is, at the beginning is possible to aim. The rotating speed is adjusted correctly with the button without jerks. No runout of the head, it is possible to twirl drills in 1mm. It is possible to buy other Bosch instruments for a similar battery picture in the form of “carcass” (without everything, only the device itself).

Defects:The most key is the battery 12v, these volts we have if you consider the fact that the lithium battery we have at the highest charge of 4 volts, in fact so hold all lithium batteries without exception almost nothing, only when fully charged. Practically the same battery (they are compatible) proper as 10.8, only it’s counted differently (by most battery charge).Blue-Green Bosch. Practically it is even Pro, but economical version of Bosch for developing countries, the equipment is the smallest, the fit is not as perfect as it was at the old even On the topic of tools, a button dangles, for example, that the main, proper that reverse, you can press to light up the backlight when the lock is on. The spindle lock is there but when the tooling is tightened it has the possibility of a couple of one “click”. Well, and the price tag speaks for itself, Pro-Bosch less than 100 bucks, it’s a fresh release, yes.

Explanation: I knew exactly what I was taking and for what purpose, I am not embarrassed by defects, they do not give my tasks, and the task was to collect and disassemble the system units of computers, in what amount and plastic cases and monoblocks, servers, server racks and similar computer kitchen. To screw in screws, nuts and drill small holes in plaster, wood and steel up to 2mm from time to time. the tool handles these tasks very well, thanks to the perfect regulation of amplification combining for me the need for an electronic screwdriver and a small drill. If you are a system administrator or an anikai, take it boldly, it is certainly worth your money.

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Review: Bosch GSR 120-LI Electric Screwdriver. To understand the full extent of my admiration. I just need to hold it in my hand.

Bosch Professional GSR 120-LI Cordless Electric Screwdriver.

I don’t use this electric screwdriver often but every time I have it in my hand, I’m glad I have one.This is not the first power tool of this kind that I have used. The last two electric screwdrivers I bought were also from Bosch. I gave one to a relative (for a while, but it took a long time), and the other, still functional to this day, I still use. The only drawback. Batteries don’t hold a charge that long. And taking it out once again to work you need to start with charging the battery. Sometimes it’s inconvenient, especially when you need to unscrew (screw) 1. 2 screws or drill one hole. It is possible to rebuild (with the replacement of sagging) batteries, but such a service, as well as the purchase of a new battery costs about half the cost of the entire set. In addition, an extra cordless drill-electric screwdriver in the household will never stay idle. Therefore, the new tool will go to a responsible site where it will be used frequently, and “old”. To the rear, to the cottage. There you can always find time to prepare it in advance (charge the battery) or put it on charge in advance, planning to work tomorrow.As a matter of fact, that’s exactly what happened to me.It did not take me long to choose a new power tool. How that at once I paid attention to the Bosch Professional GSR 120-LI Electric Screwdriver.

Fits perfectly in your hand. Controls are located in convenient places within easy reach of the fingers, plus the Bosch quality, and they say that it’s not made anywhere, but in Germany itself. Decided. I take.

The set is stored in a practical and spacious plastic case with double-clasp closure.

The complete set includes the drill, two replaceable batteries and a battery charger. Bits in the kit “ashamed” put.

Everything is enclosed in separate boxes. There is still enough space inside to put the necessary tools. For example a set of replaceable bits for different types of splines (including bolts and nuts). Minimum set of drills so that they are always at hand. And there’s a lot more. screws and dowels, which are always in short supply when you need them. Without contents, the interior of the empty case looks huge.

The tool is supplied with the detailed instruction.

On the first page, as it should be, there is a photo with description of controls and their functions.

There is a separate manual for the battery charger, no less in size than the main manual.

Battery charger has a high neck designed to fit the battery. The battery, once placed for charging, slides on the guides and is firmly locked into the battery compartment.

At the extreme lower position its contact pads exactly and rigidly contact the contacts of the charger.The battery has a cylindrical shape and small overall dimensions.

Probably the manufacturer has managed to reduce the weight and dimensions of the battery due to the use of lithium polymer cells.Based on the fact that the charger case indicates the value of the charging current, with a value of 1.5 A, the charging process should not last more than one hour. LED indicator on the front, protruding part of the battery charger. The GAL 1115 CV is the right battery charger for fast charging and uninterrupted operation of a cordless power drill with both batteries.

over you do not need to worry about overcharging, because the internal circuit is equipped with electronic protection.The battery is thicker to the bottom to match the handle of the drill and lengthen it for a better grip. There is a contact group on the top of the battery that consists of three metal pads.

Anti-slip notches on the side surface of the battery pack provide a comfortable hand grip when removing the battery pack from the drill handle.The main body of the power tool has a robust and very compact size. Grip area has black non-slip inserts. The start button is located right under my index finger, like the trigger of a gun.

Easy to press no matter who. left-handed or right-handed, will use the tool. As the pressure on the button increases, the rotation speed of the shaft with the chuck increases. There is also a shuttle switch for changing the direction of rotation of the drill motor nearby (. screw in or screw out). The top of the body has ventilation holes.

I was pleased that it comes with a case, it is convenient to store. The backlight is very helpful. It is a pity that the product is not magnetic, but that is not even a minus. The device is not magnetic, but that is not a minus.

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Delivery a day earlier than it was stated in the order, called ahead and clarified where to bring the order, brought directly to work! The packaging is intact, the case is undamaged, everything included was as described :screwdriver, two batteries, battery charger, product data sheet! Free delivery! Thank you!

During moving furniture, not all screws were removed immediately, the electric screwdriver started cracking, and only when I switched to second speed, some still succumbed, but not all, they had to be unscrewed manually

Basically bought for small household chores. I think it will suffice. I like the look and brand Bosch. Torque is a little less than stated (I think maybe). The case is not very strong. Basically everything is fine. Can take.

Bought for my husband. Was very pleased with it. Lightweight, handy, powerful, 2 batteries. Already tested on the fence repair. Bosch as always has not let me down!

Picked it up today and it is already in use. Bought as an auxiliary. And as a donor battery and charger for the leveler. Assembly is not bad. I recommend.

The cheapest drill in the professional series. The set of 2 batteries. With all points and thank you bonuses cost 3700.

Order came wrapped in shrink wrap in a bag. Hence the clear bottom line. The entire case is scratched and well scuffed. Very unpleasant that you treat delivery in such a way. Photographed large scuffs, smaller phone does not focus

Great product, bought as a gift for my husband, how to check and he will say his opinion will add a review, but so far I liked everything, very fast delivery to yanao (muravlenko) arrived in 5 days

The only thing was a little wrinkled instructions, but I think this is not critical and is not included no one bit, ordered a separate kit.

The chuck runout is, as they write in other reviews, but I thought it would be less. But in the home environment it does not affect the work very much.

I am satisfied with the purchase so far. Used it a few times. Packaging, as such was not, the case is wrapped only in tape, was a little worn in the corner. But at this point, in fact, does not make a difference.

Compared to the old Hitachi the handle is thicker because of the new battery and it feels strange in the hand. No bit in the kit, had to buy more. There is a slight bit of bit runout when rotating.

Malaysian assembly, but the quality is top notch. That is why I chose BOSH, instead of cheaper counterparts.

An electric screwdriver and its construction

an electric screwdriver is a tool that is usually present in the garage or in the closet of any man After all, everyone had to use a screwdriver when tightening bolts or screws. Even screwing a dozen bolts puts more strain on your hands, and if you need to assemble the cabinet or the kitchen furniture? This is why there is such a tool. And it is not just screws fasteners, but is quite capable of drilling holes in wood and metal.

Of course, with prolonged use, some parts of any tools can fail. Professionals are familiar with the construction of an electric screwdriver and can, if necessary, disassemble it, find the part that has failed and replace it or repair.

Actually there aren’t many parts: Gearbox, DC motor, RPM controller, power supply unit. it can be battery or mains, load limiter.The other parts are individual for each model.

Electric screwdriver device diagram

Then you can look at. What the tool looks like inside:

The most important for work are the AC motor and the planetary gearbox.

Gearbox and accessories

The screwdriver motor is made in a standard way: inside the cylinder there are magnets, an armature is supported on special supports, in the grooves of which there are windings with high magnetic permeability. They are connected to the collector plates. The armature is made of steel and the brushes are made of steel and graphite and are held against the armature by spring-loaded plates. This is the most rudimentary motor diagram.

The electric screwdriver gearbox structure is as follows: it consists of a small number of parts and is made in a separate housing. The whole list of parts are gears, namely cylindrical bevel and worm gears, the driver and the satellites. For domestic use, these gears or part of them are made of plastic. This means that they cannot withstand a high load without interruption, but they are more than sufficient for domestic purposes.

The gearbox of an electric screwdriver is designed as standard

For professional use, it is mandatory to make gear parts of metal, which can withstand a prolonged heavy load.This assembly requires constant care, that is, lubrication, replacement of worn parts. The difference of planetary reducers of screwdrivers is that they can be as two-stage as well as three-stage. The number of parts in the machine itself depends on this. But every company makes these knots in its own way, using its own experience and groundwork. That is the difference between different models of screwdrivers.

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