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Bosch art 23 easytrim grass trimmer changing the line

One can write for a long time about the various types of handles on trimmers, as a large number of modifications have appeared on the market in recent years, but in fact, there are two main types of control.

D-arm. for short let’s call it D-arm, but the shape does not matter; the arm can be any shape (O-arm, J-arm, C-arm). The basic idea is that the controls are located next to the engine, the rear handle is located there, and the front handle is on the boom. The handle attachment usually moves down and up on the boom. It is not always easy to mow wide areas with this design, but it is the best for spot work in confined spaces.”Bicycle” handle. also has a large number of names, with the essence being that both handles are arranged symmetrically to each other and fixed to the boom. No handle next to the engine. Trimmer with a “bicycle” handle can literally mow, making movements, as when working with a hand-held scythe. This increases the working area considerably.

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D-handle with curved boom. the perfect combination for spot mowing. “The bike handle is the most convenient way to operate it,

When it comes to long-term operation in tough conditions.

Grass trimmer coil repair with your hands

Whether petrol or electric, the grass trimmer is the only true solution for cutting in hard-to-reach places that a wheeled mower can’t cope with. As a cutting tool in trimmers use metal knives or a special line for trimmer, which is tucked into the grass trimmer spool. But, unfortunately, trimmer heads in the process of use over time are in disrepair. Some malfunctions can be repaired with your own hands, some require complete replacement of the mowing head.

Cord spontaneously extends

There are situations when a grass trimmer user notices very fast line going out. At the same time, he or she has never hit the button on the ground to lengthen the line. The reason why a line for a trimmer is unintentionally lengthened by cutting it against a special blade on the mower’s housing may be the lack of a spring in the mowing head. Often beginners mower users forget to install the spring in the mowing head when trying to load line into the reel or they lose it altogether when opening the cover and later on don’t even suspect its existence.

Also, trimmer line can be extended without a button, if the spring is loose. If checking the spring confirmed this fact, it is necessary to put some washers under it to strengthen its clamping properties.

The filament for the trimmer does not automatically lengthen

If the grass trimmer line does not extend when you lightly bump the grass trimmer reel on the ground, the reasons may be.

Variant 1. snagging occurs, t.е. The filament is caught between the coils. this problem usually appears if the user has wound the line unevenly, with overlapping threads, or with insufficient tension on the line reel. In the latter case, when the mowing head rotates at high speeds, the cord begins to tighten under the influence of centrifugal force, which can result in interwinding of the line. To fix the problem, you will have to disassemble the spool on the trimmer and rewind the cord correctly, that is, with even turns with good tension.

Variant 2: ends are too short and stick out of the head. The line for the trimmer may not come out when hitting the ground, if its ends sticking out of the head are not long enough (short). In this case, the centrifugal force is not enough to pull the trimmer line. That’s why you need to stop the machine (turn off the engine or unplug the electric trimmer for grass) and pull the line for the trimmer manually, by first pressing the button.

Variant 3. trimmer line is soldered inside the mowing head. This leads to the fact that the spool is stopped and does not rotate when the button is pressed. Basically, this occurs for several reasons: poor quality cord, overheating of the spool during prolonged operation of the unit, the impact of the line on solid objects.

  • In the first case the third-party cord may be made of low-quality and fusible materials that cannot withstand the mechanical and thermal load. You should therefore give preference to “brand name” lines.
  • But, if you still bought a line for a trimmer of unknown quality, and it often solders during work, you can follow the example of some users, who after filling the cord in the spool to lubricate it with either silicone grease (from a can) or mineral oil. This procedure greatly reduces the chance of soldering turns of line.
  • Also, trimmer line can break when hitting a hard object during mowing (stone, fence, dry twigs, etc.).д.). The cord then stretches slightly and retracts at high speed back into the head. The friction heats the cords and causes them to stick together. The only thing you can do to fix this malfunction is to open the grass trimmer spool and rewind the line for the trimmer.
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Hammer ETR900

An excellent garden trimmer is the Hammer ETR900. Affordable price of the Chinese device perfectly combined with high power (950 watts). An electric grass trimmer is very easy to use because of its compact size. With a cutting width of 35 cm, the grass is mowed in the narrowest points of a garden or between the rows of lawns. Top-mounted motor prevents moisture from getting into the electrical part of the machine. The manufacturer has equipped the model with a bike-type handle, which makes the work comfortable and less tiring. Moving the handle on the bar, you can adjust the mount to your growth.

Manufacturer has also taken care of operator’s safety. It has protection against accidental start-up in the form of a two-button switch-on. The hood is precisely positioned in the working area, the grass does not get on the clothes and shoes of the worker. The kit also includes a knife for mowing weeds and small bushes.

What line to choose for a trimmer

Before you stock up on this stuff to put in your grass trimmer, you need to decide on a choice of. After all, the usual so-called round line for trimmer is not the only type that exists. How to choose the most suitable? First you need to determine the working conditions.

Unboxing and Assembling BOSCH ART 24 Electric Grass Trimmer. Bob The Tool Man

Choice of type. The line for the trimmer with a round section is the most common. It will fit any coil with the fewest exceptions. This type of material is suitable for mowing fresh, lush grass. But here with the mowing of the so-called dead wood, this kind can no longer cope. Attempts to mow shrubs with this thread are pointless to even mention.

In addition to the usual type, there are others with sharp edges. They are usually made in “star” or “square” patterns. The presence of sharp edges is the main feature and the key difference of these threads.

Precisely because of this feature, these types of threads are able to mow dry weeds. But pointed strands are not without disadvantages, the main of which can be called a rapid wear and tear, significantly inferior to the round type.

In addition to the already mentioned types of fishing lines, there are other interesting and frequently encountered varieties. Particularly among them can be noted lines, inside of which there is a metal wire. Threads of this type are often used in tools that run on gasoline and have an engine more powerful than one and a half horsepower.

Filaments with a metal core come in both round cross-sections and sharp edges. Regardless of the cross section type, such strings are best suited for overcoming hard-to-cut plants. Threads belonging to this type easily mow not only dry grass, but even small bushes.

Filaments with wire inside compare favorably to other types of consumables by their incredible durability. But unfortunately, this feature has more than a noticeable impact on the price of this type. The cost of threads with a core is much higher than the cost of other types of threads.

The string is not extending

In automatic and semi-automatic reels, the cord is fed without stopping the grass trimmer. If it doesn’t, it means:

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the line for the trimmer in the head is wound incorrectly, so the spool does not spin; the filament is wound unevenly, so the cord gets stuck between the coils and does not come out. to avoid this, the filament must be wound carefully, without skewing, coil to coil; ends of the cord, coming out of the holes, very short, the centrifugal force is not enough to extract them, so the line for the trimmer does not come out. before turning on the trimmer for grass it is important to necessarily adjust the length of the thread and lengthen it a little, if necessary; the cord is sticking

The spool does not spin

Reasons for no spool spinning are similar to no line feed. These causes are incorrect or uneven spooling of the line, line jamming or short ends of cords coming out of the holes.

How to catch more fish?

  • Single string. In the modification of such a trimmer for grass is only one working line for the trimmer. Used such a unit in the main for small jobs, such as trimming grass.
  • Two-string. Can be automatic as well as automatic. This set includes two strings. This grass trimmer is used for mowing and clearing areas.
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Instruction on how to correctly wind the cutting line on the grass trimmer reel:

First of all need to disassemble the head. To do this, you need to press the latch and turn the cover to the side

Measure out the right amount of cutting string and insert it into the slot.

Wind the line for the trimmer on both sides in the direction of the arrow. The 15 cm long ends should be left unwound. These ends are inserted into the opposite slots. Then the ends are fastened in the hole on the head.

If necessary, the remaining thread ends can be pulled out. To do this, first pull one end of the thread and then the other so that they can easily pass through the slots in the head.

Now assemble the slots in the body and screw the cover back on.

Then press the bobbin and try to spin it as far as it will go

If you hear a click, it means the bobbin is clicked into place. Next, you need to pull the loose ends of the thread to the end.

How to remove and put the spool on the lawnmower!

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After the spool is removed from the head, it needs to be carefully disassembled. It is better to do it on an already mowed area, because inside the coil may be a spring, which is found in the tallest grass will be quite difficult. Grass trimmer electric circuit diagram with half of an electric grass trimmer As you have seen. After disassembly, we will have three parts on hand: the body (top cover), the protective cover and the spool itself.

Line sizes

The diameter of the trimmer line is the most important parameter of the mower. After all, there are holes of certain sizes in the working part of the tool, and not every line for the trimmer will fit through them. If a trimmer line is not selected correctly, it will cause increased stress on the drive.

Consumable materials with a diameter of 1.4 to 4 mm are available on the market. The diameter is determined by the model of the grass trimmer and its power:

  • For compact units with power up to 1 kW, processing small areas, 1.4-2.4 mm thick lines are recommended.
  • Electric mower or gasoline-powered grass trimmer is equipped with thicker cords. 2.4-3 mm.
  • The most formidable devices, capable of clearing large areas from the above-ground part of bushes and young trees, have a core of 3-4 mm.

Problems with the line

Users of trimmers, both gasoline and electric, sometimes have problems with the cord. “Advanced” owners of mowers without difficulty cope with the difficulties encountered, understanding why it happens, but for beginners. it is a problem that has no rational explanation. But in fact, everything can be solved quite simply. The most common problems that occur with the cord are.

Cord breaks

If a trimmer’s fishing line tears frequently, it can be caused by the following reasons:

  • there are stones, small branches and other hard obstacles in the grass;
  • the user mows the grass close to the fence, and if it is mesh, it tears the “tendrils” even faster;
  • poor quality of the cord (it is recommended to buy a quality cord);
  • outlet openings in mowing head are worn out, that’s why a line for a trimmer rubs against sharp edges of bushes and breaks (complete replacement of a detail will be required).

Cord consumption is high

Generally, cord runs out fast if the semiautomatic head is often knocked on the ground or pressed down hard. The reel is unlocked and the line for the trimmer becomes longer and is cut by the blade. Another reason for fast cord starts to run out is improper use of the machine with an automatic mowing head: The user frequently lowers the engine speed when mowing. But as we remember, the automatic head is arranged so that with each decrease in speed a new portion of the line is fed, so it is quickly consumed.

The cord does not hold

It happens that the cord unwinds if the spring in the semiautomatic head is loose. The line for the trimmer is constantly extended and cut by the blade mounted on the hood, which increases its consumption. To check this, remove the cover and turn on the machine. If the line for the trimmer “got”, it will be necessary to replace the spring.

the line for the trimmer flies out

The reason that the cord unwinds after starting the machine can also be due to a loose spring inside the head. over, there are cases when mowing head explodes when turning the machine on and the spring installed in it is lost. Inexperienced users do not notice the absence of a spring and assemble this assembly without it. The filament therefore fails to hold and the centrifugal force causes the filament to come off.

The cords are not fed in and the spool does not rotate

The automatic or semi-automatic head should feed the trimmer line without stopping the machine. But if it doesn’t come out, the reasons may be as follows:

  • the line for the trimmer in the spool is wound incorrectly, because of which the latter does not rotate;
  • the cord is wound unevenly and the thread can get caught between the coils (the thread should be wound carefully, coil to coil, without skewing)
  • too short ends of the filament come out of the holes, so there is not enough centrifugal force to extract them, and the line for the trimmer is not fed (before starting the machine, it is recommended to always adjust the length of the cord, pulling it up a little);
  • The line for the trimmer is sticking (to be discussed later).
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Thread clogging

This trouble occurs most often due to the use of low-quality cord. During the operation of the unit, the head of the grass trimmer heats up, and low-quality fishing line for trimmer in it melts, sticking together. Also, thread sintering occurs when the line meets a solid obstacle. In this case there is a sharp braking cord, after which it gets caught in the head, where he and stick. Some machine owners recommend lubricating the cord with mineral oil or spraying it with silicone spray after winding it on the bobbin. Others advise to wind less filament on the spool. But it is better to immediately buy a quality product, in the manufacture of which the manufacturer has taken into account the factor of overheating the head, and the thread will not stick.

Instructions with a step-by-step description of how to wind up a grass trimmer reel and lawnmower

In order not to make a mistake in choosing the right fishing line for your tool, you should first disassemble the head, and look at the side of the spool. This information is usually presented on the tip, which will not allow you to make a mistake with the use of appropriate equipment.

If the information on the reel about what diameter line for the trimmer can be charged, then this information can be clarified in the manual. Once you have decided on the thickness or diameter of the fishing line, you need to figure out how to charge it. There are two ways to do this, but they are not all applicable. Consider both methods in detail, and already depending on what models of brushcutters and trimmers you use, decide for yourself which option is suitable.

This is interesting!The principle of how to twist the line for the trimmer on the lead of brushcutter, is appropriate not only for standalone gasoline units, but also for electric trimmers.

Preparation. remove and disassemble the bobbin

In most models of electric and gasoline trimmers, you will need to remove the spool to change the fishing line. FUBAG tools (electric trimmers and petrol trimmers) allow you to skip this step. To make the instructions universal, we will still look at it in detail:

Secure the shaft. Insert the linchpin into the correct hole. This can be a small screwdriver or a metal rod.

Unscrew the bobbin case. In our example, strictly clockwise.

Unscrew the cover in the direction shown on the housing.

The preparatory stage is over. You can go on to winding the line.

Is it possible to make a coil on the grass trimmer with your own hands

There are a large number of trimmer heads on sale (not automatic), which have a low price and good quality. But sometimes there are situations, for example, in the country, when the trimmer reel is broken, and its repair is impossible, the store is far away, and it is necessary to mow. In this case, you can quickly, literally in a few minutes, make a simple trimmer attachment for fixing the line from ordinary plywood 10-12 mm thick.

bosch, grass, trimmer, change
  • Take a piece of plywood or textolite and draw a circle about 14 cm in diameter on it.
  • Cut the disc with a jigsaw or metal saw.
  • Drill a hole in the center of the disc to match the diameter of the gearbox shaft. Remember to put the washer on the disk before mounting it on the shaft.
  • You can screw small corners or make one or two holes on each side of the disk. They will serve to thread the lines into them.
  • To fix the line for the trimmer you can screw some screws into the plywood.

Such a homemade mower attachment is fixed on the shaft with a nut. It is not possible to tighten or loosen the nut without locking the shaft. To change the cord, you just need to loosen the screws, insert a length of line of the desired length, and press it down again.

You can also make the mowing head from sheet metal to secure the line to it. How to do it, you can understand from the following video.

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