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GKS 190 Professional

The standard A-adjusted noise level of the power tool is: sound pressure level. dB(A); sound power level. dB(A). Correction factor K= dB.

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Bosch GKS 190 Professional circular saw

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Suitable for rip, crosscut and bevel cuts in woodworking.

Sawdust blowing function, spindle lock, rugged soleplate and wide view when sawing. Perfect.

Rubber-coated handle, clear cutting angle control, accidental start lock, additional grip for comfortable grip. Excellent.

Gross weight 6.2 kg
Net weight 4.2 kg
Can be connected to a vacuum cleaner no
Max. cutting depth 45° 50 mm
Max. Cutting depth 90° 70 mm
Laser capability no
Battery power no
Submersible no
Electronic speed control no
Outer diameter 190 mm
Seating diameter 30 mm
Maintains a constant speed no
Max. rpm 5500 rpm
Can be used with guide rail no
Stationary use no
Soft starter no
Professional yes
For working on metal no
Brushless motor no
Cutting depth (max) 70 mm
Packed in box
Manufacturer’s item codes 0601623000
Power (W) 1400 W
Tool sound Your browser does not support the audio element.
Instruction manual

Bosch GKS 190 Professional. professional circular saw for construction site, furniture workshop or private sawmill. 1400 W motor power. Makes 5500 rpm. 190 mm disc diameter. Saws through wood at right angles of 70 mm and 50 mm at 45 mm.

  • Power 1400 W. Easily saws tough wood lengthwise and crosswise.
  • Weight 4.2 kg. Compact-sized tool. 380 mm long, 242 high. Space-saving storage and transportation.
  • Guarantee 36 months. (when registering on the manufacturer’s website)


  • Wide range of cutting angles. Maximum cutting angle 56.
  • The most powerful motor in its class. Maximum watts per kilogram of tool weight.
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Dust extraction:

  • Sawdust is blown off the workpiece during operation. cutting line remains clearly visible.
  • Possibility to connect a vacuum cleaner. Sawdust is immediately collected, not clogging the workshop floor.


  • Casing made of cast aluminum. Protects against chips and shards in the saw blade in the event of damage.
  • Disk replacement spindle lock. Quick and safe tool changes.


  • Built-in protractor helps you set your angle of inclination more easily. It is easy to set up the tool.
  • Rubberized, wide handles. Safely lie in your palms and reduce the strain on your hands.

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Bosch GKS 190 Circular Saw

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Admin: Good day, Konstantin! Saws, which can be installed permanently, HERE.

scam. I got a promo code for 10% discount. The real price: 8 529r promocode: 8 189r. Where’s 10%? There is no need to cheat people. I already have one of these saws, it’s a great saw, I can’t argue. But this marching move with the deception. It is unlikely that my comment will be added.

Good evening. Question for. Bosch GKS 190 Professional Circular Saw. It says I won a 50% discount. The price of the saw was 8190 and still is. Swindle as usual?

Admin: Good day, Stepan! The discount by promo code is valid only for goods from the promo code page.

Good Morning! Yesterday evening I left an order for a manual circular saw Bosch. I have a question: “How quickly I will be contacted to confirm the order?”Sincerely Alexander Bystrov

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Admin: Hello! Processing of orders takes from a few minutes to several hours, depending on the load of the call center.

is there an opportunity to mount it on the tabletop? If not, advise which saw you have.

Administrator: Good afternoon, Alexey! This saw is not fastened to the table top. Mounted, for example THAT.

Afternoon. I have a lot of different tools, including this saw, I’ve already seen a lot, and I want to say it works. My point is that I have not had a single case of a new tool breaking right out of the box. This applies to professionals and household. It seems to me that the reviews about what broke right after I started sawing, etc.The same goes for professionals and home users, or those who use this technique were born on Monday, or they are commonplace HANDSHIPS. Have a nice day.

The saw is great, I use it for my daughter

Happy as an elephant tool is great in the hand.good mass, not Pushkin, of course, butno soft start, but its absence is almost imperceptible, no jerking at all.I am very happy with the dust evacuation, it sucks up most of the dust even on the paper trim.BOSHA has a traditionally long power cable.the guide rail is marked very precisely.perfect angles.clamps are very handy.great disc included, 50th lumber along like clockwork, including the remaining self-tapping screws The only downside is the bad hexagonal attachment for unscrewing the disc, it falls out.

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Electric circular saw, Bosch, GKS 190, 1400 W, 190×30 mm, 70 mm, 5500 rpm

Bosch GKS 190 hand-held circular saw. Professional heavy-duty tool for the construction site, furniture shop or private sawmill. This machine is an excellent combination of power and high performance. The low weight of the tool, its practical design and its optimised shape ensure ease of use throughout the entire work process.

  • Circular saw GKS 190 0601623000. the most powerful saw in the pilot series
  • The motor with the maximum power of 1400 W in this class for a high cutting performance in soft and hard wood
  • Maximum cutting depth (70 mm) and angle of inclination (56°) in its class for universal use
  • Compact tool design for optimum user friendliness
  • Turbo fan for dust extraction for a clear view of the marking lines
  • Turbo-blowing sawdust for a better view of the area to be worked
  • The GKS 190 0601623000 has a robust, closed blade guard made of cast aluminum for operator comfort and protection

Electric circular saw has a 1400 watt motor with a maximum speed of 5,500 rpm. This makes it able to cut tough wood lengthways and cross-cuts and gives it a high cutting performance in both soft and hard wood.

During operation, sawdust is blown off the workpiece by a powerful fan, this feature provides a better view of the work area and the cutting line remains clearly visible.

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Распиловочный стол Верстак из ручной пилы циркулярки Bosch GKS 190 своими руками

The device has a wide variability of cutting angles. The maximum cutting depth is 70 mm, and the angle of inclination is 56 degrees. This makes it possible to use the tool universally.

The wide rubber grips lie flat in the palms of the hands and reduce slip and hand fatigue, providing comfortable operation and limiting the possibility of the tool slipping out.

The heavy-duty, closed blade guard of the power saw is made of cast aluminum. It protects against chips and shards that occur during operation. Also features a spindle lock for easy and safe disc changes. Thanks to this the safe use of the device is ensured.

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