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All about the Bosch Tassimo

Tassimo. a system for making one batch of hot drinks: tea, hot chocolate, cocoa, coffee, including espresso, latte and cappuccino. The above variety of beverage preparation by one coffee machine is possible thanks to the fact that “Tassimo” uses special T-dishes in the form of capsules. Each disc has a barcode on it, which, when it goes into the coffee machine, gives it instructions on how to make the drink:

Tassimo coffee machines were originally introduced as Braun appliances. But since 2008. The Tassimo capsule coffee maker generation is still made by Bosch.

Instructions for the Bosch TCA5309 coffee machine

Bosch TCA5309

Key Features

Country Portugal
Guaranteed by the manufacturer 1 year
Type of coffee Grain
Maximum pressure 15 bar
Power 1400 W
Simultaneous preparation of two cups Yes
Control Type Electronic
Built-in grinder Yes
Grain reservoir volume 250 г
Grinding control Yes
Water tank capacity 1.8 л
Removable water tank There is
Removable drip tray Check out
Automatic power off Yes
Coffee strength control Yes
Hot water supply Yes
Boiling water Check out
Cup warmer There is
Anti-drip system Yes
Adjusting portion volume Yes
Temperature control Yes
Water hardness adjustment Yes
Steam foaming Yes
Pre-wetting system Yes
Automatic flushing Yes
Automatic decalcification Yes
Power indicator Yes
Ready to work indication Yes
Water level indicator Yes
Case Material Plastic
Height 34 cm
Width 26 cm
Depth 45 cm
Weight 8.2 kg
Color Black
Please note Leak protection
Good solution Cable winding
Important feature Removable filter holder
Users will appreciate Container with integrated handle
Well thought out Auto power off: 20, 40 or 60 minutes

To view the manual on your computer you may need Adobe or DjVu programs. And to view the downloaded files on your mobile devices you can use the mobile applications on Play Market, and their counterpart on the App Store.

Filter types

To prevent ground coffee powder from getting into the crockery you must use special filters, which can be both disposable and reusable.

A reusable filter is almost always supplied with the coffee maker, while disposable ones are sold separately and cost an average of 2.5 rubles apiece. The first option does not guarantee that there is no need to use a disposable filter, especially if coffee is ground very fine.

The disposable filters are qualified by number, namely 1, 2, 4, 6,8 and 12.

The most common are numbers 2 and 4. While 2 is more suitable for small volume coffee makers, and 4. for models with a tank capacity of 1 liter or more. The advantage of using them is not only the absence of any sediment in the coffee pot, but also easier maintenance of the appliance. When you use a disposable filter, you can throw it away with the used coffee grounds.

Disposable filter made of unbleached paper

Disposable filter made of bleached paper

Disposable filters made of bamboo fiber

The last option is the most uneconomical, but at the same time its use is no different from the other two types, so it is not rational to buy such filters.

The reusable filter must be rinsed after each use as there is no other way to clean it of coffee powder residue.

In addition, once a month you should clean the filter with additional cleaning tools, because it gets darker and collects coffee oil residues while in use.

Reusable filters are available in two basic types: only nylon, but rather thin and wear-resistant, and nylon covered with a thin layer of titanium nitride, which turns the color of the filter golden. This coating makes the filter more durable and wear-resistant, without affecting the taste of the beverage in any way.

What does the taste of coffee in a drip coffee maker depend on??

In order to enjoy the taste of coffee made with a drip coffee maker, it is necessary not only to choose the right appliance, but also to follow all the rules for brewing coffee.

For example, the optimal temperature for brewing coffee is 90-95 degrees Celsius. Not all devices can reach this temperature, but only those with a power of about 1000 watts. If the equipment available in the kitchen does not have this feature, it is best to pour already hot water into the water tank, thereby helping the unit to bring it to the desired temperature. In addition, this way you can greatly reduce brewing time.

The taste of coffee made with a drip coffee maker depends on the product itself.

In order to obtain a really tasty and flavorful drip coffee, it is better to buy freshly ground coffee before brewing it.

The fresher is the coffee and its roasting, the more aromatic the drink will be. You should also grind the beans properly, because a coarse grinding will allow water to pass through too quickly, not providing the desired strength, while a too fine one, on the contrary, will retain water, which will lead to the appearance of bitterness.

Ground coffee is ideal for making a delicious beverage

bosch, coffee, maker

The water used for making coffee should be as pure as possible, which can only be achieved by using a filter.

If there is no capacity for water filtration, in this case it is better to choose a model of coffee maker, in which it is built inside the device and ensures a good quality of the liquid itself.

Types of filters

To ensure that in the process of brewing coffee ground powder does not fall into the dish, it is necessary to use special filters, which can be both disposable and reusable.

A reusable filter is almost always supplied with the coffee maker, while disposable ones are purchased separately and cost an average of 2.5 rubles apiece. The first method does not guarantee that you do not need a single-use filter, especially if the coffee is ground very fine.

How the machine is cleaned

To remove deposits, branded Tassimo tablets are used. The manufacturer recommends taking only original chemicals, as other means based on acids can damage the machine and affect the taste of future coffee. The cleaning procedure consists of several steps.

The water tank is filled with liquid and two tablets are added. After they have dissolved completely, place the receptacle in the coffee machine. To start the program, a service T-disc is needed. Place it with the code downward and close the brewing head. A container of at least 500 ml must be installed instead of a cup. Then press and hold “Start” for 5 seconds.

The program takes about half an hour and the orange light comes on at the end of the program. Empty out the used solution, rinse the water container and fill it up to the maximum volume with clean liquid. The next step is to rinse the coffee machine, for this briefly press the “Start” button. Repeat this procedure three or four times to completely remove the solution. After this, remove the service T-disc and fill the tank with water. Now you can use your machine again.

Descaling tablets are available in official representatives, as well as in some supermarkets.

Top 3 Bosch capsule coffee machines

Using the capsule coffee machine is very simple. In Bosch models, all processes are automated.

Self-cleaning heating system. The beverage is prepared with pre-ground coffee pods at the rate of one pod per cup of coffee.

This rating includes three best capsule coffee machines according to users.

Bosch TAS 1401/1402/1403/1404/1407 Tassimo

Compact machine for quick coffee making in automatic mode. The tank holds 700 ml of water

Enough capacity for several cups of coffee. It can be easily removed and filled.

Automatic decalcification system eliminates costly maintenance of the machine. The instantaneous water heater is ready for use as soon as the appliance is switched on. You can choose the desired mode and strength of the drink.

The model is equipped with a smart barcode reader: you need to insert a special disc and press a button. Device reads a code and makes a drink.

  • Power. 1300 W;
  • volume. 0.7 л;
  • Grain container. 250 gr;
  • Grinding degree. 3;
  • size. 17x30x25 cm;
  • weight. 2.08 kg.

Bosch TASSIMO SUNY TAS 3202/3203/3204/3205

Cappuccino machine for making up to 800 ml of refreshing beverage at a time. Latte, espresso and cappuccino program.

bosch, coffee, maker

Model is equipped with an automatic cappuccinator for a frothy beverage with constant milk foam. Drip tray helps to keep the work surface clean and tidy.

Thanks to the power of 1,3 kilowatt, pressure of 15 bar you get delicious and fragrant beverage. Automatic cleaning prevents the formation of lime scale in the heating system.

  • Power. 1300 W;
  • volume. 0.8 л;
  • Grain container. 250 gr;
  • Grinding degree. 3;
  • size. 17x30x25 cm
  • weight. 2.14 kg.

Bosch Tassimo My Way TAS 6002/6003/6004

Reliable and functional device for quick and delicious coffee. Brait br-135 dea is equipped with a large water tank

1300 ml. Espresso, latte and cappuccino program.

For the last drink there is an automatic cappuccinator for creating the persistent milk foam. Convenient removable reservoir is easy to remove and fill with water.

bosch, coffee, maker

There is a special container for collecting droplets, due to which the working surface remains clean. The self-cleaning heating system prevents the formation of limescale.

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