Bosch classixx 6 how to use.

How to use the Bosch classixx 6 washing machine with a top load. The photos are scary, hard to believe, but good to know, especially for young mothers!

The Bosch classixx 6 washing machine I bought 10 years ago, I was short of money when the price was cut in half in Eldorado due to a small dent in the side.The washing machine has a one year warranty, according to the seller. According to the documents two years. Exactly one year and one day the machine stopped working. Not knowing who to believe, called a craftsman, who confirmed that two years!

Never trust the salesman, trust the documents! ))

I repent, there were no seals on the machine, so I got to the control board and determined that the triac is to blame. Electronic switch, which in a private conversation I told the master. Nevertheless the expert has replaced all ( all!) The circuit board and the water inlet valve.- Why change everything over a 30 ruble part??- What if it breaks again, I will come again on a call?Well, Bosch and Bosch. I am used to the Soviet culture of repair, when you do not change the whole board, but look for faults down to the smallest detail.

About the machine. The last 8 years running smoothly, a couple of times knocked out fuse that respond to leakage current and all, recharged. It works again.Periodically, I wash the inside of the machine without much disassembly, but once used a children’s laundry detergent TOBBI KIDS (it is in my reviews). I washed white laundry, took out the clean laundry, and found lumps of dirt on the inner lid of the machine.

Now for the important stuff!If you think that after washing you get clean laundry, and all the dirty water goes down the drain, you are deeply mistaken, part of it settles on the inside of the machine and here’s this powder has accumulated an ancient dirt dissolved.I decided to take the machine apart to see what was inside

Washing machine Bosch classixx 6 Vertical load photo

the dirt gets into the white rubber, can’t get it off.

Half an inch of dirt on the tank, drum’s clean

The sides of the drum are dirty, the walls of the tank even more

Disassembled the top of the tank, the horror, self breeding?

That’s more dirt on the bottom of the tank, and where else to dump?

After I cleaned and put everything back together, put a pack of soda, a glass of powder, a glass of something to clean the drains, threw an unwanted rag in the tank and turned on the boil mode.

Do you also do the washing of newborns in the machine instead of in your hands???

As a result. To the machine itself, no special claims, I think any machine is so clogged, probably there is a tool that can be filled and, without disassembling, to clean, but I do not know of such, who knows share, please.By the way, any sober man can take it apart. It is possible that difficulties would then arise in the reassembly, for example I had 4 screws that were not needed (then I found where they came from and returned them to the motherland)

Study the energy label

You can always see the type of appliance it belongs to on the label. The more signs “”, the more economical the appliance will work.

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Important! A class A machine uses 20 percent less electrical power than a machine with an A label. The most advanced models in this regard are considered to be those marked A. Look for one in the instruction manual for the Bosch washing machine model you’re looking at, so your energy bills won’t restrict you from taking care of your stuff.

  • There are some especially economical models. For example, I-Dos has an automatic liquid detergent dispenser. Its volume depends on the weight of the laundry loaded in the drum.
  • The EcoSilence Drive models are equipped with a brushless motor. Innovative magnetic technology makes the motor work without friction and wear. This results in a 30 percent reduction in energy consumption.

Instructions for Bosch WAB20071CE Classixx 6 Washing Machine

When disposing of packaging, please observe environmental regulations.

The appliance has been tested and found to comply with the European Waste Electrical and Electronic Appliance Directive 2002/96/EC (Waste Electrical and Electronic Appliance Directive 2002/96/EC)

These norms define the rules in force in the territory of the European Union

To return and dispose of old appliances.

Proper use 1■ Programmes 1■ Selection and programme settings.

Important hints.

The appliance has been tested and found to comply with the European Convention on Human Rights at least once a year

The maximum load of laundry for the respective programme can be exceeded. Wash medium soiled items without prewashing. Instead of a program

The washing result will be almost the same, but

Dose the detergent according to the manufacturer’s instructions and the water hardness.

For domestic use only, to wash textiles that are suitable for machine washing,

and wool products which are suitable for hand washing in detergent solution,

for use with cold running water

Do not allow children to play with the washing machine in a solution of detergent and commercially available detergents and care products suitable for washing machines.

Do not leave any children unattended in the vicinity of the washer-dryer

Because of their physical, sensory or mental limitations or their lack of experience and knowledge, are only allowed to use the washer-dryer correctly

Do not leave children unattended in the vicinity of the washer-dryer. 8!

– Do not leave children unattended near the washing machine

– Do not allow children to play with the washing machine!- Do not allow children to manipulate in any way

– Do not allow pets in the vicinity

Read this manual and the separate installation instructions carefully before using the washer-dryer!

Textiles requiring delicate washing

programs. The appliance can be turned in either direction.

Open the door and remove the laundry.If ^ (without final spin) mode is active, set the program selection knob to

After the last rinse, the laundry will remain in the water.

Extra rinse. Extended program duration.

Recommendation for use: for particularly sensitive skin and/or in regions with very soft water.

On Aqua-Stop models, not required

When dosing all detergents, household and laundry detergents, be sure to observe

Laundry of various degrees of soiling

If possible, remove stains before wiping in the machine. Press

Laundry should not be treated with conditioner.

Starching with liquid starch is possible in all programs

Washing. Starch is added according to the manufacturer’s instructions to the conditioner cell

starch is added according to the manufacturer’s instructions to the conditioner cell (if necessary, the cell must first be cleaned).

The machine is not designed for industrial quantities. The salts corrode stainless steel surfaces! Use the dye, following the manufacturer’s instructions! In the washing machine

Maintaining the machine

Some cleaners tidy up the machine with acids, chlorine detergents and even with detergents containing abrasive particles. In our opinion, no matter how well-intentioned the clean-loving housewives may be, this is barbaric and should not be done this way! The machine does need to be wiped down after the washing process is complete, but a clean, dry cloth is sufficient for this.

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If there are traces of dirt on the housing that cannot be removed with a normal rag, use a soapy sponge. Go over the dirty surface first with it, and then go over it with a damp cloth and at the end with a dry one. Don’t forget to wash the powder box sometimes, as it often contains undissolved powder.

In addition, you should clean the garbage filter and the spigots of the machine from debris and lime deposits. The dust filter can be cleaned by hand, without chemicals or tools. But the rest of the machine’s insides (if you do not disassemble it) may be cleaned with special agents. In particular, there are products for cleaning the washing machine from mold, lime scale and other crap. They can be used, but be careful, read what is written on the package.

This is roughly the basic overview in the Bosch Classixx 5 washing machine manual. If you need the information in expanded form, download the file attached to this publication. Good luck!

Maintenance and repair of the Bosch Maxx 6

For regular maintenance of the unit, it is necessary to occasionally clean the drain hose, the pump and the sieve at the inlet valve. To clean the pump, you must carefully remove it from the machine, releasing any accumulated water into a prepared container. Rinse the filter, disconnect the drain hose and examine it for clogs or blockages. Use pliers to remove the strainer and put it back in after cleaning.

You also need to flush the detergent pan 4 times a year to make sure there are no lumps of powder clumping in it. To do this, take it out of the special compartment and rinse it under a stream of cool water. Next, wipe it dry and put it back in.

Wipe the machine housing with a soft cloth or rag soaked in a solution of nonaggressive detergent. Then wipe it dry. Do not use agents with chlorine to wash the drum. it damages the steel coating.

After washing, be sure to wipe the drum dry and air the machine by opening the door for an hour and a half.

The Bosch Maxx 6 washing machine will serve for a long time, if you observe the simple rules of operation and do not allow children to work with the device. Regularly carry out hygienic and preventive maintenance of the device, so that there are no unfortunate breakdowns. In this case, the machine will be happy with its work for decades to come.

Connecting to electricity

It would seem what can be difficult in connecting the SM to electricity? But here, too, there are nuances about which you need to be aware. Prepare the electrical connections in advance. It is dangerous to plug the appliance into an ordinary socket, which is why it is popular today to use a moisture-resistant socket.

The socket must necessarily have grounding. To power this element, a three-core copper wire is used, which has a cross section of 2.5 mm. Expensive equipment requires careful handling. A special stabilizer can protect the machine from voltage fluctuations.

The last tip: do not get into the electrical network, if you have no experience with them. This is very dangerous not only when plugging in, but also afterwards, when operating. An experienced electrician is able to organize the installation of the socket in a few hours and professionally perform the work.

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Powders, gels and rinses

Inside the modern Bosch washing machines are installed sensitive filters, so the selection of detergents should be treated carefully. Do not use homemade powders, recipes which can be found in huge quantities on various portals on the Internet. These powders not only do not provide proper washing quality, they harm the laundry and the details of the “home helper.

In no case can you use detergents that are designed for washing clothes by hand. These products cause excessive foaming, which in turn will cause the Bosch washing machine to freeze, and in the worst case, burn out the electronic module.

It is best to use the detergents recommended by the Bosch washing machine manufacturer itself. The current list of these products is published on the Bosch website, so you can open it and read. Try to use only proven, certified products and then your “home helper” without problems will work for many years.

Bosch Series 6 3D Washing VarioPerfect manual in Russian

WLT2446SOE is a slim silver, good-looking sixth series machine with a 7kg capacity and a maximum spin speed of 1200rpm. The new generation brushless motor EcoSilence Drive Bosch says about it that it is quiet, efficient and durable. Before that, was a conversation with them that they put in their washing machines brush motor with a belt drive and thus achieve damping of vibration on the belt drive and cheaper repairs. So now it is hard to say that this is a definite plus, belt-driven washing machines are also not very noisy. One thing’s for sure. Now you have to pay more for it at the time of purchase and in case of repair.

There is a special program for allergy sufferers and people with sensitive skin, which removes more pollen, wool and dust by increasing washing time and adding extra water during rinsing. Bosch notes on its website that the technology won the ECARF (allergy prize). ECARF has demonstrated in several washing tests that the Bosch Avantixx 7, Logixx 8 and EcoLogixx 8 i-DOS series washing machines meet all the certification criteria. Nothing has been tested in the sixth series, but the technology has.

The side walls, are made in the form of convex and concave circles, which reduces the vibration level, and hence the noise. This technology is called AntiVibration. If the washing machine is not leveled horizontally, no anti-vibration will help. So take a building level or pour into a plastic tank of water and leave a small bubble (he will be an indicator) and unscrew the legs until the result.

The Bosch series 6 wlt24465oe washing machine is easier and more convenient to operate thanks to TouchControl keys. Or maybe it’s harder, because when you press the physical ones, there’s a kickback that gives you confidence in the click. The system of protection against power surges VoltCheck resumes the washing program after a sudden power outage. With TimeDelay, you can schedule a wash overnight to save electricity at a two-digit tariff. If the temperature in the washing machine is less than 50 degrees Celsius, you can add things to the wash by pressing pause and then pressing again to resume the wash.

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