Bosch c7 regeneration mode how it works


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Berkut Smart POWER SP-8NRunning temperature. from.20°C to 40°CCurrent. Protection class. IP44Price.

CTEK MXS 7.0Operating Temperature. From.20°C to 50°CCurrent. Protection level. IP65Price. 6930 р. Manual

And finally, an interesting and inexpensive charger, although the functionality and degree of protection it is inferior to all of the aboveKulon. 715dOperating temperature. From 0°C to 50°CCurrent. 15АProtection level. ?Price.

I would probably choose CTEK, but I am stung by the greed. I think I’ll buy a Berkut

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3600 р.It has a “Mode for charging small batteries 0.8A” Unlike the 7.0 and 10, I first looked at the 10 amp, but I think the current is too high for 85Ah

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3600 р.It has “Charge small batteries 0.8A” unlike the 7.0 and 10, I first looked at the 10 amp, but I think the current is too high for 85Ah

They are just 2 variants, the only difference is that Polar has a working temperature up to.30C. I couldn’t find any other differences.

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Make of car:RANGE ROVER Series 2002

I use some kind of military charger, it can do anything and everything. 6 12, charge-discharge. current up to 8 or even 10 amps (I don’t remember exactly here, I’ll be sure to check for myself). The size is not small, similar to the second device I described.

The second, which was given to use this as a minus, it does not see zeroed out batteries. For example battery low capacity removed from my bike and put it on the charger, as a result, immediately not charged.

Now I am considering something more compact, I think I have to choose STEC

Batteries nowadays went some weak, once dumped and no longer hold capacity. That Soviet battery was a case of frost will catch, it even puffed up at home near the battery heated, then charging with a merry bubbling in the open cans. and it’s back on line.

If such a theme began, maybe about the batteries talk? What to buy from the parameters suitable for ours, but so that the dimensions and weight would not be like “tank”. Т.е. it’s fast charging and long energy storage, of course without leakage.

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No, guys, there’s a separate thread on batteries, let’s go there

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Adding:DekaPower 70Operating temperature. from.40°C to 40°C. 5.5Activity of protection. IP54Cost. 3350 р.ManualIt is possible to charge at low current (2,5A)

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I was just recently given the choice of what to get. The charger should not be more expensive than the battery, but it is better in 2-1 times more than the recharger.5 cheaper. Not so much for the money in general, but for this reason. Any modern battery will serve 2-3 years without any maintenance, and with care 8-10 years will not live anyway.- high charging current isn’t necessary at all. Because under more or less normal operating conditions it is not necessary to charge the battery quickly, t.к. If you need to start the car, it is better to “light it up” one way or another (spare battery, starter, other car). Plus the rapid charge is not useful for the battery, especially in the cold. And under normal charging conditions it’s all the same to leave it overnight or a day, and it’s better for the battery.- There is no need to work at severe subzero temperatures either. First of all, it’s colder.20C is not often. Secondly, the charger is not supposed to store outdoors (in the car), and taken out of the room will also work in a hard frost, if I have to, t.к. will warm itself.

In general, I took a Bosch C3. If I hadn’t spared more money, I would have taken the CTEK MSX5. The latter has a regeneration mode for bad batteries, “boils” them at 15.8В. However, the mode is not mandatory. of the “chips” from CTEK. it comes with alligator wires and round terminals; there are also all sorts of additional plugs in the cigarette lighter, to take to the dashboard, etc.п.

Bosch c7 regeneration mode as it works

Confirmed my worst fears with a Bosch C7 12|24 charger

Confirmed my worst fears with a Bosch C7 12|24 charger. Yes, the information I have collected during the week and about which you will learn in the next thread got to me not the easy way, namely by a succession of dead batteries in my system.

In general, the point is, I decided to check the desulfator in the battery charger from Bosch C7 and hoped until the last moment that it just did not work. But the further and longer I tested the batteries I came to one conclusion, which I will voice in a new thread, and that is still worth watching the batteries more often at least check once a month. But to check the capacity without special devices you are unlikely to succeed, although if you know what was in the banks and compare it to what you got you can make certain conclusions.

And so to the point. Desulfator does not restore shabby batteries, where there is practically nothing to restore, or batteries with irreversible processes that have left their traces on the plates for a long time of work. Just if the plates are heavily overgrown or disintegrated battery recovery is also a matter of chance and often the case is not on your side!

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Simply put Batteries die and make them a direct cardiac massage, it is not that thin, sometimes simply unrealistic if the body has already decomposed.

That is, if you do not keep track of battery charge and do not charge it when necessary, and leave it discharged for more than an hour, then any battery will gradually, depending on the quality of materials and assembly to see well in a short time, and a year of operation, from his former capacity may not really remain anything.

bosch, regeneration, mode, works

Today is a day of mourning for me, I realized that the battery that will go to the surrender have added two more, and that I have one left and the second is in question. So I’m transferring the whole system to a 200 watt grid for now. 190 will also have to drive in recovery mode. When I get it working I will let you know and for now I have only sad news.


On the positive side, the battery lasted from 5 to 8 years. For automobile batteries which serve 2-3 years in cars, I think it is a record.

Bosch C7 Battery Chargers manual

If you want to apply for a credit, be sure to read the following information!Before processing your payment by credit. Make sure you call the manager. specify the availability and price, and put the selected item in reserve. The credit only includes the cost of the product. Shipping, battery replacement and other, if necessary, paid separately upon receipt of the goods. Only PrivatBank cardholder can get a credit. If it is not available, you can get the card at the nearest bank branch at any time. Main conditions:

Maximal credit period is 10 months.

For example, if you take credit for the goods which cost 1000 UAH, the monthly payment will be 129 UAH., The first payment will be deducted immediately at registration of the credit, the rest repayment will be made automatically each month, provided there are enough funds on the card. Monthly overpayment will be only 29 UAH.

In case of early repayment, for instance: a month after purchase, you will pay only 129 929 = 1058 UAH. Two months after purchase, you will pay only 129,129,829 = 1,087 UAH.Please note that you need to have sufficient credit limit and amount for the first monthly payment on the card to get a credit. Find out your available limit or increase it (if you need to provide proof of car ownership, etc.).) You can call 3700 or visit any branch of the bank.

bosch, regeneration, mode, works

New Bosch C3 and C7 battery chargers

Heated seats, air conditioning, power windows, audio systems, satellite navigation and numerous electronic control units The ever-growing number of energy-consuming devices in modern vehicles puts unprecedented strains on the battery. If the battery is completely discharged, the battery charger is the optimal solution. In addition, a motorcycle, convertible or powerboat battery will only survive the winter if it is maintained fully charged. The new Bosch battery chargers C3 and C7 make all these operations quick and easy. Improper operation is virtually eliminated, thanks to simple central button operation, a comprehensive safety concept and an ergonomic design. The Bosch C3 is equipped with a hook that can be used, for example, to hang it on the hood, while the Bosch C7 comes with a convenient wall mount. Both mounts are interchangeable and available as accessories, allowing either charger to be mounted on the garage wall or directly on the vehicle for mobile use.

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Bosch C3 for 6/12V, Bosch C7 for 12/24V

The new battery chargers are suitable for safe, automatic charging of all types of lead-acid batteries. from classic lead starter batteries to liquid, gel and AGM batteries. The C3 model with 6 or 12 volts is designed for a variety of vehicles from mopeds or scooters to cars. The C7 is designed for 12- and 24-volt batteries used in motorcycles and light trucks. The new Bosch battery chargers are not only suitable for CU batteries, but also for other battery types such as solar backup power plants.

bosch, regeneration, mode, works

In case of incorrect connection to the battery poles the charger clamps do not conduct electricity, which prevents spark formation and damage to the vehicle electronics. That way, the battery can be charged without being disassembled, without risking damage to electronic components. A red LED lamp warns the user when the clamps are inadvertently misconnected to the poles. After proper connection and mode selection, the indicator light turns green and charging begins. Bosch battery chargers can be left permanently connected to the batteries of seasonal vehicles for maintenance charging when the unit maintains the battery voltage at a constant level.

Recovering batteries after a deep discharge

The new Bosch C7 battery charger supports two additional regeneration and standby charging modes. Regeneration mode is designed to regenerate batteries after a deep discharge in a short time, e.g. due to keeping headlights on. The Bosch C7 functions as a 13.6V power source when operating with a standard outlet. In a number of modern vehicles the battery must be replaced in standby mode, since many control units reset when there is no voltage and then require reprogramming this applies, for example, to power windows and car radio codes

Bosch battery chargers advantages

Although the chargers reviewed differ from each other, they have similar benefits. The pluses of the Bosch charger include the following:

  • Reliability. All devices are made of high quality materials, the brand guarantees the quality of the assembly.
  • Universality. Automatics of devices provides careful charging and recovery of different types of power supplies.
  • Safety. High performance protection prevents short circuits and sparks.
  • Usability. Plastic flexible cable materials, dust and moisture protection, as well as special “winter” modes allow charging batteries outdoors, at sub-zero temperatures, without removing the battery.

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