Bosch art 37 changing lines. More brushcutters and trimmers will find in the table

Bosch ART 37 Grass Trimmer

Bosch ART 37 grass trimmer. The higher model in the German brand household lineup. Grass trimmer is equipped with a curved metal boom, during operation, the load is transferred from the user’s hands to his back, for this model is equipped with a convenient shoulder strap.

trimmer for grass and weeds on any site, it can be used on the lawn near the cottage or private home, in the garden, on the field or a small soccer lawn, you only need access to electricity. The grass trimmer perfectly copes with dense thickets of high and low grass, and provides a cutting width of 37 cm in one pass. Built-in electric motor power. 1000 W.

Bosch was founded by German engineer Robert Bosch in 1886. The company’s headquarters are in Gerlingen, Germany. The Bosch Group consists of 440 individual companies worldwide, with a total number of employees exceeding 375,000. Bosch production is located all over the world, the company has plants and factories in Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, China and other countries. The brand’s products are represented by household appliances, industrial equipment, farming equipment, power tools and other products. Bosch is represented at the Ukrainian market since 1993, more than 370 people work at the local branch of the company.

Bosch ART 37 (0.600.878.M20).

Before you buy a Bosch ART 37 (0.600.878.M20) want to read real reviews about it from owners, those people who have already bought and used the product for a while. Read reviews of the device by real customers, see all its advantages and disadvantages. If you own a Bosch ART 37 (0.600.878.M20), then share your opinion, leave your review. Every comment you send is reviewed and moderated. Specialists answer your questions about the Bosch ART 37 (0.600.878.M20). Manufacturer: Bosch.


Marina K.

Pros: Lightweight, handy and powerful enough. Always a pleasure to buy at Pleer, good service, quality assurance, good prices. If a call is busy, they call back immediately. Sellers know the products, ready to advise on use.

Review: The only inconvenience. If a product with self-delivery from the store, when ordering through Yandex-market must be picked up within two days, which with my shift schedule is difficult.

George Tsintsadze

Pros: Convenient and powerful enough

Weaknesses: The bobbin can be made of heat-resistant plastic, it melts a bit. Trimmer’s native fishing line on the garbage heap.

Maxim Pustovit

Cons: Perhaps the design of the bobbin

Review: I haven’t used any other grass trimmers, this one. First. I’ve read a lot of reports about different mowers, where motors get warm. It’s not the case here.

To assess the ergonomics it is necessary to compare in live. For me, this grass trimmer is the best in terms of ergonomics. The engine does not get warm at all. Some salesman told me that grass trimmers with a straighter blade of grass. “boom” and a knife. That’s Chinese rubbish. Such tools are not certified for safety in Europe. Think for yourself.

Compared to others, of course, but in my opinion, the bobbin is the weakest link in this trimmer. If you want to mow for a long time. do not try to mow burdock and other solid vegetation. The line for the trimmer will be instantly torn to the ground and you’ll more often disassemble the bobbin and tuck the line for the trimmer than to mow 🙂 So cut down everything too hard with a shovel or axe, and then. grass trimmer! Also caused questions about the automatic line feed function, but I got used to it: at maximum speed, you need to hit the bobbin on something hard moderately sharp several times. I practice wooden plank 🙂 It’s not good on the ground. The bobbin gets clogged with grass residue and soil and the spring stops working. So I suggest a board. It’s not good on a concrete foundation backsplash, either, t. к. the bobbin gets injured. As more and more fishing line is pulled out of the bobbin after impact, the sound will change! Listen for it 🙂

I advise you to buy a spare bobbin on Ozone. You can buy third-party fishing line for your trimmer at the same Obi.

I have been mowing for three days. Each time it gets better and better 🙂 It is necessary to study the tool and find a compromise between your desires, its capabilities and the realities of the site.

I tried to buy it but it didn’t work and I don’t want to.


Cons: Poor quality, disposable product

Yaroslav S.

Pros: Has been in use for 3 years. 10 acres of different grass, from lawn grass to hard turnips and pawpaws. No problems with the engine. Overheat locking system works great.

Cons: Twice the shaft was broken, along with the clutch, which for some reason turned out to be plastic.

Oleg g.

Disadvantages: Belt connection to one point is very uncomfortable.Short cord.The connection of the rod broke on the 3rd assembly.

Olga Ch.

Pros: Nothing to compare it with, overall satisfied.

Review: I bought it for me. I like to mow both weeds and lawn. I’ve been using it for about 6 years now. Mowing with the right mind, mows weeds and raspberries, does not wind up the grass. The reel gets jammed with the moment, so you can forget about the line feed. I’ve been buying lines for my trimmer for about 3 years, I don’t like sprocket. I’m winding three meters at the most. The power button is convenient, the hand does not feel numb (as they say), I do not need to grasp it with a dead grip and all is normal. I bought it years ago but I don’t mow often and the lawn is small. May replace the grass trimmer later, but so far it works and not one year. The only drawback and a very big one is the coil. So if bought now, I would not buy. In my opinion, it’s better to buy a model with a different reel and the possibility of changing the knives.

Alexey K.

Pros: Collapsible construction (although in terms of reliability this is more of a drawback), low vibration, price

Cons: block of the coil failed quickly, replaced by a non-original for 300 rubles

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Pros: There is service support, you can always order spare parts

Cons: Design and quality of the original device

Review: I bought this a few years ago but I don’t mow often and the area is small. The head with the fishing line fell out while working, the plastic that holds it by the bottom bearing is worn out in the gearbox. I had to buy a new gearbox at a service center. The new gearbox already has a metal washer added, so hopefully the problem is solved.

Update. It didn’t even last a month with a new gearbox. no more gear from the motor. Bought a new Chinese noname at the nearest hardware store in the countryside. My impressions are very good, I no longer buy Bosch. There is no sense in overpaying for such a brand

Thick line for trimmer

It is stored in the upper part of the body of the grass trimmer.

place for storing a spare spool

Installed such a line for trimmer in the spool is very simple. according to the internal circuitry inside the spool. The center of the line with a metal fastener is inserted in the upper part of the spool, and the ends of the line are carried through the grooves and outward.

line for high-strength trimmer in the spool

This spool is attached to the grass trimmer in the same way as a spool with ordinary fishing line.

In the store Strument you can buy parts for grass trimmer Bosch ART 37. On this page you will find a detailed exploded view of each individual part. There is a part number on the drawing for ordering. To find out the cost and availability of the part you need, you can use the search on our website by entering a part number, leave a request by mail, stating the number and part number, or call us by phone.

We carry out delivery of spare parts for Bosch ART 37 grasshopper all over Ukraine by any carrier. You can also take the spare parts for Bosch ART37 grass trimmer by yourself by coming to our office.

Attention, unfortunately we can not keep the whole range of spare parts for grass trimmer Bosch ART 37, so before you come and pick up, we strongly recommend to order and wait for a signal from the manager of the arrival of parts for grass trimmer Bosch art 37 to our warehouse.

We sell only original spare parts, which are identical to the parts you originally had on the tool.

Also, at your request we can pick up similar cheaper parts on the electric trimmer for grass Bosch ART 37, but we can’t guarantee that they are identical to the original ones.

We give individual discounts for wholesalers of parts for grass trimmers b osch art37.

If a part is temporarily absent in Ukraine, you can place an order and we will send you any spare part for trimmers Bosch ART 37.

If you can not find details on the tool you need, send us a request and we will send you an email individually. If there is something you do not understand in the drawing, please call us, we will be happy to advise you.

Why it is profitable to buy from us spare parts for the Bosch ART 37 grass trimmer.

-Availability of original and similar parts

– 4. Alexander Zh.

Pros: Powerful motor. Mows well. You can use any other manufacturer’s trimmer line, you don’t have to buy expensive Bosch trimmer line.
Cons: Noisy. Heavier than others because of the powerful motor. It is necessary to remove the spool, unscrew the line for the trimmer to the desired length, and then put the spool on to pull out the line for the trimmer.

– 5. Sobornova Sophia

Pros: So glad! I mowed three hundred acres of creepy, incomprehensible, human-sized plants with it, and the emotions are overpowering! Now the area in front of the house is neat and tidy. Mows thick weeds, about 2 meters, about 1 cm in diameter in two steps (first half, then the rest), but at this point the problem with the line, as if it overheats and gets stuck in the spool, you have to rewind! But it is nothing! That is, if you mow ordinary grass, there are no problems with rewinding. I’m 43 kg and walking for 2 hours with this almost 5 kg trimmer does not bother me at all. All quite comfortable. And even holding the start button all the time is not stressful at all. Asked the store clerk why there was no locking button or attachment, he replied. For safety reasons, and rightly so. The presence of the power cord behind does not interfere with the process. Power is good. There is a belt for carrying in the complete set.
Cons: Scary approaching line change.

– 5. pigolkin sascha

Pros: Nice trimmer. Bought 3 months ago all love it.
Cons: I have not noticed any disadvantages so far
Review: It’s a good trimmer I would recommend to buy to my friends

– 5. Filimonov Oleg

Pros: It is powerful, notpretentious, you have time to change only the line for trimmer
Cons: Not convenient to change the line for the trimmer, although this may be the case for all, heavy, but with the right belt setting the weight is not felt at all
My opinion: Great model, I use it for over 2 years, I do not do anything with it, only change the line for the trimmer. In combination with a fishing line “asterisk” Mows like a beast, grass, leaves, etc.п. I use it every week, at a time mow the area 4 hundred square meters. Not once have I regretted the chosen model. A roll of fishing line lasts for a whole garden season

– 5. Tolkachev Dmitry

Pros: 1. Reliable line feed mechanism. Plus, the fishing line lasts much longer than the trimmer I had before (see. comment) 2. Powerful. 3. Very well made.
Cons: 1. The power button does not lock in the pressed position. And since the grass trimmer for weight is quite heavy, it is a definite inconvenience. 2. Pretty heavy. Requires some physical strength.
Review: Very, very good trimmer for the grass. I had a PATRIOT ET 1200 grass trimmer before, very similar to this one. But there were a lot of problems with the line feed. In fact, the trimmer line did not feed itself and every time it ran out, I had to disassemble and reassemble the head. And when I brought this grass trimmer to the warranty repair shop, I was told. “What don’t you get instead? Nice beauchev trimmer for the grass. And after another year of agony I finally made it. Conclusion: A great trimmer for the grass. Satisfied.
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– 1. The data is hidden

Pros: power,price
Cons: Broke
Review: How can such a powerful grass trimmer be made of plastic?!Broke, I agree with all the negative reviews

– 3. Yaroslav S.

Pros: Worked for three years. 10 acres of different grass, from lawn to harsh turnips and lapoos. No problems with the motor. The overheat locking system works great.
Cons: The shaft failed twice, along with the clutch, which for some reason turned out to be plastic.

– 2. ivanov ivan

Pros: When the machine is new. works
Cons: Extremely low resource reel assembly (bobbin) and design flaws in the transmission.
Review: Grass trimmer worked exactly one summer season. bottom spline sheared “Crankshaft” (aka. “gearbox” Other manufacturers). This is unavoidable because it uses a shaft with a single flare and a bunch of small parts that break. matter of time. Transmission cutting occurs due to grass winding and a non-working temperature rebound circuit when the motor transmits torque and the bobbin is already locked.

– 4. Sadardinov Oleg

Pros: Good power, enough to cut everything you want. Comfortable grip and strap included!
Cons: The ventilation from the engine blows under the elbow. Trimmer line included is not good. No safety glasses included! My hand gets tired holding the button for a long time!
Review: It’s been two years since I switched from gasoline to electrics and I don’t regret it! The only disadvantage is the wire. But it can be solved by installing a stationary cord around the perimeter of the plot (I have 30 hundred parts))) The grass like any kind of growth does not matter))) The main thing is not to turn the plot into a thicket there and gasoline zabuhankanetsya!))) By the way the power of 1000 watts is like a 1-1,2 gasoline horse.

Used the same model for 8 years without any problems, the plastic body of the motor broke. We decided to buy a new trimmer for the grass of the same model. Do not regret it. Works like a wolf. Yesterday I mowed 8 acres without any problems. The model is heavy for women, but I can handle it. Read all the way

If it is necessary to mow on the ground and there are irregularities, it is not your variant, it is only for even lawns, the cutting at 5 cm approximately

The spool broke. Spare parts cost in the area of 1000. Reel was replaced, but eventually grass trimmer stopped working, take it to the service while possible not I regret that I chose bosh out of habit, the quality is not the same at all.

Design. Overkill. Installed the plastic bushing on the crankshaft. With this design, the cable gets hot and the plastic melts along the cable bushing connection. As a result, the bushing is dead. The scooter-zip part is 1350

I like it very much, it is comfortable and powerful. The 6 acres of land was mowed very quickly. Once changed the line for a trimmer, but the grass was almost waist-deep. I recommend to buy.

Mows well the grass that has grown. It is also dead, the grass less than 3 cm does not pick up.Due to the wide guard nothing flies at a person, even rocks fly off to the side!

Laughing that for 5k. 5 square meters mowed. The second mowing since buying and the grass trimmer stopped working (and obviously not overheating and not overloading, t.к. The grass trimmer worked for about 5-7 minutes). We mowed the grass once last year and again this year. and that’s it. Let’s see if they’ll fix it under warranty or shave it off. Unpleasant. Well. Read in full

Powerful. Mowed 5 hundred acres of grass in an hour. I could mow for half a day with a 280-watt Bosch small one. My hands are so used to working with El. The tool that does not get tired. It’s hard for my wife to mow for a long time. Tight button

Judging by the reviews, it is rather an exception, because the technique is well made. The situation is that after a day of use on the lawn, the seat of the coil mechanism bearings melted.

The spool of the trimmer broke during the first use, there was no way to install the standard ones

Electric mower is good, takes tall grass with thick stems, easy to collect. My hand gets very tired when you push the handle, but I found a solution, SCOTCH, wrap a strip around the handle and fix it as if you were pushing and dice yourself without straining your hand

It is necessary to keep the power button pressed all the time. Screwed with a wire, but that, in theory, is not quite safe.

Mows well not very thick grass, or if you have thick grass occasionally. Not as powerful as a gasoline mower, but no hassle with oil and gasoline.

The grass trimmer mower broke after 25 minutes of work, it was delivered yesterday. Service center is 60 kilometers away. Judging by the abundance of negative reviews, a trip there would be pointless. I would like to wish the store more responsibility for the quality of products sold.

Not powerful enough. Not exactly a handy start button lock. The line is only 2 mm thick. The filament reel is very small. Can’t wind much fishing line.

The trimmer is not bad, it is suitable to mow somewhere near the fence, at home, etc.д., But you’ll get tired of mowing large areas with it. The lawn mower is better for the area

bosch, changing, lines, trimmers, find

I was afraid to buy because of some reviews, but I’ve read the reviews of all the manufacturers present here and realized that all break down, but I took the risk! Having trusted the Bosch not for the first time! There is a difference with Chinese and ours-it can be felt in the quality of materials, as screwed mounts!

When you change the line for the trimmer, the spring occasionally pops out! The line for the trimmer is not fixed in the grooves until the end! If you work for a long time, the body, where the engine is getting warm! Really tired arm constantly press the button, even for the man.

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Mowed grass above the waist and even the growth of trees, but after an hour of work, when heated thick, high grass thickness of his thumb, which is thicker than the growth of trees did not take, had his hands otlamlivat! Trimmer line flies quickly, but while changing the hand rests and cools the engine! If it does not break, I will be satisfied!)

Repair of trimmer for grass Bosch with his own hands

In detail: repair of trimmer for grass Bosch with his own hands from the real master for the site

Electric grass trimmer as well as any electric tool has a limited life. With increasing intensity of use for various reasons, the term of operation of the device decreases.

You should be prepared that at any time during the work, the electric grasshopper can break, but such situations can be avoided if you regularly disassemble, inspect and revise all the important elements of the grasshopper.

Troubleshooting can be very diverse, it can be a breakdown on the electrical part of the engine and wiring as well as the mechanical part.

In most cases, to make repairs trimmer for grass or a scythe for grass is not difficult and can be managed on their own in the case when there is a minimum tool and the basic concepts of technology. And for the readers of the site elektt.blogspot.I will reveal the main faults and secrets of quick and reliable repair of your Bosch electric grasshopper and Gardener lawnmower, consider example of repair of Bosch electric grasshopper and Gardener lawnmower.

The design of most electric network is not a complicated device, the basic components, whether it be a trimmer for grass or grass braids, there is an electric motor, power cord, a button with a capacitor, a creel with a line which is mounted on the motor shaft or more complex mechanical options braids where torque from the motor is transferred to the creel through the flexible shaft, but among the electric options scythes this option occurs rarely.

To identify faults in the electrical part, usually not enough just one inspection, you need a multimeter, or at least a tester with a piercing. These faults are usually characterized by complete inoperability of the motor, severe overheating or jerky operation.

Inspection begins with the power cord, if damaged it is either repaired or replaced. The express check involves checking the 220 volt voltage at the motor terminals.

Voltage should appear when you press the button, if voltage is present, you can safely say that the grass trimmer motor is faulty, it must be unplugged and carefully inspected. Minor soiling of the collector plates and brushes is normal, but it is better to clean them with a soft cloth dampened with alcohol, if the brushes are evidently worn out they should be replaced.

Using a multimeter in the resistance test mode (the lowest limit. Ohms) styli touch the contacts of the brushes or the graphite brushes themselves, the tester should show a resistance of no more than 100 ohms.

bosch, changing, lines, trimmers, find

If the resistance is infinite (one on the multimeter) then try to turn the motor shaft without removing the probes. A good motor has a resistance of about 10. 40 ohms, if the brushes are not tested then there is no contact or the integrity of the stator windings is broken, a breakage or burnout is possible. If the resistance is less than 5 ohms, there is an interfacial short circuit, most likely caused by severe overheating of the motor.

To determine the specific cause of motor failure when the motor brushes do not resonate, resort to the following procedure. The graphite brushes should be pulled out by pulling out the brass inserts or by removing the clamping springs.

Collector motors in these devices so arranged that the windings of the stator and rotor are connected in series, and in expensive models of motors in this serial circuit is also connected and thermostat (110 degrees), such a relay in normal circumstances keeps the power contact closed. A separate method of diagnosis can be to check the resistance on the plates of the collector drum.

What to find the culprit of failure, you must remove the insulation in the form of clamps with fluoroplastic, where the winding and thermal relay are connected and verify with a multimeter each winding separately, as well as the thermal relay.

The most stressed mechanical elements of an electric brushcutter are the bearings and the trimmer reel (bobbin). In most cases, the device ceases to mow grass due to failure of its spool of fishing line

The line for the trimmer has run out. Reel the line for the trimmer on the spool according to the prescribed instruction.

The line for the trimmer is tangled. If the spool is undamaged, you need to cut or unwind the line for the trimmer and, if necessary, rewind the entire spool.

the line for the trimmer is stuck. Because of the rather intensive work and a lot of overheating, the plastic filaments of the line can fuse with each other. It is necessary to rewind the spool of new fishing line and inspect the damage to the bobbin itself.

The motor works, but the filament spool does not rotate. The construction of the filament spool is most likely damaged. Places for fixing the bottom of the spool can break, you must fully disassemble the bobbin and if necessary repair or replace it at all. In most electric trimmers the bobbin is simply pressed by its plastic body on the motor shaft and if it overheats, when the plastic melts, it can turn or even fly off.

Features and Benefits of the Bosch ART 37 Grass Trimmer


Accessories: Bosch ART 37 Grass Trimmer, 7 m filament spool (F016800309), shoulder strap, cardboard box.

Buy the Bosch ART 37 Electric Grass Trimmer (0600878M20) from the comfort of your home on our AgroStart website.

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