Bosch arm 34 review. Bosch arm 34 (0.600.8a6.101) reviews

– 4. Alexander S.

Pros: Spouse like it.
Cons: Still in the fifth year of use broke.
Review: Tried to change the blade (I’ve changed the 2nd time in all the time I’ve used it, two seasons each with the same blade), but the bolt wouldn’t unscrew in any way. Did a little more mowing with the old blade, lawnmower first stopped working occasionally, then stalled for good. Didn’t try to repair it, immediately ordered a new one, even in the same store :).

– 5. Pontryagina Nadezhda

Pros: Quite a decent mower for small plots, Very convenient hopper for the cuttings. light and roomy.
Cons: I’ve only been using it for a month, I don’t see any disadvantages so far
Review: Good quality-price ratio

– 5. Sergey Zabelin

Pros: Took so broke a similar, the life of the previous 8 years.
Disadvantages: I took this one because my previous one was 8 years old and it broke.
My feedback: The product was broken so my previous one had been dead for about 8 years. It is not clear whether the product warranty or not, as well as did not give cash and cash vouchers.

– 5. Irina K.

Pros: Mower from the same company started to break down in the summer’ true after 8 years of use. I’ve been looking for a long time, but I chose the same mower. Bought it for a very reasonable price. Ordered and got my purchase a day later. I like it very much.
Cons: Did not find.

– 5. Angelica V

Pros: I read a lot of reviews about different models while I was choosing. I chose this one because it is easy to use, easy to assemble and has an attractive price. I assemble it myself fairly quickly. Beginning to mow. was a child’s delight. I must say that I did not make friends with the gasoline trimmer. Very heavy, I only learned how to start it, and it still needs a man’s muscular arms. With this mower, everything is easy. I must say that to call my area flat is not even very conditionally. Makes a great cut! If the grass is up to 10-15 cm high. No problem at all, you can even run around the yard. I had grass 40, it was not so fast, but it worked fine!
Cons: could not find
Review: Does not like weeds with thick stems. Don’t let rocks and sticks hit it. Wrapped grass is easy to clean up. If it mows badly. Read the manual and adjust blades. it’s easy even for a woman!

– 5. Anton K.

Pros: I liked the height adjustment, the build quality and the plastic. Makes a great mowing machine. Intelligent, but not all the way to the mower storage system, folds into the size of a drawer.
Cons: The handle on the basket is installed with snaps, no rigid fixing. When carrying the basket with the grass falls off.
Review: Say after buying mowed the entire plot of 10 acres, the site is not very suitable for lawn mower (bumps, rocks, bumps of earth), set the level of mowing to maximum and on it hurrah coped with the task.

– 5. Eugene S.

Pros: Lightweight, comfortable handle, maneuverable.
Cons: Cord has to be flipped. Well it’s the same with any electric mower.
Review: I like the price. Mowed without a grass catcher box, convenient.

– 5. Mig29

Pros: I already had one of these. Worked for 8 years.
Cons: Plastic everything. It makes no sense to repair it. Bearing replacement does not help much, t.к. Their seats are made of plastic and they break when using them.

– 5. Alexander I.

Pros: Easy to operate, lightweight
Cons: For small areas with available electricity
Review: Used to mow 2 or 3 acres of lawn near the house. Fully capable of doing the job.

– 5. Elena

Pros: easy to use. Not heavy, even for a woman of retirement age
Cons: Not found
Review: Lightweight, easy to operate, the only slight inconvenience. Is a small container for grass, have to clean it more often.

– 5. Dmitry Nikushchenko

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Pros: Light enough to be used by a child
Cons: the grass catcher box is flimsy
Review: I bought it for my 9 year old son so he can take care of the front lawn by himself. My son ended up really liking it. Mowed much more grass than planned, takes it out on its own, takes the grass out of the collector, so it’s perfect for a 9 year old

Bosch arm 34 review

Thanks to the extension cord, you will be able to work where and how you want, without paying attention to the remoteness of the outlet.

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Powerful engine with 15 Nm torque. Mowers can even cut thick and tangled grass without risk of the blades blocking. The 34 cm wide swath of grass can be mowed in one machine, which will significantly reduce time spent mowing the lawn. Side combs enable mowing along curbs and fences.

Handles are ergonomically shaped for comfortable operation. Model with integrated 40 l capacity grass catcher box. Cutting height is adjusted with a handy mechanism. The blades allow you to mow lawns at a height of 20 to 70 mm.


Overhead valve timing (OHV) engine is typically found in higher-priced models, and provides more power and fuel economy than designs with valves on the side.

Unknown. Help us, offer a price. (Bosch ARM 37)

Unknown. Help us, give us a quote. (Bosch Rotak 34)

This measurement. Total volume of all engine cylinders, also known as engine displacement. This is one of the many aspects of an engine that determines its power, simply put, bigger size means more power.


Equipment of the Bosch ARM 34 Electric Lawnmower (0).600.8A6.101) subject to delivery and subject to change by the supplier without notice!

Bosch ARM 34 Electric Lawnmower (06008A6101)

Lawn mower type mains
Motor type brush
Power 1.3 kW
Grass catcher box capacity 40 л
Working width 34 cm
Minimum cutting height 20 mm
Maximum mowing height 70 mm
Cutting height adjustment centralized
Number of cutting levels 5
Moving non-self-propelled
Drive belt
Type of blade drive belt
Deck material plastic
Grass catcher bag type hard
Wheel material plastic
Net weight 11 kg
Delivery set Grass box 40 l

Technical specifications, equipment, country of manufacture, appearance and color are for reference only and are based on the latest information available from the manufacturer. We apologize in advance for possible inaccuracies in the product description and photos. We appreciate your feedback. Please state important parameters when ordering.

Lawn mowers Ergoflex and Bosch

Another nice bonus is the adjustable anatomical handles called Ergoflex, which allow your hands and spine to take the most comfortable position while working on the lawn. The Bosch ARM 34 is equipped with a powerful rotary motor, which operates at high rpm and allows you to quickly and easily manage even dense grass overgrowth. Despite its high power, it is an economical mower. It is mains-powered, and the motor power is 1.3 kW. The blade blade has a working width of 34 centimetres and a cutting height of 20 to 70 mm. The Bosch ARM 34 cuts through dry, dewy or even wet grass perfectly. Thanks to the clever design and high maneuverability, you can carefully trim plants near walls and curbs. Lawn mower significantly differs from cheap analogues and turns lawn mowing into a pleasant pastime in the fresh air.

The main advantages of the Bosch ARM 34 are its low weight and excellent mobility. The housing is made of high-quality plastic that protects the motor from damage and corrosion. The large grass catcher box has a capacity of 40 liters. This increases productivity and reduces interruptions for emptying the container. The ability to adjust the height of the blades allows you to freely choose the height of the grass to be mowed. The full motor overheat protection prevents you from breaking down if you run the machine continuously for long periods of time. The Bosch ARM 34 comes with detailed instructions for lawn mower operation, telling you how to use it as efficiently as possible.

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Overview on the Bosch ARM 37 Electric Lawnmower (0).600.8A6.201) Bosch ART 26 CombiTrim

Today I want to share with you my review of the Bosch ARM 37 Electric Lawnmower (0).600.8A6.201). The online retailer ONLINE TRADE offered the Bosch ART 26 CombiTrim grass trimmer as a gift when purchasing it.

We have a dacha with a garden plot of 8 acres, on which we like to relax. I am not a fan of the vegetable garden, so when buying a house I initially chose a dacha with a minimum of beds. In the end I found this one. All plantings are limited to a 3×6 m greenhouse. The rest of the space is taken up by fruit trees, currants and gooseberries. And, of course, a lawn., It’s not as good as the soccer field at the CSKA arena, but it suits us fine. We go to the cottage every weekend and every two weeks, and sometimes even more, we mow it. Simply speaking, mowing the grass. Together with the dacha when we bought two old, but German, lawn mowers. electric and self-propelled gasoline. Both worked well, but this year I could not start the gasoline mower. Left it for the winter with gas, which we shouldn’t have done. The repair was estimated at 3000. Since it was not the first repair, this time I did not want to spend money on an old lady. As always, the ONLINE TRADE store came to the rescue.RU, running a good deal: when you buy a Bosch 34 or 37 lawn mower. Lawn trimmer as a gift. I chose the Bosch ARM 37, a little bit wider and more powerful. The initial price was not the most favorable on the Market, but the free shipping and great gift of the use of accumulated bonuses tipped the scales towards the purchase of lawn mowers in ONLINE TRADE.RU order, as always, arrived at the pickup point on the second day. I paid for the order and brought two beautiful boxes to the cottage and went back to the city on business. What was my surprise when my wife returned in the evening and showed me a photo of the assembled mower, which I present to you. She, it turns out, managed to assemble it by herself and mowed half of the lawn, which indicates the exceptional ease of assembly.

Let’s start the review with the delivery set: The machine comes partly assembled. assembled itself “head” the mower with the front wheels, and the wires connected. Rear wheels, grass catcher box and disassembled handle come separately.

As I said, the assembly is very simple: the rear wheels are put on until you click, the grass catcher box is assembled from two parts with latches. (The red square one in the photo below. Next, the handle holders are attached to the body with two screws equipped with red collars (no screwdriver required. ) You can choose between two options (make the handle higher or lower by choosing one of the two holes in the holder for attachment). The plates with threads, which serve as nuts, are inserted into the special grooves on the body, eliminating their rotation when tightening, Tighten without “Fanaticism”.

Next, attach the control handle itself to the handle holders with two red thumbscrews. Here too we have two positions for adjusting the length of the handle. The thumbscrew is inserted into the square drive slot, which also prevents it from turning while tightening. Again, no tools required, just your hands.

We also attach a plastic wire holder to the right handle, on which the wire slides freely.

The final touch: we additionally fasten the cable to the handle with a plastic clip (see picture below). The wire slides freely along it as well.

Put the grass catcher box on, plug it in with a 220 V plug and the Bosch ARM 37 (0.600.8A6.201) ready to go.

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Let’s see in detail how to operate it. It’s very simple and handy. To start press the red central button and then press one of the four red buttons, two on each side of the handle. The keys work in pairs depending on the chosen grip and control side (left or right)

Transferring control of the mower from one hand to the other without stopping is very easy. To do this, just press the hand to which you want to transfer the control, one of the two buttons on the respective side of the handle, and then release the button on the other side. Stopping the mower is also very easy. you just have to release the pressed button. This also works in case of any emergencies, releasing the button will stop the mower immediately. This model also has another important feature: the simple and comfortable height adjustment of the grass clippings. The adjustment range is 20-70 mm. The height of the cutter bar is adjusted by a special tension spring, which changes as you move the throttle bar into one of five slots, each of which corresponds to a different height of the blade. To change the height of the bevel you need with a little effort pull the control knob toward you (perpendicular to the body) and move it left-right into the desired slot. See. photo below.

Review of the Bosch replacement blade F016800370 for the ARM 34 lawnmower

Before the next gardening season we decided to replace the old blade of the Bosch Rotak 34 with a new one. Unfortunately, the manufacturer’s reference number F.016.800.271 is discontinued and there is no sane replacement information on the Bosch website. In the end, after searching a bunch of web sites, I found mentioning that the F.016.800.370 seems to fit the replacement.

You can ignore the picture on the front of the package (the patient on the far right):

The packaging is sealed and the blade is hidden under cardboard, so it is not possible to measure the exact dimensions before opening it.

I had to buy the knife for 1,300 rubles in OnlineTrade for an experiment. I bought it on April 9th, and tried it on the place the next weekend.

Bolt and washer and flat washer with star slots

The replacement instructions are on the inside of the package. Nothing new is specified there: insert the screwdriver into the hole on the housing (I recommend to twist the knife slightly until the screwdriver goes in deeper, because if the knife is placed in the position indicated by the manufacturer, the screwdriver does not go all the way in the first or even third time), then unscrew the screw, remove the washer and remove the old knife. It is also shown that there is no need to grease the bolt thread.

I suspect that the whole difference is F.016.800.370 (left) and F.016.800.271 (right) consists of different washer plugs.

Another small note: I did not like the new washer with slots, it rocked a bit when installed in place, apparently the configuration is slightly different from the old one. So washed and put the old washer.

To compare dimensions and bending angle, here are a couple of photos with the old knife:

bosch, review, reviews

The lower bend on the old knife seems to be a little thinner at the end, but I can’t be sure, because I didn’t measure with a caliper. The bend path is identical completely, all dimensions and technological holes are the same.

Knife with part number F.016.800.370 fits great on the Rotak 34. I can definitely recommend.

After installing the blade, I started the mower and I feel that the amount of air sucked in is greater, it blows great (all the grass and debris from last year is blown out), it means that the amount of grass cut and sent to the hopper will be greater and there will be less sloppy piles on the lawn. The season will show.

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