Bosch 125 angle grinder with variable speed


Accessories for the Bosch GWS 9-125 S angle grinder. Photo

  • Brand-name Germany.
  • Power 900W.
  • Output power 450W.
  • Diameter of disc 125 mm.
  • Installation diameter 22,2 mm.
  • Powered from the mains.
  • Voltage 220V.
  • Number of revolutions per minute 2800-11000.
  • Electronic speed adjustment yes.
  • Working in concrete (stone) yes.
  • No superlative.
  • SDS quick-clamping nut no.
  • Tool-free adjustment of blade guard position no.
  • Vibration handle no.
  • Accessories box.
  • Dimensions 280 x 100 x 173 mm.
  • Weight 1.9 kg.
  • Spindle thread M14.
  • Product life is 7 years. Not recommended for use after 5 years of storage from date of manufacture without prior inspection.

Total vibration ah (vector sum of the three directions) and error K are defined according to EN 60745-2-3:

УШМ Bosch GWX 9 125 s

The total values of vibration (Grinding surfaces (roughing)):

The total values of vibration (Grinding surfaces (sanding):

Noise emission determined acc. to EN 60745-2-3. The weighted noise level of the power tool is usually:

Angle Grinder (X-Lock) BOSCH GWX 9-125S | Unboxing and Test

Cordless angle grinder Bosch GWS 18-125 V-LI, 060193A30B

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The Bosch GWS 18-125 V-LI Professional cordless grinder is a professional power tool that is used for grinding and cleaning steel and wood, as well as cutting various materials.

This tool is effectively used in construction work, in the manufacture of metal structures, furniture manufacturing, machine repair. This model of angle grinder has a maximum productivity in its class of grinding and cutting on a single battery charge.

Buy electric angle grinder: the main varieties of the tool

The first thing you usually pay attention to when choosing power tools is their power. According to this criterion, the angle grinder are:

Low-power (used to work with wood, plastic, glass);

Medium (900-1500 W, versatile and ideal for household use);

bosch, angle, grinder, speed

Powerful (over 1500 watts, designed for professional use).

All angle grinders can be divided into two large categories: household and professional. They differ in power, operating potential, continuous operating time. The price of a professional angle grinder is much higher. It is usually not used in the home, because it is impractical.

Обзор УШМ Bosch GWS 9-125 S

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