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Having a private home includes many benefits. This and clean air, and the absence of fuss, country life gives a certain freedom and ease. However, the adjacent territory requires constant care. If in cities this is done by special services, here this duty falls on the shoulders of the owner of the land.

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In order to maintain order around and prevent the growth of impassable thickets of grass on the lawns, we come to the aid of cordless grass trimmers.

Their beauty lies in the following advantages:

  • They work independently.
  • does not need gasoline.
  • Create minimum noise.
  • Light enough.
  • Don’t require any special skills and knowledge.

The main characteristics that you should pay attention to before buying:

  • Battery capacity. Perhaps this is one of the main criteria in the choice, because it depends on how much you can work without the distraction of additional recharging. If the battery is weak and does not last long, and the land is large, you can consider buying a second battery. So while one will be on charge, installing the other will allow you to keep working.
  • Battery charging time. Usually between 1 and 3 hours, but it can last longer.
  • Engine speed. This is an important indicator, because it determines the speed at which you can move forward with the site.
  • The weight of the grass trimmer is just as important, t.к. the hands are involved in all the work. If the model turns out to be heavy, then the arms and back will quickly tire. In this case, you have to take breaks, which means that mowing the grass can drag on for a long time.
  • The presence of the battery and charger included. Some gadgets come without these components and you have to buy them separately.

Additional attachments may also be included, t.ч. For pruning shrubs and other foliage.

We present the rating of cordless trimmers 2021. The top 11 models, which were selected by our experts based on user reviews and ratings.

Rating (2021) Prices, ₽ Country
1. STIHL FSA 65 From 23000₽ Germany
2. Karcher LTR 36-33 Battery Set from 21000₽ China
3. Husqvarna 115iL (967 09 88-01) from 13500₽ Sweden
4. Bosch EasyGrassCut 18-260 (0.600.8C1.C02) from 9000₽ China
5. Greenworks 1301507 G-MAX 40V GD40BC from 9,700₽ China
6. Worx WG163E.2 from 9000₽ China
7. Bosch EasyGrassCut 18-230 (0.600.8C1.A00) from 6700₽ China
8. Makita DUR181Z From 6200₽ China
9. BlackDecker ST1823 from 6,700₽ China
10. Huter GET-18-2Li from 5,400₽ China
11. Patriot TR 235UES from 4,000₽ China

Cordless lawn trimmer device

The design of cordless trimmers is very similar to that of an electric grass trimmer. The only difference is that the electric grass trimmer gets its power from an electrical outlet through a cable, while the cordless grass trimmer gets its power from its own battery, which. is pretty much obvious from its name.

Let us briefly examine the parts that make up a cordless trimmer for grass. The main parts of such a grass trimmer are: the electric motor, the cutting unit, the bar, the battery, the on-off button.

Some models have small wheels for convenience, which allow you to smoothly move the trimmer to the grass during, for example, trimming the edges of the lawn.

Grass trimmers are usually equipped with a battery and a battery charger. Sometimes grass trimmers are sold without battery and charger, counting on the fact that the consumer already has some battery equipment of this manufacturer and can use the existing battery. Naturally, a grass trimmer without a battery and charger is cheaper.

UNBOXING CORDLESS GRASS TRIMMER | Shopee #cordless #shopee

Cutting tools are plastic blades or fishing line.

The electric motor can be located on top or bottom of the boom. Bottom-mounted variant is used more often in cordless trimmers. Eliminates the need for a shaft to transmit power from the engine to the cutting assembly.

The boom serves to attach and connect the main assemblies of the grass trimmer, as well as to control the trimmer. The spray boom can be one-piece, detachable, telescopic, can be made of metal or plastic.

Split and telescopic booms allow reducing the size of grass trimmer during transportation, which allows transporting it in the trunk of a car. The telescopic boom in turn allows you to adjust the length of the boom to the height of the individual user, which is very convenient.

Cutting unit serves to attach the cutting tool (plastic knife or fishing line), protect the operator from flying grass and foreign objects, protect useful plants (bushes, trees, flowers) from damage during mowing.

In some models, the cutting unit can rotate, which allows you to trim the edge of the lawn in the vertical plane.

Battery (more precisely, this device is called a battery) is source of electrical energy that is needed to operate the trimmer for grass.

Two types of batteries are mainly used in trimmers: lithium-ion and nickel-cadmium (rarely nickel-metal hydride).

The first are more modern, almost have no “memory effect”, do not lose charge in standby mode, have a shorter charge time, the second have a lower cost.

What You Need To Know Before Buying A Battery Powered String Trimmer | Toro Flex Force 60V 16″

The battery is attached to the boom in a specific place, usually on top of the handle. Sometimes it is provided to wear the battery on the belt in order to reduce the weight of the grass trimmer. In this case the battery is connected to the trimmer with a special cable.

How to Choose?

When selecting a battery-powered grass trimmer, you must pay attention to the following points.

  • Brand. Grass trimmers of little-known brands are much cheaper than those produced by big-name brands. But when trying to save money, you can change more than a dozen models. The best decision when choosing a product is to study consumer reviews. They will help you to understand whether you should trust the new products on the market or it is better to choose a time-tested quality.
  • Cost. Cordless grass trimmers on average cost more than their corded counterparts. But for short-term infrequent work, you can buy a variant from the budget price category. The most expensive models often have additional options and accessories, and catch up with gasoline variants in power.
  • Battery interchangeability. It is always the part that fails first. In order not to look for a replacement for too long, you should choose the technique, the batteries which are initially easy to pick up an analogue or to buy a branded power source. For this reason it is not necessary to buy outdated models of equipment, it will later be difficult to find a battery.
  • Accessories. It should include a charger and a battery, it is possible to include an additional replacement battery. If a model with knives is chosen, they must be included.
  • Ergonomics and weight. Even a popular model of cordless trimmer for grass can be uncomfortable to use. Too heavy versions of the technique. more than 3.5-5 kg. will give a very high load on the hands and back. An uncomfortable angle of tilt of the handle or the absence of shoulder straps in models with a top-mounted motor will also be a serious problem.
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What is the best cordless trimmer for grass?

To answer this question, you will need to study a number of the most important parameters of the grass trimmer.

  • model power. it determines what type of vegetation the garden tool will be able to cope with. If the power of the grass trimmer does not exceed 600-900 watts, it can be used only for mowing the lawn and dealing with low young growth. If the power of the grass mower is higher, it is suitable for cutting small weeds;
  • Boom type. if the mower needs to be often transported between plots, it is better to choose a model with a telescopic or detachable boom. This will simplify transportation and long-term storage of the electric mower;
  • battery characteristics. when buying a grasshopper, you need to check with the seller about the type of battery, the model’s operating time on a single charge, the duration of a full charge, and the availability of a charger;
  • weight. this parameter determines the ease of use of the grass trimmer. A model that is too heavy will be clumsy, which will make the line cut unevenly.

Another important factor is the configuration of the model. Typically, a marketed electric mower comes with a battery, battery charger, safety glasses, and a mowing head. This set is enough to start using the tool in the yard.

Features and differences of different trimmer models

Let’s consider in more detail what characteristics and design features of the electric trimmer should be paid attention to in the first place.

Electric motor

Engine power determines the functionality of the unit: the higher it is, the more complex tasks the tool can solve. For example, low-powered 250-600 W motors are installed on light models designed for daily care for a small area, mowing thin, tender grass along the paths and in the inter-row. If you need a lawn mower for more serious work, such as cutting wood or meadow grass for feeding the pets, then it is worth choosing a powerful trimmer for grass with a 1-1,8 kW engine. In addition, the more powerful the engine, the longer it can run continuously without overheating.

Another important characteristic of the engine. the speed of rotation of the shaft. In different models, it ranges from 7 thousand to 12 thousand revolutions per minute. The higher the rotation speed, the more productive the electric brushcutter will be. If the number of revolutions is not specified, it means that it does not reach 7 thousand. As a rule, such engines are able to produce about 6 thousand revolutions.

The battery

For electric trimmers today mostly use lithium-ion batteries, because of their relatively high capacity, they weigh the least and are compact. However, some manufacturers equip their products with nickel-cadmium or nickel-metal hydride batteries, which are heavier and bulkier, but less expensive. The batteries are usually standard and interchangeable.

The kit should necessarily include a battery charger. Independent purchase of this device is fraught with unpleasant surprises: you may find a mismatch of connectors, charging current and other parameters. It is desirable to specify the charging time of the battery, because it depends on the charging current and can range from one hour to almost a day.

The main performance indicator is the battery capacity, which determines the duration of operation between recharges. The most popular power range is from 1.3 to 4.5-5 amp-hours, but the larger the capacity, the better. When calculating working time, not only the battery capacity but also the engine power should be taken into account: the higher it is, the faster the battery will run out. In addition, it is worth taking into account the operating voltage, which can be 12 (14.4), 24 or 36 V. Therefore, for each model, the duration of operation without recharging is a purely individual figure. Note that high-capacity batteries increase the total cost of the grass trimmer, but also increase its performance.


In modern models of the electric grass trimmer, the boom can be made of:

Plastic is a lightweight and inexpensive option, but not reliable enough;

steel tube. there is nothing wrong with the strength, but the weight of the machine immediately increases significantly;

aluminum. the best choice in terms of strength and weight.

In simple models, the boom is usually a one-piece unit, but it can be split, so that during storage or transportation grass trimmer does not take up much space. there are telescopic versions with adjustable boom length. The boom can be straight or curved. Which option to choose depends on personal habits: some are comfortable working with a curved boom, while others prefer straight models.


There are three types of handles on electric trimmers, as well as on gasoline ones:

All of them are quite functional, and the choice of a particular type of handle depends on personal convenience.

Working part

An important characteristic of the cutting part is the width of the grip, which depends on the size of the blade guard and the cutting attachments. The different models have a cutting height of 200 mm to 420 mm. The width of grip is influenced by the power of the motor, as a low-power motor will not be able to generate enough torque to rotate a blade with a large diameter. The wider the width, the faster you can get the job done. But for handling narrow, awkward areas, a small cutter is much better suited than a wide range of a powerful tool. So you should be guided primarily by the tasks for which the device is intended.

Blades and fishing lines

Special lines and knives are used for cutting grass as a cutting tool.

The lines are made of nylon. They come in the following varieties:

round. durable, versatile, but very noisy, you have to work with them in headphones, even if the engine makes a fairly quiet sound;

Shaped, for cutting thick stems, low-noise but less strong than other lines;

Twisted. low-noise, designed for cutting thin delicate stems;

with metal core. very strong, versatile, wear-resistant, but several times more expensive than empty nylon.

The optimum line diameter depends on the engine power and is specified in the model-specific instruction manual. The minimum thickness of the thread is 1.4 mm, the maximum is 4 mm.

Blades for electric trimmers can be plastic and steel, but changing the line to a knife is allowed only in sufficiently powerful units. According to their form they are made round with teeth on the edge, two-blade and three-blade. Metal serrated blades can cut not only grass but also thin shrubs or young growth of trees. A blunt blade can be resharpened. On the other hand, plastic knives are several times cheaper, although they are designed only for cutting grass.

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Tool weight

The more powerful the machine, the heavier it weighs. this also applies to electric brushcutters. Low-power compact models weigh 1.5-2.5 kg and are designed for all users, including women and teenagers. Mowing requires no physical strength or stamina.

Powerful tools, designed for continuous operation, weigh from 3 to 9 kg, as they are equipped with a massive powerful motor, a solid steel bar.

The weight of the middle category machines is 2,5-3,5 kg. This lawn mower provides enough power, remains comfortable and compact.

Review of the cordless trimmer for grass Bosch ART 23-18 LI (0.600.8A5.C06)

In this review we will talk about a product indispensable for every owner of a land plot, especially in summer period, namely garden battery trimmer Bosch ART 23-18 LI. The product was ordered in the online store ONLINE TRADE.RU online store and arrived at the pickup point just in time. grass trimmer is packed in a box with dimensions of mm, 800 x 270 x 150, the weight is small and easy to carry, though not very convenient because of the lack of handles in the box. Fortunately, this problem was solved with the help of a duct tape handle, which, at my request, was made by the employee of the pickup point (thank him very much for that!). So, the box is delivered home.

Open it. Inside the trimmer for grass, protective cover, an impressive-sized instruction manual, battery, battery charger and 2 blades: one blade is already installed on the disc, the second is attached to the handle of the grass trimmer. For the convenience of attaching the hood to the mower, there is a special key.

The grass trimmer is simple, the battery and the blade are installed in their places, and you only need to fix the protective cover with a wrench. The assembly process is intuitive and does not take much time, even for those who have not used similar models before. However, I still advise to read the instructions, at least in order to familiarize with the rules of safety. This is how the weed trimmer looks after assembly.

The plastic blade is used as a cutting element. Each blade has a limiting line labeled STOP, and when the blade wears down to that limit, it needs to be replaced. Luckily it’s very easy to change blades. Spare knives are available as sets in many stores, and there are storage compartments on the grass trimmer’s handle. However, the blade is strong enough and if the mower hits some obstacle, it will not break, but will simply fly off. Mowing width 23 cm.

the weed trimmer has been tested on different kinds of grass, and it behaves differently. It is very difficult to mow high, tough grass (not young nettles for example). The knife disk occasionally flies off. Of course, it takes only a minute to reattach it, but if it happens all the time, sooner or later you get tired of it. over, when mowing tougher grass, the blade wears out much faster: it gets jagged in no time at all.

It mows tall and thin grass not bad, but there are some peculiarities: firstly, it’s better to cut the grass gradually, starting from the top, then gradually cutting lower and lower. Secondly, thin stems of grass get wrapped around the rotating shaft, at first it is not very difficult, but then it becomes more difficult to work, and therefore the rotating shaft must be cleaned in time.

Grass trimmers are best for cutting low, soft grass.

During operation, grass cuttings are not dispersed over long distances, but are mostly deposited inside the housing, so your clothes stay clean. Battery lasts for about half an hour, then the grass trimmer needs to be recharged.

The type of battery that is included. Lithium-ion battery, characterized by minimal self-discharge, light weight and ease of use. There is also no memory effect, which gives the possibility of regular small recharging. Battery voltage 18 V.

If charging is in progress, the charging indicator on the charger blinks. green light when charging is complete. The light is steady, not blinking. Takes about an hour to charge.

In addition, there is the D-shaped supplementary handle with adjustable angle.

And the working head can be rotated by 90°.

During the time of use, no shortcomings were detected, but I would like to once again note the features to which you should pay attention:

This grass trimmer model is convenient and easy to use and is well suited for mowing small, not heavily overgrown areas, it is very convenient to mow along paths and mow flower beds. Thank you for your feedback.

Greenworks Battery and Battery Charger Care Guide

For a long and reliable life of your Greenworks battery pack, there are a few simple rules of usage. Take care of your battery and you will enjoy it for years to come, since it has a life cycle of approximately 2000 charge-discharges.

Battery charging time:

2 Ah (24 V, 40 V, 60 V and 80 V). 45 min, 60 min and 30 min respectively 2,5 Ah (82 V). 36 min 3 Ah (40 V). 90 min 4 Ah (24 V, 40 V, 60 V and 80 V). 90 min, 120 min, 56 min, 60 min respectively 5 Ah (82 V). 75 min 6 Ah (40 V). 180 min 12,5 Ah (82 V) backpack

Check charging level

Press the round green button, the number of green lights on the indicator scale will show the battery level. If battery light does not light up. charging is necessary

Greenworks charger

Only one charger is suitable for each of the five different Greenworks’ product lines: G-24 24V charger, G-MAX 40V charger, 60V PRO charger, 80V PRO charger and 82V Commercial charger.

Charging procedure

  • plug the charger into a 220/230V circuit
  • the left LED light is always red and indicates that the charger is plugged in
  • Insert the battery into the battery charger until you hear a distinctive click
  • when the right LED light turns from red to green the battery is fully charged
  • pay attention to the right LED indicator: if its color is orange, it means that the battery has not cooled down enough and charging is not going on. Remove the battery and wait 5-10 minutes, then put it back in the charger

do not

  • use the battery if the case is damaged, swollen, cracked, or leaking
  • disassembling or attempting to repair a damaged battery
  • Wash or leave in the rain
  • overheating the battery and leaving it in the open sun or near source of excessive heat
  • cover the ventilation openings on the battery and the charger
  • Do not allow metal particles, foil, shavings, etc. to get into the battery cavity
  • overheating the battery charger
  • Wet the charger and use it in damp places
  • Using a charger with a damaged cord
  • incinerate or throw it in a regular landfill
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Safety Precautions

  • if battery fluid gets on your skin or into your eyes, flush them immediately with clean water for at least 15 minutes and seek medical attention immediately
  • Keep out of the reach of children under 8 years of age


  • do not charge a hot battery immediately after use, let it cool down for 5-10 minutes, otherwise it will not charge (the yellow indicator on the charger will light up, indicating that the battery has overheated)
  • do not keep the charger plugged in without the battery being charged
  • the charger can be mounted on the wall: there are special mounting holes on the bottom of the charger (the mount is not included)


  • Store in a cool, dark place (18-20°C) and out of the reach of small children
  • Do not leave a fully discharged battery in storage, or the battery will go into “deep discharge” and fail. To prevent this, leave the battery at half-full after work (two or three bars on the indicator). For longer-term (seasonal) storage, it’s best to charge the battery fully and store it in a closet.

That’s Why. STIHL Cordless Grass Trimmer FSA 56/57


Take worn or damaged batteries to your local recycling center for the disposal of toxic waste, particularly lithium ions. Don’t dispose of the battery in a regular landfill. protect our environment!

For as much detail as possible, please refer to the Battery and Charger Instructions included with each battery pack.

Additionally you can read the article about Batteries by Greenworks.


All Greenworks machines come with a two-year warranty!

How to buy a Greenworks battery pack and battery charger?

information and order batteries and chargers Greenworks you can find on our site in the section Batteries and chargers Greenworks, to buy by phone: 7 (495) 108-47-38

Cordless grass trimmer how to charge

Maintenance of cordless grass trimmers

Choosing a dog clipper

Sheep shearing manual

Choosing a hair clipper

Dear craftsmen, if you bought a cordless clipper, then read the instruction manual carefully. The thing is that because of your inattention the hair clipper can break down without even working half a year.

I will try to tell you in detail about the mistakes that you should not make when using the machine.

Charging the battery Before the first use, you must put the battery on a long charge not less than 10 hours. But many craftsmen ignore this advice of the manufacturer, and it is in vain. The thing is that it is very important to rock the battery, or better yet conduct a CYCLE (Cycle one sequence of charging and discharging the battery.) Such a cycle is better to spend three times (my personal advice).

Namely: You put the machine to charge the battery for at least 10 hours, and the next day you can work it, until the battery is completely discharged (indication segments extinguished). After the indication segments are extinguished, the machine must be placed on charge, and again for 10 hours. And do so three times. After this procedure, the battery will work long and efficiently. Subsequently, the battery will be charged for no more than 2 to 2.5 hours. You should make it a rule to test the battery at least once every two months.

If you need to finish cutting your hair, turn the cordless clipper on and charge it until the LED capacity indicator at the bottom of the screen is blinking. After that, charge it for another five minutes. Turn the machine back on and continue to operate from the mains. Remember: with a properly charged battery, the operating time is up to 100 minutes

Clean & Care To make your new shredder last longer, you should regularly lubricate the blade assembly After each cut, after two cuts maximum, you need to clean and oil the prongs and heels of the blade assembly

If you do not do this: a) The working plane of the blades will quickly fail and then the hair cut will be difficult and of poor quality. After that, you need to have the blade assembly sharpened at a service center. b) If you do not oil the blade assembly, it reduces the efficiency of the battery.

The battery life is shorter and you will need to contact a service center for replacement afterwards.

  • If you have the desire to clean the space between the knives, there is no need to dismantle the blade assembly. Take thin cardboard (one millimeter), cut it to the width of the groove, and then you can clean the space between the knives, from the hair.
  • It is necessary to remove the blade block at least once a month for complete cleaning and lubrication.

Namely: On the movable blade, the guides (pass) for the eccentric are fixed. It must be cleaned once a month and lubricated (photo) with general-purpose grease. If this procedure is not done, the eccentric becomes hot and dislocated over a long period of time, which can cause the machine to malfunction and you will need to call the service center.


For grass pavement work you need the right cutting tool. There are two options. a disc blade or a caprone line for the grass trimmer. The circular blade is more efficient, but heavier, and has increased inertia, so the battery trimmer will have to use a lot of energy to accelerate. Guided by this, many manufacturers of budget models (e.g., Greenworks, Ryobi) do not complete their products with circular knives: the line is lighter.

functional are considered battery grass trimmers from Bosch: there and the quality of assembly is more reliable, and a circular blade is available. How to choose a blade for the grass trimmer is also a difficult task. If the garden plot has grass of varying height and thickness, including. recently grown and has not yet lost its elasticity, it is more convenient to work with a knife. Its diameter also makes a difference. Standard disc diameters are 200230 mm, but with an increase in this parameter trimmer can not work on uneven areas, as well as in the immediate vicinity of hard objects. bricks, stones, ceramics. Cordless grass trimmers with a fishing line are more mobile, they will neatly trim any greenery that has grown in awkward places.

It should be noted that, for obvious reasons, the steel blade under the described technique is not worth adapting. the battery charge of the grass trimmer will quickly run out.

An important position is the type of boom, to which all the grass trimmer units are attached. The design varies in appearance (straight or curved), material (plastic or aluminum), profile (hollow or solid).

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