Auto sanding sander with his own hands

What is needed?

To turn an angle grinder into an electric planer, you will only need a special attachment. But some craftsmen go further and create special retainers for the tool, so that it remains static, and the wooden blade is carried out on it.

Fixer usually consists of a metal frame with clamps for angle grinder. Not every craftsman needs such a device, but if there is a need for constant work with wood, it certainly does not hurt.

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Also, not only do you need attachments for planing, but also sanding surfaces to fully process boards and planks. They come in different grains and are designed to give smoothness to different surfaces.

Some masters make homemade attachments for planing wood with an angle grinder from old discs and self-tapping screws. Their use, especially at maximum speed angle grinder, can be very dangerous for the health of the operator and others, and in some cases even fatal. Such a disk at any time can break into pieces, or a self-tapping screw can break out of it and seriously injure someone.

Types Overview

The design of the holder mechanism for sandpaper is not particularly difficult. Depending on the category of work, holders can be divided into several types:

  • for sanding mesh. quick and easy surface cleaning, little dust when working, long service life of the mechanism;
  • For manual sanding. the surface profile is processed without additional accessories, for large-scale production the holders with curved base are used;
  • for soft grinding. a soft sponge or sealing material, such as foam rubber, is attached to the bar.

Depending on materials and construction there are 4 most common types of rubbing blocks and sanding pads.

  • Sanding pad. Material: impact-resistant plastic with rubberized coating. The device is supplemented with a clamp for better attachment of the abrasive mesh.
  • Two collapsible sanding block. Material PVC (polyvinyl chloride) of high quality. The sanding material is attached to the board over spikes inside the body of the planer. The main advantage of this type is its demountability. Therefore, any part of the tool can be replaced in case of obvious wear and tear.
  • Indestructible sanding mechanism. Made of durable plastic. The mechanism is equipped with metal clamping clamps for papers with abrasive elements of any type of grit.
  • Grinder with a holder under the telescopic handle. Ideal for sanding in hard-to-reach places. inside surfaces, corners, bevels. Tool kit includes abrasive material, metal clamp to secure sandpaper and a hinge mechanism by which the extension rod is attached. Telescopic extension spindle lets you extend the handle as needed. It speeds up the process, making sanding much easier.
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How to make Orbital Sander with fan ?????

The market is overflowing with all kinds of rubbers, abrasives, and holders. They differ from each other by manufacturer, shape, method of attachment of abrasive sand. The simplest tools are considered. sanding blocks, sanding bars, sanders.

Tools and consumables

The following tools and consumables are used for grinding to metal:

  • A grinder with nozzles for metal;
  • brushes for metal of different hardness;
  • a special holder for sandpaper;
  • sandpaper with coarse grit.

For grinding to metal as a machine is usually used household angle grinder, or angle grinder.

In this case, for the process of removing the paint coating to the metal of its main parameter in her choice is the power. The more power and spindle speed, the faster and more effective will be the procedure of removing paint and stripping to bare metal.

For polishing, the tool requirements are slightly different, as this procedure requires special care and accuracy. Depending on the type of polishing, which will be discussed a little below, the following tools and consumables are used:

  • Grinder (about their varieties a little bit below);
  • The nozzles for fixing polishing circles;
  • Polishing circles made of foam rubber or other material;
  • Polishing liquids or pastes (depending on the type of polishing and its purpose).

Since polishing the car body is a slightly more diverse and complex process than the simple removal of paint, the approach to the choice of tools here is slightly different.

Technology of sanding a log cabin

Before sanding a log cabin to prepare it. You need to inspect the walls, remove large flaking pieces of wood, check the caulking of the log house and determine whether there are gaps and cracks. If a gap is detected, seal it with sealant.

For a complete organization of work, the wall is potentially divided into sections. It will allow in time to process the polished area with paint coatings: within 1-3 days after the end of polishing.

After the preparatory work can proceed directly to sanding. Let us tell you how to sand a log cabin to get maximum results. The sanding process is carried out in 4 stages, if you miss any of them, the desired result will not be.

The initial sanding of a log cabin with coarse-grained nozzles. Generally performed with an angle grinder. In the process of work, the wood is covered with a “pile”, removed blueness, affected by mold and fungus areas, if any.

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The “fluff” appearing during rough sanding is removed with petal discs with fine-grained nozzles. The log house gets a nice look, the required smoothness of the log is almost achieved.

At this stage to work the chisel, grinding inaccessible tool places log, bringing it almost to a new state

Abrasives used

As a crumb (powder) for the base manufacturers use stones, sand, shell rock and artificial polymeric materials.

  • Garnet. Natural origin gives softness and elasticity to sandpaper, which more often goes to the processing of wood.
  • Silicon carbide. A common all-purpose powder for working with paintwork, metal surfaces.
  • Ceramic grit. Very strong material is needed for shaping.
  • Zircon corundum. Resistant abrasive is often made in the form of a belt for grinding machines.
  • Aluminum oxide. Abrasive’s durability allows it to be used for sharpening cutting edges.

Choosing numbers of sandpaper for painting cars, pay attention to the abrasive silicon carbide.

Bodywork polishing with electric machine

Car polishing is done to restore the faded paintwork, or after the painting process to remove the matte surface (if there is one) and other minor defects. In the absence of a special polisher, you can polish the body of the car in any way: by hand, with a regular drill and so on, but the best approach is an angle grinder.

Important parameter for polishing. number of revolutions of the machine. It should be at least 1200 rpm, and the highest quality is obtained at speeds up to 3000 rpm. You can adjust the number of revolutions manually, but it is better to have electronic adjustment.

Since polishing is a rather time-consuming process, you should choose a machine that is powered from the network, the battery will not last long. You should also pay attention to the possibility of using as many polishing wheels as possible, some machines do not allow that. When polishing, it is better to use felt or foam wheels.

Car polishing with the grinder is not complicated, but requires care and accuracy.

Consultant krasymavto.For auto body repair

First of all, you must install the selected range and accelerate the machine to 1200-1500 rpm, then just press the disc to the work surface and move along the body.

Strongly press the machine is not necessary, it will lead to greater abrasion coating. The pressure force must be minimal and even. Uneven pressure on the wheel is even worse than strong pressure, it leads to uneven erasure of varnish.

Important! When polishing heats up the body, so you can not stop in one place! Local overheating causes the varnish to crack and peel!

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Have your bodywork repaired by a specialist workshop or service center. But if you want to save money and make repairs with your own hands, you can buy a small household machine with a set of necessary attachments and do everything yourself.

At work it is necessary to observe safety precautions, to work in overalls, goggles, gloves and a respirator.

Angle grinder attachments for wood sanding: varieties and tips for choosing

Angle grinder refers to the universal equipment, which is in demand in the construction market. For angular grinding and polishing wood on the tool axis mount replaceable discs. Grinding and polishing wheels come in many varieties and are divided according to the type of abrasive surface.

Painting a car in the garage

Painting a car at home is not an easy activity, and here you should be guided by the place. It happens that on impulse you decide to make a complete painting, although in fact you need only local painting some part of the body.

In fact, painting a car at home has been described by us in the sections preparing the car for painting and local car painting. So today we will try to pay less attention to the methods of painting a car with their own hands, and focus your attention on the equipment for painting and some of the features of the process.

Painting a car by yourself means the presence of these forces, the desire, or, what a sin, the impossibility at the moment to spend a great sum on the painting at the service. And the equipment for painting can be collected from the garages of comrades. The advantage is that the painting of a car in the garage, do not leave this event without helpers. your neighbors in the garage.

Sanding with water

Wet sanding a car means constantly moistening the bodywork with water. Use a damp sponge for this. The water should be changed frequently and should not be allowed to get too dirty. After sanding with water, the surface of the bodywork should be washed and wiped dry with a lint-free rag.

Polyester putty coatings can only be sanded dry because the filler is very hygroscopic.

If there are smudges or light shagging on the body of the car, sanding will be much more effective if you add a few drops of liquid soap to the water.

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