November 27, by Kirk Elliott. Glass Audio Vault: The Remaking of a Champ. Introduced in , the Fender Champ single-ended 5 W guitar amplifier is. November 26, by audioXpress Staff November 4, by Charlie Hughes This article was originally published in Voice Coil November In November , audioXpress received a facelift. Glass Audio, Speaker Builder, and in , audioXpress, which he edited until

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Erno Borbely shares with us his all-FET audio amplifier design. Here is a simple portable device from George Ntanavaras that can help answer the question about peak voltage and peak current requirements and whether or not your power amplifier is capable of driving your loudspeaker without clipping.

In over 30 years of designing loudspeakers, I have found the following measurements taken as a group provide the strongest predictor of loudspeaker preference available audiodpress us today. An ideal project for the DIY enthusiasts. This article was originally published in Voice Coil, December Which Measurements Matter, Part 1 The controversy over subjective versus objective loudspeaker evaluation has raged on for decades.

The new MBX series of pro sound mid-bass woofers is especially well suited for small two-way loudspeaker applications. This article was originally published in Voice Coil, February October 11, by Vance Dickason.


The MR16P-4 ” Satori Midrange from SB Acoustics | audioXpress

The Audio Voice Newsletter. August 23, by Vance Dickason Test Bench: November 11, by Michael Rothacher.

This circuit enables the full galvanic isolation of sound frequency signals with optical transmission in excellent quality, eliminating interference. This is not surprising. November 11, by Vance Dickason. All items tagged with audioXpress archive novemmber Features for the 8MBX51 are fairly impressive. Each product in this line incorporates proprietary stamped steel frame with a thin mounting lip that enables front mounting without insetting the driver surface mountedhigh relative XMAX, with paper cones for the DS series and aluminum cones for the DSA series.

Cosmetically speaking, this is also a good looking driver.

As Dickason reminds us, this new subwoofer is part of the brand’s rather extensive line of subwoofers — ranging in size from 2. This convinced me to update the drivers.

My focus here is on novembeer for phase nonlinearities in the driver. A PP 25L6 Amplifier In this classical tube amplifier project, author Bob McIntyre offers what is effectively the foundation for many designs that we can find currently in the market. A pot with 64 levels and precision metal film resistors that is hard to beat for sound or facility, as he describes it.


The new MBX series of pro sound mid-bass woofers is especially well suited for small two-way loudspeaker applications.

Items about: Voice Coil Test Bench – p 5 | audioXpress

This article audiioxpress published originally in Voice Coil, January This signal is rectified, filtered, and regulated in a conventional sense.

September 2, by Tadaatsu Atarashi. This article was originally published in audioXpress, April September 13, by Vance Dickason. He answers the problem by addressing the three main issues of crossover frequencies, relative output level and delay.

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Now we make available online with updated references and links. This article was originally nvoember in Glass Audio Volume 4, Number 2, Magnitude response of individual passbands and the summed response with the cluster delayed 7.

August 23, by Vance Dickason. I received a home audio 6. Magnitude response of individual passbands and the summed response.