Assembly of the stand for the angle grinder Kalibr 96211

The Kalibr 96211 angle grinder stand is a handy tool for the “angle grinder

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A small test report of the rack for the angle grinder Kalibr 96211.

This is a handy attachment that turns a simple “angle grinder” into a cut-off and trimmer.

Can be cut quickly and accurately, at various angles. Universal mounting is suitable for most angle grinders with a blade diameter of 115 mm and 125 mm.

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Item reference: 96211 Angle grinder stand for 115/125mm.

Appearance of the stand. the base with the installed tool post, handle and part attachment.

Accordingly, I received it rather quickly (about 8 days) from stock.

Inside are tightly packed parts of the disassembled rack.

Kit pictured below. To assemble you will need to put the rack on the base, plus screw the handle.

The large parts are tightened with plastic ties.

Instructions for assembly and use are included.

Guide and handle in a separate bag.

Angle grinder mount. Fixing screws present.

There are two kinds of screws and two screws with rubber caps to fix the angle grinder body.

Stand base for the stand. Workpiece clamping is present.

Stand size approx. 28 cm (square).

On the underside you can clearly see the pre-installed nuts in the grooves.

Warning label: It will kill you if you don’t climb on it! Must be set when the machine is off.

Assembly goes without any problems.

Nuts are fixed on the back side by the shape of the grooves, you will only need an Allen wrench to tighten the screws.

The stand itself is assembled. Checking the tilt mechanism.

After pushing it, it returns to the vertical position.

Lowered almost as far as it will go. With the angle grinder installed, the vertical travel of the stand will be reduced.

Guide and eccentric workpiece clamp.

On the stand is formed as if a vise for fixation of the workpiece to be cut, from a fixed and movable part.

The fixed part allows to set the desired angle of cut.

The movable part as a clamp with an eccentric enables fast tacking on parts of any size.

Tighten the nut as needed, and then turn the handle to secure the clamp.

A few words about clamping the angle grinder in the stand.

Threaded holes are provided in the tool body for mounting the handle.

Стойка для болгарки Калибр 96211 для УШМ 115 125 мм

Beforehand we remove the handle from the angle grinder, and align the holes with the holes in the fixture and tighten the bolts. Second pair of bolts for clamping the body. Plus horizontal screws with rubber tips. allow you to align the body of the angle grinder. At first we align everything and check if the cutting disc fits into the groove in the base. The stand can be moved to the left or right if needed.

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I used the angle grinder stand to cut 8 mm diameter guideways and leadscrews for my CNC machine.

Diameter is 8mm, but it is important to have a good face cut.

Let’s try it on, set the required length of the cut.

The cut should be straight, perpendicular.

Be careful with your tool, always follow the safety regulations. It is highly advisable to use glasses, as well as to have a power switch at hand.

I used the pieces I got to assemble home-made machines. Grinded the ends additionally.

This is a very useful and unusual device Stack for 115/125mm hammers.

Universal mounting allows you to use almost any small “angle grinder“, and convenient clamping. quickly fix the workpiece for cutting at the desired angle.

Purchased in the Kalibr Store, which is the official representative of the brand “Kalibr

If you would like to repeat my experience of assembling a self-made CNC or have questions. ask in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

There are some advantages and disadvantages of the considered self-made machines, which also everyone who set out to make a cutting machine from an angle grinder should know about. The advantages include:

  • Having a stationary machine in the garage, you can quickly, and most importantly qualitatively cut different materials
  • Getting a high-quality and even cut, which makes the device perfect
  • Cheap. if you have an angle grinder, the cost of making a machine will be minimal

Now let’s find out what are the disadvantages of the considered homemade device:

  • Low reliability. even with the most competent approach, does not exclude the possibility that a person can get various injuries just because of work on such homemade equipment. To protect yourself, you need to work in protective gear
  • The difficulty of transporting the device. it all depends on its size and weight. Only if the machine is called a stationary, it is designed for use only in one place

If you have already managed to make the type of equipment under consideration, then it will not be difficult to understand the correctness of its operation. Already at the first test of the tool you can feel how effective its work is. Below is a selection of photos that show variants of self-made cutting machines from lathes. In addition, such a tool as an angle grinder conceals a lot of interesting ideas for expanding the functionality, but that’s another story.

The main parameter

When choosing a tripod for the grinder, the main parameter is the diameter of the disc of the used angle grinder. The importance of this parameter is that the diameters of the bed and disc must match each other.

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There are models that can only work with one parameter of discs, such as 100 millimeters. But most often it is possible to buy a device that can work with two types of discs from grinders, for example, 115 and 125 millimeters. Selection according to the specified parameter is made on the basis of personal preferences.

Racks for angle grinder with broaching system angle grinder. Simple and convenient designs

In the article Rack for angle grinder (angle grinder) for stationary cutting. Tips when choosing readers have noticed that some inexpensive factory-made models do not have accurate cutting due to backlash in the design.

But the most important disadvantage: racks for angle grinder of this type do not allow to make straight longitudinal cuts of sheet metal and cut wide workpieces. Another degree of tool freedom is needed. as they say, tool broach.

Two pictures of readers who commented on the article with pictures of assembled racks with the possibility of broaching an angle grinder:

I suggest watching the process of assembling similar structures. The first model: the stand for the angle grinder from profile pipe on bearings:

To assemble the structure we will need: 4 pieces of sectional tube 20x20x2 mm, 7 bolts 7 cm long and a stud 10-12 cm, 8 bearings, matching the diameter of the bolts and a set of nuts and washers for mounting:

Drill holes in the pipe sections to assemble the structure shown on the second slide. Next, from the same sections of profile pipe and two sections from the angles you need to weld a rack (slides 3 and 4). At the ends of the rack, we drill holes and weld an extended nut to screw them onto the ends of the stud. Only then screw the stand to an 18mm thick sheet of plywood. Next you need to make a lock for the angle grinder:

We make one edge of the stop under the holes of the handle of the angle grinder, and the second. for screwing to the metal clamp with a rubber seal for fixing pipes. We screw the angle grinder bracket to the profile tube 25x25x2 mm with a length of 50 cm. At the end of the assembly set the angle grinder to a vertical position with a bolt in the area of the clamping. On the reverse side, screw the stopper to the tube (third slide).

We cut a slot in the plywood basis (with a wood disk) and screw the support for the billets made of angle piece. It is possible to make the stop with quick release, on the “wingtips” for fixation in 90 gr. and 45°. To the back side of the plywood can be screwed low feet with a rubber base (so that the entire structure does not slip).

You can see the manufacturing process in more detail in the video:

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You can add another spring to the bottom of the structure of pipes, which will press its edge to the base. A small amount of force tending to lift the angle grinder upwards won’t hurt.

On such a stand you can comfortably cut not only metal, but also saw stone (with a stone disk). You can also do wood, but if only with a safety wood disc. About them I told in the article: Safe cutting discs on wood for angle grinder (angle grinder)

The next model of a rack for an angle grinder with a broach. on the basis of used shock absorbers. Kind of self-made:

Two car shock absorbers will be needed. You can get them at any service center for free. They will need to be fine-tuned. To do this we drill a hole and drain the oil (oil residues) from them. And then we wash off all the dirt. Without oil the shock-absorber rod will move without any effort, and air will go in and out through the hole.

With the help of welding, we make a clamp-fastener for car racks and the frame of the rack. Angle grinder attachment shown on the third and fourth slides. Made of angle bars, grommets, and steel strip.

Shock absorbers in the cage are fastened through the stud. To the bed we screw a sheet of plywood and a stop for workpieces. To return the angle grinder a spring is installed.

This option is suitable for powerful angle grinder. Costs for both versions of the racks. in the range of 500, if you use used metal and plywood scraps. Purchased new only fixtures and bearings.

Another example of a similar design with used shock absorbers, with a detailed assembly description here:

Here are some more examples of homemade props with a broach:

Of similar factory models can be noted legs for the angle grinder Beking BG-612506 and MVI 4223. Although I have not seen such props on sale in stores. Why such a small selection? The design is simple, more functional than a rack with a classic lever and would be in high demand.

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Racks for angle grinder: features, characteristics, tips for choosing

Many construction tools can be operated as separate equipment, and in conjunction with additional devices that can extend the functionality and facilitate the performance of a number of tasks. Such category includes an angle grinder and stands for them.

Today, many manufacturers offer tool owners just such components to obtain a multifunctional working machine for grinding and cutting various materials.

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