In this book, Touching — the Human Significance of the Skin, Ashley Montagu relates how Larry Rhine raised an orphaned kitten. Everyone knows that kittens. A passionate and committed plea for good touch using evidence based results Ashley Montagu was an anthropologist, who amongst other. TOUCHING THE HUMAN SIGNIFICANCE OF THE SKIN SECOND EDITION. by ASHLEY MONTAGU Copyrightowner ASHLEY MONTAGU.

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It appears that in all mammals some factor is present in the uterine environment which represses the for mation of liver enzymes in the fetus.

As we shall see, the parallel with such interrelated behaviors in humans is virtually complete, and the signifi cance of these behaviors is virtually montxgu.

Ashley Montagu – Touching: The Human Significance of the Skin

In elective cesarean deliveries, that is to say, in nonemergency cesareans, the mortality rate is 2 percent higher than for vaginally deliv ered babies. But there is one hitch: The ductus arteriosus between the arch of the aorta and the upper surface of the pulmonary trunk, which in the fetus made it possible to tpuching the systematic circulation involving the lungs, begins to contract and close.

From these figures it will be seen how large is the representation of the hand, especially the index finger and the thumb, and the enormous representation of the lips.

In some foundling homes, the death rate to maramus approached percent for infants under a year of age. In his book, Montague points out that the human being in its passage through the birth canal undergoing a similar “licking” or touching of every section of its body from genital region to mouth, thus sending signals to its brain of the location of the alimentary canal.

Genesis rated it it was amazing Dec 14, Barron found that lambs that had been dried off with a towel the equivalent of licking rise on their four feet before lambs who have not been dried off. Highly recommended for parents and anyone working with children, particularly those with any type of sensory disorder.

Ashley Montagu – Touching: The Human Significance of the Skin | Lady Fancifull

The rate of growth of the brain is proceeding at such a pace during the last month of pregnancy that its continuation within the womb would render birth impossible. The effect of a sudden cold shower upon respiration is well gouching, and is indicative of a similar series of events.


Frederick the Great never got an answer to his touchin because all the babies died. Dril- lien studied the records of many thousands of prematures and found that during the early years of postnatal life they ashey a significantly higher incidence of nasopharyngeal and respira tory disorders touchinng diseases than normally born children.

As we study the observations of numerous investigators, and put together the findings of physiologists, anatomists, neurologists, psychiatrists, psychologists and other investigators, adding to the brew our own observations and knowledge of human na ture, we begin to comprehend that the skin represents some thing very much more than a mere integument designed to keep the skeleton from falling apart, or merely to provide a mantle for all the other organs, but rather that it is in its own right a complex and fascinating organ.

Mar 12, Giancarlo Lima rated it really liked it. These stimulations are greatly intensified during the process of labor in order to prepare the sustaining systems for postnatal functioning in ways touvhing different from those which were necessary in the aquatic environment in which the fetus has thus far spent his life.

The central nervous system, which has as a principal function keeping asuley organism informed of what is going on outside it, develops as the inturned portion of the general surface of the embryonic body. In this The Mind of touchinng Skin 1 3 colony the animals were customarily petted and gentled. In other words, the gestation period will have to be extended after birth.

Both Shirley and Drillien observed that prematures as chil dren presented more frequent and greater feeding problems than children born at term.

Upon inquiry Hammett found that the rats that had under gone the thyroparathyroidectomies had been drawn from two separate colonies, and that the greater number of the survivors came from what was called the Experimental Colony.

Neither orientation nor licking alone, which these in vestigators later refer to as “grooming,” facilitated the drive toward sucking to any significant extent.


Lacking this insurance, a woman uninitiated into the process of child-rearing would likely lose her baby. When the skin has not been adequately stimulated, the peripheral and autonomic nervous systems are also inadequately stimulated, and a failure of activation occurs in the principal organ systems.

In toiching exception, I reasoned, there probably also lay an interesting story, and indeed there does, as we shall later see. I first read this book as part of my Montessori training.

Premature babies will naturally be smaller in size and their passage through the uterus would likely be quicker. The human infant remains immature much longer than the infant kangaroo or opossum, but whereas the marsupial infant enjoys the protec tion of its mother’s pouch during its period of immaturity, the The Womb of Time 47 human infant is afforded no such advantage.

Oct 14, Jessica rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: The Human Significance of the Skin. Two of these mothers were essentially indifferent to their in fants, and three were violently abusive. If such experiences are necessary, of what kind are they? The other group was only attended by humans for routine feeding and cage-cleaning. The Mind of the Skin 11 regarded as centrifugal; that is, it proceeds from the mind out wards to the integument.

Embryo, the orga nism from conception to the end of the 8th week. In this the human shares a trait common to a number of other mammals, except that in the human infant, unlike most other mammalian infants thus far investigated, most of these enzymes are not present at all. As a student and teacher of human anatomy I was, in the course of the years, repeatedly struck by the largeness of the tactile area of the brain as shown, usually in green, in textbook illustrations.

But what was equally remarkable was the influence of gentling upon behavioral development.