angle grinder with adjustable speed

Between the models that can be found on sale, there is a difference in technical characteristics, which often leads to confusion about the choice. In addition, home and professional use will require a tool with different capabilities. The following criteria are important when choosing a power grinder.

Tool type

The most widespread are electric grinders, and the reason is the availability of electricity. There are such tools:

    – powered from 220 V. It has a relatively low price, a wide range of power. For operation of such grinders it is necessary to have a mains supply, and the radius of operation is limited by the length of the wire, which often gets tangled underfoot. There is a constant risk that you can inadvertently cut it or grind it with accessories Is independent of mains power, but the batteries still need to be charged occasionally. Great for use in the field. Not very powerful, because this has an impact on the runtime on a single charge. Requires a set of at least two alternately charged batteries for continuous operation.

Pneumatic power grinders are most often used in metal work, areas with high humidity and where the tool is constantly exposed to hard work. The power source is compressed air, so such grinders are connected to the pneumatic line, a compressor of appropriate performance. The advantage of this equipment is that it can operate in damp conditions and does not overheat during intensive use.


Spindle speed depends on the diameter of the tool used. Optimal value of the linear velocity of the wheel is 80 m/s. Exceeding this value leads to destruction of the tool. Influence of the disc diameter on the rotation speed:

The permissible speed is stated on the body of the grinder and in the technical documentation of each model.

Power output

The value of this parameter is in the range of 0.65-2.7 kW, depending on the tool diameter. High performance tool drives are able to handle large size discs. Models with 125 mm discs must have a power consumption of at least 750 W. Variants designed for intensive work with 230-millimeter equipment are equipped with a motor of at least 2.2 kW.


Do not use discs with a diameter greater than allowed for the particular model of the grinder. Diameter of the accessories directly affects the cutting depth, so you must also choose the grinder on the basis of this parameter. Depending on the particular machine, the depth of cut with a 125 mm wheel is about 30-35 mm. It is impossible to plunge a disc to great depths because of the dimensions of a gearbox.

Additional options

Additional systems increase the safety and efficiency of the tool and extend its service life. The most common grinders are equipped with the following functionality:

  • Soft start. limits the starting current when starting the grinder, thus preventing jerking of the tool, extends the life of the motor and gear by eliminating short-term overload.
  • Anti-vibration system. auto-balancing, which dampens vibrations due to uneven rotation of the tool.
  • Accidental start safety. prevents the tool from starting unintentionally, increasing operator safety.
  • RPM control. stabilizes the speed of the equipment under load, thereby increasing efficiency in processing materials.
  • RPM adjustment. allows manual selection of speed depending on the type of work.
  • Quick-release nut. needed for easy tool changes, as no additional tool is required. All work is done manually.

Another useful feature on any grinder is the ability to adjust the hood position without the use of tools.

Power grinders (grinders)

Angle grinder or angle grinder the all-rounder for cutting metal, stone or tile work as well as sanding and polishing various surfaces.

The principle of operation of the power grinder is based on the rapid rotation of the disc. Abrasive nozzles for the grinder are available in different thicknesses and diameters, which allows you to perform a variety of repair and construction work.

Depending on the power source, power grinders are divided into:

  • Network the most common type of grinder, works from 220 V. Usually used in cottage and garden work, as well as in construction to trim hard materials (bricks, tiles, etc.), it is best for gardening and construction projects.д.). The advantages of this model include the ability to use nozzles of different diameters, high power, durability, affordable price. The disadvantages of working can be attributed to the dependence on the power supply and the presence of a tangled wire.
  • Cordless this grinder has an extra battery compartment for battery mounting. the advantages of this model include self-contained operation regardless of power supply and low weight. However, such a bolt cutter is suitable for short-term work, t.к. requires charging.

When choosing a tool, pay attention to the following parameters:

  • Diameter grinding wheel. Orient on the width of the part or item you will be working on with the grinder. Smaller discs can be mounted on larger tools. But you can not put large discs on a small grinder.
  • Power. The higher the value, the faster the grinder works. For gardening, power output of up to 900 watts is sufficient.
  • Speed control. This feature protects the tool from overheating. The Castorama range includes angle grinders with and without adjustment of speed.
  • Weight. For short and irregular work you can choose a heavier tool. For regular work, choose a lighter version.
  • Spindle lock in case of a jammed disc.If this feature is available, the motor stops as soon as it jams.
  • Handle comfort. It is desirable that the handle of the grinder has finger protection and a lock to prevent the tool from slipping out of your hands.
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Choose and buy an angle grinder at Castorama at an affordable price. Our consultants are always happy to help you choose from a wide range of models to suit your needs.

The category Power tools has other useful products that you should pay attention to.

Accessories for polishing work

The quality of the polishing work depends on the adjustable speed and the right nozzles. For grinding marble and granite surfaces, experienced engravers who work with stones professionally recommend flexible diamond discs. For wood, the sanding pad is suitable. For polishing products and metal surfaces, it is best to use circles containing felt or felt, which is attached to the nozzles with special Velcro. The felt tips are also suitable for polishing glass. But in this case it is necessary to buy a special diamond paste. Painted or varnished surfaces should be treated with sheepskin nozzles.

How to choose a lathe with adjustable speed and soft start

Most home crafters will always have a tool at hand, which helps cut a piece of metal of the right size, sand the surface, even sharpen a kitchen knife. This is an angle grinder. Its disc spins at high speed for efficient operation. But not every operation requires maximum speed. Then a rotary sander with adjustable speed comes in handy, which provides quality and safety.

How to choose a grinder with adjustable speed

Speed-controlled angle grinders: features of the mechanism and scope of use. Important parameters for the machine with soft start: wheel diameter, drive power, anti-jamming protection. A brief overview of the models Bosch, Interskol, Fiolent, Sparky and Metabo.

variable speed angle grinder unboxing || ऐसा angle grinder अपने पहले नही देखा होगा || Mr. Dharoniya

Speed-controlled angle grinders are classified as professional tools. Devices of this class are usually manufactured with a soft start function. Such grinders are ideal for machining surfaces that require delicate handling, such as wood or plastic. Possibility of speed adjustment helps to grind with the highest level of comfort and safety.

ASK THE EXPERT: What are the benefits of a variable speed angle grinder?

There is an opinion among craftsmen that the additional electronics in the body reduces the overall level of reliability of the grinder and increases the labor intensity of repair work. For this reason, some manufacturers have established the production of separate electronic regulators, which are connected to the mains cord.

Top manufacturers

Production of angle grinders are engaged in both foreign and domestic manufacturers. The Germans have achieved very great results in this field. This firm is Bosch.

Even in great demand are Japanese machines, they are produced by Hitachi and Makita. These companies mostly produce models that can be used professionally. Grinders from these manufacturers have adjustable speed, high power, which exceeds 1200 watts. And also very convenient that there are different diameters of discs, which can be installed on the machine. Angle grinders allow you to perform various types of complex work.

If you use special diamond discs, you can even cut through stone or concrete, as well as walls for laying wire. It is very convenient to have a side handle, because it will provide full control over the powerful tool during all the work.

Bosch GWS 850 CE

The Bosch angle grinders have variable speed and power of 850 W. These machines are ideal for grinding natural and synthetic stones, if you put a diamond disc. Such a grinder is very in demand among electronic tools. Usually Bosch equipment is purchased by professional stone grinders, who daily face the need to polish marble or granite. This grinder has a fairly low weight, and therefore it is very easy to operate. Anyone can hold it in one hand.

Your Bosch grinder has a one year warranty, and in the event of a breakdown you can easily exchange it for a properly working model.

The machines are equipped with a special 6 positions, through which you can adjust the speed of rotation. Speed range. from 2800 to 11000 rpm.

Quality of the polish will depend on the speed of the nozzle. The slower the speed, the better the quality of your work. This requirement must be remembered, because it is necessary to work with granite, marble or glass details very carefully. To work on marble surfaces, experts recommend a speed of 2800 rpm. Wooden surfaces can be polished with a special nozzle, which allows for high speed.

The kit includes a special wrench, a handle and several fixing washers that will hold discs and nozzles.


The quality of the work will directly depend on the nozzle chosen. If you have to work with marble and granite, then experienced engravers will choose diamond flexible discs. For wood, a paddle sanding disc is suitable. To polish metal items, it is better to use circles consisting of felt or felt, which can be attached to the special nozzle with Velcro. The felt tips can also be used for glass polishing. But in this case you will also need to buy diamond paste, which will greatly simplify the work. If the surface is painted or varnished, it is best to use sheep’s wool nozzles.

Makita GA5030

This is an excellent model of a household sander. It also has adjustable speed. Price is approximately 2500 rubles. Makita machine has a very small weight, which will not exceed 2 kilograms, and therefore this machine has very many advantages compared to other similar models that have much more weight.

The manufacturer guarantees very high quality assembly of all units. Wrecker with speed control gives the opportunity to engage in different types of work:

There are numerous reviews about this machine, which indicate that all users are very satisfied with the purchase of such a machine. The sander has very low vibration, and the additional handle makes operation much easier.

Makita has a lot of advantages, but the owner should not forget that this is still a household grinder, which means that you should not work with this equipment for a long time. Periodically, you need to take breaks so that the Makita does not overheat.

Makita 9565Cv

This Makita model also has adjustable speed and provides speed from 2800 to 11000 rpm. You need to buy a 125 mm diameter disc. Power consumption is 3,400 watts. The grinder is a professional tool, the design of which will contain the following components:

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  • The speed control, which gives you the opportunity to optimize the mode of operation. The spindle will receive the specific speed needed for the application: cutting, scraping or grinding.
  • Power button lock. This is a very good feature that provides safety during work, especially in cases where the light is turned off or the plug is accidentally pulled out of the socket. The safety device prevents the user from unintentional start-up of the cut-off saw, thus avoiding the risk of injury.
  • Double insulation.
  • Speed stabilisation. It relieves the load on the blade, and makes working on massive, time-consuming parts much easier.
  • Side handle with two positions. Thanks to this component, you can hold the power tool securely in place while working.

The Makita power tool is protected against critical overloads when switched on and has a soft start that protects the system and its many components from excessive voltage surges. RPMs can be selected very gently.

Selecting the right disc size

Special discs are made for grinders, which have a diameter of 115 to 230 mm. The working part will always protrude beyond the body of the machine. The nozzles will wear out over time during use. Those discs, which have diameter of 115 mm, wear out very quickly and are good for cutting materials, which thickness is less than 3 centimeters. This diameter is also unsuitable for work in hard-to-reach places. For such operations it is better to choose a disc with a diameter of 180 or 230 mm.

Metabo WEV 10-125 Quick

This is another piece of equipment that has a speed regulator. Optimal disc size is 125 mm. This is the best model for this capacity. It features a very wide spindle speed control and an unvarying number of revolutions under alternating loads. This is achieved thanks to built-in electronics that will protect the motor from overloading. The impact wrench is equipped with an automatic safety clutch, as well as an angle brush that will turn on if the voltage is lost.

The device also has an overheat indicator, an automatic clutch, and a long power cord. Such angle machine has no disadvantages, judging by the reviews of users, and therefore it is successfully used for various works.

Hitachi G13SS

This is a Japanese model, which is characterized by medium performance. But this grinder is very convenient, ergonomic and relatively inexpensive. It can be used in car repair shops or on construction sites. This power tool is made specifically for cutting metal and grinding any surface. The grinder is lightweight and has a narrow grip, so you can hold it with one hand in any position. The power tool is designed for professional use. Users note its convenience. The only disadvantage is the low power requirement.

The model has an ergonomic shape, it has a removable handle, and therefore can be moved to either side. The carbon brushes are also very easy to replace. These are the main advantages that have been appreciated by so many people.

Angle grinder Sturm AG9012TE

New in the model range of angle grinders by Sturm trade mark. the model AG9012TE. The angle grinder is equipped with an electric motor with 1100 W, which provides the rotation speed of the 4000 to 10000 rpm. Disc diameter is used for work 125 mm. The disc is enclosed by a special protective cover that provides maximum safety to the operator during operation. Angle grinder is equipped with a button spindle lockout for quick wheel changes and has a convenient 2-position auxiliary handle. The presence of a speed regulator will help set the optimal mode of operation for the specific task. Sturm AG9012TE also has Locking the on/off switch, for comfortable work over long periods of time.

  • RPM adjustment. optimal settings for working with different materials;
  • Electronics constant. maintaining a constant RPM regardless of the load;
  • Key spindle locks. for quick tooling changes;
  • Special high performance motor. for intensive work;
  • Soft starter;
  • A power trigger lock. for easy, continuous operation;
  • Handle with thin rubberized grip, can be screwed from left and right side;
  • New extended warranty: 24 months.
  • Angle grinder AG9012TE 1 pc.
  • Protective shroud 1 pc.
  • Side handle.1pc.
  • Wrench.1pc.
  • Instruction manual-1pc.
Disc diameter 125 mm
Voltage, V 220 В
Power 1100 W
Number of front handle positions 2
Speed control Yes
RPM 4000-10000 rpm
Spindle lock Yes
Soft starter Yes
Quick access to brushes No
Product advantages Constant electronics, variable speed, soft start
Diameter of mounting hole 22.2 mm
Grinding line length, m 2 м
Packing Cardboard box
Dimensions in package 330x110x120 mm
Net weight, kg 1.7 kg
Accessories Protective cover. 1 pc. Side handle.1pc. 1 wrench. Instruction manual. 1pc.
Warranty, months 24

Angle grinder Tex.AC TA-01-425 5 disks

Angle grinder housing Tech.AC TA-01-425 consists of two parts. The main part of the body has a longitudinal shape, so that the grinder is easy to hold with one hand, and the second is an extended handle. Grinders, made in this design are in demand among users who need to perform a variety of long hours of work from grinding to metal cutting.

Angle grinder Tech.AC TA-01-425 is equipped with a system of smooth speed adjustment. RPM is adjusted by changing the speed in steps from 1 to 6. The exposed value of 1 actuates the electric motor with a minimum number of revolutions, and the exposed value of 6 allows the use of a grinder at maximum speed, reaching the value of idling at 11000 rpm. In this way the user sets the necessary number of revolutions for metal work.

For long hours of metal-working in the angle grinder Tech.AC TA-01-425 is installed electric motor power of 1250W. To ensure a long life of the electric motor the winding is coated in several layers with a special lacquer. Multilayer coating provides mechanical protection for the armature, preventing delamination of the winding, as well as protects the insulation from the mechanical effects of particles falling inside the tool.

To increase the service life of the moving components of the reducer in the angular grinding machine Tech.Only quality components made of special steel grades are used in the TA-01-425. Angle grinder performs work at high RPM, respectively, to reduce friction and excessive heat is used lubricant for high-speed components.

Angle grinder Tech.AS TA-01-425 is equipped with all necessary accessories for work with the tool. Includes a special protective cover and an extra handle that allows the operator to comfortably perform the work, holding the tool with two hands. The kit also includes a set of 5 metal cutting discs., Instruction manual, warranty card and a special key for clamping the pressure washer.

The main element of the grinder is an electric motor, on the working shaft of which is attached a spindle with a mounted tool.

As tooling, depending on the type of work, the circles are used:

  • Saws for metal cutting, as well as diamond, used for cutting all other materials except metals.
  • Grinding wheels, among which there are such types of equipment as polishing, roughing.

Two handles, the main back handle and a removable side handle, ensure the operator a firm grip on the vibrating grinder when it is on. The accessory is covered with a protective cover to prevent contact with the operator’s body parts.

Equipped with a wheel with speed control or a mechanism built into the on/off switch with a speed regulator plays a major role in the design of the grinder. Angle grinder with adjustable speed is a worthy choice of professional craftsmen who buy a tool with adjustable speed, taking care that the cutting and grinding was accurate and did not damage the surface and edges of the workpiece.

When it is worth buying a cordless angle grinder

The main advantage is independence from the network. This is the only option for construction or field work when you need to dismantle long fences. The disadvantage is that it requires regular recharging, so calculate so that there is enough battery capacity. For long-term work choose models with a battery of 5 A h.

For frequent use it is better to overpay and choose a European or Korean manufacturer. The most popular. Bosch, the cost of such a grinder can be 10-15 times higher than domestic or Chinese counterparts, but it will faithfully serve you longer.

Chinese often do not outlive up to half a year, especially with frequent use. But, for the beginner user who takes for home just in case, It is better to start with a budget model.

Makita angle grinders (Angle grinders)

Initially, let’s define that the abbreviation USHM means the general name of the tool angle grinder. Angular, this power tool is called because the motor shaft is connected to the axis of rotation of the working disc through the angular gear. This tool has rightly gained immense popularity, both among amateurs and professionals. The company Makita offers a wide range of rigs Makita, the price of which is listed on our website. The field of application of this tool is quite wide:

  • cutting of different metal parts, ceramic tiles, bricks, concrete, etc.д.;
  • treatment and grinding of various surfaces;
  • To remove rough edges in the construction.

Makita’s surface grinder is actively used in repair, dismantling, construction, metal work. So, it remains to choose a grinder for work.

Angle grinders (grinders) with adjustable speed

The largest Ukrainian online store Sea-tools presents a comprehensive range of construction and repair tools from popular import and domestic manufacturers. Our range is constantly updated and increased, we are always aware of new products, promotions and discounts from manufacturers, as we are the official distributor of brands in Ukraine. Only here our clients can buy branded products at low prices, get full advice about the trademark, service and guarantee the authenticity of products.

Vitals angle grinders

Electric angle grinder, popularly referred to as “angle grinderThe “TAS”, by right, takes one of the first places in the list of the most popular and widespread multi-purpose handhelds power tools. The only thing that can compete with it in this respect is electric drill и cordless screwdriver. Indeed, if something metal or stone should be sawn, cleaned, ground, polished, without special expensive equipment, then the help will come exactly angle grinder (Vitals angle grinder), which is incomparably cheaper to buy.

The main construction feature of this power tool is that the axis of rotation of the cutting tool. cutting or scraping disc. is at right angles to the longitudinal axis of the housing and motor grinder, because of what, in fact, it is called an angle grinder. This layout was chosen because of the length of the lever, formed by the housing and the rear handle in relation to the spindle, allows you to easily compensate for the torque arising from friction of the abrasive disc against the workpiece. This, in turn, makes it possible firstly to accurately control the position of the abrasive disc at work, and secondly, to use large-diameter discs to increase productivity.

Although angle grinder and is a universal tool, yet when choosing a specific model, you need to consider many factors, and above all. for what kind of work it will be used most often. So, for cutting thin sheet metal, heavy grinders with high power are contraindicated. they will burn and deform the metal. And on the contrary. to cut a massive channel with a low-powered with a 115 mm disc grinder would be very, very difficult.

Top 5 Best Variable Speed Grinders in 2021 Reviews

Technical characteristics of angle grinders (angle grinders).

  • Power supply voltage 230 V, frequency 50 Hz.
  • Power of 650. 2300 W.
  • Idle speed 0. 11000 rpm.
  • Maximum disc diameter 115. 230 mm.
  • Weight 1.7. 6.4 kg.

Whichever angle grinder TM Vitals You can be sure of its reliability, performance and durability, provided that the abrasive discs used are of good quality and in compliance with all the rules for operating the power tool. Buy angle grinder You can buy them not only at tool dealerships, but also at online stores, which is more profitable and convenient.

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