Angle grinder attachment for wood cutting combo

accessories for angle grinder / angle grinder from Aliexpress, which can replace other power tools

The angle grinder is an inexpensive and easy-to-use power tool, and additional attachments allow you to maximize its capabilities.

Today’s selection includes those that will save not only storage space, but also money. on the purchase of various other power tools. Of course, all this is on the condition that they will be used in the home and not for daily work.

Plus, from Jan. 28 to Feb. 16, there are promotional code discounts on any merchandise (find them at the end of this selection) as part of the “It’s Time to Make Good Things Happen” sale.

CAN ANGLE GRINDERS CUT WOOD?? (Tricks TipsCutting Wood With Grinders)

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Angle grinder accessory, replacing the chain saw

This is an upgraded unit with a small reservoir and oil flow mechanism.

It can be used to cut logs, thick boards, plywood, etc. smoothly, without jams and play.

Unlike a conventional chain saw, there is no chain brake (the “catch” is the holding handle) and no serrated stop (your hands will tire quickly).

Supplied with: chain, guide bar, oil reservoir, protective shroud with handle, two chain sprockets (suitable for M14 and M10) and fastening screws.

Good for light-duty jobs, e.g. in the garden.

Mobile angle grinder accessory that replaces the narrow band file

This accessory can turn an angle grinder into an electric sabre saw.

With it is convenient to work in hard-to-reach (especially narrow) places, grind and polish workpieces made of metal, wood or plastic, to smooth welding seams, you can also perform grinding tools and other work.

The head is very easy to assemble (it can be installed at any angle) and in the upper part there is an inlet for a vacuum cleaner.

At the link two lots. for threaded connection M10 or M14, but they do not fit any angle grinder.

The kit also includes a bonded sanding belt (15×452 mm).

Angle grinder, which replaces the belt grinder (Grinder)

And this is a variant with a backing plate (you can also find them without it at Aliexpress).

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Machining of workpieces here is performed by the moving sanding belt (consumables can be purchased separately), which is stretched on four rotating rollers.

The advantages of this sanding pad over the conventional abrasive wheel are obvious: it is convenient for sanding both flat and cylindrical parts, less heat and vibration, safer and more accurate processing.

Suitable under the angle grinder with connection M14, and the size of the grinding tape. 533×50 mm (included 5 tapes with different abrasiveness 80, 120, 150, 180 and 240).

On Aliexpress there are variants of such tools under a 30 mm tape, they are a little bit cheaper.

accessories for woodworking angle grinder on sale from Aliexpress

angle grinder (angle grinder). a useful tool for a wide range of works, and additional attachments further expand its functionality. And today we will talk about attachments for woodworking.

Beforehand I want to remind you that, in addition to the many advantages, if you do not observe the safety of angle grinder carries a great danger.

Do not use this tool without a protective cover, because the speed of rotation is such that it can easily cause serious injury. Be sure to protect your eyes, face and wear protective clothing if possible. Also, use the accessories exactly as they are intended, check them before use, hold the workpiece securely in place and hold the tool with both hands. Never use fabric gloves, they can get wrapped around the tooling. Put the angle grinder down only after the disc has come to a complete stop and always be extremely careful when working.

Also inform you that from 6 to 11 December (11:00 pm Moscow time) on Aliexpress is New Year sale, at this time for any product has a discount on promo codes (you can find them at the end of the selection).

Angle grinder stand with protective cover

This product makes woodworking safe and comfortable.

The stand is made of tungsten steel of about 1.2 mm thickness and its dimensions are 13.8×9 cm.

The product is scratch and corrosion resistant.

Internal diameter of the mount is 40 mm, external diameter is 110 mm, weight about 100 g.

angle grinder can be set at different angles, adjustment range of 2-3 cm.

Wood carving spindle for angle grinder

These are spherical nozzles with a head diameter of 40 mm in two sizes. 14 and 10 mm.

The total length of the tool is 10.8 cm. The head is covered with sharp teeth, which, when rotated quickly, allows you to cut smooth cavities in wooden workpieces, creating original spoons, bowls, sculptures, and more.

The nozzles are made of steel, are robust and weighty (0.47 kg).

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Chain saw blade for angle grinder

These discs are fast and smooth and are excellent for cutting, routing and deburring wood. The presence of a vector edge and tungsten carbide teeth allow you to work at high speeds, prevent overheating of the discs and minimize the recoil while cutting.

Here you can find discs in various diameters: 65 mm (bore diameter of 16 mm), 100 mm (n.e 16 mm), 115 mm (n.o 22,23 mm), 125 mm (o.e 23 mm).

Self-locking washer for quick attachment of the nozzle

This accessory does not extend the functionality of the angle grinder, but makes it easier to use. It is to be recommended for people who work with an angle grinder a lot and are concerned about their safety. Well, or for those who simply care about their comfort and safety.

This attachment is a self-tightening nut. It locks any disk or other attachment you want to install on your machine with no extra effort on your part. It is easy to tighten and unscrew by hand, without special tools. It is self-tightening during operation of the grinder. Guaranteeing your safety while operating the turbine.

Its design features provide maximum clamping of the clamped disc or other attachments.

The self-tightening nozzle is 13 mm thick. Outer diameter. 50 mm. Internal diameter is 14 mm. The external surface of the socket is grooved, so you can handle it by hand without using wrenches and other tools.

Edge grinder for angle grinder with dust cover

(check price and discount)

Seller’s trustworthiness: excellent!

The plastic is thick, looks very sturdy. I liked it overall, it is neatly done. I bought it for my home, I think it is good enough. On the AEG hood fits well, even had to pry. Can’t fit 2 disks for sure. It fits the Metabo vacuum cleaner perfectly. Home delivery by courier. I am satisfied with the product! Thanks to the seller!

The box was packed in a simple mailing bag. Delivery was handled by DPD. Cover made of hard, brushed plastic. Can change the angle for connecting a vacuum cleaner. It is also very easy to change the disk, no need to remove the cover. The main thing is not to lose the thumbscrew, it is almost always completely unscrewed. In order to center the disk, you need to use the complete metal pads. Angle change in 5 mm.

Ordered on Wednesday, received on Saturday in Kazan. Very fast delivery. The thing is cool!

Wood combo. Mini wood carving grinder attachment

Used for wood, ice: wood milling, wood sanding, ice milling. Garden sculpture, wood sculpture, sampling in a drop, ice sculpture, ice carving. Similar to the Arbortech Mini Grinder by function. Large selection of optional accessories combo. Suitable for work in hard-to-reach places. Wood carving tool H2-MG-130 Combo Wood is made in the form of a metal nozzle, attached to the body of the grinders (also with adjustable speed): Small grinder nozzle. Makita GA4534, Makita GA4530, Makita GA5030, Makita DGA452, Makita DGA504, Makita 9554, Makita 9555, Makita 9557, Makita 9558, Bosch GWS 7-115, Bosch GWS 7-125, Bosch GWS 850, Bosch GWS 18-125 V LI, Hitachi G13 VE (cordless), Hitachi G13S Attachment for large angle grinders. Makita 9565, Makita 9566, Makita 9562, Bosch GWS 12-125, Bosch GWS 13-125, Bosch GWS 15-125, Bosch GWS 17-125, Bosch GWS 19-125, Metabo WEV 15-150, Metabo WEV 17-150, Fiolent MSHU2, AEG WS 13-125 XE, AEG WS 12-125 XE By special order: AEG BEWS 18-125X, Interskol 125-1100E, When ordering, please specify one of the specified grinder models. Other angle grinders do not have an attachment. Seating diameter on the mini grinder. 3/8″. 9.5 mm. Maximum plunge cut depth (mill D=50 mm). up to 10 mm. Nozzle length. 130 mm. Bit weight. 0.4 kg. Also available in 95 mm, 200 mm and even 500 mm lengths. Costs should be specified. You can install your tools on the main planting diameter (F9,5 mm): Arbobtech toothed disc, Arbortech with tungsten carbide inserts, Saburrtooth f50.8 DW25O, DW27O, DW290, SD25O, SD270, SD290, FD250, FD270, FD290 rasp cutters; With optional accessories(see. last photo) are installed: Sleeve #x2116;1 (600 )- Saburrtooth bowl-shaped cutters CR250, CR270, CR290, CR2125, CR134125, CR13450, CR13470, CR13490 Sleeve #x2116;2 (400 )- Velcro sanding cups (M14 fit) Sleeve #x2116;3 (200 )- Arbortech sanding flat discs Nut #x2116;1 (400 ). tools from PROXXON LWS (28547), including Proxxon LHW Rubber Wheel Holder, wood sanding disc, tungsten carbide for Proxxon LHW. Bosch Multi Wheel carbide cut-off wheel with an outside diameter of 76 mm, especially for wood and even wood with nail nut #x2116;2 and #x2116;3 (400 each ). Saburrtooth wheel-shaped cutters BZ21450, BZ21470, BZ21490, BZ23850, BZ23870, BZ23890, BZ21250, BZ21270, BZ21290, BZ23450, BZ23470, BZ23490 Nut #x2116;4 (400 ). cutters with rounded toothing made of high-speed steel in thicknesses from 3 mm to 8 mm When buying a complete set of accessories with seating diameters. free case. Warranty. lifetime! Available cutting tools: HSS cutters, Saburrtooth burrs, Arbotech cutters, etc. Watch the video on YouTube channel: KOMBO Rational Tools. Ship to Russia. There is a cashless payment. Viber and WhatsApp

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