Adjusting the carburetor on the STIHL 180. The chain saw won’t start: causes and solutions

Repairing and adjusting the carburettor on the STIHL 180 chain saw

The STIHL MS-180 has only one carburetor adjustment screw. the no-load adjustment screw. And the full-load nozzle is stationary, t.е. The carburetor is not adjustable and the full-load setting can not be changed (the carburetor is set at the factory so that under all operating conditions the engine is supplied with an optimal fuel-air mixture).

It is one of the best STIHL chainsaws to start with, but it has inherent weaknesses. Here are our instructions for repairing your STIHL chain saw:

Oil leakage for chain lubrication.

This is a problem that you will sooner or later face. The reason for this problem is that over time the leak tightness is broken at the hose connection from the oil tank and oil pump. The trouble with fixing it on the STIHL 180 is that you have to take almost the whole chain saw apart.

STIHL STIHL 180 chain saw stops starting one day.


What to do then you ask, and we’ll tell you the answer:

First open and then close the fuel filler cap. Ventilate the combustion chamber

A STIHL STIHL 180 chain saw will usually start after these three points. After that, if the saw does not start, you need to check the air filter, the gasoline supply, the spark plug performance.

The problem is caused by a clogged slide valve (the valve that equalizes the pressure in the gasoline tank when fuel is depleted). When it is clogged there is a vacuum in the gas tank, which greatly affects the flow of fuel. If the breather in your chainsaw is clogged, it can be gently cleaned with a needle.

Customers often come to us with this chainsaw and we’ve listed two major problems with it. It’s also very common to have a STIHL 250 chain saw repaired.

At the service center for gasoline tool repair “Merry Lumberjack” STIHL 180 chainsaw repair is fast and high quality!

When adjustment is needed

Today’s Carver chain saw “three-screw” carburetors are not designed to be adjusted manually at home. The screws are factory-set, securely locked against rotation from vibration by gripping springs and do not change their position arbitrarily.

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But the carburetor screws on Carver chain saws can be adjusted with a special hole without removing the cover, using a regular screwdriver. This suggests that such models are designed to need adjustment of the carburetor from time to time.

The reason for this from a technical point of view can not be accurately named. Only versions are possible:

  • Carver chainsaw carburetor is in the zone of high vibration, because of this the screws are spontaneously unscrewed.
  • A coarse spring is installed, which can not fix the screw, as on other models.
  • Periodic adjustment is required because of the technical characteristics of the carburetor and the Carver chainsaw engine as a whole.

The cost of repair and carburetor replacement

If there is no experience in repairing STIHL chain saw parts, it is better to entrust it to specialists. Price depends on complexity of repair and region. Average values are as follows:

  • Gasoline saw diagnostics. 300;
  • carburetor replacement. 300;
  • Comprehensive service (the complex includes flushing, installation and adjustment). 1000;
  • external cleaning without disassembly. 300;
  • adjustment. 300;
  • Repair of carburetor and engine. 2000;
  • the carburetor has no L and H screws on other carburetors.

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Regularly adjusting the carburetor makes the chainsaw more efficient and lowers fuel costs. It is recommended to follow the technology precisely or have it done by a specialist.

Adjusting the carburetor on the STIHL 180 chain saw

normally the fuel quantity and quality is regulated by special screws and we change the fuel channel cross section by adjusting them. On the STIHL 180 carburetor that we use, however, these two screws are not there to make it easier to operate the saw.

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Channels are designed so that the optimal amount of fuel enters the diffuser at all engine speeds. The LD screw is used to adjust the air flow to the no-load nozzle. How the RPM of the engine changes.

So to adjust the carburetor on a STIHL 180 chain saw you will need an ordinary flat screwdriver and an electronic tachometer (not necessary). Algorithm of adjustment is as follows:

  • Check air filter. If necessary, replace the filter element.
  • Turn the LD screw all the way counterclockwise and then back two turns. Warning, left-hand thread! There is a screwdriver hole on the body of the saw to access the screw. Start the engine and warm it up for 5-7 minutes.
  • Turn the LD screw slowly clockwise to adjust the idle speed. There are two possible situations:
  • RPM at idle is very low. Engine does not hold idle. Turn the LD screw until the saw starts to rotate and then turn the screw 1/2 way back (the chain should stop).
  • Saw spins at idle speed. In this case, turn the screw slowly anticlockwise until the chain stops, then turn it another 1/2 turn in the same direction.
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If after all the manipulations with the carburetor settings, the chain continues to spin at idle, the saw should be taken to the dealer to the service center.

The following video shows a detailed carburetor adjustment of a STIHL 180 chain saw with an electronic tachometer.

Now and over the last few years the carburetors made in China are installed, they have only one adjusting screw. These membrane-type carburetors are practically impossible to disassemble, because it is all sealed and primed. So to speak: “Adjustment. no, not heard” In this case it is easier. And there are carburetors on sale, both original (also made in China, but at the factory owned by STIHL) and from third-party (also Chinese) manufacturers.

It should be noted that despite the Chinese production, the original carburetors STIHL 180 is very reliable and rarely let the owners the original 2500, that is, almost 4 times more expensive.

You can buy repair kits for chain saws that were manufactured 5 years or more.

So how do I adjust the carburettor on a STIHL 180 chain saw??

Only the no-load adjustment is available. Why do I need this and how do I know when to adjust the idle speed on my STIHL 180?? It is necessary if the chain does not stop when idling, which can lead to injuries, unstable operation of the saw as a whole.

Which carburetor is used on the STIHL 180 chain saw?

The STIHL 180 chain saw has a Japanese Zama membrane-type carburetor. Some users are confused by the China label on the carburetor. Yes, indeed they are assembled in China. But the STIHL factory is owned by STIHL and the quality is still top-notch. Nevertheless, the chain saw has Chinese copies with the appropriate carburettor. But these saws are generally cheaper than the original.


The settings on the STIHL 180 are easy, there is only one screw that makes it possible to make minor adjustments to the idle speed.

There are no L and H screws in the carburetor of the 180 like in other chainsaws. This is done in order to prevent an inexperienced user from twisting what should not be twisted and therefore cause harm to the chainsaw.

adjusting, carburetor, stihl, chain, start, causes

Germans certainly came up well, but sometimes, especially after replacing the piston group and installing a non-original, the chainsaw loses idle speed. If it were possible to correct the fuel mixture, this problem would be solved in a couple of seconds, but now we have to get into the main chamber and adjust the position of the yoke of the needle valve.

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How to adjust the carburetor on chainsaws

To understand how to properly adjust the carburetor on a chainsaw, you need to see it, and therefore we offer the reader to pay attention to the example below.

To perform adjustment you’ll need only a slotted screwdriver, but it’s impossible to fine tune the carburetor perfectly without a tachometer (of course, if a person isn’t a motorist or a professional driver with an experience). Now let’s try to understand how to adjust the carburetor in this or that situation.

How to adjust the carburetor of a chainsaw if it won’t start at all

Quite a common problem in those cases where the settings are trying to get “master” of the “I know everything” with his hands that do not grow out of his shoulders. In such a case, there are standard screw positions from which you can “dance” further. First you need to completely turn both screws (do not be too hard). Next, unscrew it:

As for the idle speed screw, first the choke must be completely closed (screw T turned out). After that it should be turned one and a half turns clockwise and try to start the engine. If it fails, gradually add a quarter of a turn until start. When the engine has started running, the idle speed screw position is adjusted so that the engine does not stall, but the chain is still in place.

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How to correctly and accurately adjust the carburetor: step-by-step instructions

Read more about the master class on adjusting the carburetor in this video.

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