Adapter to the power takeoff shaft of a power tiller

Trailers and adapters

Adapter and trailer are kinds of attachments for a power tiller designed to increase the carrying capacity of the machine and move different loads. Below we will take a closer look at what trailers and adapters can be used with the “Oka” power tiller.


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The adaptor is a construction with a seat and two wheels. The device is attached to the machine with a hitch, which consists of two parts. One is needed for direct attachment to a minitractor, the second is for adjusting the distance between any attachment and the tiller. Adapter can be operated by hand or foot.

Trailer is a design that resembles an adapter but has rear-wheel drive. On the back of the adapter or trailer, directly behind the seat, a small body can be placed in which the operator can place various loads for transportation, including crops harvested from the site.

SHRACHI POWER WEEDER Attaching A Pulley To The Pto Shaft

Factory adapter AMPK-500

in the line of factory attachments for “Oka” has developed a universal all-wheel drive adapter AMPK-500. It can be used with heavy power tillers, including “Oka”.

This model is equipped with rear-wheel drive. The body can be easily removed. The body can be easily removed for transporting loads up to 500 kg.

Kadvi adaptor can be used without a body. even with a potato planter, plow, hoe or harrow.

When an adapter is installed, the tractive power of the power tiller is doubled.

Undoubtedly, the use of adapters and trailers provides certain advantages, such as:

  • The ability to sit when performing agricultural operations;
  • The detachable body is easy to detach;
  • Trailer mechanism allows you to attach any additional equipment;
  • Increase of operation productivity at least twice;
  • giving the machine more weight.

Included with the adapter, the buyer also receives a packing list, instruction manual and two cotter pins.


EMK riding module

For those interested in a smaller adapter, the EMK riding module may be a convenient option. The machine is suitable for “Oka” and “Ugra” power tillers. This module can be used to attach an earplug, mower or snowplow. The unit is also equipped with a seat, so the operator can perform more manipulation on the land with less effort.

The PMG 300-1 power tillage trailer

A lighter version from Kadvi, which replaces the AMPK500 adapter described above, is the PMG 300-1 motorized cargo trailer. The device can lift up to 350 kg total weight, body dimensions are 1200x1600x340 mm.

General characteristics
Body size: 1200 mm/920 mm/1050 mm.
Weight: 95 kg.
Overall dimensions: 2800 mm/1300 mm/1050 mm.
Transport track: 1178 mm.
Load capacity: 250-300 kg.


For heavy power tillers, which includes “Oka” you can use adapters and trailers not only made by JSC “Kadvi”, but also other Russian manufacturers, such as. located in the city of Kaluga, Russian Federation. Gagarin; “Vulkan” Ltd. The following manufacturers of agricultural equipment are currently quite numerous, which is why high-quality factory attachments can easily be combined with the Oka motor-block.

Manufacturers of agricultural machinery are now quite numerous, so high-quality factory attachments may well be combined with power tiller “Oka”. It is important to make sure that the appropriate parameters of the coupling with the parameters of the power tiller.

OKA single axle tractor with the PNO-1 adapter:

Let’s choose an adapter for power tiller

First, the man took a stick digger and began to work the land. The stick eventually evolved to a hand shovel and it became easier to live. The process moved forward and internal combustion engines appeared, and self-propelled tractors for power tillers followed in their wake. With the advent of the power tiller life in general has become wonderful, but sooner or later, there comes a moment when walking behind the power tiller becomes quite uncomfortable. And today we see the tendency that consumer wants to work even more comfortably, so to say sitting on the armchair and driving machinery. The era of walking behind the power tiller is coming to an end, a new era of power tillers with an adapter is coming.

Today we will consider versions of adapters for various motor blocks, we will consider not only plough adapters but also riding modules. But first, let’s understand the design features of the adapter. Essentially, an adapter consists of a frame, an operator’s seat, a device to connect it to a power tiller, a hoist hitch mechanism, wheels and a braking system. Each of these elements, when choosing, is fundamentally important. That’s why as a rule the producers of these devices specify the models of power tillers, with which one or another adapter can be mounted. Of course, any self-respecting manufacturer wants to unify the goods for the widest model range, so there are constantly more and more productive and high-tech units. In Belarus, for some unknown reason, most of the users of power tillers, as well as newly minted buyers, have no idea that there are adapters that can ease their work, so we at promtoblok company.We will inform you in this article, what are the adapters and which of them will be the most suitable for this or that power tiller.

Let’s begin, probably, with the most simple, classical variant of the adapter which basic purpose, is driving qualities and possibility of work with the passive add-on equipment. We present you Celina-PM-05 adapter. This adapter has a fairly simple layout: frame, belt brakes, operator’s seat and lifting mechanism. This adapter is made at the factory in Russia. Can be fitted with wheels 4.00×10 or 19×7.008. Simple enough design, but at the same time reliable and easy to maintain. The main complaints of buyers are related to weak brakes, and rather simple floating hitch system. The adapter has a seat adjustment, which allows the user to use heavy attachments, and when it is lifted, it will not rest on the seat. With the adapter tselina-PM-05 it is possible to use both passive and active attachments. However, the active hitch can be installed only in cases when the active hitch is attached to the drawbar and the drawbar is located at the front of the power tiller. As a rule, these are MB, Neva, Agat, Oka, Celina, Avangard and Mobil K. But power tillers with PTO will not be able to work with the adapter and the active attachment, because the PTO is behind the power tiller, and there is also a hitch, respectively.

The adapter for a motor-block AM is not much different from the previous one, make it by analogy with Celina, has the same features and characteristics. Can be equipped with wheels 4.00×8, 4.00х10, 5.00х10, 5.00х12. It can be aggregated with MB series power tillers, it can also be connected to heavy power tillers: MotorSich, MTZ, Grasshopper. Cost of AM adapter is a little bit more expensive. But in the range of 400-500.

The following adapter is produced by Gagarin plant in Russia and its name is APM-350 PRO. Designation of this unit is actually the same as AM and Tselina units. But there is one small feature. This adapter has the ability to adjust the length and height. This was specially designed for universalization when connecting any class of power tiller. So with APM-350 PRO can work all types of power tillers, from light class to heavy class. In terms of functionality, this unit is no different from the adapters above, However, the lack of price is compensated by the ability to work with different power tillers, often we hear that the consumer has 2 power tillers, medium and heavy, and with the adapter he wants to work on both of them.

So the 350 PRO fully gives you this opportunity. Besides, as the adapter is produced by the company, which produces Mobil K engine blocks, there was developed a special attachment for them to work with rotary mower, unlike the classic adapters, when cutting grass, on the headlands, it is not possible to raise the mower over the field, in this adapter, using this rod, you can move the engine block with an adapter to the mowing area without removing the mower, and on the headlands you can raise the mower. But, this option is possible only for power tillers Mobile K and most likely for power tillers AGAT (Salyut 5), this theory we have not tested yet.

The next unique development, which can boast Gagarin plant is called Adapter-trailer APM-350 with the body. I want to pay special attention to this adapter. The situation is this, today, referring to our online store PROmotoblok.After buying a power tiller, most consumers buy a single-axle tractor with a trailer at once Depending on the weight of the load. In the classical version it is 260 kg., 500 kg. The fact is that over time the consumer begins to get tired, moving on foot behind the power tiller and he thinks about the adapter. I suggest to every buyer of a power tiller with a trailer to think at purchase thoroughly and immediately buy an adapter with a body APM-350. The cost of this adapter will be slightly higher than the simple trailer, but much lower than separately buy a trailer and separately adapter. Load capacity of the body is 350 kg, the dimensions of the body are 80 x 100 cm. Optionally it is possible to build up sides. APM-350 consists of a frame, floating attachment, seat, body, equipped with belt brakes. Aggregated with MB power tillers: AGAT, OKA, Neva, AVANGARD, Celina. On APM-350 in tandem with belt-type power tillers of MB type you can use any passive equipment, as well as active. It is possible to use with power tillers with PTO: Ugra, MTZ, but with these power tillers it is impossible to use active hitch, only passive tools: plow, ridgers, potato weeders, etc.д. The design of this adapter is truly unique, today it is universal for the majority of power tillers, as well as the most advantageous from the point of view of price-functionality-quality.

Full drive adapter AMPK-1 for Ugra motor blocks

Full drive adapter AMPK-1. This is a unique for the market development of Kadvi PJSC, which is mounted only with Ugra power tillers. Ugra is a single-axle tractor with PTO (PTO shaft), unlike other power tillers with PTO, the Ugra has 2 pcs. The upper and lower (leading and trailing). The upper one is designed for connection of the attached implements and the lower one was designed just for connection to the adapter AMPK-1. The lower PTO transmits the torque to the adapter gearbox and thus we get the unique design of the all-wheel drive mototractor UGRA. The adapter itself is relatively inexpensive, but the features we get are worth every cent we spend on it. At first it is very high passability regardless of the soil, this adapter can be used not only for arable purposes, but also to move off-road. Particularly appreciated primarily by consumers of outdoor activities, hunters, foresters, mushroom pickers and fishermen.

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With the Ugra single-axle tractor and the AMPK-1 adapter you can climb into the most remote corners of nature, traction and all-wheel drive allow you to feel confident off-road. In terms of use on the site. Any passive attachments can be connected to the floating hitch. Plows, ridgers, rippers, weeders, potato weeders, potato planter, potato trowel, shovel blade, trailer up to 500kg. The only thing that saddens me is the impossibility of using a rotary mower, snow blower, broom, ejection potato hoe. In this case, you will have to detach the single-axle tractor with an adapter and work on foot. Many people begin to compare the mototractor (single axle tractor adapter) UGRA with a mini-tractor, because structurally, it has almost the same functionality. But, on the adapter you can use a power tiller attachment, which is several times cheaper than the tractor, the second, even the cheapest mini-tractor will cost 3 times more. AMPK-1 consists of: frame, operator’s seat, drive shaft, gearbox, floating hitch system, braking system, wheels.

There are 2 options to choose from: wheels 4.00 x 10 and 19 x 7.008. At the moment, Kadwi PJSC ships AMPK-1 adapters only by pre-order, because demand is so high that we have to wait several months. In our store we have in stock a limited batch of AMPK-1, if possible, we try to get into this queue as soon as possible, so they are always available in Belarus.

Part II. Riding modules and adapters

KV-2 layout module for AGAT power tillers (Salut)

We all know such a great brand as AGAT, aka Salyut 5. At one time the company produced power tillers under the brand name Salyut 5, which to this day does not need any advertising. The one-axle tractor from the USSR turned out so ideal, that legends are made about it, and it is clear, gear reduction, perfectly matching reduction ratios in gearbox, low and slightly shifted forward center of gravity allow to operate the engine block with one hand. The highest reliability and product quality did the trick. Later on AGAT factory started to produce Salyut 5 under other brand name AGAT. They did not change anything in the already perfect design, but varied the number of imported engines. That’s why now Salyut 5 is produced under the brand AGAT.

A little later, the company also decided to create its own riding adapter. Decided to introduce a steering gear for the convenience of the user. The name for the unit was chosen KV-2. We present to your attention the driving adapter KV-2 for the motor-block Agat (Salut 5). Now, having got acquainted closer with this adapter, we paid attention to one of the most important miscalculations of the enterprise. They did not install a floating hitch on their ride module, which severely limited its functionality. Or to be more precise, it not only limited but in fact destroyed such a wonderful project. We negotiated with the manufacturer for a long time, but in response, they threw up their hands, in turn telling us that they were going to design a completely different unit, in which they would take into account everything. We waited until mid-2019, we were presented with a new model of power tiller called Gver.

There is no point in trying to find in a search now what a GVER is, it is virtually impossible. But at my discretion, the company has made even more unsuccessful project. I’ll tell you why. Instead of refining KV-2 and fixing this essential drawback, they should have just refined KV-2 and equipped it with a floating hitch (by the way our company promotedoblok.will be involved in this development, I hope in the near future, we will be able to offer the consumer the most functional and well thought-out unit at a very reasonable price), they have not even released a single-axle tractor with a module, they have released a frame design, which simply put a gearbox and engine from a motor block. They strapped it all to the frame, made a front hitch system and a rear hitch system, while giving no choice of engines, putting only a Lifan 6.5 л.с. The factory of course found their customers and produce the Hover only by pre-order, for a particular customer, but the entire design raises a lot of questions in my mind. After all, when we have a single axle tractor, we can aggregate active attachments to it, if we connect it to an adapter, we get to work sitting with passive attachments and some active attachments. If you combine a AGAT power tiller with the module KV-2, you just get the opportunity to move while sitting and drag a cart, unfortunately, that is all it can do. But if you introduce a floating hitch system, the situation will change dramatically, then we get a great product, which is suitable for passive hitch, for transportation of goods, for cross-country travel. Especially cool guys from Russia, mounted on this tandem wheels from VAZ, which fit to both the power tiller and the adapter without any modifications. Nowadays, in its factory version, module KV-2 is suitable for those who are engaged in a lot of cargo transportation, and also prefers to travel on a cross-country terrain, i.e.е. In fact, it can be used as a vehicle.

TANDEM PM-06 “Tselina” is an arable truck with a floating hitch at the back and a body at the front. The steering is arranged via a gearbox, i.e.е. The steering is done via the steering wheel. This module can be coupled with MB motor-blocks: OKA, AVANGARD, Neva, Celina and AGAT. The main difference from standard adapters is that this module is front. And it means that you get the drive on the rear axle, the axle of the power tiller. This is a serious advantage over classic adapters that connect to the back of the tiller when driving on dirt and slippery roads, so you get drive to the front axle.

On the other hand, any advantage has certain disadvantages. The most significant disadvantage of PM-06 is connection of the walking tractor with drawbar.е. The part on which you attach the active implement. And if in case of APM-350, APM-350 PRO, AM and Celina PM-05 it is possible to connect mower, snow blower, brush, then in case of PM-06 “Celina” it is impossible to do it at all. As a result, we get, conditionally, motor-tractor and we can use it with the passive add-on equipment: ploughs, ridgers, potato weeders, potato planter, potato weeders, etc.д. The front body is quite modestly sized, tipper body, maximum payload of 300 kg. Who will be suitable for this adapter? Yes basically for all, it is very maneuverable, has sufficient passability, but slightly inferior to classic adapter in functionality. Its price is rather steep, but life with such an adapter will become easier and more fun.

In the nearest future we plan to offer you such adapters as KTZ-02 and KTZ-03, which production is carried out in Russia. These are quite well-designed adapters for most power tillers, which have won the hearts of Russian consumers. We hope that our negotiations with KTZ company will be successful and they will arrive to our store in spring of 2020. That’s why it’s not a dream to buy a KTZ adapter in Belarus.

If everything is clear with light and medium class power tillers, a decent number of different adapters and modules are produced for them, but there is almost nothing on the market of Belarus for heavy machinery. So we turned our attention to a very interesting and urgent development of the Ukrainian company BULATOCHKA. They are working on development of very interesting adapter for heavy power tillers MTZ, MotorSich and Grasshopper.

At the same time, they decided to go beyond the floating hitch, they try to transfer the torque from PTO to the adapter itself, through the cardan shaft. And this means that all active linkage for heavy power tillers will be able to work with the PTO adapter, besides, the passive linkage is also available on this adapter. Steering is organized through gear box, and the uniqueness of this design is that the adapter is aggregated to power tiller from back, and wheels from steering rotate backwards that gives the highest maneuverability to this big adapter. In fact, if the guys will be able to realize their project completely, we will get an adapter, which will change the single-axle tractor in a radical sense and its understanding. Let’s take for example a single axle tractor MTZ, their start from 2000 with copecks, at that there are variants of a choice of the engine on 9 and 13 litres.с., if in a counterbalance we will put MTZ minitractor with the same engine on 13 liters.с., we will receive, which will not concede anything, absolutely nothing in terms of functionality to a minitractor, at the same time, the mounted equipment will be assembled motor-block, and it is much cheaper than the tractor one. I am sincerely looking forward, when our partners from Ukraine will provide us with ready variant of this adapter to bring them to Belarus and provide you, our dear customers. Hopefully, by spring 2020, you’ll be able to buy a BUM-4 adapter in our online store.

Types of attachments


  • Standard plow. Wide knife. ploughshare of such a device during plowing loosens the ground, cutting the roots of weeds. Curved plate. the mouldboard overturns the soil layer.
  • Reversible (rotary, double-rotary) plow. Two ploughs are mounted on a common frame at 90 or 180 degrees. Shafts of these plows point in different directions. In the working position, one of them plows the ground, and the other one is at the side. After passing the furrow, they are reversed by pushing (or removing) the latch and turning to the side. No need for the operator to return to the beginning of the field each time, making an idle run.
  • Zykov plough. Improved version of the classic plough. Differentiated by the revised geometry of the share and mouldboard surface. Thanks to a refinement, it is good for turning the soil layer and crumbling it.

Developed and produced in Ukraine, Zykov plough is still rare in Russia. Only some self-made enthusiasts try to reproduce it in home workshops.


It should be noted that disc designs perform harrowing of higher quality and cleaner than toothed ones.


Rotary (propeller) hoes do not need a hitch, because they are placed instead of the wheels of a power tiller. Specially shaped serrated discs loosen the soil and pull weeds out between the rows.


High mechanical strength and a special shape of the cutters allow them to loosen neglected areas, pulling out weeds by the roots. In autumn, they are used to kill insect pests that have gone into the ground for the winter.

Potato planter and spudger

Anyone who has dug potatoes with a shovel at least once, will surely appreciate the usefulness of this simple device. A potato weeder mounted on the hitch of a power tiller consists of a plough with welded steel bars. Lifting the soil under the bushes, he carefully extracts the tubers to the surface. It is easy to put them into sack or box after ploughing.

In addition to fan diggers, there are more efficient vibratory diggers of the screen type. They are designed for large areas. This equipment is connected by the PTO, which transfers the torque to the potato plough’s pulley, making the working elements of the mechanism vibrate.

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A useful option on some kinds of power tillers is a dump body that makes unloading easier.


The adapter with a steering wheel is several times more expensive. Nevertheless, it fully justifies its cost, if you consider its performance capabilities.


Where a shovel is helpless, as is often the case with high snow drifts, the rotary snow blower gets the job done. It attaches to the power take-off shaft of the tiller. Auger design has a high performance and confidently cleans the area of snow cover up to 50 cm in height.

Brush attachment is used to clean areas with expensive decorative surfaces that require the most careful work.For watering plots that are far away from power lines and close to water bodies there are motor pumps. This type of attachment for power tillers is connected to the PTO. The average pump capacity is 20-40 m3 of liquid per hour. The created head reaches 4-5 meters with a suction depth of up to 10 meters.

Multifunctional single axle tractor with PTO and spur gear. UGRA.

Often, power in engine blocks there are 2 choices of power take-off, it is via V-belt drive, or directly connected to the PTO. What is the advantage of connecting an active attachment to the PTO:

At our market you can meet power tillers with PTO:

Let’s look at the Russian version of the Kadvi Ugra NMB1-H7. It is a single-axis middle-class tractor weighing 85 kg. Ideal for all kinds of work in the yard. Due to the possibility of using a variety of additional equipment Ugra single-axle tractor allows for a full cycle of agricultural works. In addition to the standard hitch Ugra single axle tractor can work with an active linkage. Such as a rotary mower, potato planter and potato digger. And for winter, you can install a snow blower attachment. All active attachments are hitched to the rear of the tractor and are driven by the PTO. Besides, Ugra single-axis tractor can be used for freight transportation, it is capable to pull a trailer with the cargo up to 300 kg. Let’s get into detail what is behind the single axle tractor called Ugra. Let’s begin with the most important thing in the tractor is a transmission. Transmission of power tiller Ugra consists of gearbox and main gear caliper, aka gearbox. It is a cogwheel driven tractor. The advantage of this gearbox is high efficiency and strength. It provides the single-axle tractor with high torque and enough tractive force to work the ground perfectly even in difficult conditions. Gearbox is attached to the bottom flange of the gearbox. Manual gearbox mechanical pinion double-shaft with 3 forward and 1 reverse. This set of gears expands possibilities for the user in selecting the effective speed for each particular task. Transmission ratios of the gearbox are as follows: first gear. 3.89, second gear 2.39, third gear 1.65, reverse 6.18. That gives the tractor an average speed of 3 km/h in first gear on standard wheels.6 km/h, in second gear 5.9 km/h, third gear 8.5 km/h, and reverse 2.3 km/h. This speed allows the user to effectively use the attachments.The transmission has two PTO shafts which are needed to drive implements. The first power take-off shaft is a driving gear, it is a collapsible structure on which gear rings of driving gears of the first, second, third and reverse gears are made. Splines for the clutch input coupling are threaded on the front end of the shaft. Rear end has slots for driving implements and PTO shaft rotational frequency is equal to engine shaft rotational frequency. Push the clutch lever and the shaft stops rotating. The second PTO is a driven gear shaft, made in one piece with a bevel gear, the rear end of the shaft is also brought out and has the splines of the PTO, depending on the frequency of rotation of the selected gear. When the power tiller is in motion the PTO shaft begins to rotate. The transmission is connected to the engine by a multidisc clutch in an oil bath with a release bearing. When the clutch lever is released, the disk springs compress a pack of discs, driving and driven, dialed alternately. The engine is connected to the gearbox by the friction between the discs. When the clutch lever is depressed, the release bearing compresses the diaphragm spring. The drive discs are freed from the drive discs and thus the transfer of rotation from the engine to the gearbox is stopped. This is how the clutch works.

Very important moment, because the Ugra motoblock has 2 PTO shafts, the Ugra can easily become a full-fledged all-wheel drive tractor if a special adapter AMPK-1 is attached. All tillage work can be carried out seated. In addition, the all-wheel drive allows the UGRA tractor to move on rough terrain, special attention should be paid to this unit for fishermen and hunters. Shifting gears on the walking tractor occurs when the clutch is depressed, gearbox and gearbox are made entirely on the machines at the plant Kadvi and has no imported components. Also at the factory there is a technical control department, which performs an independent control of the product compliance with the established requirements and guarantees this compliance to the consumer. All machinery after manufacturing and assembling is tested on a special test bench.It is time to know what kind of engine is installed on the Ugra single axle tractor. At the most affordable version of the motor-block Ugra installed engine Lifan 168F-2 at 6.5 л.с. It is no secret that for the convenience and affordability of the final price on a single-axle tractor install Chinese engines is a normal phenomenon. Chinese engines have proven to be simple, unpretentious and reliable units, about which everybody knows, and spare parts for such engines are available in any city at low prices. The more so the price for a single axle tractor with this engine will be much lower than with a brand engine. Also the model range of Ugra power tillers can be equipped with brand engines. Such as Honda, Briggs Stratton, Subaru. It is also possible to buy the Ugra with a 9-liter Lifan engine.с. and a diesel engine. But the price for a single-axle tractor with such an engine will be noticeably higher. Power unit and transmission are rigidly connected to each other and form a unit to which the controls, hitch, wheels and fenders are attached. Output shafts of the gearbox are round with a diameter of 30 mm, wheel extensions are supplied with the power tiller. With the help of which you can increase the track width of the tractor. The UGRE is equipped with 4.00×10 Petroschina. single axle tractor is equipped with power tillers. The quality of the cutters is much higher than that of Chinese-made cutters. The standard Ugra single axle tractor with cutters has a working width of 675 mm. and is able to work the ground to a depth of 30 cm. Controls of a power tiller consist of a steering column, steering wheel and controls for a power tiller. The steering column is attached to the top of the gearbox through special bushings. This mounting system reduces vibrations transmitted from the tiller to the user. The steering wheel is vertically adjustable only. On the left side of the steering wheel is a combined clutch lever with a stop-motor lever. On the right side there is an engine revolutions lever, aka throttle lever. The single-axle Ugra tractor is equipped with an EU-standard safety system and an engine stop lever on the steering wheel. In the event of an emergency situation, the user releases the lever and the tractor engine stops. Also has a stop button on the engine.If you have decided to buy a single-axle tractor with PTO, the only option for you is Ugra. It is undoubtedly worthy of your attention. Produced entirely in a Russian factory, except for the engine. Has quality control: finished products are tested. The single axle tractor has spare parts and service. Guaranteed 18 months. The single-axle tractor also comes filled with oil and has a wide range of additional equipment designed specifically for it.

Attachments for power tillers Ugra.

For power tillers Ugra mounted equipment is not only native Kadvi, but also from other manufacturers. The attachments and power tillers are produced on Kaluga Engine Plant Kaluga Engine.

Agrotechnical operations can be fully mechanized with attached multi-functional equipment.

Hinged equipment compatible with any power tillers Ugra:

  • Mower.
  • Trailed dolly.
  • Potato planter.
  • Tuber digger.
  • Cultivation tillers.
  • Dirt hitch.
  • Weights.
  • Plow.
  • Tiller (plow).
  • Harrow.
  • Snow clearing equipment.
  • Power tiller.
  • Excavation augers.
  • Brush chippers.
  • Power tillers.
  • Hitching devices.
  • Water pumps.

Mowers for UGRA power tillers. For power tillers Ugra, plant Kaluga engine itself produces a rotary mower Zarya-5 under the PTO shaft. Of course, Zarya also produces for belt-driven power tillers, but for the Ugra its own model. Mower ZARYA-5 won the hearts of consumers for its low price, high output during mowing, for simplicity and reliability.

As for the trailers (carts). It is aggregated to any modification of Ugrya with the help of universal coupling. The trailer manufacturer does not matter, the capacity of the trailer is limited by the factory to 300 kg., we recommend to pay attention to the trailers produced by CELINA PM03. As for the Ugra mototractor with a four-wheel drive adapter, in this case the factory allows a trailer with an allowable weight of 500 kg. Here we recommend to consider Celina PM-04.

Principle of operation of a potato planter. Each tuber is accurately picked up with a special spoon and deposited in the trench dug in advance by the plough. Then disc coulters over the potatoes form a scalloped ridge. It is convenient that you can adjust the track and the frequency of laying potatoes. The machine itself is connected to the walking tractor through the hitch; the classic hopper size is 33 liters. By the forward motion of the power tiller, the spades of the potato harvester are set in motion and transfer the rotation to the gripper by the chain. Wheels can be rubber or metal.

Potato harvesters are available in two types:

  • Passive, mounted on the drawbar of the walking tractor
  • Active, vibrating, screen-type digger. Connected to the tiller via the PTO of the walking tractor. Soil and roots are fed to the vibrating table with a nozzle. Earth is sifted through a grid and tubers are pushed into a hopper or placed on the ground. High output (97%).

Cultivator cutter. Comes with the power tiller, 2 on each side. Taking into account the high efficiency of the Ugra walking tractor, you can order one more on each side. They are used to distribute fertilizer evenly in the soil and oxygenate it. There are 2 types of cutters: gooseneck and sabre knives. The attachments are sold disassembled from the outset, so you must assemble them yourself.

Tillers are used with other attachments (digger, plow, planter, digging tools). Designed to provide better traction in the ground and additional loosening of the soil. Outlet shafts of UGRA power tillers are round, 30 mm in diameter. Mostly used for arable work as well as for cultivation. Standard size for most land works is 460×180, while during cultivation. 600×110.

Weight weights from 10 to 17 kilograms and are mounted on the wheels of a power tiller. Needed for the following purposes:

  • Lengthening weight.
  • Increase traction.
  • Increased stability of the motorized device when the single-axle tractor is working.
  • Facilitation of heavy soil cultivation.
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Plow is designed for plowing different types of soil and, if necessary, for mixing soils with fertilizers. It is attached to the power tiller thanks to the coupling mechanism, special holder and bolts. Single and double row plows are available.

Used either single or double.

The harrow is used in cases where it is necessary:

  • To level the ground after ploughing.
  • To get rid of crust on the ground.
  • Protect soil from drying out.
  • Clean up after harvesting.

The average weight of the harrow is 12 kg with a working width of 80-90 cm (depending on the model you choose).

There are 3 types of snow plows for Ugra power tillers:

  • Screw rotor snow thrower its connection to the power harvester is made through the PTO. The snow can be up to 25 cm high and 60 cm wide. Snow throwing distance. Up to 8 m. Can be used for clearing freshly fallen snow as well as snow that has already had time to lie down. Dense ice edge is cut by the sharp teeth of the auger, which delivers the snow mass to the impeller. Further, the throwing mechanism, which allows you to adjust the direction and angle of the throwing, takes the snow masses. The snow thrower weighs 47 kg.
  • Power tiller. Attaches to your power tiller for year-round use. Weighs only 13 kg.
  • Winter snow removal.
  • Ground levelling in spring and autumn, as well as clearing ground from debris.

The design is so simple and rugged that you could build it yourself if you desired.

There are 2 types of snow blades: adjustable and non-adjustable. Adjustable mouldboard allows you to set the angle of attack (left, right or center).

  • As well as a mouldboard (shovel), the motorized broom is used all year round for trash removal and snow clearing. Brush shaft swivels two ways by 18 degrees, which allows you to throw debris or snow to the right or left. Maneuverability of the brush is ensured by two wheels installed to reduce the pressure on the supporting frame.

AMPK-1 adapter is attached to a power tiller in order to transform it into a minitractor (carrying capacity is not more than 500 kg).

  • Comfortable seat.
  • Braking system of belt type.
  • Special mechanism that allows attachments to be attached to the adapter.

In addition to the basic attachments to power tillers Ugra can connect: earth moving auger, shredder, brush cutter, woodchopper, water pump, etc.д.

Power take-off shaft adapter for power tillers

Today we want to talk about the technical solutions that are used in the manufacture of PTO on homemade tractors.

This is a very interesting topic, the study of which opens up great opportunities for self-made products. In addition, it could be an important step in the modernization of factory mototractors and motoblocks. And in general, if the production of the kit for retrofitting a heavy power tiller PTO will start, it will be the first step towards the possibility of producing a number of products:

Make sure you read the text to the end. We promise that you will enjoy the ending.

How to make a PTO and hitch on a mini-tractor

First of all, we’ve watched the video from the channel of Evgeny Permyakov, where he talks about how to make a PTO and a hitch on a mini-tractor, using “MT-5″ for this purpose. Series 9”. The author used the simplest design, the PTO drive is made directly from the engine through a chain gear. PTO is not disconnectable. This material can be called quality, because the author explains everything in detail. That’s why we thought it was our duty to mention such a design.

A PTO shaft for the homemade mini-tractor

Originally the transfer case drove a hydraulic pump, but Mikhalych adapted it to PTO drive. The real solution, so it’s definitely worth a look.

On Andrei Lyamin channel you can find excerpts from the video “Makeshift mini-tractor. PTO. device.”. The author collected his mini-tractor based on parts of the car “Zhiguli”, and used a gearbox from a motorcycle “Ural” for the PTO drive. This combination allowed him to achieve the desired PTS speed and to implement an independent drive. As a result, Andrew got the optimal PTO speed.

There is one more video on a similar topic. “PTO from the hydraulic motor on a mini-tractor”. It is available at “Sergey Andruschenko” channel. The author is not alone in his approach to making a PTO. As the name implies, Sergei himself was a bit vague, for the drive used a hydraulic motor. it is an expensive design, but it has the right to life. That’s why we think it was very important to talk about this solution.

Now let’s look at one of the most important issues. We have already told earlier about self-propelled carts. The topic is interesting, but for its implementation, we need to solve several technical problems. And the solutions have already been considered. It was made by the author of “Lame Yosypy’s Barber Shop” channel.

After reading and reviewing everything, we can think about making all those products we talked about in the beginning. The author plans to use PTO to drive a mini-tractor, many predict widespread use on motor tractors. And we expect that this idea will be a starting point for the emergence of new useful and functional products.

That’s all. For some reason, we believe that the owners of motor tractors now have something to think about.

For customers from the regions of Russia there is a service of delivery of goods by mail of Russia

Our company sends spare parts for garden equipment Russia post cash on delivery. It is made only for convenience of our clients, in fact we know firsthand, that a day feeds a year, and the sooner you make repair of faulty equipment, the richer your harvest will be!

If you choose to deliver cash on delivery, then when you receive the goods at the post office will be taken into account:

  • Cost of goods
  • Postage
  • The cost of packing and insurance (for one parcel 200-350), this value can vary as it is influenced by the size of the parcel, the cost of goods and the weight
  • Cash on delivery orders weighing up to 2 kg are sent by parcel post
  • Cash on delivery orders up to 10 kg weight are sent by parcel
  • According to the rules of Russian Post, the parcel or package not claimed by the recipient within one month will be returned to the sender. Besides, for storage of parcel more than one week you have to pay.

If you are at a farther distance from us, don’t worry, we’ll take your purchase to the ends of the earth, at a very attractive shipping cost!

Payment method:

If you are not able to pay for your order at once and you are not afraid of additional commissions. we will send you the order without prepayment and upon receipt at the post office you can pay for it.

PMB-1 reducer-reducer for MTZ Belarus

Gear reducer PMB-1 is a hinged mechanism to power tillers Agro and MTZ Belarus 09N.

Buying the PMB-1 reducer-reducer, you broaden the possibilities of using your power tools Agro and Belarus-09N. Adapter allows you to hitch a heavy class power tillers with various attachments designed for Neva, Salyut, Kaskad and other middle class power tillers.

With the help of the reducer for the PMB-1 power tiller you can use:

  • potato harvester KK-1A and potato harvester KK-1B;
  • mounted rotary mower KN-1.1;
  • rotary mower “Zarya”;
  • water pump;
  • forage crusher;
  • planer.

Best price. 9 400 List of retail prices

Special offer for wholesalers. Wholesale price list

Adapter kit for PTO adaptor KorsAM IS-2 (adapter to a cutter, mower)

OTP Bank. a representative of an international financial group, occupying the leading position in the market of credit services in Europe.

He offers customers a variety of services for entrepreneurs. It is also among the fifty largest Russian banks. This organization is a member of the system of insurance of deposits and a member of the Moscow Stock Exchange, and is also a member of the Association of European Businesses and the National Stock Association. Today this bank has almost four million clients. Customers are served through networks consisting of ninety-six offices and one hundred ninety-five ATM networks.

The main task of this bank is to build long-term relationships with borrowers based on trust.

  • The client can take out a cash loan
  • Credit limit and payment schedule are calculated individually
  • If you repay the loan prematurely, you will not be charged any additional fee
  • It is possible to leave the application on the official site and in one of the bank branches

To obtain a loan, you must provide the following documents:

  • Passport and TIN
  • To get a loan, pensioners should present a copy of their pension certificate
  • Provide a copy of your savings card or a certificate of pension amount to prove your income
  • In addition to the certificate of registration the individual entrepreneur must provide a sheet from the register of all individual entrepreneurs
  • To take a loan of two hundred thousand to four hundred thousand, an employee must provide a work record book, pre-certified by the employer
  • To take a loan of more than four hundred thousand rubles, you will need to provide a certificate of income in the bank form

Important! Bank has a right to ask for additional documentation from client, for example TIN of company where potential client works.

PTO single axle tractor Motor Sich device photo.

PTO single axle tractor Motor Sich device photo.

All heavy motor Sich tractors are equipped with PTO, which increases the power capacity of the tractor.

Switching on the PTO on the Moto Sich tractor, is carried out by a lever located on the body of the transmission on the right side, along the course of the tractor. On the inclusion and improvement of the mechanism for engaging the PTO on a power tiller can be found in the article on this site PTO inclusion

In this article, I only want to show how the PTO drive is set up, its housing, the so-called PTO coupling.

Characteristics of PTO, aka PTO shaft of single axle tractor Motor Sich

  • involute splined connection, centered on tooth flanks 22X1,5X9H/9h
  • rpm n=1000
  • number of splines Z=13

D = 22 mm, m = 1,5 mm involute spline centered on tooth flanks with 9H/9g fit on tooth flanks

connections 22Х1,5 9Н/9g GOST 6033. 80

bushes 22H1,5 9H GOST 6033. 80

shaft 22X1,5 9g GOST 6033. 80

I would also like to add that all active attachments on MTZ and AGRO tractors, suitable for single axle tractor Motor Sich, the only thing that needs an adapter, as motor-block Motor Sich has an external slot on the PTO, and the MTZ and AGRO motor blocks have internal slot.

It does not create big problems, a good example of such an adapter on PTO shaft of power tillers is a screen potato harvester aggregated with MB Motor Sich.

If you have any questions or additions, please feel free to write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

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