A snowmobile attachment to a power tiller with your own hands

Step-by-step instructions

Many people wonder. how to make tracks on a single-axle tractor with their own hands? To answer this question, let’s look at some effective ways to make your own tracks, proven in practice.

From the conveyor belt to increase the cross-country vehicle’s cross-country ability

One of the simplest methods is considered to be to make a track from a conveyor belt, using a sleeve-roller chain. The ease is that you don’t need a lot of tools and aids to make them.

To extend the service life of our transport belt in the unit crawler motoblock, you can stitch it on the edges of the line, observing a step of 10 mm. To connect the tape into the ring we need, you can either stitch it at the ends or use a hinge.

Particular attention should be paid to the thickness of the transport belt, because it directly depends on the degree of load on the machine. Optimal will be the choice of tape thickness of at least 7 mm. In addition, we need to take care of an extra wheel on each side.

You can take it from an old car, but remember that the diameter must be identical to the wheel on the power tiller.

The caterpillar module from a car tire

Caterpillars made of avtoblokah tires for power tillers are also quite common self-made, characterized by a high reliability of construction. However, for the resulting tracked single axle tractor to be practical, you need to take care of finding the right car tires.

In the domestic market of agricultural machinery there are different versions of cultivators, not only Russian, but also foreign-made. The Mantis cultivator. reliable and practical for decades.

Recently, small-sized agricultural machinery is very popular, allowing to carry out the same work as their “big brothers”, but they cost much less. Here’s all about the different types and characteristics of mini combine harvesters.

In particular, they must have the necessary tread pattern, preferably from tractors or large machines. The tread pattern is very important, because it performs the role of grousers, and increases the grip of the track with the surface.

Let’s divide the manufacturing process into several steps:

  • Having found the appropriate tires, we need to cut the track for the tracks. This is quite a labor-intensive job, which will require quite a lot of time.
  • For cutting, you can use a well-sharpened shoemaker knife, which should be occasionally moistened in a soapy solution. this will help cut the rubber better.
  • You also need to cut both sides of the tires. To simplify the process, the sidewall can be cut with an electric jigsaw with fine teeth.
  • If necessary, remove excess parts inside the tire. This manipulation should be performed if the track is too hard on the inside.

The advantage of this method is that it doesn’t need to be connected in a ring, i.e.к. The tire already has a closed structure. This increases the reliability of such tracks, which is quite important in conditions of heavy loads.

However, such caterpillars are quite limited in length. exactly the length of the car tire.

How to make a homemade track from belts and chains

All-terrain tracked vehicles from a power tiller can be made using the most common belts that have a wedge-shaped profile. the belts are connected to one another by means of grousers attached to the belts by means of rivets or screws.

Another way to make a track is to use chains of the same size. Many gardeners have similar material in the garage in bulk, which simplifies the issue of finding. The entire manufacturing process boils down to the following points:

  • Two chains of the same size are taken.
  • The last links of these chains should be unfastened, and then they are connected into a closed ring.
  • Next, we clamp the links and weld them together.

The chains are attached to each other with the help of grousers, which can be made from ordinary steel plates of required thickness. They are connected to the chain with bolts.

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single axle tractor on Buran tracks

If you have no desire to make a caterpillar yourself, you can borrow it from old machinery. For example, a single-axle tractor on caterpillars from Buran shows pretty good work.

It is advisable to use exactly the old part, because a new Buranovsk track will cost quite a lot, and the purpose of such modifications is the maximum cost savings.

Caterpillar snowmobile attachment to a power tiller with their own hands

Before figuring out how to make a power tiller with your own hands, it is necessary to consider this type of device in more detail. They are compact snowmobiles or marshmobiles, equipped with an engine. The main elements of the motor-sled is a caterpillar-type tugger, as well as the sledge attached to it.

Depending on the specific modification, this kind of mechanism may have other components, such as a cargo platform, placed on a tractor. Power units used in the design of this vehicle are equipped with low-powered engines. from 6 to 13 liters.с., which allows you to move over rough terrain at a low speed of about 30-40 km/h.

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Motorcycle has small dimensions

It should be noted that the power tiller does not have a brake system, it makes driving at high speed unsafe. The device is in high demand among fans of fishing, hunting, outdoor recreation. It is used for various household tasks, transportation of small loads.

Among the characteristic advantages of motorcycles, it is advisable to include the following features:

  • Simple design, allowing to assemble such a device by yourself;
  • The highest cross-country ability, due to which it is possible to move even in hard-to-get-at places;
  • Low cost of operation, maintenance, repair.

By design, such devices resemble classic snowmobiles, but the driver’s position is located outside the tow vehicle, which significantly reduces its weight, increasing cross-country capability.

Products are great for winter fishing enthusiasts, because thanks to their low weight they can easily move on the surface of frozen lakes, not threatening to break the ice.

Moteotobuschik for rugged terrain

Planning to make self-made motobucket tows, you should consider that their cost will be similar to the most budget models on sale. However, they are mostly made in China, are of low quality and often break down, in contrast to a homemade unit of high reliability.

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Self-made tugger is perfect for moving and transporting goods in the conditions:

The device is characterized by small dimensions and low weight, which allows you to transport it to the place of operation with standard vehicles without unnecessary inconvenience.

Making a cross-country vehicle

What can be made of?

When choosing the material for the tracks, it is important to consider that it should not be too heavy. Since the single-axle tractor itself does not have a powerful engine, it simply can not cope with the weighty material and is likely to break. The track mechanism is usually made of tires, chains, pipes, belts or a conveyor belt in combination with a bushing-roller chain.

Most craftsmen create tracks from car tires. these parts are easy to convert into the desired design. You must choose the tires of large trucks, taking into account the existing tread pattern and shape, because the right pattern will improve traction with the surface. It is better if it is a tire that previously belonged to tractors or other large models.

The right tread will have good contact with wet, ice-covered, and snow-covered ground. In addition to materials for the tracks, to construct a complete device requires a single-axle tractor with gearbox, as well as a couple of additional wheels. If necessary, an additional cart can be attached to the power tiller, and optionally even on skids to transport loads in deep snow.


Let’s take a step-by-step look at how to make different kinds of snowmobiles with your own hands.

Snowmobile from a snowmobile on wheels

To turn a motor block on wheels into a snowmobile you will need to take:

The indispensable condition of the whole idea. the trailer must be rigidly coupled with the snowmobile frame. Metal channel bars about half a meter long should be welded parallel to the axis of the snowmobile. For this purpose, two holes are drilled on the edges of the channel. Clamps with holes on the edges give additional fastening and rigidity of the structure. They are attached to the snowmobile’s axle with bolts with a locknut, with the help of a cross bar welded to the construction.

This fastener will become a stopper, fixing the trailer, not allowing it to shift at an angle. Such an element, although it reduces the ability to maneuver the snowmobile, it makes it more stable. Thus a two-wheeled mechanism on one axle is easy to convert into a stable four-wheeled vehicle. No diagrams or drawings are needed, no extra costs.

A snowcat with a motor also requires the right selection of wheels. The easiest option is to buy them in the trade network for winter use, but looking for easy ways is not always advisable. A more economical solution would be to make the wheels yourself. A budget option is to equip the snowmobile with cameras designed for trucks. Dropped cameras put on each wheel and fastened over the chain for driving on snow and ice. One is not enough, you need five pieces. An inflated tube in a chain rounder will look like an ellipse with the surface divided into segments, like a daisy.

Another option for applying ingenuity and saving the family budget is to use metal hoops over the tubes. They should be wide enough, wider than the wheels of the snowmobile twice. The diameter of the hoop must correspond to the pumped wheels of the power harvester and trailer. On the inside of each hoop, several metal plates are welded. The thickness of the plates should be about 2-3 cm. After letting the cameras down, you should put the hoops on the wheels of the snowmobile and inflate them again. Inflated chambers as much as possible pressed against the metal circles. Plates like dirt hooks will help increase traction on the snowy road.

Snowmobile from a power tiller on tracks

A single-axle caterpillar tractor to convert into a snowmobile is a little more difficult, but possible. Using the motor of a snowmobile, you can make a construction with great stability and passability. To do this, mount the frame and transmission. Make sure that the engine power is enough, you will need a single-axle tractor not less than 6 horsepower. To make a snowmobile with an engine, you need to use:

It is good if there are tracks from other snowmobiles in the home stocks. If not, you should not give up. Assemble the tracks yourself is quite realistic, using improvised tools and materials.

Homemade Snowblower (Sno-ver Kill)

Next, decide where to mount the engine: in front or behind. Try to make the construction as light as possible, and the suspension of the ski. soft. All these features are good for getting around in deep snow. The principle is this: inside the caterpillar, four wheels are rolling on the transport belt. On the tracks for better traction are fixed special-purpose ground hooks. The tracks can be made to your liking, but the dimensions should be carefully considered.

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Tracks that are too wide or too long will put too much strain on the engine. That, in turn, will make it difficult to steer the snow on the caterpillar. Too small a track will not be able to support the weight of the entire construction with the driver. It will be unstable and will fail in loose and deep snow. The simplest materials are used to manufacture the tracks: plastic or plastic tube of small diameter, wheels, bearings.

The pipe is used to make 0.5 cm long blanks, which are used to make ground hooks. They are attached to the belt at equal distances from each other. Then they are bolted to the holes in the transport belt. The frame is made of square tubes or channel bars. Use a steering rod without ball joints, because the axes of the steering and ski lie in the same plane.

The bushings for turning the skis are fastened to the front part of the frame. They can be made from steel couplings with small diameter spigots and threads. Ski poles and steering rods are welded to the tubes. To control the snowmobile skis are mounted on the corners with a metal undercut, which allows you to move on the ice or snow.

The weight of such a snowmobile is no more than 100 kilograms, and it is very easy to control it. Since the motor power is low, the speed is not more than 10-15 km / h, so no brakes are provided. The end of the movement is due to the engine revolutions reset or the so-called engine braking.

Snowmobile from a power tiller on tires

Another economical way to make a diesel snowmobile from a power tiller and tracks. Motonart on the tires of the tractor “MTZ-80” or “Belarus” is able to move easily in the snow. This design is equipped with two additional wheels and sections of metal pipe. Consider the advantages of such a snowmobile:

  • economy. cheap or used materials are used here: wheels from the car “VAZ”, a square tube, used tractor tires;
  • the ability to make the car at home, using a welder, angle grinder, drill, knife;
  • high maneuverability of the resulting snowmobile, which has the ability to turn like a tank in one place;
  • Good cross-country on deep and viscous snow;
  • active right or left track brake.

To make tracks, you need two tractor tires, used ones will do. From each tire with an electric jigsaw or simply a sharpened knife cut out the sides. Square tube and two additional wheels are used to make a construction. The single-axle tractor and the structure with wheels must be securely fixed. Then the track obtained from the tire is consistently stretched on the front and then the rear wheels. We get a diesel tracked snowmobile, that is, on the tires. To make it more comfortable, you can attach a small seat that will not weigh down the construction. Otherwise you will have to overcome the snowy expanses standing up.

Lovers of outdoor activities, hunting and fishing will appreciate the homemade snowmobile. The advantage of this incredible device will be a high cross-country capability at a low price.

Characteristics of the caterpillar on a power tiller their functionality

Crawler drive makes the device passable, stable, powerful. Basic functionality of a crawler:

  • Earthworks on heavy, sticky soils, swampy terrain. Increased stability of the drive, good traction with the surface allows you to quickly and without physical effort to cultivate the soil.
  • Use as a small snow blower in the winter.
  • Transporting heavy loads on terrain where a passenger car can get stuck.
  • Use as a means of transportation in the summer and winter on the countryside.

Variety of attachments

Depending on the desired function, manufacturers have begun to produce different modifications of the caterpillar. Selection criteria: purpose, shape of installed module and principle of attachment to the power tiller.

  • Module shapes come in axial rectangular or triangular gears. Rectangular attachments consist of four rollers, axle, tracks, gears, mounting platform. Gears drive the tracks. Tighten them on the rollers so they do not come off during travel. Triangular units consist of a stable frame, gears, rollers, and a crawler belt. Crawler is shaped like a triangle, that’s why it got its name.
  • Match the speed of the power tiller to the attachment’s ability to reach a certain speed. Powerful models allow a single-axle tractor to accelerate up to 20 km/h.
  • Load capacity. Select the crawler tracks depending on what you will be using the machine for. For home use, it is optimal to choose the carrying capacity of 200 kg.
  • The material used to make the tracks, the components that drive the attachment.

Advice! Before each use of the crawler, check the tension of the rollers, whether all the elements are fixed, so that during the movement of the unit will not disintegrate. Lubricate all components if used frequently.

Advantages and disadvantages

The purchase of the attachment is a good solution for the cottager. This is confirmed by the advantages of the track drive and a small number of disadvantages.

Advantages Disadvantages
Reduced load on the person who works with the snowmobile When the drive is installed, the speed of the garden equipment is reduced
Thanks to the tracks the maneuverability of the crawler increases
The stability of the device increases
No special knowledge is needed for installation and operation

How to make a snowmobile from a motor block: the stages of assembly

The correct sequence of any technique is very important. To make a snowmobile by yourself from a Moto-Block is quite possible if you follow the steps described in a clear sequence.

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The stages of making a snowmobile:

  • The frame is welded. Sheets and pipes are used. You can take ordinary plumbing, but the best option. motorcycle frames. The pipe bender makes it possible to get the desired shape, but before this the metal should be heated with a gas burner. Elements are connected by spot welding. The finished frame is painted to protect the metal from corrosion;
  • After the paint dries, all joints are closed with a one-piece seam. A sturdy metal bracket is welded to the frame to hold the snowmobile motor. Bracket can be cast-iron, if the technique will be quite large and massive;
  • Skis are welded to the bottom of the snowmobile. The steel strips are heated, and their front part is bent at an angle of 450. The metal afterwards is hardened to prevent it from returning to its original position;
  • Engine is mounted on a bracket, along with the clutch and ignition system. All parts are taken from the snowmobile. Fuel and oil tank is located at the rear of the unit;
  • Seat and handles are welded. The right handle is fitted with manual control elements. The vertical axis of the handles is connected to the skis, so they can be easily operated.

The finished snowmobile attachment is close to the proposed market models. The snowmobile can carry the driver and his small luggage. The machine itself will not consume too much fuel.

Tracked snowmobile

Crawler snowmobiles are characterized by high cross-country ability. But because of the huge mass, they are more difficult to handle. maneuverability is impaired. In addition, the cost of installing tracks differs from the skis or wheels.

You can make tracks yourself, but it is a long and complicated process. There are, however, a few peculiarities of a tracked machine to pass in the snow:

  • The motor is installed in the traction part, so you have to significantly remodel the frame of the power harvester.
  • If the tracks are self-made, attention is paid to the quality of the connections.
  • The seat and steering are installed so that the balance of all parts of the machine.

You should not accelerate a tracked snowmobile to high speeds. This can cause an accident.

It is not difficult to convert a single-axle tractor into a tracked snowmobile, the main thing is to take care of safety.

Tube-Type Snowmobile

Homemade caterpillar motoblock snowmobiles can be divided into two main groups depending on the material of snow hooks: “tubochniki” and “stick”. They differ in the material used for tracks. To make the construction of the tracks more robust and resistant to deformation, tubes (regular plastic water pipes) are used. But in this case, the traction of the tracks and snow is low.

Drawing of tracks for a snowmobile stick-pipe snowmobile

Another variation uses a wooden bar for the tracks. The service life of this method of arrangement of the tracks is not very high, but the traction with the surface is much higher.

Snowmobile from a power tiller with his own hands: reasons for choice and selection criteria

A single-axle tractor is a worthy vehicle for reincarnation, which is in the arsenal of almost every resident of our country. In the list of homemade devices that can be adapted from it, the snowmobile takes one of the first places, competing with the karakat and all-terrain vehicle. This is due to the fact that in winter, when a snowmobile is needed, the standard tasks of plowing, plowing or mowing the grass the farm does not need. Therefore, it makes sense to remove the engine in winter and make a snowmobile on its basis, and in summer. return it to a single-axle tractor and operate it in a standard scheme. Not every modification of a motor block is suitable for a snowmobile. It is best to use those with this purpose:

  • Rear tractor-trailer device;
  • Manual operation is possible;
  • medium-power motor, which is cooled by air.

Ideal for a homemade snowmobile from a power tiller are considered motor blocks “Neva”, which are available in eight models. All are a group of medium traction tillers (6-9 liters).с.). Despite their budget, the motor systems are assembled and tested in Japan, which makes them unusually durable.

Taking all these points into account, these motor blocks make snowmobiles with good power. And this means that it will be able to carry not only the driver, but also at least one passenger.

Let’s get acquainted with pneumohod from a power tiller and swamp buggy from a power tiller

As mentioned earlier, pneumohod and swampwalker are slightly modified analogues of all-terrain vehicle and caracat. The first option is considered a simple mobility vehicle, which appeared in the 60’s and in modern modifications is supplemented by 3-6 wheels for better cross-country capability.

The peculiarity of both pneumohike based on power tiller and swamp buggy is exploitation of special low-pressure wheels. The fact is that in this case, the tires are lightweight, flexible and exert little pressure on the ground. Together with a large rolling radius, the device is distinguished by its passability and endurance.

Pneumatic buggy and swamp buggy are created after the similar scheme, as well as a cross-country vehicle, so often many experts use the three terms in one context. On our site everyone can find videos with practical use of devices and estimate their similarity with the specified remodeling variants.

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