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Top 11 best power tillers 2022

A single-axle tractor is an essential tool in any rustic household. Modern devices are amazingly versatile and allow you to quickly and easily cope with half of the difficult work. from plowing to cultivating and shredding debris. No wonder that more and more dacha owners and villagers decide to buy such equipment. However, in order not to make a mistake and not to get confused (and it is very easy to do because of the wide range), you should be well versed in this topic. Well, for those who do not want to spend extra time studying the market, we will be happy to offer a rating of the best power tillers from among those on the market today.

  • How to choose a single-axle tractor. expert recommendations
  • Light class power tillers. best models
  • 1. MKM-3 PRO
  • 2. PATRIOT Pobeda
  • 3. PATRIOT Kaluga (steering wheel)
  • 4. Mobil K MKM-3 COMFORT MBK0018432
  • Medium class. the best models
  • 1. ELITECH KB 506
  • 2. PATRIOT Ural
  • 3. Champion BC1193
  • 4. Neva MB-23B-10.0
  • Heavy duty class. best models
  • 1. Huter GMC-9.0
  • 2. Champion DC1193E
  • 3. Aurora COUNTRY 1400
  • Which single axle tractor is better to buy

How to choose a single axle tractor in 2021?

And so, came a new year, 2021, and in the market garden equipment has an important, but not the most pleasant event. The cost of metal has increased sharply in the world market, which means that all machinery, including power tillers, have risen considerably in price. How do we live and what single axle tractor to choose in 2021 we will discuss with you today.

If you come to this article, then you are obviously the owner of the site and obviously tired to swing a shovel, do the potato planting and harvesting by hand, mowing the grass with a scythe, weed, dip, etc.д. So you began to pick up a helper, which will replace your manual labor with a modern mechanized. Of all the variety of proposals in the market, you are most likely confused. A huge number of models, brands, engines, gearboxes, different wheels, functionality, mountains of attachments, all this is too complicated and not understandable to the average buyer. Although at first glance it looks very complicated and confusing, today I will try to explain everything as simple and briefly as possible to help you with the choice.

First Question. The question you have to put in front of you is what your planned tillage area is, and how heavy the soil is. This is the very first question we ask our customers. I want to draw your attention, it’s the treatment area that’s important, not the whole area where you have a house, a bathhouse, a greenhouse, etc.д. Because I often hear it:.”20 acres”, And then we start to find out from the buyer and it turns out that 20 is the entire plot, and he is ready to let not more than 5 acres for cultivation.

The second question. What kind of work you want to do. Of course, we have to cultivate it with milling machines, to plow with a plough, to dig, to transport cargo. But it is more important to work with active attachments. Rotary mower, snow blower, blade shovel, pump, potato digger, wood chipper and more. Why is this question so important? The fact that on the market there is a huge number of Chinese machinery, which is not capable of working with active attachments, as the design does not provide power takeoff not through the belt or through a rigid PTO. And today you don’t think you’ll be using active attachments, you need to think ahead and worry about having them available and plugged into your motoblock in advance.

Third. a very important question, whether the chosen single-axle tractor can be connected to the adapter. Sooner or later, everyone who begins to work with an engine block, tired to walk behind him and begin to look for options that would be able to do the work sitting in a comfortable chair and turning the steering wheel to work on their site. It is inevitable, so when you choose equipment, you should ask what adapter can be connected to it and what its functionality is.

Let’s start with the simplest one. A single-axle tractor is a device consisting of:

There are a lot of parameters to be guided by when choosing which engine to install on your power tiller:

Let’s divide all the engines into branded and copies (fakes).

  • Chinese: Lifan, Zongshen, Hammermann, Weima, Dinking, Brait, Kasei
  • Japanese-made: Honda, Yamaha, Subaru
  • American-made: Briggs Stratton

These motors are installed on almost all Russian-made motor blocks OKA, AVANGARD, AGAT, UGRA, Neva with capacity from 6.5 to 12 liters.с., and also on motor blocks Belarus MTZ, Grashopper, Motor Sich rated 9 to 13 hp.с. Service life of such engines from 1100 to 5000 hours. As a rule, all engines are designed for year-round use because they have a facilitated start. Single-cylinder, 4-stroke, air-cooled. The most popular choice of power tillers are the Lifan 168F-2 by 6.5 л.с., Lifan 170F 7 liters.с., Lifan 177F on 9 liters.с., Zongshen GB270 9 liters.с., Wima 188F on 13 liters.с., Honda GX200 for 6.5 л.с., Yamaha X300 on 12 liters.с., Briggs Stratton I / C on 10 liters.с., Briggs Stratton Vanguard 6.5 л.с.

The leader when buying a mid-class power tiller is brand Lifan, about 70% of buyers give their preference for this brand. No wonder, every store has spare parts, they cost a pretty penny, cast-iron liner motors work off their honest 1000 motor-hours, high maintainability, low price of a new motor.

Among the heavy equipment is still leader Weima 188F 13 hp.с. Since the cost of a motor block with such an engine can greatly differ from the version with a 9 liter Honda engine.с.

Briggs Stratton Vanguard 6 engines have the longest service life as specified by the manufacturer.5 л.с Yamaha MX175 and MX200. 3000 hours, Yamaha MX300. 5000 hours. True, the cost of a motor block with such engines is just off the charts.

My opinion is that any motor presented in this model line is quality motor, but there are breakages everywhere. Service, or repair the Japanese, American engines is extremely expensive, often the banal replacement of the starter comes at a cost as a new motor Lifan or Zongshen. That’s why I recommend to buy machines with a Chinese, factory-made motor. The difference in the cost of a power tiller, as a rule, will compensate for the purchase of a second such engine. Worked on Lifan its due 10 years, it will be easier to buy a new the same motor, and you still will win, because the single-axle tractor with such an engine is much cheaper than once with a Japanese or American.

Which single axle tractor to choose?

I do not recommend to buy cultivators in principle, especially of Chinese origin with made-up and useless specifications, motors, which are supposedly considered analogues of brand, and impossibility to aggregate and use active attachments. The only exception may be the case when you consciously and purposefully chooses a unit to work exclusively with milling machines and the cultivated area is not more than 4-5 acres of land, in which case you should look at cultivators Mobil K with gear-chained reducer, or Neva, Avangard, Gardener.

From inexpensive belt-driven. But extremely reliable, high quality motor blocks, you should pay attention to the brands: light motor blocks (Avangard and Mobil K), medium (OKA and Neva). The best power tillers for heavy soil and hard working conditions will be extremely reliable AGAT with a geared gearbox and Neva single-axis tractor with gearbox Multiagro.

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Among power tillers with the most reliable gearbox (pinion) in the middle class, belt-driven AGAT will prevail, and the best power tiller with PTO and pinion gearbox will be Ugra. Of the heavy, with PTO and gear reducer, at the best price is worth paying attention to Belarus motoblocks, a little more expensive will cost Motor Sich and Grasshopper, all of them are almost identical in design and functionality, but have different motors and gearboxes

The most reliable belt-driven single axle tractor: AGAT

The most unpretentious lightweight single axle tractor: Avangard

The most elaborate and technologically advanced single axle tractor: Neva and Mobil K

The best ratio of reliability/price/quality/functionality: the Oka

The best single axle tractor with PTO: Ugra

Consumers and their desires, when contacting the store.

Request: “I want to buy a single axle tractor Shtenli, Fermer, Asilak, Stark.”

When a consumer makes such a request, we explain that there is one significant error in this request. Since Shtenli, Fermer, Asilak, Stark and similar Chinese units. ARE NOT POWER TILLERS. Why this is happening? Consumer wants a single-axle tractor, but constantly stumbles on cultivators. Many sellers, and even worse, manufacturers, give information that does not correspond to reality, including misleading consumers. It is actively used not only by online stores, but to a greater extent by market vendors. Since being on the market, you can not quickly compare, as well as examine more thoroughly the information presented.

Request: “I need a 16-18 hp single axle tractor.с.”

This, again, is an advertising campaign of Chinese machinery elementary “storms” Internet misinformation, allegedly: “a single-axle tractor must be powerful, the higher power, the lighter and the better it will work on the ground. In this regard, there are 2 problems: first. the consumer does not take into account the weight of the tractor (and this is essential), the second. no factory in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine does not produce power. You won’t find a single-axle tractor Belarus with 18 hp.с., or a single-axle tractor Neva, Ugra, Oka, Ugra, Motor Sich, etc.д. Why is it so?? Manufacturers who value their reputation, install certified engines from world famous companies: Honda, LIFAN, YAMAHA, Briggs Stratton, SUBARU, etc.д.

Officially, the most powerful, original Honda engine on 13 liters.с. It is installed on motor blocks and mini-tractors Belarus. The name looks like this (GX390UT2-SHQ4). Each of you can now, type in a search engine Therefore, when you see the sentence. single axle tractor with a Honda engine on 18 liters.с. for 1200, 1500 and t.д., you have to understand that you are being cheated. To confirm my words, ask the seller documentation of the engine. 100% will not show you anything, and most likely will say that it is some Taiwanese analogue of the Honda engine. Where then to look for parts for such a fake, how to service it without documents remains a mystery to you and me.

  • Engines 18 and 18.5 liters.c is only a kind of Chinese copy, and the copy is not licensed, but rather low-quality and untested. As for power, the claimed 18 liters.с., The engine’s specifications are nothing but a fiction, no company will give you the documents for such an engine.
  • Original Honda motor for 13 liters.с. is put on minitractors, or extremely heavy motor blocks from 200 to 500 kg. You don’t need a 100-120kg. such power, even 13 liters.с. manufacturers motoblocks will not put in the middle class, to realize such torque and power requires a very massive gear reducer, which can withstand such loads, and the weight of this motor will not affect the single-axle tractor in the best way. That’s why branded motor blocks are equipped with motors with a capacity of 6.5 л.с 10 л.с.

Inquiry: “What is your recommendation for a single axle tractor?”?

In this regard, being an expert, I will be asking questions. I will be interested in the size of the area to be worked, what attachments will be needed immediately, and what may be needed in the future. But buyers often begin to evade these questions, for me is still a mystery, to the question:. “What is your area of cultivation?”, I am answered. “What difference does it make??”. I answer. “A VERY SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCE!”For a summer cottage plot has its own versions of power tillers, for plots of 20-30 acres there are other options, and for 50. 1 hectare. Your options. This is why if you are consulting with us, please do not conceal any important information from the sales person, he knows what works best in what conditions.

Request: “”I’m buying a single axle tractor just for cultivation and plowing”.

I ask if you plan to buy a mower, planter, digger in the future. I hear back. “No.”I say, “Right?”, the answer is “No.”. A call three months later. “Can I buy a mower??”. The answer is NO! You chose a cultivator. I warned you”. And this is very sad. When buying this type of equipment, it is necessary to buy the most functional machine. You don’t know when you might need something extra.

The real story: a client comes to me and says “I want a single axle tractor Asilak-SL82B”, this model is a Chinese cultivator, 8 liters of power.с., does not have the ability to connect an active attachment, in fact, you can only work with cutters, or at most plow a small piece of land, make seedbeds. I explain to the client that this model is a cultivator, moreover, it is a low-power, without the possibility of connecting an active attachment, etc.д., I say. It’s not a single axle tractor. On the other end of the line. “I have the same, all in order, I have used it for 2 years, and now I choose the neighbors. Т.е. You see, the man uses a cultivator, he is happy with everything, but he also came to advise elderly people not to use a tractor but a cultivator. I ask him a question: “How often do you have to repair this cultivator?? How many times have you worked on it with a welder, how many times have you remade everything, so that it became just a little bit like a normal product”. The answer was, “It’s okay, bring it in. I say, “No problem.”. Two days later, after the delivery, a senior citizen calls, obviously of advanced age and with tears in his voice asks to change. He explained that in the manual read the information: it is forbidden to use the trailer, mower, planter, planter can not be connected, because there is no PTO or belt drive. So rule number 1. “Do not listen to your neighbor, who has strength, and allows age and equipment to engage in constant repairs and refinements.

Where to buy a single axle tractor and who will help with the choice?

We asked Alexander Stetsyuk, the chief specialist of the company “Garden Mechanisms”, to give a comment for our readers:

“Buyers who prefer to choose and order equipment in online stores, it is important convenient payment and delivery, the ability to filter products according to specified parameters and compare them. Those who like to visit regular stores, often want to get a thorough consultation. In the company “Garden Mechanisms” take this into account, so you can talk to an employee and the buyers who want to buy through the website (just order a callback), and visitors of our Moscow showroom in Medvedkovo.

Our consultants understand all the features of the presented machines, you can tell them in simple words what you want from your power tiller, and they will offer several options to choose from. You will not be left to your own devices after purchase, we have post-sale support. You can also get advice on already purchased power tillers, apply to the service center or order the necessary spare parts. We offer engine blocks MTD, Pubert, Caiman, MasterYard, BCS, Husqvarna, Champion, Mantis, Hyundai, “Neva”, “Agat” (“Salut-5”), “Favorit”, “KADVI”, “Belarus”, “Mobil K”, “ZID”, Monferme at average market prices, we regularly have stocks and discounts.

P. S. If necessary “Garden mechanisms” company offers you to buy on credit.

are not a public offer and are valid as of April 2019.


The power tillers perform a wide range of agricultural operations, including tillage, plowing, harrowing, hilling, weeding, mowing, seeding, harvesting, etc. Special auxiliary equipment such as seed drills, harrows, etc. are used to perform all these operations.

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In addition to purely agricultural operations, the engine blocks can also be used for cargo transport and snow removal, as power generators and pumps.

Various models are equipped with a specific range of branded attachments. Usually only wheels and tillers are included. If necessary, everything else must be purchased. Therefore, even when choosing a model, you need to decide for what functions the single-axle tractor will be used.

In addition to branded attachments, it is often possible to use other brands and even self-constructed attachments. After all, nothing prevents you from transporting goods on almost any suitable type of trailer.

A single-axle tractor is fitted with a universal joint shaft (PTO for short) to operate the attachments. This shaft is connected to pumps, generators, seeders, etc.

The lightweight class. the best models

If the amount of work in your country house is not large. you only need to plow a few acres once a year. then it makes sense to give preference to lightweight tillers. They can not boast of high power, and functionality in most cases is limited. But their price is able to pleasantly surprise even the most economical buyer. Low weight makes loading and working with a crawler much easier.


The second generation of motor blocks are presented in three modifications, which differ in width of the attached implements and the range of installed engines. Stable demand and high popularity of the model is due to the use of innovative solutions in its design, due to which the highest performance characteristics are achieved. In addition, the manufacturer has paid special attention to comfort when working with this multifunctional unit, making operation easy, and maintenance minimized.

Technical part of the walking tractor, including engines and controls of the renowned Japanese, European and American manufacturers meets all world standards and meets Russian state standards. MOBIL K STRONG TRASMISSION 2000 transmission, developed in-house, provides independent movement of the power package at the optimum speed for the most efficient tillage. Enhanced functionality with drawbar and torque take-off pulley for active equipment.

  • Seamless, effortless gear shifting;
  • Variety of equipment options available;
  • Reduced vibration;
  • Die-cast aluminum gear housing;
  • Low vibration even at high rpm;
  • Low fuel consumption;
  • Easy start.


Looking for a lightweight, inexpensive yet good single axle tractor? Take a closer look at this model. Judging by the reviews, most users do not have to regret this purchase. On the one hand, the machine is quite powerful. the 198 cubic inch engine produces 7 hp. For plowing a small area, this is more than enough. It is nice that the weight of the power tiller is only 78 kg. no extra problems during transportation and transportation equipment.

The model has a reverse function, allowing to run the engine in reverse. very useful if something gets wound up on the moving parts.

The 3.6-litre fuel tank is sufficient for a relatively large area without refuelling. The machine has a working width of 100 cm, so it is possible to plow a good area in just a few passes. And 8-inch pneumatic wheels provide good cross-country ability on any terrain.

PATRIOT Kaluga (steering wheel)

Buyers looking for lightweight, but powerful equipment will surely like the PATRIOT Kaluga single axle tractor. In terms of price and quality, the single-axle tractor is a good compromise. It weighs only 73.6 kg, which does not prevent it from having a high power. as much as 7 horsepower. Three gears, two forward and one reverse, make it easy to choose the one that is best suited to the given situation.

The fuel tank can hold up to 3.6 liters of fuel. It is seldom necessary to stop and refuel. a pleasant, time-saving advantage while working with the tiller. And the width of tillage is quite large. 85 cm. You can plow a wide swath in one pass, which means no unnecessary time is wasted. Not surprisingly, the model gets quite good feedback from its owners.

Mobil K MKM-3 COMFORT MBK0018432

Probably the best in the lightweight class in terms of reliability and quality is this one. It is really comfortable to work with. primarily due to the power of 7.07 horsepower. It is easy and quick to walk over the plot, digging up to 34 cm in depth. However, the width of the cultivated strip is not as great as many users would like. only 73 centimeters. Therefore, for large plots, a single-axle tractor will not be the best choice. However, it is foolish to have other requirements for the lightweight class power tillers.

Mobil K MKM-3 COMFORT can reach speeds up to 8.3 kilometers per hour when driving forward and up to 2.6. when driving backward.

Surprisingly, with such advantages, the unit weight is quite small. only 67 kg, which is a pleasant surprise to users who often have to load it in the car and unload it back. So, there is no doubt. this is one of the best motor blocks of the light class.

  • high-quality assembly;
  • Low fuel consumption;
  • deep tillage;
  • excellent ergonomics;
  • easy to buy accessories and attachments;
  • excellent maneuverability;
  • easy to start.

Zubr MTB-300

Inexpensive gasoline single-axle tractor equipped with a four-stroke engine, 7 L.с. It is lightweight, making it easy for the user to control. This does not, however, affect performance or ride quality in loose or very hard terrain. Hardened, self-sharpening steel tillers work the ground perfectly.

Equipped with a cast-iron reduction gear, big wheels with deep treads for an excellent traction. Handles can be folded, adjusted in different positions, making it easier to use and more efficient to operate. Behind the wheels is another. transport. wheel, designed for easy storage, transportation, use of the unit.

Heavy power tillers are agricultural machines that can plow through virgin land or clear snow in areas of up to 5 hectares. Also, an adapter seat can be attached to these tillers for seated operation.

DAEWOO Power Products DATM 80110 8L single axle tractor.с.

  • Engine capacity: 225 cc. see
  • Engine power: 8L.с.
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Number of gears: 2 forward, 1 reverse
  • Gearbox type: spur gear
  • PTO: Yes
  • Weight: 86 kg

Heavy duty (94 kg) DAEWOO DATM 80110 single axle tractor is a multifunctional high-performance machine designed to plow any type of soil in the garden. over, 8 forged sabre-shaped cutters can easily cope not only with heavy and clay soils, but also with virgin lands. This makes the single-axle tractor indispensable for farming operations. It can also be connected to any attachment, enabling the single-axle tractor to be used all year round.

It has class-leading performance, with the ability to work an area up to 110 cm wide and up to 30 cm deep with a single pass.

Specially for single-axle tractors DAEWOO company has developed original engines (225 series) which are characterized

DAEWOO DATM 80110 is equipped with a rugged 8L petrol engine.с., allowing the single axle tractor to operate in difficult conditions.

The cast iron gearbox transmits torque to the wheels or tillers with virtually no power loss. A gearbox (2 speeds forward, 1 reverse) integrated into the transmission, allowing the operator to choose the intensity of work.

IMPORTANT! DAEWOO uses a chemical electroplating process for the housing parts, followed by baking enamel coating with hammerblow at 80°C. This gives the company a ten year warranty against rust perforation on the metal housing.

Patented control panel design, which is adjustable in 2 planes (height and horizontal), is considered the most convenient in its class. Additionally, the starting handle is protected against unintentional actuation, in accordance with European safety standards.

Huter MK-8000 single axle tractor 8 l.с. Big Foot

  • Fuel tank capacity: 3.6 л
  • Engine power: 8 l.с.
  • Gearbox: manual
  • Number of gears: 2 forward, 1 reverse
  • Gearbox type: spur gearbox
  • Engine type: gasoline, 4-stroke, 1 cylinder
  • Weight: 3.6 л

Updated in 2020 model of motor-block Huter MK-8000 is a heavy unit weighing 130 kg, equipped with a gasoline four-stroke engine with high power Lifan 170F (8 l.с.). Key engine components that influence its performance are protected by an automatic cut-off function that switches the engine off when the oil level is critically low.

The single-axle tractor can easily handle medium to large plots, making it perfect for the countryside. Its efficient operation is ensured by a reliable driveline comprising a disc clutch and a pinion gearbox. The operator has the ability to select not only the speed mode but also the type of speed (2 forward and 1 reverse).

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The main purpose of the power tiller is garden work, cultivation and loosening of any type of soil. Can be used for other everyday tasks with the attachment.

The single-axle tractor is equipped with an automatic variable speed control, making the operator’s work more efficient.

in addition the single-axle tractor is equipped with a function that allows the operator to adjust the depth and width of the ground on the plot. With a maximum working width of 100 cm and a working depth of 30 cm.

For easy transportation the single-axle tractor can be easily disassembled, so it can be transported in the trunk of a car.

Champion BC1193 single axle tractor 9 l.с.

  • Engine displacement: 270 cc. see
  • Engine output: 9L.с. at 3600 rpm
  • Gearbox: mechanical
  • Number of gears: 2 forward, 1 reverse
  • Gearbox type: Gearbox
  • PTO connection type: shaft
  • Weight: 132 kg

Champion BC1193 gasoline single-axle tractor is a heavy (132 kg) single-axle tractor with increased power. It is equipped with a multi-disc (ceramic-metal discs) clutch, reinforced gear reducer and three-speed (2 forward, 1 reverse) gearbox. All this provides a high level of torque transfer efficiency to the tillers or wheels.

Champion G270HK four-stroke all-season 9 L engine.с. Easy to start at temperatures up to.25°С.

The power tiller’s operating parameters allow it to cultivate areas of up to 3 hectares. It has a working width of 1100 cm for a single pass and a working depth of 15 to 30 cm.

The single-axle tractor is capable of working with a wide range of trailed and mounted equipment. If necessary, can carry loads weighing up to 700 kg at speeds up to 10 km/h.

Interesting! The top model in Champion’s line of power tillers is the Champion BC1193E diesel modification weighing 177kg. Power of the diesel engine is 9.5 liters.с. With all other technical characteristics being equal, this single-axle tractor is more economical in operation, but to start the diesel engine in the cold season is not as easy as the gasoline engine.

What to pay attention to when choosing a power tiller

Single axle tractor. equipment for tillage, cleaning and transportation of goods. When choosing, you should take into account various parameters: build quality, engine power, starting method, etc.

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The choice of the class of the device is determined depending on the work that is planned to carry out. This parameter includes the main technical characteristics.

Light class

Models of this class are notable for their low weight and dimensions. Working width of tillers 50 to 90 cm, which increases the machine’s productivity. As a rule these models are equipped with 4-stroke powerful enough motors. They are used for farming plots of up to 40 hectares. Suitable for use with auxiliary equipment such as mowers, mower conditioners, etc.

Middle class

Models of this type weigh up to 100 kg. Equipped with high-powered motor. Most models have gearboxes with several speeds, which significantly simplifies operation of the machine and increases cross-country capability. Great weight allows one to till even the virgin soil. Versatile. Can be used as pumps, electric generators, etc. Machines are capable of carrying up to 0.5 tons of weight.

Heavy class

Machinery is equipped with powerful engines, full-featured gearbox and pinion gears. Models in this class can withstand heavy loads. Suitable for farming large areas, as well as for community work.


The choice according to this parameter depends on personal preferences. Motor blocks with gasoline engines are chosen for small private farms. For heavy loads the devices on diesel fuel are more suitable.


The main difference is the ignition system, which is based on compression and heating of the fuel. The advantages of the diesel unit are high productivity and efficiency. Petrol-powered models are notable for their heavy weight. Controlling such a power tiller requires strength. Speed at low rpm is low. Fuel system is rather sensitive.


In this type of engine, the fuel is ignited by a spark. The engine can be injection or carburetor. The former are more in demand. They are characterized by low fuel consumption. Modern direct-injection engines are the most economical. Fuel and air are fed separately.

Engine design

Modern motor blocks have 4-stroke internal combustion engines. The two-stroke can be found on earlier models.


This is a carburetor internal combustion engine with air cooling system. modern models have a water system. Motoblocs with a two-stroke engine are characterized by high specific and liter power. This type speeds up more quickly.

The four-stroke

Motors of this design are most suitable for installation on motor blocks. Crankshaft positioned horizontally, compact combustion chamber, higher compression ratio. Moto-blocks equipped with a 4-stroke engine are characterized by economical fuel consumption, are able to perform a wider range of works.

Engine power

This parameter affects the performance of the walking tractor. For the treatment of a small area, a model with a capacity of 3 to 4 liters is suitable. с. It is recommended to cultivate fields starting from one hectare using a power tiller with at least 5 hp. с. For large areas and virgin lands use 6 to 9 hp power units. с.

Engine start method

The engine is started by hand or electric starter. In the second case the construction is additionally equipped with a generator or battery. On modern models, electric start is redundant with manual start. Autostart is particularly useful for heavy-duty models with a powerful diesel engine. Hand cranking can be used to start small petrol engines.

Maximum working width

The indicator affects the performance and efficiency. This is the value of the maximum capture per one pass of a power tiller by width. For an area of a few acres will be enough from 60 cm, and for a large area it should be not less than 80 cm.

Power take-off shaft

Increases possibilities for your power tiller, makes it multifunctional. Allows for the installation of additional equipment that, through the engine, performs its functions in active mode.


Transmits torque to the drive axle from the engine shaft and to active implements. There are several types of chain drive.


One of the most reliable methods of torque delivery to the torque axis. High performance and relatively high noise level.

Chain drive

The most reliable and simple design, transmitting torque through a chain drive. Primarily used with lightweight power tillers.


Capable of transmitting power over long distances and protected against seizure.

Number of gears

Standard number of gears for comfortable operation of machinery. at least 2 forward speeds and 1 reverse. Most modern models are equipped with a multi-stage gearbox. There are garden models with 8 forward and 4 reverse gears.


Rearward operation for improved maneuverability. Reverse is necessary when working areas that are too small and difficult to turn.

Type of clutch

The clutch is an important element in a power tiller’s transmission. It transmits torque to the gearbox from the engine shaft. Often the construction of machinery involves a disc or belt type of clutch. The second model has a simple design. The disc version is more reliable and has a longer service life.

Type of wheels

Two types of wheels are installed on power tillers:

  • Pneumatic. Construction is rubber tires and cams.
  • Rubber. These are monolithic tires, consisting of durable, molded rubber and rims.

Steering column

Affects the ease of use of the equipment. It is important that the handle can be adjusted in different directions. This is necessary so that the user can control the trimmer from the side while working the land, so as not to trample the plowed soil. It is important that the handles were equipped with rubber pads, which will dampen the vibration during operation.

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