A single axle tractor with a breaker with his own hands. How to choose the engine and transmission

How to make a four-wheel drive tractor 4×4 with my own hands

Dear visitors of a site “samodelkin a friend” today we with you will consider the detailed instruction, about how to make a minitractor with the engine from a motorcycle “Ural” with the hands. This tractor is based on a breakable frame welded from profile pipes with a cross section of 100×40 mm. The engine is set from the Soviet heavy motorcycle “Ural” bought back from a nearby scrap yard. The tractor has two boxes, one “native” motorcycle, and the second from the car “Moskvich-412” The tractor has four-wheel drive 4×4. The engine cylinders are equipped with additional air cooling, which is carried out from the adapted engines of VAZ stoves, namely, fans in a tin case. Steering, pull rods “Moskvich” Also, the mini-tractor aggregates a plow, a car trailer, a dozer blade and other useful attachments. Electronic ignition on tractor. Living in the countryside, such an assistant as a homemade tractor is indispensable, with his help, you can plow and cultivate the garden, on the trailer carry a variety of cargo (wood, manure for the garden, hay, crops collected from the site) in general, technique is very useful.

Let’s look at the step-by-step photos of the mini-tractor assembly.

  • welding inverter
  • angle grinder (angle grinder)
  • drill
  • wrench set
  • hammer
  • tape measure
  • welding angle

Step by step instructions for creating a mini-tractor with a motorcycle engine from the “Ural” with their own hands.

How to make a four-wheel drive 4x4 with their own hands

The first thing was welded frame, it will consist of two parts and connected to each other with a fracture knot. As the material was taken a pipe 100×40 mm, length 2000 mm and width 950 mm.

Tractor transmission, shortened stocking the rear axle of VAZ 2103, the torque from the gearbox is transmitted by the chain to the sprocket, and from it through shortened gimbals to the front and rear axles.

Swivel frame junction.

Frame assembled and wheels installed.

Installation of the gearbox from the car “Moskvich-412

The engine from a Soviet heavy motorcycle “Ural” was bought from a metal recycling center and restored.

Electronic ignition from VAZ 2108 car.

installing electrical equipment, as well as additional forced cooling for the engine cylinders.

Turn signals and brake lights.

Here is such a great mini-tractor turned out.

This tractor has good characteristics and optimum power density, which allows it to plow land with plow with two mouldboards, pull a car trailer with a load of more than 500 kg. The tractor also has a blade for clearing snow in winter time. Watch the video to see for yourself. Enjoy watching.

Area of application

The four-wheel drive mini-tractor made by own hands, has quite good characteristics of cross-country that gives it an opportunity to carry out actually the same front of works, as store analogues, such as Uralets, Kubota, Bulat 120, Yanmar, Belarus 132n, Scout.

Of course, the power of self-made machine may be somewhat weaker, but at the level of domestic use, this fact is almost imperceptible.

The main area of application of this machine, made with their own hands, is agricultural work. Under this term lies a fairly wide range, which includes many related works. In other words, the homemade mini-tractor is needed for the following purposes:

  • plowing of land holdings for the purpose of their further use;
  • cultivating the soil, and getting rid of weeds;
  • harrowing the soil;
  • Conducting sowing work on cultivated soil;
  • planting and digging up potatoes.

In principle, this is the main purpose of the minitractor, for which it is made. But, its use can be significantly expanded, if its design provides for a special connection for additional equipment, mounted and trailed type.

If everything is done correctly, your homemade can additionally perform the following works:

  • transporting various loads (transportation of firewood, construction debris, etc.);. harvesting the soil.д.);
  • snow removal during the winter season;
  • mowing lawns and lawns, as well as making hay for the livestock.

As we can see, the minitractor breaker classic 4×4 with their own hands is able to significantly facilitate the life of any villager, because with the help of this equipment becomes possible to perform all kinds of works that are required in the competent conduct of the subsidiary economy.

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The indispensability of the self-made machine is also due to the fact that in its manufacture a minimum of investment and funds is used, which is very important for the countryside.

For more details on the work of the four-wheel drive mini-tractor, see

Instructions on how to make a four-wheeled mini-tractor with their own hands. drawings and dimensions

After assessing all the advantages, many people ask themselves the question. how to make a 4×4 minitractor? In principle, this method of assembly differs little from traditional methods, except that the structure of the frame structure.

Basically, the frame comes as a single piece, but in the breakers is a variant with a breaking frame, from which the name itself derives.

The appearance of design can be a bit puzzling to casual observer, but its apparent unsightliness should not mislead. The fact that inside everything is located so proportionally, if you follow the drawings, that allows the unit to show a fairly good performance.

Speaking of drawings. It is probably one of the most important stages of the entire assembly, because the success of the entire construction depends on the correctness of the detailed drawing and the determination of accurate dimensions.

The matter is that the specifics of self-assembly presupposes the adjustment of some details for the individual peculiarities of a frame or a power unit. This is quite understandable, because the components are taken from completely different equipment, which leads to their dimensional discrepancy.

The very same fitting is done mainly on the lathe, which itself suggests the presence of a detailed drawing. After all, it’s a lot easier to make certain holes or chisels by looking at a drawing than by holding this whole abstraction in your head.

So, having made the drawing, we proceed to the process of assembly:

  • The frame itself will consist of traverses and longitudinal members. Longitudinal bars, in this case, have a three-stage structure. The first stage is made of channel number 10, and the last. a square-shaped steel tube with dimensions of 80×80 mm.
  • The rear transverse beam is made from channel No 16, and the front one from channel No 12.
  • If you remake a single-axle tractor into a mini-tractor, the main power unit will be the engine located on the motorblock. If not, you’ll have to buy the motor separately. In principle any diesel engine of necessary power (not less than 12 liters) can do.с.).
  • However, the experts advise to take a more auxiliary. a motor with 40 liters.с. and water-cooled.
  • Transmission and PTO, as well as clutch can be taken from GAZ-53 and GAZ-52, respectively. They are not suitable in ready-made form, so you will have to finalize them a little. To do this, you need to re-make the flywheel of the motor, cutting off a little from the rear and drilling one hole in the middle.
  • The axle can be installed in the unit in the desired form, without any manipulation. It is attached to the frame structure with four step ladders.
  • The wheels can be taken from old cars, but their optimal diameter is 18 inches. The process itself of installing the wheels on the hubs is quite simple. It is enough to cut out from the center of the disk diameter needed, and on this place is welded the center of the disk from a ZIL-130.
  • The front axle is not important, because it will not drive. So, it is possible to take the axle from other equipment.
  • Steering is best strengthened by hydraulics. It can be taken from old farming equipment, but for its correct operation the oil pump is needed.
  • By the way, the place for the driver must also be set correctly, because the man spends more than one hour driving the machine. The seat should be positioned so that the steering column does not rest against a person’s knees.

In general, the assembly of a homemade four-wheeled mini-tractor is carried out with the help of third-party parts, among which, mainly, automotive.

In particular, a drum brake will be used in the front wheel base system, and the steering rack will be borrowed from the VAZ family of cars.

Other components can be freely found on the spare parts market, where quite a lot of useful. In addition, on specialized sites there are a sufficient number of ads for parts that can be purchased for mere pennies.

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Homemade tractors with engine from power tiller. The mini-tractor from the power tiller with his own hands

In order to make a miniature tractor from a power tiller with your own hands, you will need:

  • angle grinder;
  • parts for mounting;
  • channels and pipes;
  • a device for drilling;
  • Electric welding;
  • measuring tools (angle, tape measure, caliper);
  • small hand tools (screwdriver, keys, hammer, etc.). д.).

You also need to buy a ready-made kit for modification of the tiller into a mini-tractor. This will be the main item of expenditure, but it is not necessary to save on this equipment, so as not to compromise the quality of the future product.

It is also necessary to pick up comfortable and high-quality steering wheel, seat, wheels and pedals. When all the necessary components are selected, you can begin to create a drawing. Do not neglect this stage. with clear drawings and diagrams you will work much easier and faster. The photo below shows examples of the simplest drawings for independent alteration of a power tiller into a mini-tractor.

A good homemade tractor with an engine from a power tiller can be made only if the original machine has good power and performance. Ideal for modification of heavy diesel motor blocks. They are quite economical, have a lot of weight, have considerable power, are productive and enduring. All these parameters allow you to make a fully-featured tractor from a walking tractor, capable of plowing heavy soils and work for a long time without interruption.

The remodeling process in general is carried out according to the same algorithm, with minor differences for different models. The general scheme of trimming a power tiller into a mini-tractor looks like this.

Preparing the frame

As the mini-tractor will need another pair of wheels, the frame design will have to be improved and strengthened. For the manufacture of a new frame, metal profile or metal pipe are used. The thickness and size of the blanks should be selected based on individual preferences, taking into account the power of the future machine. Components of the future frame are cut out with an angle grinder and welded together. It is advisable to strengthen the construction with a crossbar. Also take care of the attachment point and the towbar if you plan to use a trailer.

Undercarriage system

The front wheels are mounted on a piece of pipe of suitable diameter. On it are mounted ready wheel hubs with brake pads. In the center of the structure is a hole, through which it will be connected to the frame. Then the steering rods are attached to the frame via a worm gearing. At the end is installed the actual steering wheel.

To mount the rear axle, bearings are pressed into the hub. On the axle itself the torque will be transmitted by a pulley. The wheels can be kept from the previous set, or you can buy new ones, with stronger and wider tread. It is recommended to select the diameter of wheels for the future mini-tractor in sizes starting from 12 inches.

Assembly of the motor

It is recommended to mount the engine on the front beam of the frame. This will improve the balance of the unit. It is important to ensure that the PTO is parallel to the pulley of the rear axle. This will protect the belt drive from wear and tear.

Additional systems

When most of the work is done, the braking system and the attachment control system are installed. It will also not be superfluous to install lighting devices.

After the complete assembly, the minitractor should be run-in according to the requirements of the instruction manual for the power tiller.

Let us consider in detail how one can easily and quickly convert various models of power tillers into a mini-tractor.

Materials used:

The mini-tractor is based on a frame of the broken type, welded from channels.

Transmission and axles from VAZ “classics” (trimmed to fit the track), the breaking point is made of the car hub.

The author has installed a gasoline four-stroke single-cylinder engine with an output of 13 liters on the mini-tractor.с.

A pulley is installed on the transmission primary shaft, a belt clutch is made with a pressure roller for the belt.

for snow-clearing operations, the tractor is equipped with a home-made moldboard with a hydraulic cylinder

Peculiarities of assembling a four-wheeled mini-tractor

The peculiarity of the design of all-wheel drive vehicles is a small turning radius, which is achieved by using a breakable frame. Blueprints for a self-made 4×4 mini-tractor are distributed by the authors through periodicals and are in the public domain.

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Tools and materials

To make homemade machinery, you will need a set of tools:

  • welding machine;
  • tools for cutting steel profiles;
  • drilling machine;
  • vise;
  • measuring tool;
  • wrench set.

Important Grain harvester RSM 161 Rostselmash: technical characteristics. device

The presented list is minimal. In the process of improvement of serial units you may need the following additional equipment and tooling.

For self-assembly will require a few units, which can be borrowed from serial equipment with modifications:

  • steel profile frame;
  • engine;
  • nodes and spare parts for the suspension;
  • Transmission units;
  • steering gear
  • various fasteners.

Mintractor from a power tiller Zubr

Chinese “Zubr” motor-blocks are equipped with gasoline and diesel engines of various capacities. Heavy-duty, liquid-cooled diesel engine tractors are recommended for building the tractor. Thanks to this tractor can operate for a long time in conditions of high ambient temperatures.

To make a tractor from a power tiller with your own hands, you need to make a frame from 50 mm steel angle. On the front of the frame there are crossbars for mounting the engine. The frame is additionally reinforced by crossbars and arcs that increase torsional rigidity.

The engine is rigidly mounted to the frame, so fatigue cracks may occur under the mounting points. Engine torque is transmitted to the gearbox over the rear axle by a pair of belts. The working area of the belts is covered by a metal shield (to protect the operator’s left leg) and a crossbar (to protect the arm from injury).

Steering of “classic” VAZ models is mounted on a bracket next to the pedal block. For the steering mechanism we use standard parts of the steering mechanisms of domestic and foreign cars.

For stopping mechanical band brakes are used. Drums are made of cylindrical steel billets (for example, old gas cylinders). Installation of levers and pedals is carried out on the bushings located on the frame. Brake actuators are adjustable in length to compensate for pad wear and changes in braking intensity.

Homemade minitractor breaking 4h4

Living in the countryside, one way or another has to deal with a lot of physical work. Working with your hands is possible, and even sometimes useful, but if you want to simplify and facilitate the work, then it is worth using small means of mechanization.

To tell the truth, not everyone who lives in rural areas has the opportunity to buy a ready-made mini-tractor in special stores. The cheapest model can cost 50 thousand.

Therefore, villagers often resort to another option. As craftsmen, they adapt to assemble with their own hands all kinds of units, and for this purpose they use all kinds of junk stored in their garages and barns. Some people consign these things to the scrap heap, but those who like to make handicrafts, which are of great service in agriculture, find great use for them.

And here many of the craftsmen can often be found such a vehicle as a 4×4 breaker tractor, which has a very fancy design.

For this technique does not need to spend a lot of money, and folk craftsmen have already shown their ingenuity, and we only need to take advantage of their experience. Here we will see how to make a mini-tractor with their own hands, and for this we will take an example, which provided craftsman Gennady from Grodno.

Mini-tractor has the following technical specifications: Engine Honda 0,5 liters, power of 13 liters. с.Gearbox: from VAZ classic;Shortened axles: from VAZ classic;Fracture knot: for it took a front hub of Zhiguli;Steering tube: from Moskvich.rack: from Opel.Wheels: from a motor-block, 7,00 x 12.

How to assemble a minitractor

The gearbox has been finalized, the bell jar has been cut to fit the pulley. Pulley size. 200 mm. for the gearbox, for the engine pulley. 80 mm.

For the fracture unit itself is taken the front hub of the VAZ.

Let’s make a platform for the gearbox.

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